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by birtanpublished on September 22, 2020

Well it's time to add another one I've done a few clutches Brian's mobile one I'm working on a 2011 it's a Subaru Impreza WRX and we're doing the clutch replacement on it this is part two in part one we pulled see the axles and drive shafts

So we're throw you in the tripod and I'll show you my monkey dance I was just about to show you how a wiggle one free and then this happened so let's continue it's time for part two video ever this is a gateway video there's gonna be end

Cards at the end that go into my new detail all of things that you need to know to change the clutch on a Subaru changing the clutch is not a hard thing the actual act of taking the pressure plate the disc throw out bearing put new

Ones and it's easy especially when you have all the right tips and tricks and things to do it I've got that laid out in videos I will say this the hardest part of doing a clutch is getting the transmission or the engine out of the

Way cuz they're in the middle right so this video is the best because I'm gonna go over all the details that you need to do that in either of two ways one way to do it pull the engine out the clutch is stuck to the back of that the other way

Pull the transmission out this way by pulling the manual transmission which we're gonna highlight in this video is perfect for somebody who doesn't have a cherry picker engine crane also known as a KA or if somebody doesn't have a

Transmission jack you don't have to have either one to change a clutch on your Subaru so that's some good news to do it this way pulling the transmission back but having to hang up in the car is what we're gonna talk about in this video

Today so all of this is related to getting the transmission back to change the clutch on the city room right I'm gonna go over quickly the way that I do flights on a Subaru if I'm going that route of pulling the transmission back

And having it sit on the crossmember so I had two phases of it I have the underhood part where you're up on your feet and getting at it and then I have the under car part I try to get everything I can

First under the hood because the first stuff is doing the negative battery terminal then the rest under car I have a whole separate video that shows the actual process of doing this right I believe that in an end card I'm going to

Leave a playlist if you really want to load your brain up with everything that there is to know about changing the clutch on the Subaru I have all the videos in a playlist for that if you want to know how a clutch works and just

The nitty-gritty stuff you can skip to the end of this video or watch it either way it doesn't hurt my feelings I'm here to help you do it your way you can skip to the end and watch a video on how a clutch works there's a bunch of tips

About how the input shaft in the center of the disc interface and twisting turning you know like moving the tail up and down to give it a stab two hardest parts get the transmission out other hard part put the transmission back in

And getting it to snap through the clutch if you've got something heavy and you're manipulating it and moving it and you didn't do your due diligence I'm getting the clutch in and centered perfectly and lubricated it's gonna suck

It's gonna be real that will be the hardest part otherwise it's just getting it out part two let's go so under great stop I remove the negative battery terminal another thing you have to that air box or intercooler if it's

Turbocharged if it's got a big old radiator over the top of the engine that's what the intercooler is you've got a turbo congratulations a third thing the starter top bolt I'd like and you remove these to get to that then you

Do the starter cables and harnesses like any of the engine harnesses and stuff disconnect them so that you have access it's more about getting to the bolts that actually happen to disconnect those a slave cylinder there's two bolts that

You gotta pull out to get that out and then I pull the dipstick and I'll put a little red plug watch for that in this video the dog bone or the torque struck nail that goes between the firewall and the transmission or engine get

There so you got more room to work and so that you can tip things you're gonna be taking the engine and the transmission and you're gonna be tipping them back a little bit watch for that top bellhousing bolts you can get to all

Of those once things are out of the way might as well get them well they're really easy and right in front of you instead of having to reach up and around and get into them once those are out the turbo downpipe top bolts if your turbo

Some Subarus were turbo some hard get the top ones there's five bolts that hold the downpipe to the turbo make sure you get those three top bolts okay now we can go under the car we've got the car lifted up at least to get be

Front-end off the ground if you can do both great what you can do is you left it out jack stands under the front and then lift up the back by the rear diff that's something that you can do and then put blocks underneath make sure

Your emergency brakes on make sure that your rear wheels are not gonna move or chopped or whatever when you do the front-end safety first wheels and see the axles the video the part one before this oh

Man that should be a heaven said if people are gonna get hung up stuck or whatever it's going to be the content in this video or the last one I'm covering the hard stuff that takes 80% of the time that 20% of the job takes 80% of

The time of the work and the average especially if you get stuck not having these that's why this videos the best is that it helps get you through all that exhaust ends and hangers come after see the axles I go into great detail about

All of that kind of stuff in the previous video check it out part one exhaust is I'm talking about where it mates into the back end a little up and over pipe that goes for the rear axle next thing you want to do is pull we

Already did the top starter bolt and all the connections to it so the only thing that's holding it is a bottom bolt hold the weight of the starter up pull that bottom bolt down pull the starter out right you hang the harness down there's

A harness that has all the wiring for your backup light switch when you put your gear shifter into reverse of the switch is electrical switch to the transmission if you pull the transmission back review some of the men

Still in there gonna bust your sweat so you're going to be how much that cost two switches you really got to look out for neutral safety switch and the backup switch the other one makes your key not work if

You're not in neutral or don't have the clutch do number 5 trans mount the the actual thing that holds the transmission in after you lower the crossmember see the lower crossmember what I do of this one is I'll back it down I'll support

With a jack or with whatever I'll support it pull the bolt out and then put it in five threads now go and do the same thing on the other side lower it down put identified sides the port the engine to match the reason why is the

Weight of the transmission if we lower that the engine mounts and the way that the engines perpetuated is gonna vary depending on that weight being there or not so if that weights on there you have a lot of friction you have a lot of

Something working on it I mean if you have your just stick a pain in a hole and pull it straight out it's easy if you're gonna have a peg in a hole hanging on it and try to pull it out it won't come up because there's too much

Friction too much force being applied that's why we support the engine is that way you take this rid of that torso where the engine wants to be this way and we've worked it down if we hold it there huge important tip on a Subaru so

Anyway the next thing bellhousing bolts and does anything else that you got to pull off now that that torque is in equilibrium pull those off and then wiggly price slide that is the main part of this video like I say the 80/20 stuff

Is somebody's gonna get stuck and spend eighty percent of the time twenty percent of the job that's what I really want to cover otherwise it's just a list of I mean this could be Haynes manual or Chilton manual I hope I don't get in

Trouble for saying those great companies they did a great job for a long time if a picture is worth a thousand words the black and white pictures that I grew up training on or even working at the dealership at Mazda you know it's just

Like their microfiche whatever kind of it you can't see anything if a picture's worth a thousand words manual of dealership stuff historically black and white stuff is worth probably 50 or 100 words they were not great pictures and

They still aren't so if a picture's worth a thousand words of videos worth well over a million that's what I'm trying to get you so let's begin let's do this wiggle price light thing show you how to get stuff out thanks for

Tuning in and if you have any questions leave them in the comments below so this right here's the pin we're trying to get to come loose I just use this thing so much know what I bought it on the way it seems like a good idea and then I use it

Constantly things saving my butt all the time look at the way this tool sits in there it's perfect I'll put a link in the description where you can find one on Amazon I'll get a few nickels from it if you buy it through there it's usually

The best deal so I just worked the transmission around like this of course this is in here to catch it for me so the pin on this side isn't coming undone and the other side is and the tops coming undone but the bottom isn't if

You want to put a wedge down in the crack on this side you can see it's got a big crack here it's got a stick a wedge in this little part and then you'll use that as a fulcrum so we'll jack this back up and then the more we

Move it it'll pop it right off you know so see I've put a plug on the dipstick and pull the dipstick out so it's not gonna be in the way look at the gap you have here in the starter hole big old gap everything separated alright let's

See if I can pop this sucker so I'm gonna try to push up in this way and then though put pressure on that fulcrum that screwdriver I put in there's somebody to put a little bit of grease on that stupid nipple would be fighting

This right now and be all it'd be out the unbolt in the clutch and putting the new one in there it goes walking she's walking in it's free it's a beautiful thing look at that you take that out the nipple actually stayed with the

Transmission it came out of the engine on the other side you can see what it's supposed to to the other side you can see where the dowel stayed in the engine didn't pull out crazy nope

But why see what's happening here the transmissions come back far enough to hit that turbo outlet aside it's not coming bugger like it did just prise the turbo stop just a little bit that seems kind of stupid but I'm actually faster

Pulling the engine than I am going this way I don't know this very very often is this whatever you're comfortable or confident whatever you do the most you see all kinds of clutch dust and garbage and whatnot in there you can get into

Here and do your throught marring and get into here and do your clutch and the whole time it's just sitting on this cradle I dropped mine down just a little bit you can pull one side and it'll hold with the other pretty well before

Pulling the transmission off then you just go back in about five or six threads and then just match it on the other side that's it yes if you don't have enough threads you can imagine what would happen they'd bend the thing you

Need be in a bad way trying to get it to stay in place so you've got this pulled back to where it's about where the shifter is I'd be a mess if I didn't say that I support in the oil pan just to keep the tilt to keep it tipped if you

Don't keep it yep just harder this way is the way to go looks like he's got some valve covers that are leaking of cover gaskets you can see a big mess on this side that's not gonna be a fun job Oh turbo I probably should have pulled

The motor just to do that real quick when you pull the motoring address all kinds of other issues that you need to do at the same time way easy so my little impact gun with a short socket on it gets in there just fine for pulling

Out the bolts that hold the pressure plate which sandwiches the disc in between the flywheel that you see here is the pressure plate so when you go to take off the throw out bearing you can see the fulcrum point is that little

Half dough thing above the to the right of the input shaft of the transmission let's see the forks hitting against the ground wires alright crap up there so in order to get this off if we pull this that's

Gonna push towards the firewall on this side so we're gonna have to move the transmission forward for a minute anyway we got to put a transmission closer to the engine again be able to get throught bearing off I hope you're happy now in

Fact I hope you're excited to tackle a clutch on a Subaru if you didn't find everything you need in this video I've got all of these videos rollin in the end cards queuing cards now

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