by birtanpublished on September 30, 2020

what's going on guys it's Carl here back
with a very very special episode
back-to-school season is in full effect
it's crazy to think that it's already
August it is the best back-to-school
laptop but first we've got something
very very special I'm actually teaming
up today with both Microsoft and Staples
some big shout outs to them for
sponsoring today's episode because they
have something very special that you
guys can win it is a back to school
Locker that you guys can win and as you
probably guessed there is a ton of swag
inside the first of course is the very
laptop that we're looking at which is
the surface pro second some ticks from
adidas pair of shades from Ray Bans a
$50 gift card to Urban Outfitters and of
course all the stuff that you need
back-to-school pens pencils crayons
pencil sharpeners erasers galore it is a
swag fill the back-to-school locker that
you can win all the info of course is
down below in the description and I'm
actually giving you guys two awesome
chances to win this sweet back-to-school
I've actually got this very pick up on
incest so make sure you go follow me
over there and I will pick someone
random both from there and of course the
entry that you'll read up in the
description so for me a back-to-school
laptop kind of consists of four
different things of course the price
versatility Portability and of course
battery life we'll get to the first
thing which is price and although the
base end comes in around seven hundred
eight hundred bucks
I would spec it up to the mid tier model
I've gone for the i-5 it's got 256 gigs
of storage and eight gigs of ram this is
the spec that I would go for and should
last you your entire university back to
school career portability wise these
surface pro is a great compromise as it
still has a twelve point three inch
screen so nice and large for viewing
content but is just around 1.7 pounds so
whether you're fitting this into your
backpack turning it around just on
campus you shouldn't feel too much
fatigue when you like this guy around
the entire day to all your classes and
of course remember you can always detach
detachable keyboard and just carry this
guy alone as a dedicated tablet the nice
thing about the Microsoft lineup even
when you have a detached from say the
keyboard it is still a fully operational
operating system unlike say something
mobile like an iPad pro you still have
all the versatility and you can still
bring up a virtual keyboard if needed
and if you combine it say with a surface
pen this becomes perfect for jotting
down notes in class I know most of you
just end up downloading lecture notes
just like I did not too long ago I was a
student just jot down beside any
additions that you need highlight
anything that you want and of course
save them after awesome little combo
right here when you want to become a bit
more productive whether that's in class
you're back at your dorm or back at home
when you're typing out essays that's
where you attach it to the once again
detachable keyboard and this is one of
the best in the industry
it's got a fully mechanical keyboard
which is nice and sturdy you can still
use it on your lap and it has the thing
which you need the most which is that
good old track paddle which is awesome
to have in a combine all-in-one
obviously as it's a back-to-school
device you'll be typing a ton of
documents using Microsoft Word staying
up to 3:00 4:00 a.m. your last minute
essays making PowerPoint decks for
presentations the next day I know that
Microsoft has done a ton to improve
their software and they've made it so
much easier and I kind of wish I could
have made these things back when I was
in school despite it being an all-in-one
it still has the necessary USB port so
you can run extra accessories off of
this guy it's got a great front facing
cameras or even Skype with your friends
and like I mentioned it has a full
operating system of windows on it so if
I want to download some games play some
Starcraft 2 play some fortnight's and
pub G just tweak the settings maybe run
them on medium you should be getting
those chicken dinners no problem and
last but not least the thing I think
you'll need to remember the most is of
course battery life there's no use
having a computer bringing it around
with you the entire day unless of course
last the distance this guy I've got
around twelve and a half maybe thirteen
I know Microsoft has claimed thirteen
and a half hours of battery life that is
still a very long time on a full charge
of course you can juice it up quick
as you go but it should last you the
entire day whether you're gaming whether
you're doing back-to-school stuff
writing essays staying up super late
chatting with your friends the surface
pro is honestly being great and a very
solid option for a back-to-school device
anyways and that is my back-to-school
recommendation for you guys I hope you
enjoyed today's a very fun episode and I
hope you enjoyed the chance for you guys
to win this awesome back-to-school
locker just remember to check out both
Microsoft and staples for all of your
back-to-school needs and remember info
in the description to win this massive
giveaway best of luck to you all and of
course if you are heading back to school
this September have a ton of fun and
good luck I will catch the rest of you
one of my next episodes put up the
deuces too early that's okay
catch you guys then peace

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