BEST Smart Travel Bag // TECH Luggage Edition!

by birtanpublished on September 30, 2020

what's up everybody this is Danny and
this is a little bit different type of
video as you can see but first I want to
thank everybody for getting me to
300,000 subscribers that is a huge
milestone I really appreciate it and
stick around to the end of the video for
I have something special for the
subscribers it's been an absolute crazy
I just went to remove so that was insane
and I've been traveling a lot too I'm
about to go on another short trip right
now so I'm going to show you the bags
that I've been using it's the most tech
I've ever seen in the bag and I don't
think you should travel without it the
bag that I've been using is the blue
smart black edition luggage and the more
I use this the more I'm excited about
their new series two bags they look
absolutely amazing so if you want to
learn more about these brand new ones
and get launched pricing discounts I'll
throw a link in the description
shout out to sue smart for sending me
this bag and partnering with me on this
video so in my case I take a lot of
short trips especially for events and
I've learned the more I pack less is
more trust me okay so what's cool about
this is I can put all my tech and
clothing and essentials all in this one
bag and I can feel safe with this
expensive camera equipment and high-end
audio equipment because this bag has
security features built in so I can most
importantly lock this bag so you can do
this from your iOS or Android phone and
if you're tired or not paying attention
and leave your bag at the airport come
on I know everybody's done this in their
lifetime you'll get a notification on
your phone saying that you left your
suitcase behind and it automatically
locks the backboard that's a very useful
feature so if somebody finds your bag
they just can't go through it so let's
say somebody steals your bag or it gets
lost by the airline after you check it
in especially on international travel
I've had this happen to me before two
years ago at IFA in Germany they lost my
bag I was without my clothes or
equipment for three days and it was a
nightmare but with blue smart it has
built-in GPS and 3G so you can locate
this anywhere
world no matter if the airline loses
your bag you will always know where it
is it all depends on them when you get
it back another feature that came
through in the clutch for me is the
built-in battery it has a little bit
more than 10,000 milliamp hours packed
in so you can charge most phones about
five times and even though I have tons
of battery packs this means I don't have
to carry one I can travel even lighter
it charges through micro USB you get a
charger cable and a brick in this nice
little pouch and for the world travelers
you get all the adapters you need I just
keep it all in this little compartment
with all of my other cables so here's a
little sneak peek I'll be showing you
all this stuff that's in this bag in a
separate video
so if you want to see how much this pack
and hold or if you're just nosy and want
to see what I carry when I travel then
stay tuned for that what I think makes
us back perfect for tech is this front
pocket I always carry my 15-inch MacBook
Pro with touch bar right here and it
fits no problem and there's also another
pouch so I can carry a tablet too and
right now I'm using the new Microsoft
Surface pro I love this thing I love
having a separate compartment here for
its really easy to get to and doesn't
add bulk to this bag there's quite a bit
of compartments here where you can put a
lot of different things I can carry all
of my clothes and everything here on the
bottom and in the middle there's this
floating pouch where I can put all of my
more delicate things like I can carry my
gh 5 that I'm carrying here and what's
awesome is this kind of floats so it
kind of protects this expensive tech so
if you put softer stuff on the top and
you can put clothes on the bottom it
will be protected right there so no
matter if I'm carrying cameras or
expensive audio equipment I can trust it
to be right here in this middle
compartment there's another pouch here
on the top it's perfect for carrying an
extra pair of shoes so if you like shoes
you know what I'm talking about or you
can carry some more audio equipment or
some more text so this is really good to
have there are other compartments here
too so you can put extra cables in here
if you want to or you can put dirty
laundry in here so you can separate that
from your clean ones
so nice organizational things here
another cool thing about this bag is you
can get an approximate weight of the
right through your app so if you want to
get an idea if you're going to meet
their weight restrictions you can do
that on the fly by holding the back the
bag itself is nice and lightweight it's
built really well
I love the materials on this this lists
a brick material here I really like the
feeling of that and I love this LED
light on the front – that looks really
sweet and the rollers are really good
the wheels they're awesome very smooth
it's really easy to maneuver so really
enjoyed my time with this bag and I'll
be traveling a lot more with it
I can't wait for series 2 so I want to
take a challenge where I take all the
blue smart luggage maybe to an
international trip maybe IFA this year
so blue smart let's make this happen
so since you stuck around into the end
of the video I want to celebrate 300,000
subscribers and get back to you guys
by doing some cool giveaways I found a
lot of stuff when I was moving that I
don't need and there's tons of cool
phones out right now headphones and
accessories so here's what I want you to
do the first thing I want you to do is
hit that link down below and check out
blue smart series 2 bags and then I want
you to come back here and leave a
comment down below on which feature of
the blue smart series – or just blue
smart bags in general what your favorite
feature is and put that down below and
what I'll do is I'll pick a random
winner or just random comments and then
I'll message you on YouTube and tell you
what you want but wait that's not it
this wouldn't be a celebration if there
wasn't anything more so what I'm gonna
do is I'm going to bring the social
media giveaways back I know a lot of
people like that it's really easy to
winter winter it's really easy to enter
so maybe you follow me on social media
they all be linked down below and I
think last time I did everyday giveaways
for like a week so I'm going to try to
do a little bit more than that this time
so good luck make sure you follow me on
social media and it make sure you check
out blue smarts bags in the description
below thank you for watching guys and if
you pick one of these up let me know
your experience with it I dig it I can't
wait to get the other bags now I'll see
you guys in the next one thanks for

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