Greatest Mens Hairstyles for Fall 2019 – Males Hair Inspiration

published on July 2, 2020


hello guys I'm Rasmus and you're

watching slick-haired TV fall is coming

in and it's time to find out which

hairstyle is good for this season here

we have this hairstyle which I'm going

to show you in a minute how to do then

we also have 4 other hairstyles that we

have from earlier episodes I'm here in

Denmark which is a country in the

Nordics and it's very cold up here even

in the fall season we tend to grow our

hair a little bit longer and we change

the more static look to a more textured

and random looking and the reason for

that is we have a lot of weather

conditions that can come a lot of rain

that can come a lot of wind and when we

have static hair it will easily look out

of place we like to rush it up a little

and have miss but in control and from

that now it's time to have hairstyle

number one


now it's time to apply by belaying

gold-digger this jar is almost empty

so I hope we have just a scoop left in

it we did it's time to mix it up in your

hands it's very strong hold and it will

start excavating soon as it spreads out

evenly in my hands sorry I need to be

fast applying it now start to get tacky

and rub it in all around here check out

that one


so when it's when it's windy outside you

don't want it to static because then it

will look out of place just in a minute

but if you style it a little bit random

but in position you'll get the perfect

foundation for a hairstyle that works in

all weather conditions

what I did here aside with my hair

forward in a very spiky texture then I

defined it a little bit and then that's

where the comb made static in the banks

and then I moved the bank's a little bit

side words and backwards so we have a

little bit of a wave going on so this is

my awesome hair style I hope you dig it

then now stay tuned for these other four

five hairstyles we have for you now it's

time for hairstyle number two


what I like about this hairstyle is that

it's long it's messy and it will hold

your head warm even though in the

coldest days which is very practical and

nice in the fall season and also looking

a little before it into the winter

season it's great and let's get to

hairstyle number three








and what I like about this hairstyle is

that it's still short on the sides so

you can look first in shop and you have

a little bit more length on the top to

play around with which is great when you

need to do some texture and it's also

good if you need to make a good night

out with a really fine static classic

hairstyle here we have hairstyle number






and I do really like this one because

even though the wind is coming in it

will always stay in place or it's easy

to manipulate back into the style so now

to the last hairstyle we have hairstyle

number 5



what I like about the hairstyle is that

it's more natural-looking it's a little

bit curly and it doesn't take a lot of

effort in this season alright guys I

hope you liked this compilation and the

key points here is to grow out the sides

a little bit more and the top as well so

no skin fades in these falls last winter

periods of time keep a faith going on

and the top you just need to shake it up

a little so it will not be too static

because if you do you'll have a lot of

problems with the weather the winds the

rain and when you change the styles to a

more random and textured look you can

easily get it back into place so it's

about being stylish and in control so I

hope you liked it as always if you do go

make a comment down below what you think

about the episode give the video a like

and hit the subscribe button if you

haven't yet and you can be a part of the

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hair products so see you guys next time


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