Best Friends Style Each Other’s Closet: Birthday Outfit

published on July 2, 2020

– Oh man, this is tough

I don't know what she's-

Mm, okay

Um, (soft scream)

(upbeat music)

– Hi guys, I'm Carolina and
I'm here with my roommate

– Hi, I'm Jasmine

– And today we're going to be doing

the roommate fashion challenge

Basically the challenge is

we have 15 minutes to go
into each others closets

to pick out outfits for each other

Not that we're gonna
wear them out anywhere

because we're quarantined

So Jasmine and I, we've
been roommates since 2016

What year is it?

It's gonna be four years

(quiet scream)

Wow, she messaged me on Facebook

and she was like hey, I
need an extra roommate

or this person that I don't
like is gonna be in my room

And, I was like-


– Classic
– You got me

– Classic

I'm gonna tell that story at your wedding

– It's hard to describe my personal style

I have days where I'm
like super like femme

and like flirty, and there's other days

where I'm in my black,
ripped jeans and my Docs

– My style is a hodgepodge
of like vintage pieces

I guess kind of classic things

I'm kind of basic and
I mix and match a lot

I like things that I can layer

– What are you gonna do?

You have 15 minutes to go into my closet

Also, I apologize, my
closet is a mess, but-

– Mine's not
– You, yeah

– Do we get to pick an
occasion or like an event?

– Oh yes!
– like a theme?

– We should do that

– So both Carolina and I
have birthday's coming up

– Yes
– Which will probably

both be in quarantine


April baby and May baby

– Taurus
– We're both Taurus, yeah!

Okay, so I think I'll
pick out like a birthday,

– Okay
– Like a birthday outfit

– We'll make this the birthday outfit

My strategy for you is I kinda

wanna stretch you a little bit

– Oh (laughing)
– Like a little bit

This lady has features
that she's afraid of,

and I'm ready to bring them out


– I think I want to highlight you best

I think I have like a pretty good idea

of what you'd want to wear

You know what I mean?
– Yeah

– Just like things that make you feel good

and colors that you like

– I feel like I'm in a
reality show all the time,

so I need to look my best

– I can't relate to that

– How do you think you'll do?

– I think I'll do okay

15 minutes seems like a lot of time

I can't wait, this will be fun

– It's gonna be fun

Let's go shopping

– Yes

15 minutes on the clock

Ready, set, go!


– Okay, that's not fair,
because she has two closets

– I'm gonna start with shoes

I love a great brown wedge

This is super cute

– So Jasmine's very vintage

This kinda reminds me
of very vintage-esque

And it's never been worn before

But we're gonna start with that dress

– So I like tropical things

This is super cute, oh my god

I don't even know if I've
ever seen her in this,

which we love

– I kinda wanna make her very
like, TikTok girl, like chic

Cause I feel like TikTok chic
is very much like these Nikes

I'm gonna leave that there
for research purposes

– Oh!

Something that I love that she has

Super in and super cute,
it's this long, leopard,

cheetah, leopard? Cheetah?

She's the cheetah queen

And this is super, super cute

It's like a long skirt

– I'm gonna make an album called

Me Looking Through Jasmine's Closet

I'm just looking for a plain white top

I don't trust my instincts

No, I don't trust my instincts

It was right in front of
my eyes this whole time

– I just need to find a cute top for her

I love this top of hers

We have so many cute memories in this top

– Let's look at the tops

Oh my god, wait a second, I love this top!

Oh, I want this

I want this, can I have it?

– She just got these new Docs,
and she looks killer in them

So, I think, I wanna showcase those

So I need to pick out a purse, too

Okay, Carolina also has this
amazing selection of purses

She has a Prada purse,
a vintage Dior purse,

that is so beautiful, oh my god

It might be my favorite

– I love to match my purses with my shoes

But, I don't know what shoes
I want with this outfit yet

– Oh man, this is tough

I don't know what she's-

Mm, okay

Um, (soft scream)

Oh, that's cute

Oh it's like a little romper

This is cute

– Why is this taking me so long

See what I mean, I'm very indecisive

How much time do I have left?

– [Jasmine] You have five
minutes and 30 seconds

– Five minutes?

No, absolutely not!

How could I pick an outfit in
five minutes and 30 seconds


– Birthday brunch, birthday
brunch, birthday brunch

Okay, let's see

No, no, no, no, no

Yeah, that one's my favorite

Okay, this one's my favorite

I love this one

Okay, so, this is like
a cute little plaid

This one's so cute and I love it

Okay so, nevermind

We're getting rid of our past idea

We're going backwards, friends, okay

Which, we could totally
wear with the Docs

Okay so, Docs still, we love that

– [Carolina] Three minutes!

– Oh, I hope she likes this


– What screams brunch to me?

So I have this Zara
jean jacket, right here

Which I love

– [Jasmine] Two and a half minutes!

– Two and a half minutes

This could go with those shoes

These Universal Thread shoes,

which we also love Universal Thread

– Should I go with Prada, though?

She has this beautiful
Prada purse and it's black

Is that too much black?

No, no, she wears a lot of black

She's kind of edgy

We want it to be like, she just rolled

out of bed on her 22nd birthday,

and she's just naturally perfect

– [Carolina] 30 seconds left

– (screaming) Oh, I need to get her socks!

Oh my god!

– Oh wait a sec, I forgot she has

this bucket bag right here

I don't know if it goes
with the aesthetic

You know what I mean?

This bag, right here

– [Jasmine] 30 seconds!
– 30 seconds?

Oh, no!

– I'm not sure now

I'm kinda questioning it

– [Carolina] Three, two, one

– [Jasmine] Three, two, one!

(mouthing siren noises)

(techno music)


– Oh my god!

– I know this is really good
– You look good!

– Thanks, so do you!

This is cute, I love this outfit

This is so cute

No, I love the neck line on that,

but I think it looks super cute

like with the little bob and stuff

It's so cute

And the Docs are part of her new vibe,

and she rocks them

She rocks them and I just think it's cute

cause it's a mix, you know what I mean?

The Docs with the plaid
skirt and the Louis

– What do you think about yours?

– I love this, this is really cute

I would've never, I don't know,

for some reason I never
would've put this together,

but like, this is really cute!

– This is all my Pinterest board is

I always tell Jasmine,
you have really good legs,

and you need to show 'em off

So, I like the slit

– [Jasmine] Yeah, there's panels in it

It's cute
– [Carolina] Yeah

– It's vintage for sure

Yeah, it's fun though, it's cute

– Do you feel good in it, though?

I do, I do!

And I really like it, it's a cute look

– Thanks for watching you guys

– Let's watch Dance Moms

– I mean we can't do anything else

Can't go outside in these outfits

– Bye!
– Bye!

(upbeat music)

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