Best Friends Dress Like Their Animal Crossing Characters For A Day

published on July 2, 2020

– Hey everybody I'm Kelsey!

– Hi, I'm Michelle, and I'm so excited

– 'cause today I'm
going to be transforming

into animal crossing characters


– First one is going to be my character,

and then the second will be
my favorite towns person

– We had to do it from head
to toe it's going to be hair,

makeup, the whole outfit

I'm playing Animal Crossing:
Pocket Camp right now

I love having my own little camp ground

that I can design and then also creating

imaginary ships between like
little campground visitors

I'm definitely shipping Beau and Fodder,

they are my OTP

– I love Animal Crossing,
it's all I do is just

build my island, and then
go visit my friends islands,

and see that they're way
better than my island,

and then have to start from scratch


– I feel like, there are things

that I can pull together from my closet

I might have to end up
having to DIYing some stuff,

I might not We're just gonna
have to take a look and see

– I've been cosplaying for 2-3 years,

and so normally I like to have
a lot of attention to detail

So it's going to be a
challenge for my perfectionism,

to let go of that and
do more of an impression

of a character, rather
than an exact replication

So this is normally where I
sit when I'm playing my game,

and here's my Switch
Okay, so this is my house,

and this is me This is kind
of my everyday look recently

It reminds me of like Sailor Moon

This is my bedroom I
have so many outfits,

as you guys can see Normally
I really enjoy wearing outfits

that remind me of
princesses or magical girls,

and that's not something
that I wear in real life,

which is why I wear it
so much in the game

This Parka, this is
like a purple, oversize

sweatshirt thing, is something
I kind of have right now

I normally where a giant
bow, maybe some cute shades,

a pair of white leather sneakers,

and I think that is a good look

– This is my camp ground
I went with this whole

cherry blossom theme, so
everything is very pink right now

She has a bunch of different
outfits that she can wear

This girl's got like an endless closet

The set that I'm having
her wear right now,

it's this really cute, striped T-shirt,

with this overall dress I
love how casual it looks

– The sweatshirt that
I'm thinking is this one

It's like this purple color,
it has like a graphic on it,

which is not the same,

but I think it's gonna look similar-ish

And then I think I need
my classic Air Force 1's

I think this looks the closest to

the shoes that I wore in the game

Chewy approves of the sweatshirt

I think this is the pair
of sunglasses I have

that looks closest to the
one I put on my character

So Ima put those down

The biggest struggle is going
to be that white hair bow

I do not have any white hair bows

– For my characters look, I was like "oh,

I can just pull together a
striped top and a denim skirt,

and it will be like easy-peasy"

and I found this like striped tank top,

which I was like "oh,
maybe this could work"

And then I also found this denim skirt

I combined the two together,
but when I looked at it,

it didn't look quite right
It just hits different,

like it doesn't feel
like what my character

is wearing in the game

So, I actually did order
some things online

Dude, this feels so much better

Uh, yes

– Just had a brainwave
And I have Disney Bounded

the character Belle She
had this, like ribbon

Here's my cosplay box, this is all,

like the clothes that I
don't wear day to day

Oh I hope I didn't get rid of it

I don't think I did Huh, I found it!

I mean, it's huge, but that bow is huge

– I love wigs, because they
let you try like any hairstyle

that you can dream of, like
I used to have pastel hair,

which is one of the reasons why I wanted

my character to also have pastel hair

I feel like this is becoming,

like a how to put on a wig tutorial

Oh! I look like an alien



– I have the sweatshirt on,
and I have my hair up in this

little bun and so now I'm going to add

the curls in the front, and
then add the big bow right here

And hopefully look kinda similar

It's very big, but it
doesn't look quite as cute

as the ribbon in the game,
but it's as big as my head

So that was the goal I suppose

– I love the color of
this wig, it's just like

the pastel pink hair of my dreams (ding)

– And now I just need to add the shoes

and then I think I'm pretty much done

– The last part of my outfit
is these high top Chuck's,

and then this whole look will be done

– You know what? I don't
add this much cutesy-ness,

to my look that often, but
I actually really like it,

and I wish I did this more,
I feel adorable (laughs)

– Hey Michelle!

– [Michelle] Oh my god, you look so cute!

– I want this big bow in real life

– Overall I feel like I nailed the look,

and I just feel ready to, you know,

go pick some fruit, maybe go fishing,

like I'm a cute little campground manager

– Oh! Look at that hair
though, look at that wig girl!

– I know!

– For number two, I'm going
to try and recreate Merengue

I'm here at my campground,
and I found Merengue

She's at the smoothie cart!

She's a rhino friend at my campground

She's the cutest thing,
like for her rhino horn,

it's actually made of strawberries,

and she's dressed like a pastry chef

Oh, just, she's the cutest

– So here's me, in my outfit,
I think I did a great job,

so I'm gonna run down and then

I'm gonna go meet one of
my favorite villagers

That's Greta, she's not the one

I'm gonna be recreating today

It looks like she's home!

It's Poppy! Oh my gosh she's not wearing

the outfit I wanted her to wear

So normally Poppy is wearing this outfit

Thanks Poppy for wearing the wrong outfit,

we were gonna look so cute together

She was one of the first
villagers on my island,

and she really charmed me
with like how cute she was,

she's a cute little squirrel,
and so I'm gonna try to like

create some Poppy vibes,
with something in my closet

– I wanted to be really specific,

'cause she is definitely
like a pastry baker,

so I went ahead and actually
got, like a chef jacket

The jacket actually is
long enough for me to wear

almost actually as a super short dress

I'm gonna go ahead and try to tie the

red ribbon around my waist

For Merengues necktie, I looked up

different ways to tie scarves,

and I think this is kind of
close to what she's wearing

– Poppy is normally wearing
this like little blousy look

This is like one of my blousier shirt

that's got like a Peter Pan collar

And then she's wearing like
an apron, that's green

I do have like this little green dress,

and then I was thinking
maybe I could do some

kind of black accessory with it

So I put the green dress on top,

and I've never layered this dress before,

but I actually really like it,

and then I added this black headband,

to kind of bring in the black
at the top of her dress,

and she's also a red
squirrel, and I'm a redhead,

so that kind of works out

– One of the things that makes her unique

is her strawberry horn,
I don't really have

really good makeup skills, so

I basically got this super pink blush,

she's a pink rhino and it'll kind of

give me this pink skin effect

I thought it could be
fun to try pink eyebrows

It's very pink

– Her nose is sort of an orange-brown,

so I'm gonna go with this, Morocco

Put it lightly around my nose right here

It's kind of cute, I
look like Rudolph-esque,

but I don't hate it

– Oh my god, it's so light,
I can barely see the color

It feels like, oh!

So cute! Second look, second wig


I feel like I was wanting
to coordinate everything,

so I was like "it would
be cute if I had like

a little ribbon, which
goes with her neckerchief",

but I don't know, I feel like
maybe it's a little too much

Yes! It feels so much
better without the sash

– So this is the finished makeup look

I'm gonna call Michelle, and see

what she thinks of my final look


– Oh my god!

– I'm pretty proud, it
might not be dead on,

but I still think it's like a cute outfit

that I might actually wear on the regular

– It's a very cute date outfit

– You're right, I should show up

on a date as a cute squirrel,
and see what happens

– Ta-da!

– Oh! Very, very cute, I like it,

it's very dead on You are Merengue

– I'm so happy with how I turned out,

it literally makes me
feel like I'm Merengue,

and I should be baking some fruit tarts

and opening a pastry shop for my friends

Girl we killed it!

We spend so much time designing
what the game looks like,

it's kinda cool to actually
bring it into real life

– I think sometimes I get
worried that I'll look

too princessy, or too cutesy,

but I think it's worth experimenting

and trying something
new, and doing the thing

that's gonna make me happy

– If you've been playing Animal Crossing,

try doing a little
character look sometime

– Let me know who your
favorite villager is Bye!

– Animal Crossing!

(upbeat techno music)

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