Best Fitness Tech! (Workout Basics 1.0)

by birtanpublished on October 1, 2020

I have to admit with how busy I've been
I've been slacking on my health and what
better way to get it back than to use
tech to motivate me and keep me on track
fitness is a major focus that I'm
working on this year so let me show you
a few products that I'm using right now
and thank you to life beam for
sponsoring this journey and let's go
ahead and start with my current personal
trainer V headphones I feel are the
basis of a good workout because if
you're like me you have to have music
power you through I absolutely need it I
don't know if I can workout without
music the V headphones fit around the
neck they are sweat resistant and
Wireless they are lightweight with nice
build quality and in my use they have
been very durable which makes them
perfect for working out they fit well
it's very comfortable I don't even
notice them around my neck when I'm
actually using them outside and xscape
track controls and the power or right
here on the right hand side I wish the
orientation of them were reversed but I
got used to it pretty quickly after a
couple of days since I'm an iPhone user
I used to use the air pods just for
simplicity but you may want to pick up
something like of these if you're
looking for something more than just
music while you're exercising let me
explain there are a ton of sensors
built-in including GPS and a heart rate
sensor that continually monitors so v is
learning more about me during every run
and she's consistently coaching me
throughout my workouts yep you heard
that right V is a built in AI personal
trainer and what I appreciate about it
is is that she does not sound robotic
she sounds just like a regular human
being and she's been giving me tips all
throughout my workouts this week I'm not
a professional runner by any means so
she's been giving me tips on how to
improve my form what kind of pace I
should be going at and motivating me
throughout my workouts and it's very
interesting in the beginning she can get
pretty chatty because she wants to know
more about you and your workouts but you
can customize this if you want so no
worries there after a few runs v became
really useful giving me information on
my heartrate periodically telling me
when I hit my beacons like after I've
run my first mile is some really cool
information coming in here while you're
listening to your favorite music anytime
that you want to know more information
on the right earbud is touch sensitive
so I can ask her what my heart rate is
or how I'm doing and I can get her to
tell me what's going on the tracking is
really accurate I like how the workout
stops if you cross the street or if you
just stop to take a water break you can
turn that on or off in the settings and
then when you start running again the
tracking just continues automatically
the app is where you can keep track of
your workouts you can change your
priorities right now my focus is on
losing weight but you can change that
any time I love the fact that you can
link up Spotify or app to music to work
out to your favorite playlist and it
sound is legit because the headphones
are tuned by Harman Kardon so I was very
surprised on how balanced they were you
get crisp eyes and nice mids they just
pushed out an update for heavier bass
which I appreciate so the sound overall
is nice you will need to make sure that
the fit is right to get the maximum
sound I did notice much better sound
after I found the right fit so make sure
you spend a little bit of time on that
how many of using these headphones all
throughout the summer so make sure you
follow me on social media to see how I'm
doing and make sure you give me a little
bit of motivation on there now these do
claim eight hour battery life and the
battery life is actually very good on
these I'll be using these all week
I haven't even charged them once but it
all depends on how much you work out if
you're interested in the V headphone
imma leave a link down below for you and
me and light beam have teamed up to give
one of these away to you guys
so the win hit that link in the
description good luck you can't get a
good workout if you're not properly
hydrated and I am notorious for not
drinking enough water throughout the day
and this water bottle here has helped me
step up my hydration game this is the
hydrate spark smart water bottle and if
you haven't seen this before I'm sure
you're curious on how this works even
when I first came across this I didn't
know what to expect this bottle comes
with a sensor inside and it's powered by
a very small battery which is user
replaceable and it connects to your
smartphone via bluetooth it's really
that simple you fill it up the bottle
detects how much is in there and every
time that you take a sip it just tracks
how much you're drinking what's cool is
that if you're not meeting your goal or
not on pace then you will get fun
I can't lie I have declined a
notification a couple of times but most
of the time it reminded me that I need
to drink more water you can set what
amount of water that you want to make
your goal for the day and you can look
at the water intake throughout the week
and I really like the app it's clean
it's simple and it just works the
bottles also look great awesome design
it even has this pulsating light when it
gives you a notification and my wife is
also using hers daily they come in a ton
of different colors so check out the
hydrate spark water bottle so they keep
track of my weight loss and my health
goals I'm using this this is the
Withings body composition scale and this
scale is Wi-Fi connected and will track
your weight your fat mass muscle mass
water percentage and even bone mass
honestly I just use it to track my
weight but it's nice to have all that
other stuff too the scale is nicely
built too and it looks nice so that's a
huge plus and there's really no work to
it you just use the app it will ask you
a few questions when you first start up
and it's as simple as you can get I like
how you can see all your progress
I like seeing is downwards scale even
though I have a long ways to go you can
connect it to health mate if you want to
track your activity you can use apps
like My Fitness Pal to track your food
intake you can also input your blood
pressure so with the app the scale
becomes really useful it is a little bit
pricey at about a hundred bucks retail
but I got mine for way less when it was
on sale before so make sure you keep an
eye out on that I really like the scale
I highly suggest it the last thing I'm
going to show you is the Apple watch
this is nothing new but since the Apple
watch series 2 came out with better
water resistance and accurate GPS this
has been the wearable for me for working
out I'm sure a lot of you out there and
my wife included she loves her Fitbit
but I can't stand that tiny display so I
like to display on this plus I like that
there's internal storage on here so I
can put 4 gigabytes of music on here and
then I can workout without my phone
bluetooth is built-in so I can pair this
with any wireless headphone which is
great and the GPS is standalone so I
don't need a phone to make that work and
the only thing that I wish it had was
LTE so I can get my phone calls or text
but I'm sure that's coming up in the
next generation this is a great option
if I want to just leave my phone behind
and use my favorite pair of wireless
headphones I can connect it all to Apple
healthkit and still track my runs now I
do have other watches that run Android
wear and have an LTE connection but I
found that the heart rate tracking is
not as accurate as the Apple watch let
me know if you want to see a separate
video on this for a lot of people are
curious the Apple watch and a good pair
of bluetooth headphones are definitely
some of my favorite tech products when
it comes to working out so what do you
guys think I want to know which product
is your favorite that I've shown you
today there's not a whole lot of
products but you don't need a ton to
help you to work out you just need ones
that make sense and I want you to follow
me on social media because I got to get
fit this year I need to get some
motivation from you guys and to keep up
with how I'm doing and make sure you hit
that link in the description below if
you want to win some of those B
headphones makes you smack that like
button for health and I'll see you guys
in the next one thanks for watching

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