Best Export Settings for YouTube 2020 [Adobe Premiere Pro CC]

by birtanpublished on September 30, 2020

welcome back to the channel I'm Michael
Bryan and in this video I'm gonna show
you guys the best export settings you
can use on Premiere Pro when you're
trying to make a video and export it for
YouTube now I've been using Premiere Pro
for quite some time now and honestly I
think my videos even though they're
1080p I think they generally look pretty
good now I've been using settings that a
lot of other people use so this is a
very common thing to use on YouTube when
you're trying to export your videos and
make them look as good as possible now
if you don't use the right settings when
you export your videos could be glitchy
or blurry or lower quality or otherwise
degraded from the quality that the
camera actually captured so it's
important that you have the right
settings now when you're using Adobe
Premiere Pro the settings can be
confusing and that's why in this video
I'm gonna go through all the different
settings that I change when I go and
export a video as well as all the
settings that I don't change from the
preset so that way if you ever make a
mistake and accidentally bump a setting
and change it you can go back through
this video and find out you know what
the settings are supposed to be so you
can export it properly and have a good
looking video so let's jump over to my
laptop now
okay so here we are on my laptop and as
I said I'm using Adobe Premiere Pro in
2019 now if you're using this in 20 20
or 20 21 I doubt you're gonna really
have that much of a difference if it
looks way different for whatever reason
you can totally disregard this but I
think the settings are gonna be the same
that you're looking for it's gonna be
the same general settings although they
might be in slightly different locations
I really don't think they will though
because in 2017 and 2018 the settings
were almost exactly where they are today
so when you have your video right here I
have one that's actually unedited but
when you're done editing the video you
can either go up and choose to you go to
file and down to export and hit you know
media right there or you can hit ctrl M
and essentially what you gonna do then
is it's going to just take the whole
video everything you have there unless
you accidentally selected a certain
section and I'll talk about that in a
minute but it's bring he's gonna bring
into this window right here where you
can change a lot about your video now of
course as you see this is a very
intimidating window if you don't know
enough about it if you don't know what's
all these words means or these settings
you could definitely screw up a lot and
not know how to export your video so to
make it really simple the first thing
you want to do is go to your format and
change it to h.264 that's what you want
when you're uploading to YouTube you
want to make sure you're using that file
format if you're doing anything else you
know maybe you want to use these other
ones but I always use h.264 now the
second thing you want to do is go down
and match the bitrate to what you
actually want now here it says you can
match the source which is great if you
want to do that that'll definitely work
what I typically do is because we're
uploading to youtube you can go down
they actually have a nice preset here
which is going to be YouTube 1080p
full-hd now if you're of course using 4k
you can go and do that right here if I
choose 4k right now and my camera
captured it in 1080p it will export a 4k
video but essentially what you're doing
is you're just quadrupling all the
pixels that already exist and it's you
know it's opera's to 4k but that doesn't
mean the quality of course is gonna
change it just means the file is gonna
be a lot larger for no reason so I don't
recommend doing that instead choose
whatever the input is so for my camera
I'm shooting most of my videos in 1080p
and therefore I want to export it in
1080p that obviously makes a lot of
then you go down to output name and it
doesn't really tell you that you can
select this and change it but if you
just click on the blue part it'll open
up your folder and you can go and put it
wherever you want now this is from my
other channel right there so if I just
say I want to call it I don't know just
video video one I'll do that typically I
choose a more specific name for these so
I can find them later and know exactly
what my video is but if you want to keep
simple name so you can you know organize
them by date or something you can always
add comments right there so you can find
out a little bit more about the video
without having to watch the whole thing
just a cool little thing you can do
right there now as we go down let's go
into effects first now effects I don't
actually change anything as you can I'll
scroll down you can see there's nothing
selected here these are all just
whatever is already there I'm not
changing anything special about this and
so yeah a lot there but I didn't change
anything if you go to video then this is
where you want to first make sure that
the dimensions right here are correct if
you're using a different aspect ratio or
if you're using maybe like 4k or
something you're gonna see different
numbers right here the dimensions are
you know pixels by pixels so 1920 by
1080 is what I use based on my camera
you can always just click match source
right there if you have any problems it
should be really straightforward and
simple to do that now as you go down you
really don't have to change any of these
settings but take note of them if yours
look different you may want to adjust
them say look like this generally the
YouTube 1080p preset up there should be
changing all these to what you see right
here now the one that I do change is
actually this one the bitrate encoding
now I change it to vbr 2 pass now you
can go down and do that and essentially
you have these two different options
right here now you can change them and
say the maximum bitrate you can crank
that all the way up if you want or you
can have it at anything in between
generally I just bring it up higher it's
not going to really affect your file
size but your target bitrate is what's
going to affect your file size now you
can see right here you can move it back
and forth and it's going to change your
file size so when I let it go it's up to
600 megabytes for this one little clip
I'm editing right now if I bring it all
the way up it's gonna be a couple
gigabytes so right there two gigabytes
for this video you're not really gonna
see that much of a difference so the
preset I think is around 16 sometimes
you might want to move it up so like 20
or something but of course you're not
gonna see a major difference in that
generally I don't even touch those to be
honest but if you want to that's
definitely something you can change now
this is not a vr video I'm not gonna
change any advanced settings the next
thing you want to do is go over to audio
and again in audio I'm not changing
anything because it's mostly my videos
it is me talking so I'm not worried that
much about you know like the absolute
quality and the bitrate of me talking
you know that doesn't matter quite as
much to me if you're doing music or
something you might want to worry a
little bit more about this next in
multiplexer here you want to make sure
it's mp4 and standard that's pretty easy
to keep track of and then captions you
know what to do much and publish I don't
worry about that because I'm publishing
it later on YouTube just by uploading
the video now the last thing you want to
do is click use maximum render quality
and then you don't have to do anything
else here if you don't want to and then
you just click export and it'll export
your video to the folder that you
specified right here to the name that
you specified there as well so I'm not
gonna export right now I'm gonna cancel
and I want to show you something else
earlier I mentioned that you want to
make sure you don't accidentally export
only one part of your video and so I
kind of cut it up a little bit here just
to show you if it's an edited video and
you accidentally hit the letter X on
your keyboard it'll sort of highlight
just one specific spot right there and
what its gonna be great if you want to
do anything like rendering so if you
have a lot of edits in one little area
you can drag the in and the out markers
and then you can go and render that area
but if you go and hit ctrl M or if you
go up to file export it'll open the
window and you'll see right here it's
only 51 megabytes now remember this
entire video should be 500 megabytes the
reason that you're only exporting this
one little amount right there it's
actually because you selected that with
an in and an out marker now this is
something that I struggled with when I
first started using Premiere several
years ago now what you really want to do
is go up to markers and go down and
clear in and out before you export that
way you'll make sure you export the
entire video every single time so guys
if you enjoy this video or actually if
you have any other questions about this
please remember to go down and comment
let me know I'll try to help you guys of
course I'm not you know I can't tell you
every single answer to everything in
Premiere Pro but I have been using it
for a while so I'm gonna try to help you
guys as you're starting to get you know
going with your YouTube careers here and
get your channels growing it's really
you have the best quality when you
export because it's something so easy to
do why would you degrade your videos in
the very last step so thank you all for
watching guys don't forget to Like and
subscribe if you enjoy this video I'll
see you next time

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