Best Dividend Stocks That Will Make You Rich (2020)

by birtanpublished on September 29, 2020

Dividend-paying stocks are the type of stocks that will pay you to hold them after you buy them it's kind of like getting a rental income after you buy real estate except they're way easier to buy than real estate and you don't have to deal

With the lousy tenants mortgage brokers property damages lawyers accountants agents brokers and the overall stress i mean isn't that awesome so today i'm going to share with you my top

Five favorite dividend paying stocks that i'm personally invested in and i'm going to share with you my exact strategy on when to buy them how long i'm going to hold them and how much

You can make by adding how many of their shares to your portfolio i'm going to ask you a bunch of questions first so you can determine if this video is right for you to watch till the very end because if it's not

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And i'm kind of not but are you ready to discover the top five best dividend stocks that will make you rich we're gonna hear in the intro and let's go

hey investivas and devos i'm kiana daniel a four-time and a newly best-selling author and the founder of the invest diva movement the march to

Jump on to take control of your financial future and to make your money work for you my mission is to help one million moms start investing on their own by the year 2025 so if you are a mom

And or if you know of other moms who could benefit from taking control of the financial future please spread the word and help us make this huge impact the best place to start

Is for slash yes the link is down in the description area dividend stocks are shares of companies that pay out a regular earning back to the investors who buy their stocks

These earnings are called a dividend so by investing in a dividend stock long term not only you have a potential of increased capital gain but you also get paid along the way

Just for holding that stock now you might be asking kiana this sounds too good to be true why would a company pay me to buy and hold a stock what's the catch so here are some

Reasons well established companies pay dividends to their shareholders first off they're actually kind of bribing you legally to hold on to their stock and not to

Sell them because the more shareholders a company has the higher their market cap now you might be saying ew i don't want to get bribes from no one but there are other reasons too for example

Paying dividends also sends a signal to investors that a company is confident in their future growth and it's a demonstration of financial strength now you might be

Asking okay why do massive companies like amazon and google don't pay a dividend then they're obviously financially set for like another hundred years

Great catch so with companies that are growing very rapidly and are really confident in their growth of their stock price they're like i don't need to pay a dividend everyone wants a piece of me whether i pay

Dividend or not anyway and investors might actually be better off just holding on to my stock shares for capital gains they're gonna get way better returns probably and that's

True too so that's why i always say to my pig members premium investment group members don't worry i don't go around calling people pigs for no reason

That they should be picking stocks that suit their risk tolerance financial goals and their time horizon to reaching those goals for example for my dad's portfolio

I invest a lot more heavily on dividend-paying stocks that on my own portfolio he prefers to get a steady earning rather than wait for huge capital gains especially when the markets are volatile

For me i have a longer horizon to reach my long-term financial goals so i mainly invest in rapidly growing tech stocks but how about both wouldn't it be

Awesome if you could invest in stocks that both have huge capital gain potential and pay the highest dividend of them all luckily i've got you covered for my top

Five in 2020 that i've shared with our pig members and yes there is more and things can change and that's why i monitor and share my investment strategies every single

Week on tuesdays with our pigs so if you want to be an investiva pig who doesn't want there is a link for you below this video to apply and get in number

Five on the list today is ibm ibm is a very well established company with a brand recognition in the tech industry at a 5.52 dividend yield in 2020 which means for every ibm stock you buy you earn around

1.63 cents per quarter this is actually very high dividend yield in the tech industry ibm's stock price is currently around 120 dollars and their next dividend payment is going

To be around november 2020 so if you invest 1 200 to buy 10 shares of ibm before their next ex-dividend date which is two business days before the date of the record on which you must have become a

Shareholder to be entitled to receive dividend then you are gonna get paid 16 in november and every quarter after that if you buy 100 shares of ibm that's 163 dollars per

Quarter which is 6520 of absolutely passive income in 10 years now this may still not sound like a lot but the reason why ibm is even on ios is because right now

Ibm's stock price may actually be undervalued and its price might even continue to drop before it exhibits new gains looking at ibm's chart you notice that its price is in a downward

Channel which indicates we could see its price to drop to as low as 102 dollars maybe even 73 dollars but because ibm has a very large market cap

At 108 billion dollars in my opinion it will likely rebound over time to reach its all-time high levels of 213 dollars and beyond in a few years so if you combine this cattle gain with

The dividend payment you're looking at an eighteen thousand dollar passive income especially if you're not paying any commission fees to your broker if you're using a commission free broker

Like robinhood or td ameritrade i have links to these brokers my favorite commission free workers in the description area of this video now you might be saying kiana if ibm is so good then why is it listed

Number five on your list great question kiana ibm pay a very high dividend in the tech sector but it has actually been pretty volatile compared to the rest of the dividend stocks on my list today

And the market sentiment is actually pretty neutral so majority of investors aren't expecting exponential growth in a stock price in the near future this brings us to number four dividend

Paying stock on my list today which is 3 mm 3m is a wide mode industrial company with 92 billion dollars in market cap which has a 3.67 dividend yield which is around 1.47

Dividend earnings per share per quarter yes the dividend yield is a bit lower than ibm's but the reason why this is number four is because the stock is way less volatile than ibm and its potential

For growth is actually way higher so if you invest and reinvest your dividend payments back to 3m stocks then you may end up with much higher capital gain in 10 years another point for 3m is that its stock

Price appears to be undervalued while the market sentiment is bullish and its stock price is already bottomed out this means the 3m could see a recovery

Way faster than ibm so you could even consider taking profit earlier and reinvest your profits in a different company that may be more suitable to your financial goals in a few years but what could be even

Better than 3m it's a healthcare stock called abbvie also remember that i'm giving you a diversified top five dividend stocks that means that if you choose to invest in all of them you'll have a

Well-diversified portfolio across many sectors that could weather through all markets ups and downs throughout the years avv has a 152 billion dollar market cap and its

Dividend yield is 5.49 based on his stock price today that's around 1.18 that's again a bit lower than ibm and 3m what the heck kiana why is it number three then

Well because avi again has a higher potential for capital gains than ibm and 3m a while it also pays a relatively high dividend payment which makes it a very valuable stock to hold in your portfolio especially

If you're interested in getting exposed to health care industry abby's ex-dividend date is on october 14 2020 so if you purchase before that day you'll be entitled to

This quarter's dividend payment from a price action point i have set buy limited orders for avi at 87 81 and 77 and i'm planning to profit above 120 dollars at key fibonacci

Tradesman levels of 141 154 and 162 and i'm gonna give myself enough time for the stock price to reach there number three on the list is 18 t now while its dividend yield

Is much higher than the previous stocks you're going to get way lower dividend payments right now because the stock price is you guessed it way undervalued the dividend yield is simply the

Percentage of the amount of money companies pay divided by its current market price so even though 18 t's dividend yield is 7.42 since 18t is currently only 27

You'll be getting around 50 cents per share but that also means that if you invest 1 000 in the stock you're gonna get way more than what you would get if you invest in any other of our stock so far now

One cash with att is that it's not as good as a growth company compared to its competitor verizon verizon pays a lower dividend yield at 4.23 but historically its capital gains have

Been higher on the other hand verizon's stock price isn't as undervalued as t right now so that's why there is a given take here one strategy you could consider is

Buying a t now and then adding verizon later if its stock price drops looking at verizon's chart it looks like that it could start dropping towards 55

And beyond now you might be asking kiana why do i need so many different paying stocks in my portfolio if these are so good why aren't they ranked higher on your list that's an awesome observation kiana so

Far every dividend stock i've introduced have been paying their dividend payments on a quarterly basis but you know what's better than getting paid on a quarterly basis

It's getting paid on a monthly basis baby that's why here at number two we have oh real to income corporation at 4.78 dividend yield which means you'll be getting paid 23 cents

Per share every single month now let's compare this to actually owning your real estate and getting paid rental income every month of course you could put less down to buy a house go on mortgage

And let your tenants pay for your mortgage blah blah blah but if you're like me and you do not feel like putting up with all the hassle there is that goes through real estate investment or simply want to

Add on to your income stream then oh is the right investment for you so instead of putting let's say twenty thousand dollars on real estate if you buy 333 shares of o at 60 and hold it for 10

Years and let's say in 10 years stock price only goes up to 100 you're gonna be looking at a 22 000 gain that's literally doubling your money without doing literally

Anything the next 10 years instead of buying real estate old cash let's say at 400 000 if you put all that money in oh you're not only getting paid 1 33 dollars per month you're gonna

Increase your net worth by 450 000 at the end of 10 years without having to deal with the lousy tenants and looking for new tenants if they choose to leave or not pay their rent because the

Economy is bad of course there are no guarantees but realty income itself is a real estate company that owns about 6500 properties and then pays you a cut of their rental so

They'll be doing all the hard work and pay you simply by holding their stocks this sounds awesome right but what's better than a 4 dividend yield in a real estate stock 12 dividend yield this spot

Is tied between two trusts bxmt which is blackstone mortgage trust at 11.49 dividend yield and stwd which despite its stock symbol kind of sounding like std it's not actually some sort of

Sexually transmitted disease and it's in fact star with property trust at 12.91 dividend yield both of these stocks appear to be undervalued right now and while i

It might take them a few years to recover at least they will be paying you a generous handout every quarter to encourage you to continue to

Hold and once we are out of a recession you might even get a nice capital gain surprise in your portfolio again without doing anything the whole 10 years and literally letting the markets to do

Their thing i'm invested in all of these stocks right now more heavily in oh bxmt and stw and the combination is giving me a good balance with my tech industry investments that are focused

Mainly on capital gains you guys if at any point of this video you felt lost or thought i'm talking a different language don't worry i literally have an award-winning step-by-step power course

That will teach you exactly how you can become your own money manager and select the exact right assets at the exact right amounts at the exact right time for your portfolio and

I tell you all about it it might make your money work for you free masterclass so go ahead open up a new browser and check out for slash yes i am looking forward to saying hi to you

In the chat box and in the meantime please go ahead and share this video with as many of your friends who could benefit from dividend investing and taking control of their financial future

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