Best & cheaper than Sony XB21? $50 Doss Soundbox Pro Speaker – REVIEW

by birtanpublished on October 1, 2020

everyone what is going on I gave budget
Bluetooth speakers a try and it's crazy
a lot of guys actually like it so I'm
gonna do one or two more to see how it
does again I'll go off of your feedback
so please show some love down in the
comment section below if you want to see
more today I'm showing you guys the DOS
sandbox pro not only because it has LED
lighting extra base and water resistance
but it's only priced at $45 right now in
Amazon as always I place my affiliate
links down in that video description
below click on those links for the most
updated prices and trying to be the most
reliable source of reviews and staying
transparent das did send us over for
review but I'll go over both pros and
cons if anything I'm going to compare
this directly to both my JBL fat 4 and
Sony XP 21 so there's no BS re folks I'm
Jimmy wood Jim's reviewer and I'm here
to help you make that purchase decision
welcome everyone to another review

one of the physical features first it's
not cheap and plasticky that's a word
but there's this rubberized texture
going around the entire enclosure and it
feels as tough as the name-brand quality
models out there now this is
water-resistant with an IP x5 rating
meaning this can take light water sprays
this can't be submerged underwater
though that might be enough for you guys
if you don't intend on having the kids
bring this around the pool or to the
lake but for most people this will be
I of course tested this myself by
spraying my bottle over over this thing
here and everything is still working
today going over the buttons everything
is very cookie and responsive everything
on screen is self explained for you guys
the item worth mentioning is the add
feature which allows you to pair with
another dose sound box pro speaker for
true stereo separation with the
competitors you not only get that but
you're able to pair three four or more
together and have them all play in sync
at the same time you don't get that with
the sound box pro now the pause and play
button usually activates Siri or Google
assistant when paired to your phone but
for DOS they decided to have this button
disconnect the Bluetooth signal instead
you don't get those voice assistance now
the mode button allows you to cycle
through these solid colors on the front
facing speaker here there's red blue
green and this smooth aqua looking color
to the right is the extra base button
and it's also used to change the pattern
of the LEDs then you can have the lights
stay a solid color but also pulsate to
the beat stay on completely solid or
basically you can turn them off and then
there's this party mode which cycles
through the colors I mentioned earlier
and there's two more colors which are
also included which is purple and yellow
the compared to the competition
specifically the sony xba-40 one this
has more options than if anything the
lights are brighter more vibrant and
that last rotating to the rear there's
the passive base radiator and on the
bottom left has the water resistant flap
with micro USB ports to charge the
speaker a three-and-a-half millimeter
port for physical connections and a
micro SD card slot now regarding better
life das claims up to ten hours of
battery life doing my test at 50% BOM
and with the L
and flashing away the results or on your
screen now quickly touching base on
features that you can't see this sandbox
Pro has bluetooth 4.2 which is perfectly
fine for today's day and age but
actually testing the signal here at the
office I was able to get eighty four
linear feet here
worth of signal strength with my samsung
s eight plus and the signal did go
through about two or three walls it's a
commercial building so there's some
walls that I cants particularly see but
I know there's a door on the other side
here now speakerphone wise testing this
shown it's only good at very close
distances up to two or three feet away
once you push beyond that that's when I
noticed that my Bose sounded pretty far
away and the echo eventually starts to
build up at ten feet the other person
said to me that they had a hard time
making out some of my words and they
were trying to basically piece it
together so overall for a budget
Bluetooth speaker it comes with
everything that the mainstream bigger
name-brand speakers offers in the $100
price range
not only in features but also in build
quality the only thing that I see
missing is one a battery level indicator
it's so simple yet highly convened I
don't know why some brands don't offer
that and second for the price range
holding a button down for those voice
assistance would have been very much
helpful NFC is also missing on this as
well but if you don't need it it
honestly doesn't matter it's really up
to you guys alright folks down in that
comment section below I still want to
get a feel if you like these budget
reviews let me know better yet refer me
some budget Bluetooth speakers out there
and I'll try to reach out through them
let me know some of the brands and
models and as always be sure to follow
my social media handles they're all in
the video description down below so here
is the sound test
please enjoy alright folks put on your
headphones or earphones I'm going to be
using behind knurl microphones give me
this 3d audio experience here we goes

to define your body of body uh cuz you
wanna bet

I want you

Oh baby person

once again your bonus is that you're
busy it all takes the ball into the
ground why is it can you tell the story

and there have it folks all three
speakers provide similar amounts of
loudness enough for small to medium
sized rooms perfect for apartments
bedrooms dorm rooms garages etc but
starting with base the sandbox pro is
considered as a Vaizey speaker it has
more base than the JBL foot before yet
at the same time much cleaner base it's
non distorting like these sony xba-1 the
base hits slightly deeper than the JBL
and you might have noticed from the
audio samples even the low mid range is
slightly warmer in the vocals without
muffling the audio quality for most
songs going into the mid-range most of
the time the sandbox Pro sounded alive
and pushed forward more so then again my
favorite JBL foot 4 and definitely more
so than the Sony the daus is very bright
making vocals stand out and instruments
pronounced the sony sounded the most
recess out of all three as though the
vocals were covered while the flip four
in religion these three speakers have
tested seven like the the in-between the
only area that I would caution though is
the very high notes although the sound
box pro is base here yeah at the same
time it's brighter when playing the
sound box Pro near maximum volume there
is raspbian s noticed at the upper ends
of the mid-range frequencies and into
the high frequencies in general if
you're blasting near or at maximum for
events for entertaining etc the
distortion is noticed on the top-end
especially when vocalists are
pronouncing s's and at times when snares
are tapping away if you do intend on
having this more so for personal
listening in a room
apartment this would be absolutely fine
and it sounds great
from my testing now you think the sound
box pro for video streaming to see if
there's any syncing issues there is a
millisecond delay on both YouTube and
Netflix so this isn't really ideal for
movies or videos so in the end this
speaker for the price hands down
way better than Sony in regards to audio
quality and of course the LED lighting
that you guys seen so far if you don't
need the water submersion speaker I
highly recommend this sound box Pro over
again the xB 21 for those debating on
the JBL flip for Jay Bell does provide a
cleaner sound though but it doesn't
sound as alive or as forward and as
had the sound box pro at this time I
would recommend this if you're not
intending and blasting the sound box Pro
maximum volume majority of the time all
right folks hopefully I helped you in
some way remember to add me on social
media again my Instagram and Facebook
addresses are down in that video
description you guys take care I'll
catch you on the next one

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