Best Budget Phone Under $150 You Don’t Know About!

by birtanpublished on September 30, 2020

what's up everybody this is Danny and
budget phones can be hit or miss and
real talk we know a lot of them really
aren't that good so when I find a good
one I'm always excited to tell you about
it and I think I found the best sub $150
smartphone that you can buy right now
and for a limited time you can actually
buy this for a hundred bucks so I'm
going to leave it link down below for
you shoutout to ZTE for sending me this
phone and sponsoring more budget phone
coverage on this channel stick around on
to the end there's a surprise you know
the drill
this is the ZTE Blade x Max and this
could be one of the best bang for your
buck phones in 2017 and let me show you
why so most phones at this price they
skimp out on a display to save money but
the blade X max actually has a really
nice and large six inch 1080p display
it's nice and bright it's got
surprisingly good viewing angles the
colors pop and while the calibrations a
bit on the cool side I think it looks
amazing for catching up on your favorite
YouTube videos and your favorite shows
it's one of the best that I've seen in
this price range so if you like big
phones I think you'll like this you also
get a fingerprint scanner on the back
it's easy to get to it's pretty fast too
and usually don't see that in this price
point the build is mostly plastic and it
can get a little slippery and it can get
mucked up with fingerprints but this
finish is interesting especially if
you're in different lighting conditions
but it feels very solid no creaks no
flexing this phone even at a fraction of
the price gives you features that even
flagship phones like the iPhone 7 don't
have like a 3.5 millimeter headphone
jack a USB type-c port with quick charge
2.0 so no waiting around for your phone
to charge all day you also get a micro
SD card slot and most phones like this
only come with 16 gigabytes of storage
but this one comes with double that and
32 gigabytes of on-board storage so
props to that the blade xmax also runs
Android 7.1.1 nougat so that's awesome
to see some Android flagships don't even
run this version so that's amazing and
the software is pretty much stock
Android there are a few added apps that
ZT includes and some customizations
including adding the on-screen keys for
navigation and the ability to change the
keys at the bottom which light up by the
way and the middle home button glows and
acts as a notification light there's a
quick shortcut to the camera with a
double press of the power button but
besides that it's clean and I think
that's the reason why that the
performance is so steady with the eight
core Snapdragon 435 processor with two
gigabytes of RAM even most games hold up
well with smooth frame rates nice on
this big display and the sealed in
battery is big at 3400 milliamp hours so
you won't have a problem making it
through the full day at all I've been
getting about 5 to 6 hours of screen on
time sometimes getting even more than
that but if you need to top up in the
middle of the day you have that USB
type-c port at the bottom that supports
quick charging 2.0 so you can top up
fast the camera on the back is 13
megapixels and while it's not going to
give you flagship results the images are
definitely great for casual snaps and
social media the HDR mode while a little
bit aggressive is pretty legit and these
photos are much better than I ever
thought they would be for this price
level I mean what do you guys think you
get tons of software features – and you
also get a full manual mode which you
don't see very much in this price class
so this is pretty cool the 1080p video
looks decent as well there's no
stabilization but for casual videos the
blade x max will definitely do the
front-facing camera as 5 megapixels and
does a decent job for occasional selfies
now of course it's not perfect there are
a few things that I would like to see
improved in the future like the
inclusion of NFC so you can use Android
pay with that fingerprint scanner
let's fingerprint the finish on the back
and maybe a deeper sounding single
speaker on the bottom and I would love
to see this available unlock for all
carriers but if you are a Cricket
Wireless customer or you're thinking
about going to cricket this phone is a
major major win and I highly suggested
it packs so many features for a budget
phone and this is for sure one of the
best out there for under 150 dollars
alright so since you stuck around into
the end of the video of course I have a
surprise for you I have one of these to
give away to one of you guys so all you
need to do is hit that link down below
and see how you can get this phone for
$100 and then
I want you to come back here smack that
like button and also leave a comment in
the comment section below let me know
what your favorite feature of this phone
is and I will pick a random comment in
two weeks and I will send you a message
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it's that easy
make sure you follow me on social media
because that's where I'll be announcing
the winner and I also have some cool
social media giveaways going on right
now so you don't want to miss that make
sure you subscribe to the channel if you
haven't already and make sure you like
this video if you enjoyed it and I will
see you guys in the next one

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