Best Budget Headphones on Amazon (Bluetooth) – UNDER $65

by birtanpublished on August 23, 2020

So with more phones than ever losing their headphone jacks many people are switching to Bluetooth earbuds and Bluetooth headphones and so in this video I'll be comparing four of the best ranked Bluetooth headphones on Amazon and testing them head-to-head to see

Which one's rank better in different categories what's going on everyone welcome back to the channel in this video I'll be diving in and comparing four different of the best-selling Bluetooth headphones from Amazon to

Really decide which one is the best one for you to buy now you might have seen other videos out there where people just put them on and tell you they sound good or they don't sound good in this video I'm really gonna try to break it down

And make it as measurable as possible to really test everything out in front of you to show you guys how well each pair performs compared to the other ones for a truly honest reviews now these are the budget ones on Amazon when I say budget

I just mean they're not like Sennheiser Bose or beats they're gonna be like the cheaper ones that range anywhere from like 30 ish dollars to about 60 or 65 dollars the first one that we're starting with is the earphone wave or

Earphone earphone I'm not really sure how you would pronounce that we're gonna call them earphone in this video the earphone wave these were sent to me by earphone admittedly I did not purchase them but I'm not in debt to them for

Anything I'm gonna roast these as much as I need to so these actually look really cool I kind of like the aesthetic of them how they're just a nice simple black they have a little bit of a shine around the edges right there now next

What we have is we have the die play headphones right here these have active noise cancellation so that's a big selling point on these they're claimed to be as good or better than the Sony noise cancellation and we're gonna test

That out in this video and really see how good that is these are again very simple and aesthetic they're a little bit similarly shaped to some of the Bose headphones you see how they're just kind of an oval shape they're really

Minimalist design not a lot of colors not a lot of flash next after that we have the EM Paolo 59 this one actually ranks the highest out of all of these on Amazon selling so these are you know an Amazon's choice if you look it up and

You'll see that these are again they have a little bit more flashy than the other ones they have a full control set on the right side there so you have volume you have necks on previous song you have an answer reject button

And your power button right there so a little bit more controls on this these don't have active noise cancellation so we're gonna dive in and see what they do have besides just the aesthetics that does look pretty cool I like the red the

Black the silver they have a couple different colors available for this one I chose the red ones right here then lastly another one that ranks really high on Amazon these always show up and I've always been very skeptical of these

These are made by Coen and these are the e7 so they look a little funky with the triangle on the side and they do have active noise cancellation that's a big selling point for these a lot of people like them they get good reviews so we're

Gonna dive in and figure out what is all the fuss about these and are these actually as good as they're supposed to be so guys for those of you who are new here I'm Michael Bryan and this channel is all about diving in and testing the

Newest tech on the market so if you enjoy this video it doesn't have to be now but at any point in the video if you decide that you like this style of video make sure you go down and click the subscribe button and the like button I

Really appreciate it getting back to the video so starting off with sound cancellation already the M pal and the ear fun do not have sound cancellation but I will say that out of these two the earphone has the best foam on there so

There is the best sound blocking on these actually out of all of them just because it's a really really thick foam right there it is pretty comfortable and I'll talk about that in a minute but you'll notice that putting these on

You're not going to hear a whole lot going on around you and that's definitely a big plus then we have the Kohen and we have the die play right here now when I try them on I will say the calling does have active sound

Cancellation that works moderately well if you're hearing you know a lot of buzzing in the background or any kind of you know like an airplane for example they do work but I will say that the die play seems to have a much better a much

More obvious sound cancellation so that if there's any ambient noise it just gets dead it's really it's interesting how you can hear voices and things that are sort of sporadic sounds but the constant sounds are definitely really

Squashed by these headphones and that's something that's really cool when I'm flying next time I think I actually might be using these headphones just to block out that ambient sound next we have comfort this one unfortunately is a

Little bit subjective but I did use each of these for an entire day just separately of course I've used some of them longer than a day but I wanted to make sure each one was worn all day just straight with you know just

One pair of headphones so I found that the die plate they fit really well over your ears and at first they feel pretty comfortable but after a little bit of time you get kind of fatigued after like an hour of using them maybe two hours so

Next up is the Cohens when you put these on I think that they feel a little bit cheap out of all of them they seem to be like the most wobbly and loose and I'm not really sure exactly why that is but it just is not the best build so i'm

Unfortunately gonna give that the worst rating out of all of these just because it's too loose I like to run or workout or you know wear these headphones when I'm walking around so next up the empaths when you put these on these are

Probably the most snug out of all of these and I do like that they're good for working out or running for that reason I would say that the comfort they fit around your entire ear and it's definitely pretty good I've worn these

For again a whole day it didn't really bother me I would rank these approximately the same as the die play although they are a little bit better for like I said working out or anything more dynamic okay so the earphones then

As far as comfort goes they do have a very big cushion right there and maybe for that reason it's not the best if you're working out they're not really super tight they definitely don't fall off but I don't know if I would want to

Do any kind of like a boxing workout or anything too dynamic with these on also because there's so much foam right there I feel like maybe it's water resistant but more likely it's just gonna act like a sponge and soak up a lot of sweat so

These might not be the best for working out but they are pretty comfortable and wearing these these have the least discomfort after a long time so after like four hours of listening to all of these separately these definitely feel

The best I can wear them all day and you almost don't even notice they're on your head as far as the aesthetics go this is actually one that I'm going to show you guys but not right for you so I would

Say that personally my favorite is going to be probably the earphones I like the really simple look right there the simplistic you know not really flashy but I do also like the die place I think that there's something to be said about

That sort of Bose like design so that people look at these sort of distant it doesn't have you know the logo really big there so they might think you're wearing bows they might think you're wearing something that's more expensive

Than just fifty dollars so that's a little bit of a plus there so the M pounds are the only ones that really have a lot of color blasting right here and you'll see that it's kind of like beats like I said before it's shiny

They have that plastic on the outside and kind of like a soft color on the inside words the foam is that and a little bit accent underneath everything right around the ear pads so it looks cool

Maybe not my style but there's a lot of people that can definitely rock this look a lot better than I could so they definitely looked pretty good then we also have the Cohens right here the Cohens are probably the least aesthetic

Out of all of them just because they are probably the largest and like the most round kind of odd shape on the side I would actually now they're about the same size of the earphones but the accent a little more with the shiny like

The plastic that was supposed to look like chrome again this is not my favorite aesthetic out of all of these but they're definitely not bad I guess they could be a lot worse they're not really that gaudy they're just very

Plain and they kind of look a little bit cheap so which one actually looks the best out of all of these comment down below I want to actually put this out for vote from you guys to figure out which one actually looks the best which

One should I be wearing everyday and which one would you be wearing every day just to really get a feel for what people like and why so next up we have the controls so rating the controls in all of these first of all we have the

Die play right here and like I mentioned before these only have the power button the volume up and down so you can change the volume for your music and then also right there you have that little switch which is going to be your active

Noise-cancelling so definitely cool right there that you can do that but you're not going to be controlling your music and not skipping to the next song or playing and pausing next up we have the ear fun same concept here there is

No active sound cancellation on these so you literally just have the on/off and then you have the power up and power down you're not going to be controlling these with any controls on the headphones themselves other than just

Power on and volume up and down like I said so next up we have the mpow and you'll see right there on the side they do have a full control set so you can actually skip songs play songs pause answer calls change the volume and do a

Lot of stuff just from the side right there that's pretty common for a lot of Bluetooth headphones besides the other two that I mentioned but one thing I will note is that when you're wearing these it is a very clicky button right

On the side so it is if you click some of them it can be really loud in a little bit annoying then we have the Coens here now the Coens on one triangle so there's two triangles the one of them you can go volume

Up and down just by you know it's essentially a rocker switch right there the other one doesn't really do anything and then on the bottom you have a switch which turns on either bluetooth or noise cancellation just by how far you push

That switch so it's a three point three position switch so next up is the range I'm going to take these outside and see how far they go before they cut out so for range as you guys could see they

All went really far honestly as far as I would possibly really need them on everyday use but the Empire's definitely won that test they went a lot farther and the dye plays did not fare nearly as well so if you walk away from your phone

Really quickly and come back and you have to go like 400 feet or something really far then the M piles are the ones for you so as far as the audio quality goes the Coens right here they sound decent honestly I was kind of impressed

They actually had among the lowest of volumes when I measured these although I will say that the overall quality is pretty well balanced they're a little bit weak in the bass and they do sound a bit tunnel II so that's how I would

Describe the audio quality on these the dye plays then had a very loud maximum volume at least at 400 something hurts that I used just a constant tone so they had a very loud volume there there also I would say out of all of these the most

Balanced headphones I think they sound pretty good but they're not you know they're not really bass heavy so if you listen to a lot of rap or a lot of music that uses a lot of bass maybe these are not the best for

You and maybe the ones that you would want to choose would be something like the earphone so the earphone they honestly I thought they sounded really good there was a very strong bass there they were pretty punchy and I will say

The highs are in the mids are a little bit lower quality so if you're listening to something that's very bass heavy these are definitely a good pair of headphones for you to get if you're listening to a lot more acoustic music

You definitely would want to lean more towards the die plays then with the mpow headphones I found that these had a very high volume similar to the die play again that's only was one frequency these aren't going to perform similarly

Across all frequencies but just said that one frequency these had a good volume these are also kind of bass heavy headphones so they do sound a little bit muddy with a lot of bass but it's really nice if you're listening to rap or any

Kind of hard rock especially if you're working out it's nice to have that prominent bass so as far as battery goes to ease the coheny 7s were supposed to last 30 hours and at full volume they probably lasted somewhere around 5 hours

So not nearly as long as I would have hoped then we have the die plays which lasts about 15 hours is what they say they last and honestly after using them they do last 15 hours then we have the EM house which should last 20 hours and

Honestly these last close to 20 hours I don't know if it's exactly 20 hours it's really hard to say but based on no the increments that I measured when it drops like 40% over so many hours you know you extrapolate that and it's close

To about 15 to 20 hours then we have the earphones they're supposed to last 40 hours although if you're listening at full volume it's probably a little bit more like 10 hours so still a very good battery life on all of these and the

Standby on them is also very impressive so I didn't have a problem with these dying you can easily listen to these for like a week so guys in conclusion which headphones do I think are best so I would say the first obvious choice if

You are working out if you're somebody that likes to lift or run or do any kind of dynamic exercising you want bass have your headphones you want something that looks pretty good in the gym maybe a little bit of color

I think the mpow headphones the O 59s here are an excellent excellent choice now if you were somebody looking for a more of a studio environment maybe you're working on your laptop and you want some kind of acoustic music or

Anything a little bit softer and you want something that's well balanced so you can hear vocals well you can hear the mids well then I would say the die place might be the best one for you to get so I like how these are small and

Simple they have a really good battery and like I said very good audio quality not to mention if you're traveling I think the guy plays are also good because they out of all of these had the best active noise cancellation so then

Anybody that likes to listen to music for a very long time and they're looking for comfort and maybe just a nice sleek aesthetic something that is not going to be too gaudy but definitely looks nice I think the earphones are a really

Really great pair of headphones out of all of these these are among my favorites because I listen to a lot of music that has a lot of bass and these definitely provide a lot of bass then the cohens now these are very popular in

Amazon for a lot of reasons I do think that they have decent audio unfortunately the aesthetic is not my favorite and also I would say the battery on this is not as impressive I was hoping for so they do have active

Noise cancellation and they are overall a decent pair of headphones so guys that's everything I have to say about these four different pairs of headphones comment down below which one you like the best and why or maybe if you have

Another pair of budget headphones that you like or are interested in comment them down below as well I want to hear it for you guys thank you all for watching if you enjoyed this video please remember to like and subscribe

Thanks for watching guys I'll see you next time

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