BEST Blow-dry Methods – Males’s Hair Tutorial

published on July 2, 2020


alright guys today I'm going to talk

about blow drying let's just start off

let's take a closer look on the blow

dryer usually have two options just use

it as regular or you can put on an

awesome when taking a closer look on the

blow dryer you can see those different

settings so high heat medium and no heat

at all so which one should you use often

I use maximum heat when I'm going to

blow dried to get all of the water out

as soon as it's dried up then you can go

to a medium setting maybe you put on the

nozzle here and then you can hold it a

longer time when you spin the brush and

not burn off the hair and as soon as

you've got a good setting on your hair I

like to blow it all the way through with

cold air if you don't use that setting

you can just press the cold setting here

you usually use that when you're

creating curls you'll have a round brush

then you go through with hot air and

then to seal the curls the cold air and

then you do the same movement and it

will lock into position it's the same

process as when you had an up still you

heat it up to maximal degrees and then

you cool it down really quick and you

get some strong steel out of it

now it's time to find out which brush I

should use this one is for short here

and this one is for long hair and

sometimes it can be good to untangle

some of the strains let's just see it

goes right through and the other one is

the skeleton brush it's great because of

the short bristles here for the sides

and the longer for the top and it's

extremely easy to spin and also you have

the holes in in the comb so you can blow

straight through it when you make your

twists and curls and volume or

pompadours first up you always start out

in temped here so I'll just apply a

little bit of water again it needs to be

moisturized go all the way to the roots

because soon as it dries up its

possible to change the direction of the

hair or at least it's really really hard

look just like a shirt that you just

crumble together and put it in the in

the logger and you check it out

you need water or something along with

the iron to get it completely

straightened out service all they start

out damped and then you apply the priest

ila today I'm going to go with the Bible

a sidekick zero which is a pretty style

with a light styling agent which you

need when you're styling your hair

because if you blow dry without any

products it will just stand straight out

from your scalp and it will be really

hard to manage

now we'll go in with 1015 pumps for this

length and I'll blow-dried completely

straight backwards I can tell you I will

start with the sides because these will

dry out dry up really fast let's get to






now the site's blowdried into position

it looks really sleek and now I need to

work on the top so first I'll blow dried

the banks to get a good lift and then I

will move my way from the back forwards

and I'll do it the easy way which is

finger combing so I'll have the fine

refined details with the comb in the


so I'll just push it backwards and let's

get to it






now I just created the maximal amount of

William in my hair in my styling I like

to have maybe 2/3 of this volume so I'm

going to to show you how to get rid of

it and also before that how to define

some details you can actually yeah you

can get a good wave going on you just

twist and turn you can already see that

it's bending in my direction here






okay guys now we just got some volume

and we got some texture you can tell it

but it's bending a little bit so it's

like a fine curvy texture and now I'm

going to take off some of the volume

just by using the blow-dryer and maybe I

will apply one spray of water to get it

even less volume on top


what I did here I just took the blow

dryer and the nozzle and just hold it

really close to the hair and I just do

like this so it's kind of comping with a

lot of heat without too much I'm

actually not even gripping the hair I'm

just pushing it down and it will Bend in

the right direction so as soon as I make

the preparation with the bent here on

the sides the hair will automatically

just go this way when I put more heat on

it all right and you can only do this

because of the free styling spray and

also the heat protection helps you not

to burn out the hair when you hold it

really close and the last trick to even

it out maybe a little bit more put it

closer to the roots and you can say why

don't we build the volume and tear it

down afterwards I can tell you that this

process will make the hairstyle last all

day if you don't do it even though we

want a minimum volume it will still be

easier to shake out of place so build it

up and slowly pull it closer to the



and our finger combat so we can see that

it's getting a little bit wet



and one of our best-kept secrets is that

you can actually use this as your post

styler both pre and post styler so just

apply just like I did with the water

spray and it will actually stay up it

will work like an hairspray this is the

ordinary sidekick it's a little bit more

potent than the psychic zero however it

has almost the same ingredients this is

just organic this is not and this has NC

first agents along with the styling then

for post oiling I'll go with five pumps

six eight okay and then define this hair

style so this time of hope you get out

of styling it this way is more like if

you have been using a hair spray now

that we achieved the basic of the

blow-drying we can apply some of the Ivy

Lane styling waxes and in this case I

chose the wax zero which has a great

round hold and it's easy to work around

with and manipulate throughout the day

so I think that's a good one for this

slicked back look we'll take this amount

and now I'm going to make a small

surprise first I'll convert backwards

and then I'll show you how we manipulate

the whole hairstyle




so again I'll rub it around to create

more volume but it's actually more for

the texture this time because of the wax



now you can see the waves is coming and

texture is defined so this is the first

result this one will definitely last you

all day long okay now I'm going to shake

it around and build it a little bit

forward so this is just to show you all

the styling abilities you have soon as

you put in the right products and the

right techniques and to the last trick

with the blow dryer if you have a

hairstyle from last day which is

simulated right now you just take the

blow dryer and put some heat on it and

reset it and backwards




not that a needle but it's always helped

with a wide tooth comb this is our giant

comb from the violin line the XL will

also work just fine but now I have this

one so let's see what it can do




are you think I can go to a gala or

something a really formal with this

hairstyle apply a little bit of

hairspray it's actually something that I

always recommend because it's just the

cherry on the cake but let's see what




and that's it for today guys I hope you

liked the video as always remember to

write in the comment section down below

what you think about this hair tutorial

and remember to give it a like and be a

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relating hair products see you guys next




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