Best apps to use your Android phone with your PC

by birtanpublished on August 16, 2020

I'm sure the majority of you spend most of your time at a desktop laptop or smartphone well here are some great apps that you should know about – best connect your Android device to your computer let's start with clip cloud this is a simple tool that syncs to your

Clipboard data between your phone and your computer so any text I copy on my Android can also be copied and pasted on my windows and vice-versa there's no delay when selecting text on one device and it being pasted belong the other the

Only thing that is kind of annoying is that you have to have clip cloud running in the background otherwise the app won't synchronize your clip or data other than that it works like a charm it supports Android PC Mac and Linux

Just install the app on your phone and install the chrome plug-in I'll drop both links in the description and make sure to sign in to the same Google account it doesn't have a 30 day trial period so eventually you need to

Purchase a cheap subscription or get the lifetime Edition for $6 but give it a try and see if you like it now before I move on to the next app I just wanted to give a quick shout out to skill ship for sponsoring this video this website is a

Great way to learn about a broad range of interesting topics there are more than 25,000 classes to join and learn about something new topics covered include content for creators photography business technology etc more

Specifically if you're trying to start a YouTube channel they have great tutorials for lighting cinematography tutorials for Adobe Premiere After Effects and more or maybe if you're trying to start a business and need some

Advice from successful entrepreneurs they have that music production mobile development web development marketing writing graphic design you name it they have it personally I signed up for a color grading course to improve my

Colors within my videos a Python course a few entrepreneurship classes and a productivity class to better organize my busy schedule their Premium Membership which gives you unlimited access to all their classes and communities isn't even

That expensive gained their annual subscription is less than 10 bucks a month however the first 500 people use a link in the description to sign up will get a two month free trial for skill short premium so give Skillshare a try

Especially if you want to learn a few new things in 2019 everyone to unlock your computer with your phone while remote fingerprint unlock lets you do just that with your androids fingerprint sensor so I can unlock my custom PC

And my razor laptop I've been using it for a couple months now and I've never had an issue with it you don't even need root or ADP to do this it's a totally secure process even on public network since all the send data is encrypted the

App doesn't store any of your passwords and if an attacker knows your smartphones main password and tries to add his own fingerprint to your Android the app will immediately be notified and will automatically invalidate its own

Key the app does have some pro features which cost a dollar and 99 cents to unlock but I think it's worth it because you can unlock multiple computers and multiple accounts per computer it also

Supports wake-on-lan so I can wake up my PC from sleep mode on an Ethernet connection and unlock it automatically and it supports widgets to unlock and computers straight from your androids home screen in the future from what I

Read in the apps play store listing the developer is planning to support Linux it will be able to lock your PC with the app it will be able to notify you when one of your computers wakes up and happy time to unlock if you guys want to see

It story on how to get this running on your Android I made a video on my personal channel showing off a step-by-step instructions so click that I in the right corner if you're interested in that this next step a lot

Of you may already know but for those who don't messages by Google is the best way to send and receive messages on your desktop within the app tap the three domina top right corner and then tap messages for web on your computer type

The URL messages Android comm in any browser and then scan the QR code with your phone I also recommend toggling remember this computer so you only have to do this process once from there you should see

All of your conversations and messages and you can reply to each conversation with text emojis gifts stickers and pictures and videos on your desktop other third-party desktop apps that support SMS only allow you to reply with

Text or maybe emojis but this allows you to do much more you can also archive delete or mute conversations and even toggle dark mode if you so choose it works just like the app for those looking to do a lot more

When pairing your phone and desktop joined by Jo apps is the ultimate app sorry if I said that wrong it's really hard to pronounce by using this app and their Chrome extension I'm able to interact with my phone in multiple

Different ways for example I can send the current open tab to my phone it has Universal copy and paste send SMS messages and see all of my conversations if I have a text field open on my phone I can type something on my computer and

Have the text immediately show up inside of it you can send files from any device to any other device and it automatically opens the file when it arrives which is very useful for remote installing apks the only bittersweet thing about this is

That the transfer files get uploaded to your Google Drive and if you keep transferring large amounts of files your drive is going to get filled up quickly but it's still better than having all your files being uploaded to a random

Unknown server you can also get a screenshot from your Android or get a screen recording locate the device on the map bring it if you can't find it in your room open an

App on your phone have your phone speak to you which can freak out your friends mera notifications and interact with them and if all that wasn't enough the app supports IFTTT node-red & MQTT for extreme automation the app does happy

30-day trial period and then you'll have to pay a one-time fee of $5 to continue to use join but it's not that bad a big competitor to join is pushbullet even though join is much more feature packed pushbullet still has some tricks

Up its sleeves for one when transferring files between one device to the other the receiving device doesn't need to have the app open or running in the background it will automatically download the file and since I have the

Pro version I can send files up to a gigabyte in size and not fill up my Google Drive with random uploads a huge feature that pushbullet has a joint doesn't have his channels unless you use IFTTT would join but for the average Joe

That can't get pretty complicated pushbullet makes it easy to follow channels for those who don't know channels are push notification fees that you can subscribe to for example I subscribe to android police's deal

Segment so when one of the editors posting a new deal on the site I will automatically get notified and be one of the first few people to take advantage of that limited time offer I also subscribe to multiple pages on apk Mir

For apps that are on the Play Store so I'll still know exactly when an update drops these include apps like lawnchair v2 and expose installer another exclusive feature that pushbullet has is that you can remotely

Access your phone's files from any other device I also wanted to mention that the interface within pushbullet is way easier to use than joints I can quickly push files to my other devices friends that I added and see all the channels

That I'm following and I can immediately see a history of all my shared content lastly pushbullet supports iOS while join doesn't those are some advantages that pushbullet has over joined but one huge reason why most people have

Switched to join is that pushbullet charges a subscription plan of $5 a month which is more expensive to use if you really want to connect your endru to your see and just want to mirror the screen

Entirely check out visor in the Chrome Web Store the developers do you want to only cush and it works pretty well there isn't app in the Play Store but it just prompts you to get the app from the Chrome Web

Store so I wouldn't recommend downloading it I'll leave a link down below for the Chrome App the app uses ADB to provide the interface between the phone and the computer and it's pretty straightforward

Just enable USB debugging and the developer options of your phone settings make sure ADB is installed on your computer and then in the chrome app select find device or it will automatically find it for you a pop up

On your phone will ask you to allow USB debugging tap ok and you're done your computer's cursor access your finger and you can click apps to open them interact with buttons text fields and more clicking and holding is the same as long

Pressing and clicking holding and dragging are the same as swiping you can also scroll up and down within apps with your scroll wheel on your mouse vizor doesn't be pro version for $2 a month or $10 a year which enables

Features like high quality mirroring if you have a computer that can handle it wireless mode so you can see your screen on your computer without a cable just make sure you have a good Wi-Fi connection and it supports full screen

Mode personally I have a great computer but visors still can't handle heavy graphic mobile games such as asphalt 9 so it's not always up to speed so if you're looking to play mobile games on this app unless it's something simple

Don't get your hopes up along with replicating your phone screen and also support screen recording screenshots it can increase or decrease your phone's volume rotate the screen a landscape or portrait and lock the phone anyways this

Is my top picks 2 best pair up your Andrew with your desktop if you guys enjoyed this video go ahead and smash that thumbs up button don't forget to subscribe and I'll see you guys in the next one peace


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