Best Android Phones 2019 [July update]

by birtanpublished on September 30, 2020

there are so many great Android phones
out there this summer and here at
Android Central it's our job to
highlight the ones that are actually
worth your cash so we've used and tested
the daylights out of everything on this
list to bring you our definitive round
up so here we go strap in and get ready
for the best Android phones in June 2019

Samsung is once again the safe choice if
you just want a dependable Android
flagship that schools well across the
board some of the whiz-bang features of
other phones on this list are missing
from the Galaxy S 10 plus but Samsung's
early 2019 flagship delivers a great big
display in a compact package with a
slick software experience and dependable
all-day battery life Samsung's first
proper triple camera setup around the
back augmented with the s9 plus with
improved low-light capabilities and a
new wide-angle option Samsung has the
best ultra wide camera we've seen with
some really fun video options using that
wider lens as well as excellent video
stabilization perhaps the best on any
Android phone plus internationally it's
already been updated with a pretty great
new low-light camera mode the s10 plus
might not be the most exciting on this
list but for the vast majority of us it
is the best overall the galaxy s 10
gives you most of the benefits of the
full-sized S 10 only in a smaller form
factor with a slightly reduced battery
size and the handful of other trade-offs
as well screen is flat not curved the
telephoto camera is also gone and you'll
use a side mounted capacitive thing
current scanner instead of the fancy new
ultrasonic in screen option in the
pricier models other than that this is
every bit at galaxy s 10 and it delivers
everything you'd expect on this sort of
phone in a form factor that is easier to
wrangle with one hand and if the s10 II
isn't your cup of tea then the other
option is size category is probably
Google's pixel 3a which starts at $400
in the US and gives you more of a pure
Android experience though with a less
impressive spec sheet oneplus really
knocked out of the park with a 7 pro
showing this company which was once a
plucky upstart can now really challenge
Samsung and Huawei highlights include
probably the best overall Android
software experience in oxygen OS with a
proven software update track record
there's a gorgeous 90 Hertz our display
that's smoother than almost anything
else out there backed up by indels of
performance and a stunning physical
design oh and there's also a cute pop-up
selfie camera too which means no display
not one plus is no longer just a phone
for the Nerds it's a great phone for
everyone weaknesses well the triple
camera setup isn't as good as
Samsungs or huawei's and that's
especially noticeable in the telephoto
and the ultra wide the battery life is
just about average certainly nothing
special largely due to the extra power
pull of that 90 Hertz panel plus this is
a big super slippery phone so if you're
not into larger handsets then it will be
a bit of a non-starter overall though
Wampus more than justifies its place on
this list even at a higher price point
than ever before it's impossible to talk
about Huawei without addressing the
bigger US government sized cloud
currently hanging over the Chinese
company we've got a full video explain
what's going on there that you should
check out but the short version is this
while he's placed on the US blacklist
may cause problem with software updates
further down the line nobody really
knows how that's gonna work out but
Huawei has publicly committed to
supporting its phones anyway the p30 Pro
even with all this uncertainty still has
the best camera set up in any smartphone
with the possible exception of the pixel
3 Series from facing camera he did a 40
megapixel main camera with superhuman
night sight capabilities are capable
ultra wide lens and the most impressive
telephoto camera by far with five times
optical zoom and ten times hybrid zoom
there is simply no substitute for the
versatility of this setup add to that a
gorgeous chassis design improved though
still somewhat weird software and the
best battery life I've seen out of any
flagship and you've got a really
compelling overall package if you're
after a flagship that can go all they
take great photos and still have plenty
of juice left in the tank the p30 Pro is
definitely for you asus is back with a
splash and finally interesting again not
only has the company dropped most of its
ugly custom interface instead memory to
stock Android it's also got a creative
solution to the bezel versus not problem
with a neat flip camera that serves both
front-facing and rear-facing duties
although you'll miss out on a top
quality display and water resistance the
new zenfone 6 does deliver some of the
best battery life out there thanks to a
whopping five thousand milliamp power
cell this is a quirky phone but it's
really competitively priced and unlike
the vanilla one plus seven it's actually
available in the United States as for
the best for even less than this you'll
want to check out Google's pixel three a
series which starts at $400 in the US
and offers much the same experience as
the larger two pixel three phones
that was one or two cut corners check
out our 1-month on review for more on
those two handsets that's it for now if
you have any of these phones hit the
comments list know how you getting on
with them and be sure to subscribe so
you don't miss our coverage of the next
wave of great Android phones thanks for
watching and I'll see you next time

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