Best Android Apps of 2016

by birtanpublished on October 1, 2020

hey what's good guys Zack here so we saw
a bunch of great Android apps pop up
this year so I went ahead and I compiled
a list of some of the apps that I feel
to be the best of those that were
released in 2016 all athletes will be
listed down below in the description so
make sure that you check them out
first up we've got Google photo scan
this here is a really handy tool that
allows you to quickly scan your tangible
photos into your phone so no more taking
lame pictures of your pictures and
having to crop them use this tool to add
glare-free scanner quality pictures to
your gallery this is a quick and easy
way to save your memorable photos
without having to dust off and use your
scanner now the app won't get it right
every single time but in my experience
it works very well Google also released
their own wallpaper app called Google
wallpapers and among the crowded family
of wallpaper apps on the market Google's
version really stands out with super
crisp clean high-quality wallpapers
spread across nine different categories
including earth landscapes textures
cityscapes and more the app also allows
you to enable daily wallpaper which as
you can probably guess changes your
wallpaper automatically on a daily basis
this app is easily worth a shot next up
we've got chroma key board this is one
of the most attractive but most
versatile keyboards you'll come across
the main selling point here is that the
keyboard can change color based on what
app turn in so for example if you're in
hangouts the keyboard will turn green if
you're in YouTube the keyboard will turn
red if you're in facebook Messenger the
keyboard will turn blue and well you get
the point you can enable night mode
which will give you darker color shades
you can choose the keyboard style you
can customize the keyboard layout and
size and there's even a split layout
that you can use if your device is too
wide overall this is one of the best and
most customizable keyboards you can get
and I highly recommend it fourth app on
hand is Prisma now with this application
you can turn your photos into some
awesome artwork some of which is
inspired by Picasso you can choose from
a bunch of different art filters and
photo effects to make your photos look
as if somebody had just finished
painting them the app is a bit of a
social network as well making it really
easy to share your latest shots and
check out other people's latest shots
halfway down the list we have flamingos
for Twitter now if you're familiar with
the market you know that there are loads
and loads of Twitter clients out there
I've tried pretty much all of them and
this year we came across a new one that
I think can give the rest a run for
their money it's got a very attractive
and clean user interface which you can
customize to your liking with themes and
this is pretty much where I spend most
of my time with things like built-in
preset themes you can adjust colors
throughout the application you can
change the overall layout the fonts the
text you can set gifts and videos to
autoplay if you'd like and you can also
enable night mode and adjust the time
frame to your liking you also have the
ability to add different pages to the
main screen so if you want you can have
a page dedicated to tweets that you've
liked a page for your favorite users or
a page for the latest trends overall
flamingo is my favorite Twitter client
for Android and I'd say that it's worth
a shot
next up we've got Vosges this is hands
down one of the best rythm games you'll
find on mobile it's got some very nice
bright and clean visuals super smooth
gameplay and a solid selection of music
tracks to keep you entertained this game
is sure to keep you on your toes also
wearing headphones is definitely
recommended while playing another great
game that was released this year was
poly forge the concept here is super
simple forged new shapes by striking
each and every signed with the orbiting
arrow hit aside twice and it's game over
overall gameplay is smooth and the
visuals are fantastic this is a very
solid high score game that's sure to
test your timing skills this is a
must-have nearing the end of the list we
have these impacts icon pack arriving
earlier this fall this icon pack took
the customization community by storm
it's got well over three thousand five
hundred and fifty icons with 70
different wallpapers to go along with
them the icons themselves sport a flat
and minimalistic design with a nice
splash of color to the color palette
here isn't too bright and vibrant it's
got more of a toned-down colorway and
making them easier on the eyes this icon
pack is currently on sale for just 99
cents it's sure to add some spice to any
Android setup and this too is a
must-have second to last we have a SAP
launcher nowadays it's a little
difficult to come up with something new
as far as Android launchers go but this
past summer we were presented with a SAP
launcher this one here claims to hold
true to its name giving users everything
that they need as soon as possible so at
the bottom you have your most used
applications that will shift around
based on which ones you really use the
most you've got a slide-out list of all
of your apps which you can access from
any screen and speaking of screens
you've got a number of them presenting
you with the current weather your
favorite contacts you've got calendar
events as well as a handy to-do list now
you can go ahead and add and take away
any of these pages you can also
rearrange them to really make it work
the way you need it to in terms of
customization this cannot touch the
likes of nova launcher or action
launcher but if you need a light quick
and easy to use setup look
no further a last but not least we've
got isotope this is hands-down the best
app for those of you that need quick
access to the periodic table of elements
it's got an incredible user interface
with beautifully rich and clean
animations which makes for the perfect
way to display all 118 of these elements
and the fact that this app is free with
no ads is the cherry on top you can
browse through the UI for elements or
you can go ahead and use the Handy
search feature as well not only is this
the best periodic table app but it's
also one of the best made applications
that I've ever used definitely give this
app a shot well that about does it for
the best Android apps of 2016 I hope you
guys enjoyed if you did feel free to hit
that like button make sure you check out
the description where you'll find Apple
Inc's along with some honorable mentions
as well also make sure to subscribe to
the Android police channel if you
haven't already that does it for me I'll
talk to you guys later and thanks for

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