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by birtanpublished on September 2, 2020

What's going on everybody wanted to jump in and make sure the sound is good and everything so if you can hear me please how you guys doing tonight rocking out

On a Friday happy Friday to you guys good good all right you guys ready let's do it laughing the USA helping you get paid every day this is the both a Bitcoin the Kree stuff of creep dope is your boy BK

And if you don't like me you must not like money thank you for joining me everybody happy Friday you know January 17th 2020 you know we live on the air back for the first time trying to help you

Make some money in the markets I stay glued to the charts every day I'm checking to see what the latest breaks and trends you know are coming up on the next cycle and I found this coin and definitely wanted to make a video about

It I think it's ready to make some real deal money so hopefully you're able to stay with us and see the live technical it now that's coming up on the way I do see we got some people rocking out with me in

The chat right now let me see if I pull you guys up Oh somebody subscribe BAM appreciate it I was like what is that what is that what is that let me see let me see let me see let me see yeah let's pop this out we got my man

Waverider and the building spliff star XRP phoenix lady plants you always like the first one to come through I appreciate you lady plants and my man replica so again we're gonna be looking at this chart

That's gonna make some real-deal money real soon Miz Lee a bear was going on let's see and if you guys want to guess what chart it is I normally crop the price out but that'll give you a hint if you want to

Guess what chart it is go ahead and throw them in the live chat let's see if anybody can get it alright so next up we are also on Facebook number one Bitcoin group in the world feel free to join this is completely

Free of the people for the people and by the people can you guys see that screen it doesn't look like it let's see what's going on here make sure the screen jet is working there we go yeah so this is the Facebook group number one Bitcoin

Group in the world 20,000 people you know long and strong helping each other make money in the market I asked a question couple days ago what coins do you think will have the biggest run in 2020 I see what's the most popular one a

Lot of people like blink link has been getting a lot of love lately Bitcoin very very possible very possible link LTC a a de Ravin neo so you see it's a lot of a lot of big time

On that list right and basically like in this market right now you can literally get primetime real estate at flea market prices this is no joke people the market has been suppressed for the better part of two years ever since that big run

Tailing at the end of 2017 taking Bitcoin up to 20,000 you know then we turn around and see see Bitcoin go down to like 3,800 you know not too long ago about nine months ago and now we're climbing you know north of eighty seven

Hundred dollars as we speak so looks like somebody got it I'm not gonna tell you who got it but one person in the live tech did guess the chart correctly again number one Bitcoin grouping of words on it on Facebook if you haven't

Done it already and then check out boss of Bitcoin calm drop your email in up here and you will be the first to get notified when I release my course I do have free content you know unreleased content that this

Email list gets every week or so you know and then we do have the links available for you trading view right here click that link and follow me on there BT Kelly 1203 on trade of you and then we also had a Facebook group as

Well and lastly we do have crypto trading one-on-one sessions with a Miss Diana Rodriguez along with myself make ourselves available for anybody you know that wants to schedule a meeting you know and just learn more about the

Charts and how to trade and make money in the markets right so that is an option for you as well so my man said boss can you look at Bitcoin cash when you're done I guess I can do that for you this is bitcoins chart right and so

If you didn't see the video that I did a couple days ago when I had like the Train thumbnail bitcoin is a bitcoin keeps running something like that let me see go back in my videos and check this one out

BTC keeps running because basically in that video I made this chart live on an errand basically we're coming up to the completion of our flatline site potatoes three parts of any cycle break out break down flatline and so this flatline is

Just about done and what we're doing is we're confirming these different price levels that were built into the agreement of the intersection towards the conclusion of that last downturn right and these are the different levels

That the market has to confirm before were able to enter the next uptrend but mark my words it is coming and it is coming very soon we are inside this four two two four six so I do believe before you know the end of this month we'll

Probably see Bitcoin north of $9,200 we might come back down a little bit to eighty five eighty two again just to confirm that as the floor but once weary brain it then you know will be off to ten twelve thousand

Pretty quick right and so again I did a detailed price analysis in that video click the link you know to go back and watch it if you so well please so let's see Bitcoin cash bch real quick Pam that thing is off the charts right

Now the first things right because by Nance just listed this thing in December it looks like we don't have that much data to pull from so whenever you're you know looking at a chart for a technical analysis you definitely want to pull one

Of the exchanges that has as much data as possible so bc8 Bitcoin on Finance have a lot and also because we're Bitcoin is going up right now it's getting more dollars we want to measure all of our charts in Bitcoin right so

Let's see what coinbase looks like coinbase looks a lot better we can actually chart on this one my man says seen a lot of your older videos being uploaded in recently on purpose yeah basically like had that child what it

What is it you know do you make videos for children basically I had to like click a button on there and when I did that it like re uploaded all of them or read categorize them for something first things first let's look at the one day

This thing has been beat down into the ground you know I'm Sam you know if you just do a simple like trendline like that top top that's basically right now we're in this consolidation area right there and

We just broke out of it so we're gonna look at it on a 3:43 to see what's going on and you know so this right here was our first big breakout cycle right what happened at the 2 to 2 to 6 we actually fell right

And the 3 to 2 3 6 actually confirmed the negative energy to floor and then this thing completed right there the 6 4 normally begins a new cycle and we can see that's when we started to go up so what that tells me is this is the

Beginning of an up cycle for bch confirmed by all this energy back here right so that's good in so far as how much how high will she go or we can pull this one and that's more or less what we're looking like on this run if it

Keeps going a lot of times and it literally just did this it has to confirm these different levels and you can see that's kind of what happened right there is it you know banged up in that 2 2 to 6 and confirmed it and now

You know it's it's breaking through 3 2 so you can see this thing go as high as 48 before it comes back down and cools off if it needs to cool off it'll probably side step on this level right here because that's where it's at right

Now but more than likely like this thing has been red-hot but I wouldn't look if you're gonna get into it you know back here was a time to get into it when it when it broke this level right there that's when you should have bought it

And that's when a lot of that new money came in because I was like you know yeah breaking breaking the psychological barrier but I would probably have if I was a Bitcoin cash I would have a limit sale up there at 48 12 somewhere in

There you know because that's that's basically the long-term limit psychological level that it will have to overcome and when you go back and scale out that's basically that part of the chart is basically the same area that we

Fell from there I was kind of like the floor right and I tell you that you have to look at the different levels where the floors become the ceilings and ceilings become the floor so on this side you know this

Price area was a floor it held for a while before falling off so on this side more than likely it'll be a ceiling you know before confirming and then breaking out right so that's what BC eggs looks like I mean it still has a lot of steam

Left like this thing has been beat down since like I said since 2017 you know and a lot of these points are like that so it's gonna be hard to go wrong it's literally like gonna be you know all coin alt season you know this spring and

You'll see a lot of these coins making some real-deal money in the market so without further ado let's get to today's featured discussion and check out the big breakout that's pending right now let me see if anybody got it in the

Check let me see trying to see if I could like pull to chat up on this screen let me do that that way you guys can see it yeah so FCX nope my man saggy dogs saggy dogs got it

Right this chart is a tan ad 8-quart da no and when we go to our 343 what I really like about 8:00 is first of all it is a top 30 I want to say coin it used to be in the top 10 it used to be like number 8

Let me see hit the thumbs up but guys if you haven't done it already you know let YouTube know that this is good current and I'm live-streaming on Friday night you know trying to get this message out to the people so I appreciate your

Involvement and engagement you know and support to facilitate that process Aida number 13 port data right so it's a real-deal coin it's a billion-dollar baby this thing has a Billy behind it in the market

And this is what the chart looks like on a 343 you can kind of go back and see that this thing has just been beat down used to be one of the top dogs look at that you know up here north of 6500 now keep in mind using the boss method you

Know that tell you that this thing is under water it's going down it's going down so you could've jumped out right there you know and saved about 80 percent on the fault took a vacation and came back and got this thing it is on

The dock it up so I tell you guys all the time one of the most important things to look for in the market is when the collective consciousness or essentially a free market agrees on an entity for a very long time right when

All of those moving averages come together these are three different psychological moving averages representing three different quantitative profiles in the market and when

All of them come together within a little bitty bed right there that is when lightning strikes and we get a brand new cycle to take this thing in a whole new direction so you always have to be cognizant of what is happening

With the energy bands right and when they you know spread out really far apart that's when a lot of price action is happening like right now you can see this was just downward pressure downward pressure downward pressure downward

Pressure when does it finally settle down when they start to come back together and you're able to get a pop right but remember it's like a rubber band if you stretch it too far it's gonna want to come back right to where

It eventually came from so we have these different cycle psychological levels built into a discharge and this is kind of the same thing what I just said with Bitcoin with the different levels of agreement one big level is right here

That's basically where a developer cliff remember I told you you have to look for a place where the floors become the ceilings and the ceilings become the floors so this served as support right here

And I guarantee you once we come on the other side of it it will be serving as resistance right but that's a long ways out I think one of the things you can look for in this next run is a another psychological support level it's gonna

Be right there and you can kind of see that we basically have fallen below that level and nothing I don't even think we've width above it yet so this major intersection right here is gonna serve as the first psychological level but

Then once we break through that you can see ADA keep running pretty quick just like Bitcoin cache just like Z cats just like – you know it's gonna have one of those colosso runs and hit his head on 11,000 or what is that 1100 satoshis

Right right now the price of ADA is about 506 this first round should take it to 600 and then you can see pretty much another double up on the continuation following that pattern right um

And see I'm trying to find like a energy band in here that we can use to get a Fibonacci level going higher sometimes you can like if I was going to go up that's how it will go up right there so those are this is the these are the big

Levels that are built into ADA right now like I said this one point out is five nine that's basically going to be our top-down resistance but you can still buy this thing at 5:06 right we're just coming up on his pop on

One six you can still buy it at 5:06 you know and get 20% inside the next month with this continuation pattern yeah I would probably hit right here

February third that's coming up huh yeah and and because the market has really been like deliberating and holding the price level down here it's almost like it's free money like in this video this Bitcoin

Video I did the train video I basically said you have a very good probability of making eighteen percent going higher or losing twelve percent like that's still like two to three on your money the floor has basically been confirmed right

There ADA is not going to go lower than this price for very long this is when basically the institutions the whales the hedge funds anybody Microsoft comes in Billy Dee and more above it you know

That's when they're buying it at 450 so it's priced in at 500 with a quick ceiling of 591 that's a very very very good risk to reward ratio on a top-15 coin one at a billion dollar babies in the market so pick you up some a to make

Some money you know and how that's a boy once you do and for those that don't know now you know that is how you chart like all bolts Oh so there you go people

88 quart Dino is looking good man it's definitely gonna make some real-deal money here in this next bull market now you can see Bitcoin retest 92 and I think once we get above that $9,200 threshold that's when you'll see a to

Start to take off and make some money in the markets leave me a comment on this video let me know what chart you would like to see in the next video I definitely appreciate you guys's feedback you know I try to make these

Videos helpful for you it is very much a engaged community as you can see through Facebook groups so definitely leave me a comment on this video let me know what charts you see what questions you might have for trading in addition to that I

Am making a course so definitely sign up on Boss a Bitcoin drop the email in there and you will get the information for that course when it becomes available and lastly ADA was on the private packet

This week so I literally put out the top seven coins to swing trade every seven days you can sign up on Bossa Bitcoin comm we had a few people join during the group this week so uh you know it's definitely money season you know once

That once the leaves start getting green you know that money starts flowing right and ADA is one of the coins on the profit package so I'm giving you guys that one for free for rocking out with me on a Friday night but if you want to

See the other top six coins in the market right now put down 50 bucks jump on in you know and come get paid with the rest of us I've been able to pin down a lot of big coins for this group specifically – Bitcoin cash Manero and

Now we got ADA you know and and it's definitely some other coins on that list that we'll be making money have made us a lot of money and will continue to make us money in the market so again profit package 50 bucks for the first month 75

F that balsa Bitcoin calm in addition to that we do have the VIP training group you know if you have a couple thousand dollars in the market and you actually want direct involvement in communication

With some of the top traders in the world this is the group for you somebody said let's jump back into comments real quick oh and if you're in the chat do me a favor and shout to country out shout city out but the people know where

You're from if you're watching this video after it's uploaded feel free to shout yourself out in the comments down below I'll show y'all some love on the next video can I look at pivots let's do it real

Quick PIV x2 the BTC I used to like pivot so why oh that's not looking bad that's looking just like ADA isn't it somebody need to get them one of them pivots master knows how much they run it now

How much is vivix I used to have me want to do I used to have one back in a day I thought about getting dad's like if I had like 20 grand sitting around I would have picked up a – master note the other day I don't think it's 20 no more I

Think it's like 100 how much is pigs let me see 26 it oh there's only 2 let me see how much did master know how many you need how many pivots do you need for a master no like 10,000 10,000 right and this thing is running

$2 o $0.26 x mm let's see ah man that's only 2 grand somebody shoot I might pick me up a pigs master no cuz this thing is setting up just like hater and these economy coins I'm telling you

When they run they run and because – went up because – made money you can look for pivots to start making some money – because essentially they're soft Forks of each other again and look at these different levels of price this

Level out for the group I said once we break this 11 then we'll be running up to this 13 and guess what that's where we came back down at in that same general area but pivots looks amazing I haven't seen heavy cart in a while but

It's got some competition I think tezo's I remember like xtz is a huge competitor for pivots you know you got em you got an audience different economy coins so it's not like 2017 when it was you know one of the only only

Privacy coins in the market you got a lot of coins out here now that are in that same game right and so with that it's a little bit more risky but at the same point when the floor is in you know you can put like a stoploss you know

Right here and as long as you're above that then you know you should be making money and if you have a mass or no running you're actually getting paid from the network like pivots is only a 15 million dollar cap right now that's

Crazy yeah I don't think it's dead I think a lot of these coins are about to blow up and this could be one of them but I definitely think because ADA you know is a lot higher on that list coin

Good cap I feel a lot more comfortable putting my money an ADA on this chart as opposed to pivot on that chart like if I had like you know five grand just you know that was sitting in a bank account then I'll probably go get you know a

Couple pivots masternodes and just let them run you know for a couple years knowing that the equity that the network pays me will basically pay for any loss that's incurred over that time this is more of an investment coin this is not a

Trading coin right now where is ADA we could jump in and jump out like double dutch and make some money you know inside the next month vivix I would be looking to invest in infrastructure you know and be involved

And integrated you know over the next couple years right so there you go good coin good question appreciate you let's jump back in here see who we got rocking out with us in the chat here Gainesville Florida and the building

Tokyo Japan they saying kales is big in Japan what's going on Houston Texas Amsterdam is that it as all we got all right so if you come in after the fact make sure you do shop the city out in the comments below I'll get y'all in the

Next video with that being said everybody is that time of the day signing out Bose boy became no matter where you stay Brazil debate California all the way back out so Jerry money good night good

Morning and good day thank you for joining me thank you for your time hit that thumbs up button me dude help me you appreciate my till we meet again stay cryptic go

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