Beijing sees new virus outbreak; Floodgates in China open without alert; US-listed Chinese firm sued

published on July 2, 2020

residents in a southern Chinese province

told us authorities discharged the flood

reservoir without alerting them and they

saw houses collapsing and authorities

concealing the real death toll a part of

China's capital is under lockdown again

after a recent spike in confirmed CCP

virus cases the center of the cluster is

close to China seat at the State John


the Washington Beijing rivalry continues

as China now surpasses the US as the top

oil importer of Venezuela this despite

the US sanctions hundreds of protestors

came out in solidarity to mark one year

since a major turning point in the Hong

Kong poda marcozzi protests and

investors are suing a us listed

Chinese company for misleading them

about potential risks from the virus

welcome to China InFocus I'm Tiffany

Meyer a part of Chinese capital Beijing

is under lockdown again after a recent

spike in confirmed CCP virus cases the

center of the cluster a wholesale food

market is only 20 minutes drive away

from jounin high the headquarters of the

Chinese regime one district in Beijing

has put itself on a wartime footing

after seven people tested positive for

the CCP virus all seven were clearly

showing symptoms another 46 people also

tested positive in the same area but

none of them appear to show symptoms

China doesn't count

asymptomatic patients as confirmed cases

even though they can still transmit the

virus to others the cluster of cases was

centered around a market known as sing

phi d

the market is around ten miles away from

china's seat of the state gentlemen hi

local officials say that six out of the

seven confirmed virus patients had

recently visited the market authorities

have since shut it down along with other

nearby markets video posted online shows

a large number of China's armed police

force stationed outside scene Fadi

another showing people being taken away

by buses shim Rajesh Amidala research

samples were also taken from the market

and the virus was found on 40 of them

including on cutting boards used for

imported salmon in the market Chinese

media has cited multiple experts saying

that there has been no evidence that

salmon can transmit the virus chief ad

claims to be the largest agricultural

wholesale market in Asia the market

supplies about 80 percent of Beijing's

agricultural products and has over

15,000 people going in and out every day

local Chinese media say over 1,700

managerial staff alone work there 11

neighborhoods near the market have been

locked down complete with 24-hour guards

placed there due to the new outbreak

Beijing has suspended sports events and

tourism from other parts of China

effective immediately

it also dropped plans to reopen schools

next week for students in grades 1

through 3 an update on the flooding in

southern China residents of China's

kwangji province are accusing

authorities of opening the floodgate of

an upstream reservoir authorities

reportedly acted to help discharge the

flooding but locals say they weren't


they also said authorities have

underreported the death toll the peak of

the flood is about 9 feet high

many things were washed away and many

people died were not seeing this being

reported by the media prolonged heavy

rainfall has triggered severe flooding

in China video circulating online even

show houses collapsing into floodwaters

guanxi province is among the worst-hit

local resident miss Chen says her area

has been without electricity and water

for a week adding that she knows dozens

have died but guanxi authorities have

put the death toll at six the flood

discharge drowned areas near the

riverbank both banks of the river were

damaged houses were flooded and

collapsed another resident mr Wang says

the Chinese regime is sending very few

disaster relief supplies he says there's

no emergency shelter for him to go to

and is now staying at a friend's house

very few reports on the flooding have

been published by Chinese media but the

videos appearing on social media are


heavy rain drenches the area houses

collapse cars drift in the flood waters

the trees fall and are washed away


streets are now under water one

suspension bridge has almost completely

disappeared only two ropes remain roads

collapse a small stream is turning into

a mid-sized river those affected by the

disaster are sticking together for now

some of them only have rice to eat and

some of them appear to have lost their

appetites despite all they have lost

locals are still trying to help each

other some people can be seen standing

in shallower water trying to rescue

others being washed away by strong

currents hundreds of protestors came out

in solidarity in Hong Kong to mark one

year since a major turning point in the

pro-democracy protests despite virus

prevention measures limiting gatherings

to eight people many demonstrators vow

to keep on protesting one demonstrators

said she's especially pained thinking of

all the students I am feeling a lot of

pain over the course of the year many

students have been injured arrested or

forced to commit suicide we can't track

this but we believe it mask-wearing

protesters gathered in shopping malls

and working class districts singing the

movements unofficial anthem glory to

Hong Kong



while riot police carrying pepper spray

canisters carried out mass stop and


On June 12 last year police fired tear

gas and rubber bullets as protesters

rallied in the heart of the business

district against a proposed bill that

would have allowed extradition to

mainland China I would tell the

youngsters don't stay silent come out

and protest for the next generation you

can't trust the Chinese Communist Party

while the bill was withdrawn in

September the protest movement has since

evolved into broader Appeals for

democracy in the city this comes amid

fears Beijing will strip the hub of its

freedoms US Secretary of State Mike

Pompeo is planning a trip to meet

China's top diplomat in Hawaii but media

reports say the arrangements are not yet

finalized Pompeo has criticized China on

issues from the CCP virus pandemic to

its Hong Kong policy for the treatment

of its ethnic and religious minorities

relations between the countries have

deteriorated in recent months in

Australian man Bengali sheriff was

sentenced to death by a Chinese court

after being arrested at Guangzhou

Airport he was trying to smuggle meth

from China to Australia Australia's

Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

says it is deeply saddened by the

decision relations between China and

Australia have deteriorated

significantly in recent months when

Australia first pressed for an

independent international investigation

into the source of the CCP virus in late

April the following month China banned

for Australian beef exporters then

announced restrictions on Australian

barley imports China's Ministry of

Education urging Chinese students to

reconsider studying in Australia due to

the risk of CCP virus and what they've

called racist incidents targeting Asians

Australia's prime minister Scott

Morrison called China's claims rubbish

saying Australians will never trade

their values in response to coercion

from the CCP students from two Chinese

universities for science and technology

discovered that they can no longer use a

software program MATLAB is widely used

by science students in China math works

matlab's developer explains that the

license is discontinued because the –


versity czar on the USS entity list any

entities listed must obtain permission

from the US authorities to use the

technology the restriction has enormous

impact if the two universities ignore

the restriction they can be sued for

example if their research papers use any

data graphs or charts generated by

MATLAB the universities that are banned

from MATLAB will have to begin an

unprecedented large-scale process to

convert MATLAB code into other code and

the process may take up to a year and

another chapter in the Washington

Beijing rivalry China has replaced the

US as Venezuela top oil importer this

comes after the us imposed sanctions

on Venezuela state-owned oil company an

effort to topple socialist president

Nicolas Maduro after a us refinery

stopped buying crude oil from Venezuela

China moved to the top of the list

becoming the number one purchaser

according to Reuters China imported an

average of 350,000 barrels of crude oil

daily in the first half of 2019 the us

tighten sanctions on Venezuela last year

any foreign country who does business

with a Venezuelan regime will face the

same penalty as a result China's imports

of oil slowly trickled down but didn't

stop completely

according to Reuters China bypassed the

wrath of the US by making use of a

Switzerland based unit of Russia

state-owned oil company the workaround

made it look like the oil was coming

from Malaysia

instead of Venezuela Malaysia is a

popular transfer location because it's

close to Singapore one of the world's

largest oil trading and storage

locations reuters found that within six

months China got its hands on nearly 20

million barrels of oil through this

method those shipments made up more than

5% of Venezuela's total 2019 exports

worth around 1 billion dollars those

sales provided financial support for

dictator nicolas maduro rule reuters

discovered that the rebranded sales also

continued into this year now the reports

have caught the Trump administration's

attention earlier this year Washington

also sanctioned one of

state-owned oil firms which had been

helping shuttle the oil from Venezuela

to China the company denies wrongdoing

but the us is considering placing more

sanctions on Chinese firms purchasing

the sanctioned oil due to the pressure

Venezuela's crude oil output has dropped

by more than 20 percent this year and

now produces less than 700,000 barrels

per day but there are signs that illegal

trade will continue to small Mexican

firms have caught the attention of the

US FBI as potential violators that

recently appeared on the oil trading

scene shuttling oil from Venezuela

earlier this year a Panama Flag tanker

carrying 700,000 barrels of crude oil

near Aviles Weyland port also attracted

attention the ship belongs to one of the

Mexican firms that vessel arrived at its

destination in Malaysia several months

later the Mexican firm has since

declared bankruptcy meanwhile the oil is

currently in route to China investors of

a us listed Chinese company are suing

it for misleading them they say the

company failed to alert them about the

potential risk from the CCP virus

investors could lose as much as half of

their money in the company's stock a

us listed Chinese companies being sued

in a class-action lawsuit for misleading

investors Phoenix tree Holdings operates

an apartment rental chain in China

called danke it went public on the New

York Stock Exchange on January 17th this

year issuing millions of shares at 13

and a half dollars each the class-action

lawsuit alleges Phoenix was not

transparent in its initial public

offering or IPO files investors say the

company didn't tell them about customer

complaints or negative press about its

questionable practices including signing

renters up for bank loans without their

knowledge and using the loans to fund

its operations

Danka operates in about a dozen cities

in China including Wuhan the original

epicenter of the pandemic the lawsuit

also claims in the IPO files that

Phoenix only said that its business

could be affected by Ebola virus h1n1

flu and some other flu type syndromes

but that didn't mention the CCP virus or


coronavirus even though that virus had

been spreading in Wuhan since December

last year the company shares have traded

as low as about six dollars since the

IPO that's less than half of its initial

price it's currently trading at around

nine dollars the virus has made it a

tough year for many families children

especially who were often separated from

their friends during the lockdown but

things are looking up as summer camps

start to reopen excitement is in the air

as children arrive at this YMCA day camp

in Florida Governor Ron de santis is

letting summer camps and youth

activities in the state open without

restrictions one mother says it's a

relief knowing that the YMCA is there

for her kids it's because a lot of

people that I work with don't have

childcare right now they're going

through trying to find childcare for

their kids some people when I'm able to

come back to work because of childcare

the governor is giving local

organizations and governments the

freedom to set their own rules

the Florida YMCA president says their

training camp counselors on how to talk

to kids about the virus and the stress

that comes with it

understanding that kids have been out of

school now for almost three months the

other side is is making sure that we're

providing them with the happy great

experience and a stress release campers

are organized into smaller groups and

safer activities they also take

sanitation seriously spraying

disinfectant on shoes and washing hands

for parents knowing their children are

in a safe clean environment is a weight

off their shoulders they have doing the

right thing when it comes to safety they

have a nurse they're checking

temperatures they're doing the proper

sanitation protocols so it's just it

puts my mind at ease when I'm working

and it just makes the day better for me

at work the governor said he trusts

parents to make their own decisions with

their doctors the virus hit Britain's

economy hard official data shows a

record economic downturn officials say

they're not surprised and they're in for

a long and slow recovery official data

shows Britain's economy shrank by a

record twenty point four percent in

April during the lockdown

Prime Minister Boris Johnson says he's

not surprised by the data if you think

about it coronavirus is likely to hit a

country like the UK economically very

hard we depend on services on human

contact and many way many things that

the coronavirus makes very very

difficult but we're also very resilient

in a dynamic economy and we will bounce

back the service sector shrank by 19% in

april manufacturing was down over 24%

and construction crashed by nearly half

Bryn's central bank predicted as much

but it says there are signs the economy

is coming back to life the big question

is what happens next this whole question

about how much long-term damage is there

going to be and that's the thing that we

have to be very focused on because of

course that's where jobs get lost and

that's where damage is done to people's

livelihoods now you know we hope that

we'll be as small as possible but we

have to be ready and ready to take

action the Bank of England warns the UK

could see its deepest recession in the

past 300 years in global news about the

virus Brazil's death toll soars the

German Polish border reopens and Moscow

streets are as busy as they were before

the lockdown

Brazil's virus death toll is now over

41,000 the country has reported more

than 1,200 deaths every day since

Tuesday but is moving to ease quarantine

restrictions and reopen businesses the

Greek Prime Minister announced that

Greece is ready to welcome tourists this


he said the tourists health and safety

is the number one priority he made the

announcement from one of Greeks most

popular travel destinations Santorini

the island is famous for its sunsets and

black sandy beaches the polish German

border reopened on Saturday

Poland started to allow travel from

fellow European countries again Germany

is likely to lift border controls with

most of its remaining neighboring

countries On June 15th but the

government may reconsider if the

situation gets worse and Moscow streets

are bustling again according to Russian

search-engine Yandex

76 percent of people happen to be

outside their homes on Wednesday

Russia's number of cases recently

surpassed 500 thousand but Moscow's

mayor announced the easing of the

lockdown saying the pandemic was

receding in the city here at China

InFocus we dedicate ourselves to

bringing you

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