BEAUTY NEWS – Catch up on April & May interesting releases

published on July 9, 2020

Hello beauty news family welcome back tobeauty newstoday we are doing a little recapwe are a recap of things that wereinteresting because one though actuallyinteresting or two the community foundthem interesting

Or controversial or all of the above umthat released while we were away we wereaway i pushed out a baby yeahpushed one there pushed one out yes umsoyeah we didn't want to go without

Recapping some of theinteresting things all right we're justgoing to start at the startyeah which is a and we're going to gothrough it we've seen the newanastasia beverly hills volume 4

Veena no vina no vinano vena palette no so thislooks like the urban decay naked purpleultraviolet paletteyeah it's got a little split of purplesand um yeah on a huge scale

With a bright yellow yes but this isdefinitely more pink and yeah yeahyellow what the fuck i don't even know idon't know i don't i don't knowi don't i'm these palettes and iwe're not living in the same universe

We're not on the same wavelengthno see i when i originally saw this iwas likeokay this looks probably the one i'mmore interested in yeah but i reallythink what i'm more interested in is the

Brownquad in the top right here yeah and ifit wasn't for that i'm not interestedi'm interested in the brownsand everything else i'm like i don'twant it yeah yeah

Yeah but when i start source watches ofthese i'm just like there is so muchredundancyyeah i'm just not living for it but iunderstand that ifyou know if i feel sorry for people that

Bought all three and be like i need tofinish a collection they're collectingif your collectors have a collector'smentality ii feel sorry for you because these areexpensive and they're going to keep

Comingum but you know it's probably the mostwearable one out of them yetbefore that's been released it is goingto be the last onefrom novena for this year yes

Just this year yeah um so there we gothere's that one and we also have theabhnovena um cake linertrios so these were sort of sneak peekedand then they were accidentally shown

Because they were going to be launched abit earlier but then they got delayedbecause of coronavirus yesand uh then they finally came out withthem they were just likeright let's launch them they launched on

Uhmay 11th and they're coming in storeafterjuly 24th wow that must be good storesare closedyeah yeah um so

Anyway these are trio pansof um like solid cake liners yourehydrate them with a mixing medium orwith wateruh there's like a neon one and thenthere's one with white orange and purple

I don't understand the white originpurple like why was that the color storyi don't know it's it's weird the neons iunderstandit's got the adhesive but the orange inthe white orange and purple is a neon

Yeah um look i i don't mind theseproducts i would still prefer to go forsuva who's been doing it for a longerperiod of timeuh i did see a lot of backlash wherepeople like they're copying super well

Cake liners have been around since forhundreds of years not neon onesobviously but it's not a new conceptsuper didn't invent itbut i think bang for your buck serversare better and i have seen some

Like a review or two comparing them andthey seem to be quitecomparable right so i'll just go superandalso these have metal pans which canrust

So i don't get too weak you know so lookthey're a bit of fun and i do think it'scapitalizing on that sort of brighttrend and this is a sort of fun way todo it but i would just prefer to goelsewhere for my for the same thing yeah

All right from shanta kai people wentmad for thisum this is a summer 2020collection we've got um tworadiance cheek chicno chic cheek cheek cheek

And highlighter highlighted duos oh mygodthat is really difficult to get out84 us dollars each there's coral androsenow coral has a peachy champagne

Highlight and a burnished apricot blushit isfucking gorgeous i know i'm just like iwant that in my life but 84 us dollarsi'm not about that life no no i'm not ashantikai look i recently i'm not there

Purchased a shantikai powderand i managed to get it with like a prodiscount and a little discount on top ofthat and it's still fucking expensiveand still hasn't arrived from the us soi'm like

You know i'm not i'm not like i'm notno we're not doing we're not going therebut i love the packaging i love thecolorsi love the highlighter and blush duoit's stunning

And i like that there's a cool tone anda warm tone one ilike i like it too then we have rosewhich contains a pale gold highlight anda vivid pink blush this onei'm not interested in it's

Not for us but it is still pretty yeahyeahnot like pink blush makes me one of themyeah you knowthen we have the lip tint hydrating balmso these are tinted balms they're 34 us

Dollars eachyou've got madeira which is a sheer redcalendula issheer orange beech rose is a sheer pinkand verbenais a sheer plum it's all available now

At chantikaioh okay we've got a new palette fromhouse laboratories yeah um solook this is the stupid love palette andit's already availableand yeah pretty stupid love look

Your bloody stupid love some people loveit which is funsome people think it's stupid and somepeople love it and i think that lookit's fairum essentially this is a blue palette

With a pop of nude andwarm which is very interesting yeah um ithe thing that i sort of would have likemy ocd i don't have ocd but my ocdtendenciesget a bit frustrated at this because

There's twosort of nine pan sections would havebeen so good to see half the paletteblue and half the palette nudeyeah whereas there's two blues that arecreeping in on the nude

Yeah uh little section which i'm liketoo many blues yeahyou've overstayed your welcome yeah backaway nowum but yeah essentially it's majorityblue and then some nudes to

Go with it if you're into blues youmight love it i did seenikki tutorials review on this she didsay quite nice thingsum but i wasn't super impressed by itno so it's a bit of an interesting one

Hey at least it'smore interesting than her first paletteof course yeah palette was all removedyeah so you know it's not for me but atleast it's gotlike some personality behind it yes so

That'sit all right next we have huda beautyyesuh we've got the legit lashes doubleended mascarai hate that name i hate it i legitimate

I hatethe shit shit and i hate that it'sdouble endedand you can all fuck off do you knowwhat i really don't like about it andit's the double ended that gets me yeah

I don't want one side to give me volumeand one side to give me no everythinggirl i want one side to give meall of it i don't want to be like andthen turn it aroundno

No fuck off and they don't look thatdifferent nothey need to watch it so why do theyeven bother i don't i don't get iti don't like no i just want one mascarathat does everybody does an amazing job

And i've got to say that there's a fuckload out there on the marketyeah and your double ended shit is justnotlook if you're going to do double endedyou

I i believe you should have a bang onformula and like have oneend like waterproof and one notwaterproof or one brown and one blackyeahlike you use them at separate times not

You want some curl use that one if youwant some volumego over there if you want them both youneed to layer them and i can turn aroundit's not going to happen no no no i'mnot into it

Like if you want volume curl and lengthyou've got to use both ends noget fucked i don't have time especiallymascara is one of the last things i doand i'm usually like i'm running late towhatever my life is doing

Even if i'm not reaching fordouble-ended anythingat that point i'm like give me the bestmascara that i ownand i want one swipe and i went out yeahthat's the ideal

I agree so um they're saying it's a longlasting matte black which is really goodbecause i don't know what the fuck youwould do with a glossy mascaraum and it's meant to offervolume dramatic curl and length without

Weighing down your lashes but you haveto usetwo mascaras yeah so there you go it's27 us dollars and it launchedum in may it's available now if you wantit all right

The most controversial thing yeahprobably jeffree starand uh the cremated collection sothis launched and it sold out yes so alot of you did say that he hadvery limited stock focus um

Due to manufacturing or something likethat with coronavirusso there we go yeah so this is anall grey palette so it iswhat a 24 pan paletteall gray toned um and then we've also

Got somegray glittery lip glosses that all lookvery similarand then we've got merchandise we've gotstraws we've got bags two makeup bagsyeah and they're in like a marbled kind

Of yesdesign and he did re-release his matteblack liquid lipstick and i think ablack mirrorlike restocked to them yeah with thiscollection a few people were saying um

It's a missed opportunity not makingmarble mirrorsyeah and i think yeah yeah that'saccurate i think he mentionedgod i watched this video no shit at like4 30 in the morning you did

After a massive night it was the firstnightthat we were or the first weekend whenwe were allowed to go and visit friendsand we had dinner partyand we just sat around all night

Drinking and shooting the shit aboutwhat we hadbeen getting up to and fucking lockdownwhich wasnothing yeah um because i remember i wasbreastfeeding

At like 4 00 am yeah and i i saw thatyou had posted i was like yeah what themotherfucker was she doing awaywell i'd not been to sleep yeah um but ithink he didmention that there was more that

He wanted to bring out with this but hecouldn't okay because ofthe global situation um so this is whathe has and this is what he releasedand people were prettythere were a lot of people who were

Pretty upset bylike they felt like this was tone deafreleasing somethingreleasing a palette called crematedduring a global pandemic and i totally iagree with that i do think it's a

Tone-deaf time to release thisum there were also people defending himand saying well you knowwhat if he's had it like sitting instorage for ages and he's got to releaseit eventually otherwise things go bad

And yeah that's fair but also the factthat he was saying likeyou know he was limited with how much hecould manufactureand all this stuff it's not as if he'sgot like millions and millions of units

Sitting in storage that's gonnalike go bankrupt over yeah so that meansthis was being manufacturedduring the time of um the panda thepandemicyeah so it's not that old yeah

Look i'm and also i think theyregistered the trademark in septemberfrom memory so they wouldn't havestarted manufacturingthe packaging until the trademark wentthrough yes

So they and i understand that that'sstill like okay september octobernovember decemberjanuary february okay they had quite alot of time to start making itbut they also had time to back away if

They needed to yeahlook i'm sort of on the fence withthis release firstly the palettelook i think this palette is way toofucking biglike that's my yeah like i love a grey

Palette yeah i like theidea of it but i think it's too big toomany shades it becomes redundantgray is grey yeah you look at theswatches and youyou think okay there's not enough

Variation like when you when he holds uphis hand with like the lightest swatchesyeah yeah um absolutely like why do youneed all of thoseyou only really need a huge mat and ashimmer yeah

So for me if this was a nine pen paletteor even a twelve pan palette i thinkthis would have been a really greatpalette yeahyeah um grays are my cup of tea theydon't suit me but i also understand that

Greys um are harder to getat the moment because all the warm tonednudes are really popular anda lot of people do really love um greatso i'm totally fine with thatone thing i also love is that he's done

Cool toned and warm tones yeah some ofthese actually look quite umbronzy kind of colored which i think isreally really smart but againcut it in half you didn't need as manyas you have

When it comes to the name if it wasn'tfor the pandemic i think this is a smartname because it looks likeash being pressed into a pan um andhe always always says deceased so hemade it as a play on that

It really suits his brand i don't likejeffree star i'm gonna put it out therei don't like his productsi'm not interested in buying his stuffbut i think this is on brand for himand i actually really like seeing him

Bring out a monochrome palette insteadof one of thosedisjointed i've got some purples andsome nudes and some creami think this is actually a lot morerefreshing than what he's done

For the longest time so if it wasn't forthe pandemici would say that this is a smart releasei agree but i think that it's very hardthough becausei do understand that he made it before

It's not as if he's capitalizing on thepandemicno but i also understand that it's likebetween a rock and a hard placebecause um i would say if it was inaustralia and it was this isn't

An australian brand hold off by by threemonths yeahbecause the pandemic hopefully inaustralia willlike we're calming down quite a lotwe're easing restrictions we're seeing a

Lot of um good resultsso you think that maybe in six monthstime when you knowthe product wouldn't have gone off onthe shelves releasing it then makes abit more sense yeah but in the us

Shit has hit the fan yeah that's notgoing to blow overfor a very long time yeah so i thinkthey're going to still be strugglingwith the pandemic for the next yearand it is going to get to a point where

You go when is the right time to releasethisso yeah i mean it is what it is it'slaunchedit's sold out if you wanted it you buyit if you don't support it just don't

Buy ityeah i think that's what it comes downto is a lot of people like this isdistastefuland it's like well if you don't like ityeah even if you like the palette but

You think it's distasteful justyou know vote with your money yeah yeahwith your money i think soyes all right moving on to juvia's placewe have thewahala palette so this is a 20 pan

Eyeshadow palette with intense colorsand a mixof textures so there's uh duochromessoft pearls creamy mattes and glittersum it translates into drama so valhallais a nigerian

Pigeon word for dramawe have some like swatch photos of thisit makes it look pretty cool oh my godit looksamazing like i wouldn't wear iti know i wouldn't i just like the layout

Of this i like that they're in columnsit's like a purple column a cool tonenude columna green and sort of golden mustard coloryeah a red and pink column and a blueand a color

With all different textures yeah i justthink the texturesand the way it's laid out just looksreallyum visually appealing it's like when yousee pellets that

Like almost like the um novena onethat's so jumbled you kind of goit doesn't really make much sense yeahwhereas this even though i don't wantthisbecause it makes so much sense i'm like

I kind of want ityeah yeah it's got some cohesiveness toitlike you can look at it and make senseof it yeah it's not just likesomebody threw eyeshadows into a palette

With their fucking eyes closedin the dark while they were drunk at 4amyeah but i also think that that's a sortof way that peoplehide the fact that they've got so manyredundant shades they don't lay them out

Um in a sort of likecreative order that makes sense theyjust kind of go no we've got 14 gold sowe need to dotother colors in between put them intolittle quads that people won't fucking

Picture anywayyeah most people don't use theirpalettes that way yeahno yeah exactly right yeah exactly rightso this is cool i like i'm not a bigduvious place

Formula fan for some reason i don'tthink they worked on mybody chemistry or maybe i had reallyhigh expectations that i didn't meetyeah but if you do like juvia's place ithink this is a pretty cool palette

Yeah all right there was something thatreleasedfrom a brand and this has gone way backso we were going to talk about thisbefore theystopped us from going anywhere

In australia before they made a stayhomethis is from kvd vegan beautyit is the new shade and light eyeshadowquad innew pop um

It is 19 us dollars and it's availablenowfour shades new wave electro deep trackslove anthemi think people were surprised to seethis

Um but mostly surprised because it haskat von d written on the packaging yeahso theythey obviously had this they had this inthe works or theythey just had an excess of this

Packaging i reckon they hadlook i i reckon they had packagingcoming out the wazooyeah i do think they had packagingcoming out the wazoobut this seems so random it's just one

Palette like they originally releasedthis formatted palette withfour shade varieties so it makes sensesort of doing that thisjust feels like what the fuck and thenthe fact that they've released it with

The wrongname on it after they've rebranded itjust feels like an afterthought and justlike oh we didn't want towaste it which i understand not wantingto waste packaging

But why would they fucking release thisanyway it's so boringit's what is it if they're gonna putthis in a collectionit's camel it's like a bright pinky reda bright purple and like a pale whitish

Pinkyeah nobody wants that yeah the only waythis would make sense is if theyreleased it within a capsule collectionor like a pack they should have beenlike okay

This is a limited edition quad with anew lip colorand a cool liner color yeah here's apackor a collection um but as it is iunderstand why people are like what the

Actual fuck it makes no senseand after they've done this whole thingabout rebranding don't you think theyshould have announced that maybeafter they released this yeahor they should have just said look guys

We havea boatload of this packaging left over ilook i've got to say if this was mybrandi would have been i would have been likeif we're rebranding

And we are disassociating yeah we haveto do it properlyand there's nothing wrong with puttinglike this stuff out heavily discountedyeah um just being like look we'regetting rid of old stuff

Us dollars yeah getting rid of old stockwherelike that's what they should have donethey should have got rid of old stockbefore they rebrandedso they didn't have this issue and then

Come out with something completelydifferentyeah whereas the fact that they you knowdid like a soft rebrand like anannouncement thatsomeone split yeah um even say look kat

Von d split from the brand and thenannounce the rebrandmonths later after after everything'ssorted uh it didn't doesn't make sensewhat they're doing it's like they'regoing backwards

I just don't like if this is the waythat they're going to run the brandi don't see them making any sort ofcomeback well it's no different from howkat von d wasit's going to be stale and stagnant i'm

Just releasing this weird thingin old packaging randomly on its own andno one wantsit no one wants it like what are youdoing ii feel like kendo just don't give a fuck

Like that's the vibe i geti look at this and i go they don't careabout that collection they're puttingall of their effort into i agreeyeah from la splash we have a hungergames collection

So this previously launched at anexhibitionin las vegas and at thethis moment it's exclusive to the lasplash websiteso we have two eyeshadow palettes

They're both quads twenty dollars eachwe've got the classic eyeshadow palettewhich is a classic eyeshadow paletteit's very brownit's very nude it's very wearable andthen we have

The sort of brightishpalette it's called the dazzlingeyeshadow palette so this hasa white kind of like a yellow gold ablue and a bright pinkuh then we have the velvet matte liquid

Lipsticksthere comes in four shades they're 16each um we've got capitalgirl on fire katniss and primrosethere's thecapital couture and girl on fire

Luminous liquidglitter liners these come in six shades14 each and then there are four stylesof 3d foaming lashesfor 12 eachlook this is interesting i

I personally am a hunger games fannot like a fan girl but a fan like i'veread the booksi'm hashtag team peter it is what it isi've read the books for team peter iknow that

That gail is more attractive in themovies i get it umi understand that but i've read thebooks um so i'm this is like this isworlds colliding this was sort of likenot as much as a game of thrones

And urban decay but it's definitely sortof worlds colliding andi'm like i wish they just did it betteryeah like not that this is i've gotaccess to this anyway in australiabut i sort of which is good because i

Don't really want ityeah but there's nothing here that i'mlike i really hunger games because ihave the capital and they've got theweird clothes and everything they couldhave done such cool stuff

Look i've i haven't read the book soi've seen the moviesand i just i look at it and i'm likemissed opportunity i'm not even a megafani've watched like the the first one i've

Seen the movie twice and the other onesi've watched them oncethey should have had a different sort ofcolor story for eachdistrict and actually really gone inwith the theme of the district i reckon

That would have beenrad yeah even if it was just like doinga colour pop and you know they have thedisney princesses with like one lipgloss yeahone blush one eye shadow whatever the

Hell they doin like a little set and they had likedistrict themed thingsyeah they could have done such coolstuff but i just feel like this is sogeneric this is like two dollar shop

Like shimmery liquid eyeliner thosepalettesi'm just like the palettes are yawn downand alsoi will say the lashes i just look atthem and i'm like

Oh i can see the plastic from here yeahyeah yeah yeah i mean i understand thatthis is an affordable brandbut they're 12 us dollar lashes that'snot that's notso

About 20 bucks yeah in australianow mate so yeah i don't think icould have been something amazing couldhave been better missed opportunitycould have been better yeah yeahyeah um okay manny

Manny luna beauty all right we have theuh moon prism blush collection yeahtechnically this is sort of an updatebecause we did see himuh sneak peek he was wearing like blushand freckles and gloss and i think we

Said that we think it's some stupidblush yepyeah and it is it is so we have the moonprism blush palette it'scontains six shades and we have threelip glosses

17 each uh celine isa re-release though came out with apreviouscollection it was a limited edition sothey brought it backand of course things were sold in

Bundles as well you could buy the lipglossesas a bundle or you could buy all of thelip glossesand the palette together umi was kind of when i found out that this

Was a blush palette i was kind ofexcited and theni saw it and i was like it just lookslikeevery other blush palette i've seen looki'm sort of excited to see what the

Formula is like i'm not going to buythis becausei'm on a bit of a blush kick at themoment but i think because i've got ablush palette in my project pen and i'mmaking some good progress on that that i

Don't knowlike i'm like i can buy blushes yeahyeah and i'm also heavy-handed with myblushes at the moment because i'm doinglike with my project pan so i'm sort oflike i'm getting back into blushes

Yeah i am curious about the formula ofthis i think it'd be nice i think thereare some really nice shadesin there they're really light pinkexcuse mesome of them are pretty and

I historically like his formulafor stuff yeah so you know i'm not likei don't look at it and go i hate it buti'm just like oh i hate pink blush i dohate pink blushlike i actually hate it yeah and the

More that i seepink blush the more i'm like i hate thatlike it grows within meso i wouldn't buy this because pinkblush but there are some reallybeautiful like that orange shade

Yeah yeah that's a sexy blush shadethe other two at the far end they're toodark for meyeah and that's the thing like there'sone that's way too lighttwo that are way too dark for me

Personally and there's always going tobelike with blush palettes that are thisdiverse indepth of color yeah you're never goingto use all of them and that's the thing

Thatdrives me bananas about blush palettesis unless you can use them all whythe fuck are you buying it unless you'remaking three blush palettesthat are like yes medium medium deep

Yeahyou never like one person will never beyou're never gonna belight and dark enough to use all of themno and you can you can trick yourselfinto thinking you are but you know but

Realistically you're either going tolook like a clown or it's going to looklike you've gotpowder like ashy yeah face soyou know i like the idea of this i thinkit actually like if you're into sort of

Pinky blushes this is a nice palettei'd love to try the formula but yeahit's just thethe fact that i can't use it all i'm notgonna i'm not into that whole paletteyeah

The glosses look very nice though peoplerave about themapparently they're good one day i willbuy onethere we go one day okaythat's not me having an orgasm

Unfortunatelyi was like i'm like is that a good soundor a bad sound i'm curious to see whereshe'syeah i'm constipated with nasa's orgasmyeah um okay so we have the orgasm x

Collection fromnars which i think we knew was coming ibelieve we had like athey had an orgasm x blush that theyreleased already yeahbut i feel like we knew that there was a

Collection coming welli don't know let's be real let's belet's be real let's be fair that's yeahyeah there's always one of the cardsthere is well we've got one right nowthat we're going to show you about but

You better bet your assthere's one on the cards yes if you canfind someone who will take that betyeah um okay so this consists of thenars mini orgasm eyeshadow palette it's25

And it contains mini pants 07 gramsso that's like those little ones thatwe've seen itnars do have mini ones oh yeah they dothey do they're littlesix pan ones yeah yeah yeah so they're

Like voyage voyager palette yeah yeahsomething like thatand look it's a it's a cute cute littlepalette umnot too bad it's very orgasm exegood stuff then we have

The nars orgasm eyeshadow palette sothis is a standard quad palette52 it's a limited editionthis lookit's pretty it's pink it's pinkit's pink yes it is and then we have the

Nars orgasm x cheek palette 42contains an orgasm highlighter orgasmand orgasm xblush all things that have been releasedin the pastyeah yeah i don't i don't understand

Likei think orgasm highlighter has beenreleased in the past yeah it has yeahyeah um and the last thing is an orgasman orgasm an orgasm that's what norvinadoes that's what

That's what we're calling thiscollection from now on uh norgasmoil infused lip tint 26so this is just like orgasmlip tint it's pretty color i thinklook i think it looks nice in the swatch

I think it's going to be as it's a lotmore pink in real lifeheavily photoshopped yeah of coursewhich is why it looks nice yeahum so the availa the collection isavailable now but people were excited

About thisreally it's just like right so that'sthe thingdon't get me wrong there were people whowere likewtf yeah yeah look that's the thing

Though like we uhas whenever we talk about nas andthere's always anorgasm thing or they're repromotingorgasm or they're putting in a biggerpan or they're

Putting it in a stick or they're youknow whatever it isyeah we see it day in day out so we'relikemy fucking yeah like againyeah again again mate but

I think since i keep doing it they mustbe sellingas they have to be so i think we we'reina weird position where we're viewing itlike in a really negative

Who's got all these orgasms like are youhow manycomments get in the comments and tell mehow manyproducts from nars do you have thatcontain orgasm

Whether it be blush the orgasm x blushum orgasm highlighter orgasm lip colorsorgasm eye multiple sticks all that kindof stuffhow many yeah get in your collectionlook everywhere and tell me

How many because i know just with thelittle palettes that i haveyeah i reckon i've got about fourmaybe five and that's not even likeintentionally purchasing it yeahyeah yeah and i think that's the thing

Like they do they really dopush orgasm and i think if you'reanalyzing itit's way too over the top but it'sclearly their best-sellingcolor and it sells

It must apparently it must sell it mustand i have to say look i did swatchorgasm eggs in the storemuch less than orgasm to be fair it'snot much nicer yeahvery pigmented blush yeah it can look a

Bit clown-like butmuch nicer than the original orgasm idon't even know why people like orgasmit's like glitterit's a it's a cool-toned blush with goldglitter in it yeah i don't get it either

I don't really get itthat's an early 90s thing i don't get itthis is what it is not 90s 2000s early2000syeah yeah not for me um something elsethat we have here that people were like

Cleaned up right now and i don't blamethemthese are the filler instinct plumpinglip colorsfrom nyx they're a semi-sheer shinyfinished

Lipstick infused with ginger andhyaluronic acid for a smooth and shinyjust bitlook and eight full hours of hydrationthey're available now for eight dollarseach and look

They come in not a bad shade range forliketwo brownie nudes yep beautiful you'vegot a plumfor deeper skin tones you've got a redand orangey red

And then a pink you've got to have apink because there's always someone wholikes peanuts there's always someonethat likes orgasm there's always someonei like to thinkand they're the ones that like orgasm

Correct correct but people were reallyexcited about thesei understand why because i want thenudes yeah that's pleasant thank youyeah yeah all right we've got a secondversion of a palette

From pat mcgrath so was it their lastpalette they released was thedivine divine rose and now they'vereleased the version twoyeah um so yeah they're saying that thisis ten brilliantly blendable

Pigments that elevate eye artistry tothe heavens in sublime shadesraging raging i'm ragingranging from petal soft pink peach roseand burgundy to guilty golds brazenbronze

And astral champagne soyeah so anyway along with this they'vereleasedsome bundles so that you can get thedivine rose one and divine rose too230 us dollars thank you very much

And it'll be 400 bucks in australia yeahcrazy you can get a lip trio in pinkit's 80 us dollars and it contains threelip products the divine rose glosssuburbia lip pencil and soft core mattetrance

Lipstick and there's also this lip trioin peachso that's 80 us dolls as well it's gotthe peach perversion glossbuff lip pencil and christy mattlip trance lipstick so these are

Launching in juneum i don't have a price for the palettealone but it'd be the same price as theyeah 10 pen palettes i don't know how ifeel about thisi'm a bit confused i'm kind of confused

Yeah so divine rose onei thought you know it's very wearablethere's bobes as browns there's likechampagnes it's very bridal it's verywearable i have swatched this in storebefore all the lock down business and i

Was like okay it's a nicei get it yeah i get it yeah for theprice i don't need itbut i get it it's nice then they broughtout this one that has a pop of likebright gold a pop of pink and this tree

That's liketry chrome yeah yeah yeah eye shadowand i'm like fuck you pat mcgrath yeahit's like i don't want the pink i don'twant the gold i like the browns and iwant the trichrome yeah

And i'm like do i don't want to spend200dollars on i try chrome eyeshadowbut if they've got me second likeguessing or i know thinking about mychoices in life

And going i don't need pat mcgrath in mylife it's too bougie and not worth it inmy opinionif they've got me second guessing thatthey've done something wellyeah i know that's what i thought when i

Saw the palettethere were a lot of people commentingthatthat particular shade was like suckingthem inum but there were also some woke people

Pointing out that this what pat mcgrathdoes every timeboring and then one special shame yeahthey do that every single timesingle palette if you look at them yeahone or two special shades

That like really push people over theedgeand it'd be nice if they just put allthose shades in one paletteyeah because i would go okay yeah itwould be worth the money

A special palette that you reach forjustfor like the topper shades or thespecial shades of the glitter shadeespecially withlike divine packaging like that like

Yeah you know i i getthat but otherwise i'm not falling foritif i want multi chromes i actually havea fuck load of them i just have to digthrough my collection and pull them out

Yeah so yeah yeah but i think they'vedone something smart here and i thinkalso the divine rose one got a lot ofgoodum reviews from people um because it isvery very wearable and

Um you know they could invest in it butalso get a lot of use out of it yeahand i'm going to say if the thetrichrome was in the divine rose onei'd probably give it a crack fair divinerose was nice yeah it's just

Such a basic palette yeah but if you'regoing to use ita lot then you can kind of go well i canjustifyyeah spending the money um but you knowi don't need it no i don't like pat

Mcgrath shadows that muchfair no neither do i i don't thinkthey're worth hershit no they're just not shit no sellthe trichromeindividually yes yes i agree um

Okay we saw something from quick flickthatis potentially quite innovativeso this is called the eyelash glue penso it's the quick lash umit is essentially a latex free eyelash

Gluein a pen like a liquid liner pen umit comes in clear and black andwe're starting to see that tacky formulaoh you can re-stick ityeah now um these are 24 australian

Dollarsi did see some people mentioned thatthey had tried thisand um if you sort oflike if you get it on your eyelid andit's not in an

Area where the lash is sort of coveringit and you've got hooded eyelidsart sticks your lid will like stick tothe lashbecause it's not done yet yeah thatsounds like that would be problematic

Yeahyou have imagine be like you just haveyour eyes like this stuck openyou go to like blink in your eyes it'sjust like pulls ohshit yeah no and here's the thing

Like i remember when we were talkingabout the huda one it was likeyou can just pull it down and pull itoff i'm like why do you need to do itfor starters like okay fine if you fuckup applying your lashes it's annoying

And youwant to be able to reapply it quicklyputtingglue on and doing it again that'sannoyingbut also i was like there's got to be a

Fucking catch with thislike there's got to be some sort of painin the ass thing that happens withsomething that's constantly tacky onyour eyeit never occurred to me that it would be

Your eyelids sticking togetherso that it makes sense yeah it does thething that concerns me aboutthis product and this is this is just myhesitationum but it sounds really cool and it

Sounds like it'ssomething that would be really usefulyeah potentially innovativeyeah my only issue with it is is my likeyou know how lash glue kind of getsthick

A couple um the nib of this would getferal it would surelyclog yeah and then you'd end up notbeing able to use it yeah at least withlash glue that you apply with like abrush or something you can sort of mix

It aroundyeah yeah but with a something thatflows through a penif it's if it gets clogged it's a it's awasteyes that's the thing that i'm like it

Seems like an interesting concept but ialmost feel like peoplehave aren't doing it for a reason yepexcept for quick flick yesall right last thing we saw uh waynegoss's

Yes luxury lip collection and he doeshave a glosshe didn't call it wayne glass i know ididn't actually want to look wang gloryhigh shine gloss mist opportunity weightgloss

Look what ifs do whatever you want butyou knowi'm just saying it would have been funnyyeah um sowe've got the luxury cream lipstick thiscomes in 10 shades it's cream lipstick

With a satin finish28 dollars i'm not going to go throughall of the shade names andespecially since they look the same theylook the same there's likeit's just there's pinks there's nudes

There's pinks pinks pinks pinks pinksberriesyeah pinks it's it's a heavy pinkthere's a lotand um i don't get it not i don't get itnot really interested

Then we have the high shine gloss thiscomes in seven shadesthese do look nice and a bit more colorvariant so we've got nudesdeep nudes pinks and then like plummyberry shades so

There you go and then we have five liplinersand these come in nudes and theni would say pink and then quite darkcolors a lot of people were anticipatingthis we knew it was coming

Yeah because we saw packaging that was atube andsome people were wondering if it's um aperfumeor foundation foundation orhighlighter stick yeah and i thought it

Was going to be a highlight stick orlipsticks yep and i thought he was goingto be doing elisa eldridge and maybereleasing a few lipsticks yesyeah we knew that something was comingyeah yeah we knew it was coming

Um and it launched and it went out to alotof influences um and they gotvery good reviews and then peoplestarted to buy themwhat were the reviews then some people

Not so impressedjust with the way that they apply andsit on the lips and how they mixtogetherso like you know when you put a lipgloss over a lipstick and it sort of

Breaks down the lipstickstuff like that well if this impliesthat that's also what you how you use itthoughif they're launching lip linerslipsticks and lip glosses do not even

Implied he's flat outin this video he was like lip gloss overyour lipsticklip gloss lip gloss over your lip linernow grantedwhere i saw it mentioned that it was

Breaking down the lipstickthey did mention it worked well over thelip liner yeah so that wasfine that's always a great combo lipliner oh yeahyeah for sure um but yeah i think

You know because i went out to so manyinfluencesand they were being so highly praisedi just feel bad for people who boughtthem and then hada similar experience to other people who

Were likehang on why didn't anyone mention thisyou know like if it's if it's just onepersonsaying it then fine you can be likemaybe it's just the way it works with

Their body chemistry or whateverum but yeah i thinkyeah i would have been disappointed yeahand i actually i knowsomeone personally who was like i'm soglad i didn't buy them straight off the

Batbecause i would have been pissed andthat's fairlook the thing that i don't love aboutthisis i feel like it's makeup for the sake

Of makeupyeah um and i was sort of not that i hadsuper high expectations but when i'mgoing to compare it to lisa eldridgebecause i feel like they're of a similaruh standing in the youtube community

Um they are both from the uki sort of i'm going to just use that asa sort of benchmark comparisonwhen she brought out the lipsticks sheput a lot of effort intopackaging and quality and brought out

Only a couple of like three shades yeahthree shades at a time and i feel likewhat he's done wrong like they felt likespecial lipsticksthey did and the the colors and theformulas sort of felt like

She was putting her stamp on this iswhat i want from a lipstickwhat i feel like wayne goss has done isi want to create makeup becausei love makeup so i'm just going to bringout

Three ranges yeah when he could havejust doneone one really well yeah and i thinkalso the packaginglooks like private labelled crap i'mreally sorry but i hate the packaging

I hate it it looks like i don't like itit looks private labeled i'm not sayingit is private at all but i reckon whathe's done is put more effort into theformulaand getting a large shade range than

Actually putting moretime and effort into making it feel luxeand i think for the price okay it's notsuper super super expensive but iexpected moreyeah yeah is where i'm coming from

I think i expected more from wayne gossyeahyeah i totally expected more and i thinkif he did his stamp on like similar towhat lisa eldridge did i'd be likecool get it i feel like his brushes have

More forethought in them than these dothis just feels like i'm rushing makeupbecause i'm expected to bring out makeupyeah yeah that's and i ithere's nothing there that intrigues meyeah

Look i have heard good things aboutall and i'm not saying like frominfluencers who received the productsi've heard good things from people whopurchased the products themselvesand i've heard negative things as well

So i think this ispretty standard run-of-the-mill umand you know i would potentially trysomething in the future like if i wasmaking an orderi might chuck in a lipstick or a lip

Gloss probably a lip glossum so for me it's not like a neversay never kind of release butum yeah i thinki don't know i just expected this to belike massive and huge and

Wildly popular and people like screamingfrom the rooftops how amazing it isand it's just sort of goneyeah yeah or maybe not like but sort oflike whoayeah it's a shame but it's a shame

Sometimes these things happen but youknowhe's off to a you know he's started he'snot just astart to a start he's making makeup soyou know we've got to give him that yeah

We'll see what he does in the future butthat's it for our updateyes so that's everything not everythingbut most things that we missedor most interesting things that wemissed out on over the last

Uh three weeks or so um if there were alot of other things that were releasedbut they were kind of boringyeah well like there wasn't a lot ofcommunity engagement on them so wethought there's no point in

Talking about the 20 makeup revolutionreleases then when no one gives a shitno one cared about yeah but if you didwant to check outother things that we aren't covering umwe do

Have an instagram account that we'veposted a lot of things on so you justhave to scroll backsee what makeup revolution trash wasreleased yes umand we also have a facebook group where

Umwe people post things that they find andthere's discussion on thatso if you wanted to join that we doalways have that linked down belowin the description box you do have to

Request and answer some questions tojoinum but yeah so if you really want to seethe trash sift through the trashum you are more than welcome to do thaton your own yes you can yes you have the

Power you doso before we sign off we would like tosay thank you toyeah sarah we got your packageuh and then lockdown but we opened ittoday

And it's very sweet very sweet you'revery funnyand you shouldn't have that was cheekybut it was funny and you had a lull andthank youthank you for the bubbles as well oh

Yeah you've got the startle reflex goingon no noyou're excited about clothes that's myboyyeah but so thank you very much and yeahum

If we do a mail opening we'll try tosave some of these things but i can'tforesee that happening in thenext few months so we're going to do apublic shout out saying thank you verymuch

Very very sweet of you and um yes oh yeswe snacked we've been nominatedthey're delicious all right guys we hopeyou enjoyed this little catch upand uh we will see you very soon in thenext one nice to be back

Yes back to workyeah ah give it a thumbs upyeah please it's good for the algorithmlove you guys see you in the next onebye

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