BEAUTY NEWS – three July 2020 | Reversing Gray Hair!?!

published on July 8, 2020

Hello beauty news family welcome tobeauty news this is the 3rd of Julyedition we're gonna be talking about newreleased beauty products no updatesbecause there's no and there's not muchnews happening not pretty thing quietpickins week yeah I think last week

There was quite a few interesting thingsthat we discussed or if you if youmissed that go check it out yes but thisweek we're going to run through the newstuff that has cropped up that'sreleased that's been shown hmm all right

First up we've got Charlotte Tilbury wehave the new all all us mm-hmm greatstart hailey airbrush flawless settingspray so this is supposed to beI think this okay correct me if I'mwrong but I think this can be used as a

Primer or as a setting spray yeah it'sprobably like Mac's mac fix+ where theytell you you can use it sort of beforeand I yeah and to refresh and to do allthat kind of stuffI'm just curious though because this

It's supposed to be a setting spray Ilove how it says party all night stayall day that would be nicethat's like yeah but it does havesmoothing pour blurring effects andhigh-performance formula weightless veil

Of hydrating goodness flawless lookingfinished no melting no fading nocreasing so it says it's got ingredientsfrom smoothing aloe vera to hydrating atJapanese green tea to aromatic resinit's got a delicate uplifting fresh

Floral scent oh that would make me wanta gag and yeah so but it sounds veryhydrating which doesn't really go alongwith setting setting no so hydrating andsetting sprays like finishing sprays andand setting sprays are very different

Things setting spray is designed to lockin and they like the hair sprays on theout world that make your makeup notbudge and they're generally prettystinky and they don't really have likegreat ingredients in it hydrating sprays

Generally give a nice look to the skinbut they don't addlongevity no if this does Baros which II don't I've never seen one that does Iwould think that if it's gonna offerlongevity for anyone it's gonna be

People with dry skin because if you havedry skin your face will still eat yourmakeup like it with you yeah yeah soanything you're well hydrated that canhelp but like where it's like smoothingand pore blurring I'm like yeah sorry I

Don't buy itJimmy clay it's just that's not going tobe a real thing can I say thoughcheapest charlotte tilbury product everthink I've ever seen yep twenty USdollars yeah put a bag in your water

That's right right on your face going TTbad yeah look if I was placing an orderbecause this is only twenty US dollars Iwould put it in my car and I want totest it out because if it is a hydratingif it manages to do what it says yeah it

Sounds like a miracle worker yeah cuz Ido have dehydrated but oily skin so Idid make up to sit but I also need somehydration so look if this delivers whatit says it sounds great do we believe itprobably not yeah but I would give it

Crack if you want it it's available nowit is 20 US dollars cheaper Charlotte toeverything I think absolutely I reckonthat probably is her cheapest productand that probably indicates the cheapestquality office yeah because if she can

Have all those buzzwords and jack up theprice or she will do it oh yes CharlotteTilbury yeah yeah would not hold thatyeah all right the next thing is fromcolour-pop so we're starting to see somenew color pop releases yeah welcome back

Back color pop yes so this is the prettyfresh foundation now they did have thepretty fresh it was like a tintedmoisturizer so this is the foundationversion so this was available forpreview at Ulta on the 28th of June and

It's officially launching Thursday atthe 9th of July and essentially it is amedium buildable coverageage foundation with a natural finishit's oil free alcohol free fragrancefree it is vegan and it's supposed to be

Hydrating and it's coming coming in 42shades which is great we haven't seenswatches of it but we have seen photosof it applied to different models yeahso you can see that it does have avariety of look the whole top row looks

The same let's be real it us same as thesecond row but there are differentundertones and you know different depthswhich is great so if you liked thetinted moisturizer version and wanted ahigher coverage version there we go

We've got a new collaboration betweendominique cosmetics and JD wavy 180 ilove saying that hilarious so we havethe ultra hydrating fine mist 32 usdollars this is an ultra hydrating finemist that is clinically proven to give

Thick six thousand percent hydrationafter 30 days of usethanks to seller pouring eight that's aningredient I've not heard of it beforeand it's also infused with willow barkwhich helps to calm the skin and restore

Its natural pH that's interesting soessentially they're saying six thousandpercent yeah but that's technicallysixty times which is still yeah that's ait's a lot a question if you have normalskin yeah and you put a moisturizer on

Yeah percentage even traces that this iswhat I'm curious aboutyes I'm sure that's a massive increasefrom having like normal bare skin andoften when they do these tests we'vebeen told they wipe down your face with

Alcohol hmm- like it's dry as fuck yeah so I'm justcuriouswhat the yeah this claim sounds massiveyeah this could just be the equivalentof a spray moisturizer a cord it could

Because we don't know what percentage inthe Reese boys ties it gives you oh yeahhyaluronic acid well that's right theproblem with making claims like this isshow me your clinical like your yourcomparison yeah I don't want to do that

Because it shows it's not thatimpressive it's what I see when I thinkjust Philadelphia cheese you know itsays that it's like certain percent lessfat I mean a little Asterix in Psychthen butter and you're like why are you

Comparing a cheese spread to to butterlike that's fucking stupid so you knowthis could be a similar thing that yeahmaybe Hollywood ick acid increases iteven more we have no idea well that'sright ah twelve dollars more than

Charlotte Tilbury oh that's gotta begood babies luxury exactly rich – hellochildrento be twenty dollars like Dominic islike what is actually in that sprayblack water a teabag yeah and it's

Hydration because it's water yeah so thenext item is the ultra hydratingcomplexion primer this is twenty eightUS dollars it they call it a drink ofwater for your skin it's infused withhyaluronic acid willow bark and 60%

Water it's a unique texture thattransforms from a cream to water dropleton your complexion immediately blurringover pause boosting moisture levels andgiving skin a fresh dewy finish it'sinfused with vitamin E and hyaluronic

Acid they already said that to help theskin retain moisture you can buy thebundle with a bag for fifty two usdollars that moisturizer is going to belike their is Korean ones where it'slike yeah the gels to sort of yet it

Goes like a water but then it justleaves like a silicon layer on the skinyeah look this is interesting again if Iwas sort of I think because at themoment we're in winter and since I'vegot a baby we have heaters on all the

Time yeah my skin is like sucked all itsmoisture out so these things I'm likeokay if I was placing an order I'lltotally give it a go and I thinkskincare or it's not really skin carebut it's primer and spray with with

Skincare benefits it's an interestingdirection for Dominic cosmicto go into because that's you don'tusually see that from an influencerbrand know I stick exclusively to likecolor things yeah so it's really

Interesting to see that they're startingto bring out things that maybe a littlebit more versatile and beneficial to awider variety of people so I'm keen tosee where this goes but yeahhydration coming out the wazoo at the

Moment all right we've got some new lipbalms from elf cosmetics these are theride-or-die lip balms it's a big claimhmmand if you're not familiar with thebeauty industry ride-or-die was a term

For like five years ago I know and itkind of like it died so let's leave itthereyou know it's like people usuallystopped writing it and the horse died orleave it alone else yeah Jaclyn hill was

One that really pushed this yeah as myride-or-die products yeah you knowholding these like tag rails yeah andthere were so many videos that wentaround like my top right or die my yeahanyway they're bringing it back so this

Is an intense lip balm treatment thatgives you the ultimate hydrated andplumped lips100% vegan and cruelty free alone how tohave to specify that constant and it'sinfused with rose oil and collagen

Repairs dry lips adds a sheer wash ofcolor so there's four shades a clear onewhich is my tea mint a sheer red berrywhich is boss berrya sheer warm caramel which is toughcookie and a sheer orange peach which is

Just peachyso they're all available now five USdollars each I want to know what theysmell likedo they smell like the no they smelllike that yeah because if I do elf

Getting expensive can I just ask this Ikind of feel like a little bit recentlywe've been seeing some like things fromelf that the price tag I'm like am Ijust making things up in my head or whatthings from elf would like they used to

Be a dollar or two dollars like the D Idon't yeah that's that's what I'mthinking but I think they did but Ithink they always had a base range likea bad drag yeah like grind shit okay andthen they had not crabby shit but like

Dollar thingsa slightly elevated one that was alittle bit more expensive right thetubes make these look like they've ametal tube know that my definitelyplastic because that the nozzles but it

Looks they look higher-end they do alittle elf yeah I need to update thatlogo yeah that logo is yeah old as aterm ride-or-dieyou're showing your agent but I thinkthese actually if you took away elf

These look look a beauty or somethingyeah they do actually um and they I likethe colorsI'd totally go the nude and the clearmaybe even the peach if I were centeredthey could be worth the five US dollars

Yeah that's fair they look pretty big -all right fourth ray we have a greenjuice who do not really but this is abi-phase serum that's just launched itis the avocado and aloe double shotserum so it's available now for 14 US

Dollars they're saying it gives yourskin a super shot of good for you greensthis powerhouse serum does double dutynourishing and replenishing skin withvitamin rich but phytonutrients avocadoaloe and cucumber work in harmony

Restoring and hydrating skin yeah so theavocado oil is what sits on top it'srich in antioxidants and essential fattyacids and then the aloe is on the bottomI don't know if I've actually usedavocado oil on my face before no I don't

Think I have either I don't know it's acommon in skincareI don't actually know I'm sure I've usedit in hair products before yeah I have Ijust finished one in my project prioryeah I love that that my hair loved that

So I'm like buy this and just tip it inmy hair yes pleaseyeah I mean I don't know I don't knowyeah in skincare isn't super common likeyou think of rose here / hobo yeah allthese other things that are a lot more

Common even coconut oil which yeah but Iwould look if it smelt like cucumberyeah I wouldn't hide I love skin carethat smells like cucumbers soda whitesorrythere's something about it that just

Gives me like cucumber juice yeah I justhate it when you you put other greenshit in it and it makes it like spinachand don't drink it put on your faceyeah on your face so bad so bad anywaythat's available now if you want to pick

It up we have a new line here from theinky list so the inky list is sort oflike it's like a budget skincare lineessentially and they've started makinghair care products so there's thesalicylic acid exfoliating scalp

Treatment the caffeine stimulating scalptreatment peptide volumizing hairtreatment hyaluronic acid hydrating hairtreatment the amino acid anti gray scalptreatment anti great I know wet Ohcontinue and then we can continue yeah

Chia seed curl defining hair treatmentthe Shea oil nourishing hair treatmentand the vitamin C brightening hairtreatment they all range in price fromnine pound 99 up to 14 pound 99 so itall very affordable now when I was

Looking at this I thought it was kind ofinteresting because they're talkingabout the anti gray scalp treatment anddo you remember yeahfrom just random friend SEM it wassaying that they were working on

Something that can reverse grey hairsyeah well years ago it was using usingbefore this was actually when before wedid the makeup breakup oh yeah and thiswas kind of like when they Lord whenthey launched they launched in Australia

They came to Melbourne we went to abreakfast we met Brandon and Nicola yeahI think her name is and they were youknow running us through pretty muchtheir whole range and then they weretalking about some other things so they

Were like working on and I know that wasreally into yeah that was that stood outin my mindI'm like we've got hope yeah it was liketechnologywe mid-30s at the right timeto pay a lot gonna reverse their grades

I remember thinking that yeah yeah no hewas talking about that he recently Ithink went to some conference orsomethingI think the he was talking about niodand how nayad is a brand that is really

Innovative with what is kind of cuttingedge in skincare science yes and he wastalking about that he just got back froma conference or something and they weretalking about in our gradient thatreverses gray hair and he's like we're

Gonna jump on this as soon as it becomesavailable yeahso it's interesting I wonder if that'sjust a preventative thing or if it isone of the university yeah I didn't lookthat far into it feeling shape I can't

Imagine it reverse well that was youknow something that I you know Iwouldn't imagine in like a what was it Ithink was 999 oh sorry that's a 1499 oneso that was a little bit more expensivelook I'm just waiting for something to

Come out and be like this reverse isgreat here and I'm gonna try it okay tryit try it because I'm fucking great hereyeah I can test that on especially inthe most couple of the last couplemonths I think I've got extra yeah I'm

But one thing I find interesting aboutthese haircare range is it sounds somuch like skin care it does like veryacid salicylic acid so these are allthings that are sort of treating I guessthe scalp a lot more than necessarily

The hair I think salicylic acid on thescalp makes sense does hyaluronic acidin a hair product really do much foryour hair I'm just I understand thatthey sort of hair and skin are verylinked yes but if you does it

Penetrating the hair with skin careingredients does that actually doanything or is it more buzzwords wellthat's right I mean I we need to know athousand percent increase if it's reallyworking

Sorry me you're sorry you're sorry youstartbut I don't understand yes please sothis anti gray thing it contains 1% ofproprietary dark nil to reactivatepigment in your follicles and ward

Against development of Gray's so Ward'sagainst development alongside 1% betainethat nourishes and softens and 1%panthenol to maintain moisture levels soyour lengths feel sleek and silky andapparently it's overnight formula so you

Must like put it o get out get out we'vegot to try this this overnight formulanot only helps to re emp'd but reverseloss of pigment in clinical trials showme your clinical trials I'm gonna holdthat same energy

It says the proportion of white hair wasshown to reduce by as much as fifty sixpercent Wow consistently for four monthsinteresting interesting interestingindeed well I I would actually be a goodtester for that because I've only got a

Few gray hairs I've got quite dark hairso great hands dead easy readingobviously but also I've got a littlecluster it's just like here – what aboutlike five of them that he can't let themgo I just start looking like mr

Sheffield from the oh yeah yeah yeahwonder if – really yeahthis is interesting isn't it yeah so Iactually want to try this so do i sothis brand the skincare is available ina sauce and Sephora and whole bunch like

A lot beauty but it looks like the haircare is currently only available at cultbeauty it's an exclusive at cult beautyfor now okay we order so there we go Ithink we might have been you Rach grabone of these each and do our little

Testy where's migraine I don't know if Ican be I bet y'all how to use use as anovernight treatment apply one two pumpsdry scalp leave on overnight wash hairas normal use every night not wash yourhair every day and no no sighs I'm gonna

Get more gray hairs just from having toevery day I can tell you ten out of tenI don't actually care about my gray hairnow I know that much no all right sowe've got a new pallet from LindaHallberg so they've added to their

Infinity family so their infinitypalettes there are sort of multi-purposepalettes that they've had out for otherthat were there first palettes yes yes Ithink they've got two color variationsand you can use them as eyeshadows

Blushes bronzers highlighters whateveris suits they're applicable everywherewhich to be fair most products are likethat powder products generally can usethem wherever you want yeah but theseclearly have the consistency where they

Also work on the face whereas sometimesyou find eyeshadows that are too wet toput on the face they can look a bitThank You Chi yeah so these are designedto be multi-purpose sorry they've addedthe Infinity glam palette this is

Already available and it is pretty mucha half shimmer half matte palette whichI really I really like that split it's45 US dollars they're saying this is aneveryday day to night glam palette soit's eight shadows in pink coppery and

Brown shades in the ultimate mix ofmattes metallic shimmery and glitteryfinishes it gives you a soft glam orover-the-top glam look so you know youcan take it quite wearable or build itup to be a little bit more dramatic and

You can use the products as eyeshadowsblush highlighter contour or to fill inyour brows and they can also be usedeither dry or with a damp brushdepending on the intensity that you'reafter so very very multi-purpose they're

Cruelty-free vegan and yeah I don't knowI think this is a nice balance of colorsyeah again I like the sort of 50/50splitthis is way too pink for me though yeahI agree I think it's and I don't think

This looks very different from her pastpalettes no I like I don't I don't mindthe palette I was gonna say I don't hatethe palette but I don't really hateanything actually that's a lie I hatelots of things but I don't hate this

Palette well it's fineI'm a little bit confused because in thelike pansit looks quite Pinker than then in theswatches it barely looks pinkit looks quite orange yeah and I'm like

I don't I don't know what this is and Ihate that that is something I hate whenI can't I can't even tell what this isyeah if it's like in the pants quitepink definitely not for me if it's likethe swatches I quite like it I think I

Would try it but also I can see thatthere's just so many like this is a bitlike a Neapolitan cheek palette likethere's always shades that I'll never beable to use yeah I think with this one Ithink these are best designed for maybe

Even makeup artists so you know when Isay that this reminds me a lot of theirexisting ones I already have in thecollection I think you're very limitedwith multipurpose products yeah becausepretty much you can if you're trying to

Make them blushes and bronzers orcontours as well as eyeshadows you'repretty much stuck to one color storyyeah I choose rings hellobrand new yeah you know when you've gotlike they're saying okay so you can use

The like use it for brows and bronzingand contouring and blush and all thatstuff if I look at the swatches the darkbrown I could only use that as aneyeshadow the red would be too dark as ablush so again that would have to be an

Eyeshadow the orange I could use it as ablush like but then you get into thehighlighters or the shimmery shades andagain there's many there that I couldonly use as an eyeshadow but I think thebenefit of this to be fair playing

Devil's advocate is that normally whenthere is a blush palette or a facepalette and it does have you know alight blush dark blush bronzer a darkbronzer a light highlighter darkhighlighter you literally cannot use the

One that doesn't suit you whereasbecause this is primarily an eye shadowpalette now you can also as a secondaryuse as a face isalways palette this issomething that you can take travelingthis is something that like as

Eyeshadows it looks like a nice balancethen you can dip into like I would pickday as a blush I would pick flare as acontour so I can see where this is goingbut I do think because of themulti-purpose element of it it really

Restricts the color story of this rangeand that's where I think this is more ofyour yeah you're never gonna lose inthere no or even like you know it'sgonna be hard to even get into movicolors yeah because like I'd love to see

A more Brown bronzy or even a moviecooler toned version of this but youthat makes people's lots appeared andlike a she and their crap so they'renever really going to delve into that inthis range because it takes away the

Multi-purpose element so you know thismight this is I like the cut other textjust split of this a lot better than theprevious pallets though because theywere pretty much majority matte withlike one shimmer I love the 50/50 yeah

Sorry but they were like award-winningpalettes I'm pretty sure so there we goand into the range from L'Oreal we havetwo new coconut themed highlighters wehave the iconic glow highlighting powderso it's a soft creamy powder highlighter

Prismatic cocoa glow it's a lightweightformula made with natural ingredientssuch as coconut extractyeah can I also point out that youmispronounced iconic wait oh fuck thatis the thing that everybody doesn't be

About this the most like it's supposedto be iconic glory highlighter paletteand it says on the packaging I croak onit yeah so its iconic mixed with coconutand it's the word just makes my brainlike it Fritz's out it can't handle it I

Hate it I hate it so muchyep yep I hate lots of things then wehave the glow Mon Amour I Coco neckoh never ever ever like I will alwaysfucking mock you for that Laurie ohbecause this is dumb yeah glow

Highlighting dropsso thehave ultrafine pearls and luminescentpigments of blendin melt effortlesslyinto the skin it's available now in somecountries yeah and it'll be coming

Elsewhere yeah look I think the colorlooks gorgeous yeah it's one of thoselike sort of nudie beige two pink onesyeah but it almost looks like and I'mnot sure if this is just the photobecause we don't have swatches but it

Looks like it's got that sort of whitebase but it's got almost like a gold andpink yeah made you a distance – yeah atleast the drops sort of look like thatand to be fair the peach blush in thisrange

Oh it's beautiful I haven't reallylooked not called iconic like a floatinglog no but in if the watermelon blushwasn't so pink it's fine yeah they'reallowed to have a pink blush line Iwould totally try it I really do quite

Like their face products these days thatthey are yeah nice so if I'm what weeklyin that one though because it's Johnyeah yeah but if I swatch this and I waslike oh my godI'm probably buy it all right we've got

Something new from makeup geek this isthe first release we've seen since theyrebrand it and in it we released thepallets yeah they reap yeah they'verereleaseda lot of their eyeshadows and yet

Brought out new eyeshadows and this is anew addition to that range so this is asoft focusI should arrange and these areessentially just pastel colors sothere's meant to be which is a light

Sage green there's code blue which is alight ocean blue lavender dreams whichis a light soft lilac pretty in pinkwhich is a light cool pink cotton candywhich is a light warm pink Bellini whichis a light sweet apricot and Peach

Smoothie which is a light soft peachthey're available now on makeup geekcosmetics for 549 each that's us andthey're just pastel eyeshadows mmm beingadded to the range yeah I get wheneverbrands jump on like a color hypetrain

Like right now it's pastels yeah but Ifeel like thesewas pressed oh yeah exactly I actuallyfeel like pastels were kind of touchedon last year by a lot of the indiebrands they were so by the time these

Brands the ones that we talk about a lotin beauty news decide to pick them upI'm like hon I'd like I couldn'tactually care any less yeah oh my godfan yeah I think already over it yeah Ithink also that um look I'm going to say

This in the hopefully the nice aspossible it's hard I know because peopleare gonna be mad at us you say anythingbad about makeup gay true but I do thinkthis is more appropriate for a springrelease that's when all the sort of

Pastel colors were coming in but I alsofeel like this is the most mundanepastels I've seen know a while like yeahthey've got a they got a grass greenthey've got a light blue they've got apinky lavender they've got another pin

Because they got another pink and theygot two peaches I think of things likemenagerie cosmetics that have that pastel pastel pup yeah hell it even though Idon't like them it's got like a blackand a white in it yeah yeah they have a

Lot more interesting sort of punchypastels I feel like if you're gonna dopastels these days give me a nice sortof like baby chick yellow give me a coollike aqua color I sort of feel like theyneed to be more unique these are sort of

Mundane yeah it's just a bit like itfeels a bit like it's wish you areinside like we're just like fillingspaces like when a lot releases a bunchof shows the bride just like yeahfilling spaces yeah and it's just not

It's not doing it like I just I'm notexcited about it I'm not even likeremotely interested in it like I justdon't give a shit alright another sortof boring thing morphe have launchedcomplexion Pro faced face palettes these

Come in five shade variations they allfeature a matte brightener a mattecontour two bronzers two blushes and twohighlighter formulasa creamy powder and as silk slip top-upyeah

So these are essentially eight panpellets in all different colored tonesfor different skin tones so there'seight F which is fair play so it's afair to light skin tone palette there'sH M which is a medium 8 t which is a tan

8 R which is a rich and 8 d which is adeep so they're now available for 24 USdollars on the movie website and lookagain this is something that I don'tthink many people many general makeupusers need but I do like that they have

Different colors for different skintones yeah I think you guys are you canreach Lauren and use everything if youwant more that's great isn't a makeupartist brand so they shouldn't be makinglike palettes for multiple like skin

Tonesyeah morphe is a consumer brand yeah sotheir products should be targeted atdifferent skin tones when it comes toface palettes like this so yeah it'sgood that they've done that yeah I agree

Oh now blue cosmetics I know that I havethis collection sitting at home waitingfor me I know I haven't even seen whatit looks like in person yet and I reallywant to have a look at it becausethere's stuff in here that I'm excited

Aboutthat's true see this what happens whenyou get excited you actually want totalk about shoot let's try let's talkabout fucking mafia makeup geek Park apastel I chose it's the curse of the m's

It is your eyes I don't like the endsbut I like the ends yeah alright so thisis the Miami lights collection fromnabla cosmetics in case I missed sayingthat in my excitement so it's supposedto be inspired by the glare of neon

Lights and the hues of a euphoric summerdawn sounds yeah we are sounds beingsomething now there's a Miami lightsglitter palette 24 euros this is a fullpan glitter palette it looks like thereis a blue a pinky red a white iridescent

And maybe like a bron-bronthe Jade then we have skin bronzing inpoor shape this economics I'm so excitedthis is what I want yesso these are 22 euros each these looklike they're skin glazing highlighters

But in a bronzer formula yeah so theybrought out a six with six highlightersin this range you say six or eightwhatever it is those are quite a few ofthem yeah and they're beautiful they areso nice yeah I've heard a few people say

That they've had issues with applyingthem right I have to apply them wellyeah I did see if you people come intothat I can't relate I think you do withthe brush you use yeah because everytime I've used it the highlight is

Abusive yeah like you actually need abrush that can pick up quite a lot yeahand then you sort of put it on and blendit in and it gives you this beautifulwork kind of like I'm not bungee typeformula it's interesting when they what

Are those ones where they sort of likecool them like a oh like a bear jellyyes yeah yeah yeah what are those yummylook so it's not powdery yeah youactually do need to have a fairly densebrush to pick it up yes like a hybrid

Between a cream and a powder but it'snot a cream to powder no powder to creamit is like it's a formula of its own andif you have experienced it then you knowwhat I'm talking about but mosthighlighters at that formula yes benefit

Some of their box blushes are there yepso like the rocket or and a few others Ihave that sort of it's like a firm yeahit's like a firm gel then yeah picks upis like a powder yeah there are lots ofbrands that you them yeah anyway there's

Also two new shades of skin glazing 22euros there is the shine Theory lipgloss in six shades I'm sorryso I'm fucking excited to try this theseare 13 euros 90 I'm excited to try thesebecause they're oh my god what's that

Lip product called the maybe dreamycreamydreamy lipsticks oh my they are it willmake up good they are divine I would sayprobably out of what I've tried thisyear which is not oh not too many new

New formulas yeah what I've tried thisyear that would be my favorite new lipformula oh my god it's so good I have toagree with that actually yeah thatformula is outstanding yeah because it'sit's kind of like a liquid lipstick but

It has a glossy hydrating finish andthey just wear so beautifully yeah oh ohoh this probably the last time I went tothe city which was probably back in likeFebruary or March I remember I wore oneand I even after lunch I was like oh I'm

Gonna have to touch this up yeah it's acreamy liquid lipstick yeah it stayssort of hydrating and movable in yourlips it's like a really high coveringcoverage and lip gloss yeah I know yeahyeah and I was like this is gonna smear

It everywhere it's gonna worn off and Iremember checking in the mirror I likeholy shit okay greatI know they went it so well they'reabsolutely outstanding dreamy so now wehave the shine theory lip glosses I'm

Super pumped to try these from the imageit does look like there are someglittery ones though yeah not typicallymy fave but I don't care I actuallyreally enjoy nablus formula pretty muchwith everything that I've tried and so I

Am willing to try this out and they dohave one that is like it looks like justa standard yeah creamy finish and thenwe have the Cupid's arrow number four sothis is an addition to their Cupid'sarrow stylus yes is in black its 1590 I

Think it's very smart that that is likethe next one that they're adding totheir repertoire and they're justbringing it out in a collection whereit's like you know we've got a bunch ofthings here it's not like hardcore

Themed around something I'm super supersolid yeah it's gonna feel out of placebut we've got a black one and we want torelease it so here it is yeah becausethelast release I did which had those cutie

Kitty yes the cutie Palace cutie pie yesyeah they released almost like a tanbrown a dark brown and a berry correctyeah so this is a black that they'readding to the range and they'remulti-purpose yeah I mean look black you

Would probably only use around the eyesor if you're doing like artistic stuffyou might use it elsewhere on the facebut you can use the other colored oneson your lips and stuff like that yeah Ican't wait to try this

Yeah look at this collection I'm gonnabe dead honest with you bronzers I'msuper excited for I love a good bronzerI think this formula could be reallyreally great yeah I'm okay I'm glad thatthey're expanding the skin and glazing

Shades so these are technically thehighlighters but because these are inpinky shades you could also use them asan illuminating blush if you wanted tolip glosses look if there's a nice shadethere I'm totally keen glitter palate

Isn't yes please and no from me yeahyeah that is something that like Iunderstand that it's it's probably thething that they're gonna focus on asbeing the star of the collection becauseyeah like glitzy and whatever but it's

The thing that I would oh my godI don't need it yeah I mean it'sinteresting because like glitter pelletsthey divide the beauty community yeahpeople either love them and don't carethat it's glitter or people are like so

Anti glitter yeah I do think it's goodthat they don't put glitter in theirpalettes like their standard palletsyeah so many people are against themlet's true that I really sort ofglittery shimmer changes yeah they're

Not they're not that crazy glued up yeahyeah where's good they've got themseparate I believe them here they areyet you're not for it these are yeahthese are pressed glitters anyway by thetime you watch this it will be available

Globally yes all right pixie Beauty havelaunched a new range of skincare so thisis the clarity range this is actuallyinteresting so that's enriched with atrio of salicylic lactic and glycolicacids so they work in synergy

To clarify purify imbalance skin for aclear a healthier complexion there's aclarity cleanse Oh 18 US dollars aclarity tonic there's 30 mils fit whichis 15 us dollars or 250 mils which is29 US dollars the clarity concentrates

Which is 24 US dollars and the claritylotion which is 24 US dollars it's nowavailable at pixie and also target inthe US these interest me I really dolike their toners like their range oftoners and it's really nice they've

Added one with all these acids that dohelp clear the skin I think I feel likethat's an area that they've sort ofneglected a little bit hmm they have hadsome acid toners before like their glowtonic is the most probably yes yellow

One yeah but having the trio of acidsyeah so I like the idea of that yeah andI like they've brought out the cleanserthe toner the lotion and the concentrateso you literally have a full skincarerange of this if you want to try it I

Think if you had a least skin this wouldpretty much be like yeah all you needyeah and also if you you know arelooking at incorporating stuff into yourroutine that has anti-aging benefitsbecause salicylic and lactic acid are

Both good for breakouts glycolic is truebut glycolic is also really good forit's like anti-aging yeah so it's kindof a little bit of an all-rounder withyour like sort of baseline acids yes Ilike I like that as well I doubt that

This is gonna be in high quantities sowhen you look at a lot of brands thathave these products a lot more expensiveit's big yeah I'm in higher quantitiesbut at the same time if you're gettinginto actives like acids your skin might

Be it might be better to try somethingthat is more affordable and it has lowerquantity so it doesn't freak out yourskin yes I guess my name is good atlarge yes what introductory product alsofor me I have quite sensitive skin and

If I have too many acids it actuallydoes flare up my skin so to pull backand either use them very infrequentlylike a higher concentration infrequentlyor a lower concentration so this doesinterest me yeah like something that'd

Be yeah Quinta try from Scott Barnes wehave two new lip rangeswe've got Flossie glossy and lip fetishso if Flossie glossy a range of lipglosses they're twenty six US dollarseach looks like there are 13 shades

Available and they rate there's a bignude range very big nude range movesinto pink and orange a red and then kindof like a berry shade and then we havethe lip finish Matt's these are 26 USdollars and again there are 13 shades

These ones again very like nude andbrown heavy which is kind of cool acouple of pinks and some reds yeah lookI think this is probably a nice range oflike the lip glosses on the deeper skinthey look gorgeous

Yeah they do they like they look you cansee the color variation yeah texturevariation of the lip glosses i think theliquid lipsticks the matte liquidlipsticks i really like that they'vepadded out the nerves but yeah it is

What most people reach for iI love nude heavy lines I love newbecause I have a couple of reds in thereI love dude have you like the thing withnudes is often it it's kind of neglecteda little bit but they're knocking a

Couple they're like yeah there's no likea new okhla nudes but people need tomake their right nude exactly yeahyou're right nude is not gonna be likecat and I don't wear the same nudes nobecause they're not the same like

They're not the right nudes for ourdifferent skin tones so I think nude isimportant yes need a lot of them in arange for everyone to find their rightnude yeah so I kind of like that Ihaven't tried any Scott bonds no makeup

No my own the thing about this and I sawa lot of people commenting was yeah howsort of tacky the names are oh okayglossy andand then they all have sort of likebooty call and you know sorry yeah some

Yeah undercover lover oh yeahcommander daddy issues yeah so I thinkyeah I think this is sort of leaningtowards that are over sexualized yeahwhich I think I feel like why is italways brands that are run by men like

Naz do it I know it's it's weird I knowI think it's really weird that they theytry to sexualize makeup so much and ohyeah look there are there is aperception and this is where I thinkthere's seeds into this perception that

You wear makeup because you want to looksexy ya know we were just talk about howwe don't show you our legs exactly soreally we're wearing a full face makeupthat's our yeah I think that's a littlebit a little bit tacky but yeah the

Range does look nice I agree I'm notreally keen on names like this no I justdon't really see the point and it feelsto me I look at that and I'm like you'reout of touch you don't know you don'ttry don't actually know very much about

Women at all do youtrue all right Sigma a launching newcomplexion airbrushes these are threeLux to our fiber brushes for weightlessbuildable coverage that will beavailable individually for 25 US dollars

Each or you can buy them in a set for$60 from the 30th of June so they'll beout when you're watching this availableat Sigma Beauty I really like the lookof the contour and blush brush and alsothere's something oh yeah there's

Something buffer yep yeah I think theylook really nice yeah like face powdercolor color products interesting yeahflat kabuki I don't I don't I just usesponges these days me too but I struggleto use makeup brushes like foundation

Brushes because my skin's too dry andflaky so I'm just like give me a spongeI also find that um on the flip side myoily skin just makes when it just slidesor any edge slides around try to fit injust leaves like streaks yeah so I

Really do need to like push it in with asponge yeah yeah but I do lovea good blush contour brush and like andthat buffer one looks really prettythe thing that I'm probably most excitedabout this week but it's not going to be

Something that I have access to or I'mgoing to plan them buying but I think italso looks really cool and these aresorry basic oh I love themyeah so tarts have launched two sets ofjuicy lip gloss trios these are

Available on QVC and the packs are 35 USdollars each and they are exclusive toQVC at least right now so these aremaracuja juicy lips they're ultra shinylike click like yes I love lips so yeahsolid tinted balm glosses yeah Jakob's

Yes yeah yeah yeahsolid lip balm yes so with the lip glossreally shiny lip balm yeah yeah yesthat's what they are anyway they're lipbalms that are super super shiny theygive you a lip gloss effect is what

We're trying to get to sorry this is agloss that melts into your lips for asensory hit of moisturizing color and asmoother look so it containsmoisturizers to help temporarily plumpthe appearance of your lips and they

Come in two three packs there'sberrylicious that contains strawberrywatermelon and hibiscus and they're softpinks that contains clear rose andraspberry so I think these look gorgeousthey do have videos on the Instagram

Account of people applying them yeah andthat really gorgeous wet look shine I'mlike I want them if I saw this inSephora and I could buy themindividuallyI would buy yeah or if I could buy it no

Look the the problem with trios is youhave to like all the shades in the trioyeah that's right and I want hibiscusfrom the first one and I want clear fromthe second one you know what I'm curiousabout it well swatches on the lighter

Skin something's wrong with themsomething's not rightI don't know what like they all of thelips look like aligned andphotoshop's really badly the one withclear looks it looks milky doesn't it

Doesn't it looks odd like on the deepskin I don't think they fucked aroundwith her and they look beautiful on thelight skin unlike what the fuck why doesthis one look like it's got a perfectlike line around the lip but you know

You're right clear looks gorgeous on theperson with deeper skin actually itlooks wet like it does it looks gorgeousbut it looks milky and weird on thatlocation is like a corpse maybe they arecorpse maybe they picked equips people

Do there's a yeah there's Amaka there isthere's a market for it yeah so anothervery exciting product but no I'm raisingI'm like right now that's what I want toput on my lips I would buy hibiscus andclear to try them out but I would never

Buy that okay for starters we can't it'son QVC but why are you selling them inlike trios I actually got a value thoughit is good value but I kind of like Iwant to pick three that's right and Ikind of hate it when they're like oh let

Us pick what fucking colors you likeyeah all right Tom Ford I think this isthe last it is this is the tracelesssoft matte foundation so it provides amatte finish without looking cakey ordry soft focus microspheric powders blur

The look of imperfections and we'reextending pigments provide medium tofull buildable coverage medium to fullbuildable coverageokay then cool skin still looks andmoves like skin and feel smoother

Overtime okay that's some claims evenafter foundation has been removed soit's launching with 40 shadessorry it's launching in forty shades foreighty eight US dollars at Tom forbeauty and Sephora so the forty shades

For Tom Ford is a good shade range wecan see swatches here where they'relooked like there's some cool medium andwar yes they've got differentmedium deep in all those different sortof categories which is great yeah

The swatches here on people's faces Idon't think it really gives a goodindication of the shades but it givesyou an example yes give you an exampleI think launching with forty shades ispretty good especially for fucking Tom

Ford yeah like any high-end brand yeah Iand makeup brands tend to favor richwhite women and when they can releasedifferent types of deeper shades yeah Imean different undertones like look atespresso like yeah that is great for Tom

Ford that is revolutionary I feel likewe need for pretty much any high-endbrand yeah it's fucking like I feel likethey've broken ground here yeah I agreeI really like I'm really impressed withthem releasing a 40 color shade right I

Think they're trying to change I thinkthey are I think they'd like trying toyou know rather than being like here'show we're gonna change they're likewe're trying to is the thing that we'redoing is this yeah like with with trying

And I one thing I have to say about thisas well this would have been inproduction for probably a couple ofyears now probably um sorry this is notjust a knee-jerk reaction to black livesmatter movement no it happened on a big

Wife's matter has been going around fora long time but the the stuff that'shappened recently they did not startmaking this foundation like a month anda half no that didn't know sorry been inthe works for a long time so they're

Listening something else88 US dollars I saw every single placethat I saw this promotedI saw people being like $88 yeah andit's Tom Ford yesI hate II hate tellers yeah it's like

It's just it's Tom Fordyeah yeah not even slightly surprised ifI look this is never gonna happen but ifI had if I'd burn through all myfoundation collection maybe a foundationdraw yeah it's not gonna happen cuz I've

Got like 20 foundations soft mattefoundation matte finish without lookingcakey or driest you have to focusmicrospheres it's an even layer to blurimperfection to extend thewe're medium to full coverage buildable

Coverage this sounds like a foundation Iwant to buy and how it's nice eventhough it's very expensive if I had tobuy one foundation that was most perfectfoundation and I could find my perfectshade from the 40 shades available I

Would buy one I would buy I'm justputting out there ode by yeah I justneed to burn through my great item ofaffection yeah I need to burn through mygraveyard of foundations before I wouldgive this a crack yeah but I would give

It a crack so yeah the time has come todedicate this episode of Beauty news toa beauty news VIP and this week's VIP isMontana a couple if we haven't hadMontana before I know with our lives Iknow you Montana for supporting beauty

News yeah I'm thank you to everyone whosupports beauty news in whichever wayyou choose to do it and show you out toMontana's mum yes hi Montana's mumlovelywhat's our emoji cat um look it's not

Topical for the episode but now I hopeyou call for this week mmm so because ofrecent drama we haven't talked about inthis episode we're not going to buy wedo pay attention to drama that goes onthe beauty community Shane Dawson has

Recently announced that he is exitingthe beauty community because we're alltoxic but I also don't believe you canexit something that you've never reallyentered Europe as a farewell to Shanewe're gonna do a waving goodbye emoji

Bye bye bye Shanesee ya see ya but I'm gonna go on therecord and say just because you do acollaboration with a makeup branddoesn't mean no it doesn't Beautycommunity also don't judge a whole

Community based on a couple of peopleespecially when you're besties with theworst of usthanks today out there yeah yeah yeahyeah yeah fun times yep good times greatclassic hits 1011 TT FM correct

Aziz we'll get it all right guys we hopeyou enjoyed this episode of Beauty newsif you did give it a thumbs up and we'llsee you in the next one all right seeyou guys

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