BEAUTY NEWS – 29 May 2020 | We’re back baby! Ep. 261

published on July 9, 2020

Hello beauty news families hello back tobeauty news we're back we're back we'rein the studio Victoria had relaxed theirsocial distancing laws which is Christwe are allowed to be in the same housewhich is it's not illegal to actuallymom yeah it's not illegal we just need

To keep a metre and a half apart splitscreen happening yet so you don't see wedon't have to zoom out because yeah andsee how many literally you just havelike a table with equipment on it andlike right yeah the corner so we decided

To do it this way but it does mean weget to see each other in person which isgreat there's no lag with bloody zoom mynoggin fucking science so that's behindus but yet very happy about our audiomaybe but she's who we're using one

Microphone precariously placed betweenus because we forgot to bring the otherone yes from my house Peter walls been awhile things yeah you know it is what itis what it is before we get in to thisweek's episode we do have a pre-roll

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With expressvpn and Express VPN commslash beauty all right so let's dig intothe meat of this episode we have arelease from Bobby Brown it is a limitededition summer glow collection so thisconsists of a highlighting powder in

Warm glow it's a warm gold glow it's 48US dollars there's two bronzing powderjerseys 40 for US dollars each you'vegot golden light golden light antiguawhich is a light tan and a light pinkbronze and then medium and Telluride

Which is a medium brown slash warm movewith a slight shimmer and then there aretwo shades of crushed oil infused glossthese are 27 US dollars each you've gota light pink nude and a mid-tone pinknude and then there is a precise

Blending brush for 50 US dollars andit's available now at Bobby Brown yeahso it's a pretty umlook Bobby Brown is an expensive brandit is I don't think this collectionlooks really nice oh really wearable the

Bunch of jurors I really like them yeahyeah sort of medium one probably toodeep for me I love the tones though itstill looks nice yeah and you know it'squite pink tone for me but I think ifyou want a nice bujji product and you

Want to feel summary I think they haveto hit the mark with it yes so these arethe your color preferences go forth goget go do from Charlotte Tilbury we havesome new items that they've added to theairbrush range so we've got the airbrush

Bronzer this comes in four shades fairmedium ten and deep they're 55 you arestill as each they're just runs up thebronzers then we have the luxury palettein desert haze it's fifty three USdollars which is expensive it's a four

Pan matte palette and we have theairbrush bronzing brush which is 40 uswhich is like a retractable powderkabuki brush style yestravel thing look very expensive I thinkeven for bronzes that they're like it's

A new magic mat smoothing effectairbrush bronzer so even though it soundlike the sounds like it'd be nice andblendable it's very expensive for whatit is but the tones do look quite nicethat eyeshadow quad again really fucking

Expensive in Australia I think this islike 80 Australian dollars these quadsthey're all matte does pair nicely withtheir sort of other quads that are sortof all shimmer or predominantly shimmerso I can sort of get that but I don't

Know I think the orange throws me offyeah the Terracotta yeah yeah yeah itwas a little bit more neutral so itwould go with a lot more yeah because ifyou're spending that much money on amatte formula you sort of want it to go

With everything everything yeah therebut you know if you've got the money toburn and you are into burning moneyright now no go forth and burn yourmoney yes from ELF we have acollaboration with Jake Issa so this is

The second collaboration that they'vedone together this is limited editionand consists of an eyeshadow palette andeyeshadow liquid duo thing and a foreverbrush set which is a six piece brush setnow the eyeshadow palette is called the

To the rescue by shadow palette it's 20US Dollars contains 18 shades and it isessentially a rainbow gradient texturepalette so the top row is like sort ofyou standard rainbow colors and tonesthen your middle row is the same but

Darker yeahand those two rows are both mattes andin the bottom row is your rainbow tonesbut their shimmers now I know a lot ofpeople are pretty pumped about the waythis is laid out a lot of people want

More palettes like this I think thatmakes a lot of sense because Ialso want more palettes like this yeah Ithink it for a rainbow palette whichwe've seen a lot of and we'll continuesee a lot of and we'll talk about that

In a second I think that this is areally well thought out thought out andplanned one yeah a lot of people thinkof rainbow palettes and they go like thebright she's at the top but I like thesecond row of deeper bright so yes

Because they're the ones that a lot morewearable and then you've got theshimmers that you can pair with it Idrive me bananas when I see like arainbow palette and it's got like andmint know like it's got like a lime

Green mat and then a shimmery yellow andthen peach this and you kind of verywell I want different textures indifferent colors I don't want to be toldthat you can only use yellow if it'sshimmer or yeah and yes orange if it's

MatteI want both sorry the fact that theygive you all of it I think this is areally smart palette makes it morediverse yeah and you can oh sorrylike I've no I think you can create

Looks a lot easier like brights are sortof can be quite daunting and hard to usebut I feel like they've done this reallywell but you know there is a bit of abacklash to this which we'll talk aboutin a second yes before we do talk about

The other products I do want to mentionas well that this is sort of a themedcollection around sort of rescuing dogsso all the names of in the palatalshades are named after rescue dogs andwhat they're doing for every photo

Posted in June with the hashtag eyeslips face paws elf will be donating $1so up to $25,000 2j kisses favoriterescue which is Angel City pits people'sso um it's a dog rescue and so there ismoney giving back but it's not about

Purchases it's about using the hashtagyeah so you need to need to take photosand use the hashtag yeah well just buddyput the hashtag on the photo of yourfood yeah there's no real requirementthat you have to use the palate just

Donate the motherfucking money just doitjust alright it just feels like afucking sirjerk it's like buy our shit and thenpromote our shit for free and we'll

Donate a dollar to a charity that's sureand it's simply fucking donating tocharity you should just be donatingbecause it's also a tax deduction forthe company but also if you're wantingpeople to start posting the products on

Instagram marketing is a lot moreexpensive than a dollar they're gettingnot only on how getting a tax deductionwith the donations but they're gettingat least 25,000 theoretically if you'reposting about the product twenty five

Thousand photos that is like yep socheap I'm gonna be like you know if Ipost it not only am i followers gonnasay it but my friends are gonna say itmy family is gonna say it like it'stimes twenty-five thousand yeah exactly

So yeah I just I feel like they'rethey're getting a good like else I'mmaking it look like we're doing a goodthing but they're getting a lot yes yesback yeah it's you know this isn't themdoing something out of the goodness of

Their heart yeah then we have the Sukito my heart i shadow joy this is 12 USdollars looks like it's a double-endedlike gold and shimmery white each youwere distant may be liquid shadow tapasomething yeah I don't know I don't

Really care I don't think it was verynecessary no I like the pallet and maybethe brushes yeah that's all it wasenough yeah and then there's a foreverbrush set this is 25 US dollars it's asix piece I brush set with rainbow

Gradient handles so this will be out bythe time you're watching this video atelf cosmetics and ultra Beauty onlinecoming to Ulta stores on the 31st of Mayyeah there has been some controversybehind this yes and it is sort of it's

Based around the fact that we are comingup to pride Pride Month is literallylaunching a day before paradestarts yes and people are a little bitlike you know is this really the time totake the rainbow and use it to profit

And look I can't I understand wherepeople are coming from with this becauseI've said every year that we've talkedabout private releases that these brandsare cashing in on a community communityminority community a minority community

And also the fact that it is you knowpeople are researching pride a lot atthis time but they'll also be loiteringup yeah people will be looking up like apride makeup like how to do pride makeupand then seeing these like you know

Collections or pallets or whatever sothey're cashing in on it and many ofthem don't actually support thecommunity you know financially in anyother waysome of them will donate some of the

Proceeds during the month which is goodbut they otherwise don't really have apresence within the lgbtq+ communityyeah for 11 other months of the yearcorrectand yeah also you know again similar to

What we're talking about with elf anddonating a dollar for every photosomeone's taking yeah every freepublicity yeah every free publicitythey're doing yeah which is also taxdeduction yeah a lot of these brands

Which we'll be talking about more pridecollections coming up in this episodeand we'll also be talking about themprobably throughout and also I wanted tomention because we've been away we'vebeen away hello hi we're back but um

Also we're gonna do a video next weekdoing some catch-up oh yeah that's rightI forgot to make sure got to me butwe're gonna do but we're doing that sonext week that we Bernie's videorecapping on sort of interesting

Collections that we've missed whilewe've been away so going back to thepride thing these friends are making aprofit it probably a good profit ofusing this community as like marketingagain but they generally donate just a

Little like token so yeah that's likeI've paid my dollar entry into usingyour property or your sort of facilityyeah whatever it happens to be andthat's okay I'm making money doing thisbut I've done my token I've donated like

You know five percent of the proceeds tocharity but I'm making ninety fivepercent of the proceeds sorry we'vealways thought that this is a cash grabbut the reason why we're talking aboutthis with this particular palette even

Though this is a dog inspired palette orrescue animal inspired palette it's sortof really bad timing for elf because itseems like they're trying to get in oncashing in on the Pride Month stuffwithout actually acknowledging that

They're using Pride Month to sell it soif you're not savvy enough and you lookat these you can go and go others makegreat pride stuff and probably usingright that yeah which is what I think isannoying a lot of people but at the same

Time they're not even acknowledging thatthey're the community and they'rereleasing it so close right yeah and Ithink it's it's important here tomention that we don't think the lgbtq+community owns the rainbow and we're not

We don't think they think that we haveseen lgbtq+ people mentioning we don'town the rainbow yep I got create palit's also like can't we just have thistime where we're celebrated I can't Ijust released this in like November yes

Far away from pride yeah like I alsothink it's doing a disservice to likethe the charity that they are donatingto which they should donate more moneyto um because this is a cool paletteit's a cool cause it's a cool

Collaboration yeah and a lot of peoplereally like it I just think it's sort ofsimilar and this this is gonna besomething we're gonna talk about nextweek similar to how jeffree starreleased the chrome and a highly-rated

Palettes tone debts it is tone deaf andhe kind of go okay maybe it was stuckbetween a rock and a hard placeyeah they couldn't release any otheror didn't fit with a schedule but at thesame time you know it's fair that people

Are going really like right now yeah andthey're really you know I respect wherethose people are coming from at the endof the day I'm not gonna buy thiscollection I don't care available to usknow so available to us and I don't care

But I care about you know the strugglesbut I don't care about this release butI totally understand where people arecoming to you you know I also understandwhere people are coming from with itlike this has nothing to do with it so

Yeah yeah yeah comparing it to PrideMonth and the pride release those arethe different things and you know it's adifferent theme but the problem is it'sreally some day before prime it'sgetting Frank you're confusing apples

With apples because that's essentiallywhat it is yeah you're releasing arainbow palette and rainbow brushes aday before Pride Month yeah and that'sthe thing I think is a little bit aboutit demo now if you want to learn that's

Always at a different time that's rightyeah and we do see rainbow shit reallyall year around and there's never a timein January where people go you'restepping on my pride shoes okay that'strue you know how dare you the rainbow

Belongs to us they don't think thatnobody thinks that muddy if you're doingittake for June yeah if you can thatanyway moving on so yeah it's availableif you want if you want to blame people

Who want it because I do think it's notpalette yeah it's a well thought outpalette I totally agree with thatalright moving on to skincare pharmacybeauty they are launching a deep sweepit's an alcohol-free 2% BHA toner that

Gently exfoliates dead cleanse pores andcontrols oil without over stripping theskin so it's ideal for combination oilyor acne-prone skin fantastic lanolincombination oily don't need to haveaccess to pharmacy be in Australia I

Don't know I think we can get it atSephora oh maybe I'll look out for thisyeah but it's coming soon to pharmacybeauty and Sephora andChina excellent I want excellent papayaenzymes

Yes papaya papaya okay iconic Londonhave launched the ultimate bronzingpowder with the ultimately bullshitdescription hello this is such beginningI'm just gonna read for you sirthis is direct from the brand sorry it

Says is this summer looking morestaycation than vacation don't worrybabes our new matte bronzer is a silkyfine powder that adds a gorgeoussunkissed warmth to your collection thecomplexion complexion is that dudes like

Collection I don't know I'm a convictioncomplexion anyway the creamy texturevanishes the tell-tale shimmer givingyou a totally smooth naturally mattefinish so you can cheat and just steppedoff the beach gloss whatever the weather

And sweep across your face andcollarbones to get glowing do theyunderstand what match is not and did Iunderstand that glowing and bronze aredifferent things and they sang vanishedthe tell-tale shimmer and OH

Manage the telltale shimmer but it givesyou a glory but it's matte huh glowy thefinish bronze is Nicola yeah I know Igot a pretty look when I first heardthat it was a silky fine powder and it'slike banishes that tell tell tell

Shimmer I was like is it a mattifyingpowder like you know like a smoothingpowder oh so yeah yeah yawns oh thatactually takes away oil and shine yeahman oh like that since I feelinteresting but hang on but where you

Bronze typically you get to you and thenyou get the oil see yeah yeah yeah sodon't like greasy temples some people doyeah sorry Joeso it's like okay maybe it's like asmoothing really finely milled yeah

Mattifying but then they're saying thatyou will get the gloryyeah and cheat I just stepped off thebeach glow at justfifty-three Australian dollars it is ourmost wanted summer steal and should be

In everyday staple in your iconic makeupstash no no sorry let's break that downas well it's not a steal at 53 Australiawhich is 25 pounds hmm also in Australiait's winter and up to winter so getfucked Most Wanted summer steal no your

Honor anyway it's available in fourshades if this spiel is enticing youyeah and yeah available at iconic Londonwhat I will say is they are huge pan yesthe colours look nice enough theydefinitely look bronzy they're warm

Shades they look fine but their spiel isbullshit we've got anger in turn why areyou so dumb but can I also say thesefour shades know a variety oh no no noit looks like Oh No watch two shadesthis is Peter this is like one person's

Summer and winter range yeah justputting it out thereyes the first time I went to colors getto bronze and then some are showing inmy last rides and it depends on you knowyeah I want to be a little bit Club than

Normal yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah allright Linda Hallberg I have released twonew products to their range we first gotthe ultimate lips so in brackets lips inplace stick so that's what lips standfor essentially it's a lip primer so if

You want to prevent lipsticks frombleeding and you want them to last a bitlonger lip primers are the way to goI've never really delved into lip primerso I don't know how that works but therewe go and then we've also got to the

Infinity power lash waterproof mascaranow these look they look pretty fancyhmm and Linda Hallberg makes everythinglook amazing she could have actuallysmeared dog's shit on her face and lookstill still look gorgeous so yeah I saw

You I saw that like how what the mascaralooks like and I'm like it looks amazingyeah but that's probably just her faceyeah yeah no it is what it isyeah but the lip primer is reallyinteresting I do think it's an

Interesting addition to the rank I thinkthe mascara makes a lot of sense becausethey don't have mascara I agree prymaatthe only lip sticks they actually havein that rangeI like tinted Barb's yeah any sticks

Don't need lip primers yeah so I'mthinking this might be a hint ofsomething coming maybe I could havedifferent formula lipsticksmaybe liquid lipsticks I'm thinking thismight lead in to something in the future

Because the only other lip products theysort of promote are there aremultipurpose pencils because she oftenuses on her lips yeah so um yeahavailable now if you want them yeah wehave something here from Mac we don't

Have any information about it but I wantto talk about it because people weredoing two thingsgetting very excited or being suspiciousgetting ready to be disappointed yeahyeah so this is for Mac it's a sneak

Peak of like a tri-colored eyeshadowessentially you've got like a blue apinky purple and then sort of an apricotorange color gradiantdoes look like it's potentially an extradimension yes I thought it would be

Because that's what the pan design inguysnow it does have the see-through plasticpackaging cream you know Dean ChrisHaley how will never accept it oh youwill never be part of the family I'm

Just saying no and this is the rightcolor combination for these eyeshadowsokay why do they make the clear packageoperating like yeah and like a coolcolor at least not this like top awaycrappy

Like it's just not it's not cool and Iget the vibe from it I don't know why Iget this vibe there's no proof that it'sgonna happen I get the vibe that overtime it's gonna yellow white clearbright yes like a lot of trays and

Like yeah over time they're yellow theylike stain anywaythis the community was like ready for mybody yeah they were like is gonna movethis I don't think it's gonna be novibrating because the extra dimension

Formula is a really intense when it'sone that they it's like they are intensehighlighters they're intense shimmeryeyeshadows yeah so I don't think it'sgoing to be an overspray a lot of otherpeople were saying this reminds them of

Makeup that they bought in the early2000s and I just want to say I knew youhad some cool makeup in the early 2000sI had brown eyeshadow yeah we don't wedidn't have that shit in the 2000s hereno I think I had one of those quince

Looking about 2000 clearly mm look Iunderstand the frosty eyeshadows werearound yeah this must have beensomething that was out in the US and allright because we're didn't say oh nowe're done

Frosty lip glosses I didn't have thisyeah this is gonna be frosty though likeme ugh yeah yeah like the extradimension eye shadows they're not frostytheir life they're beautiful sexy yeahso I think I think this sort of hit that

Sort of right frosty shimmery eyeshadowvibe that was in the early 2000s yeahyou know the Paris Hilton II kind ofokay so it does look like Paris Hiltonin the compact I'm sure this one'scalled Paris let's just say that this

Also reminds me of the rainbowhighlighter trend yeah yeah yeah that'sthat's fair yeah but I'm curious if thisis a collection which will be likewhether it's a collection of justeyeshadows or whether it's a summer

Collection or something I want to seewhat the other colors are yeah it can'tbe too far off because it was shared onmax yeah gram account so I'm keen to seemore just gonna pop up on the websitebut take that bloody clear packaging

Back here why can't I get that rightlike a like a color that is in the panuh I made an ombre color with it'd bereally cool watching keep it clear ifyou want but make it like alright likeyellow pink red purple blue green auto

Nard do make a difference just notfrosty clearit makes itbut they did that with a nude collectionokayyou guys are getting mm vibes because of

That fucking packaging that's what it ismm 19 times yeah 1999 5 that's you'regetting like oh yeah back in Anna'scupboard like topic of advice oh shitthe blog captions they were great Iloved them until some idiot would like

Buff on it really hard and it would popme fucking order that from a magazinefucking ass back of my TV oh shitalright let's talk about Marc Jacobsyou've got two collections one is priderelated and now this launched mid to

Early May and they launched it early forpride it's available now on the MarcJacobs website and it will be availableat Sephora on the 5th of June mm-hmm sothese are five new shades of theenamoured with pride hydrating lip gloss

Sticks they come in look the shades areworth I would have no pride in wearingthese what is that white shimmery one iheard what is just a clear though i yeahi honey that's a clear there'd be thebail amount of good yeah cuz i gotta

They've got a baby pink and purple ababy peach and a barbie pink yes and theonly thing that's pride related is thebox yeah not not the actual package yearand I feel like these shades just thatenticing so if you like if you want to

If you ever bought one of these beforebecause they do have permanent shades inthe range and you're gonna they're gonnapush you over the line to actually buysomething that also donates a percentageof the proceeds or whatever to a charity

Mmm anyway I want to do that because Isupport the charity and I also want afancy lip gloss out of it give us somenice fucking shades yeah I'm actuallygonna look on their website to see if Ican find

Swatches are curiousbecause if we can find swatches we'llput them on the screen yes but I do wantto mention that they're proud to bedonating to to charitable organizationsproviding vital services and support to

The LGBTQ community so it's two sage USAand Lear refuge officials so that is whothey're donating to all right we can'tfind any swatches as of filming this butI can confirm that dancing sheen whichis the one that looks white is a clear

Shimmer shade so I don't know if it'sgonna look frosty I don't know if it'sjust going to be a beautiful sort oflike glossy clear with a beautiful lightsheen enhancing Sheen I don't know don'tknow I don't know did we say that there

Twenty nine US dollars each or you couldbuy the bundle for 116 no we didn't knowthey only did rotate okay we do haveanother collection from Marc JacobsBeauty which has eclipsed their priderelease in my opinion yes yeah look the

Way they released it what is what isthis is their limited-edition goldcollection for summer so it consists ofthe iconic eye palette in extravaganceit's forty nine fifty so this is one ofthe seven pan palettes is a very nude

And gold yeah nude and gold verywearable I like it I'm I'm kind of intoit and I think I would wear all of theshades sorry I kind of wanted so I wantto swatch it I'm so gung-ho for goingback shopping yeah I just want to get in

The shops and fuckin look at some shit Iknow I'm just annoyed and I had therealization the other week where I'mlike yes I can go to the shop soon andthen I was like I can take a baby withme yeah it's not gonna be easy

Yeah – I really wanna go to the shop butyeah so I would love to go and checkthis out we were talking before abouthow I've tried lip products that I lineis highlight isall of it all of it from Marc Jacobs but

No eyeshadows no I heard good thingsabout it and I've just been waiting forthe right palette to make me spend mymoneymmm if I saw this in store and I couldswatch it because right now Sephora is

Open because watch everything apparentlyif it looked like it was a colorcombination I wanted yeah you're goingto go yeah tell you mine I agree I don'thave then we have five High Line ofshades five new highlighter shades are

26 US dollars each and they're allmetallics all metallics so we've gotoh my gold which is an antique gold topwrasses warm brass shade glitter sweetis a cool bronze pewter please is a warmpewter and I'll leave you is a golden

Olive these look goodnice for like an accent or somethingyeah I do think that like oh they shouldhave had more variety in depthyeah yeah because I don't mind metallicsbut I often find that if they're light

Metallics I don't use them very muchyeah that I'm actually you can't reallysee them very well know that idea on theeye but like the pewter and the fuchsiaone easier on my aisleI like those three I think they're

Gorgeous and if you do like one of thesecolors I'll tell you snap it up becausethe formula is very very good yeah andthey are limited edition shades it alsomeans that they will eventually be onsale so I'm gonna ways yeah and I might

Go you're going doinkthank you very much and the last item isthe at lashed mascara in black arts 27US dollars they are promoting thispretty heavily but you know it's it'smascara mascara I just don't get excited

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Powder eye shadow pen for up to 12 hourbold color impact in one simple swipewith zero fallout this is a and eyeshadow in like a stick no that's not theright way to put itit's an eye shadow with like a sponge

Applicator it's like a powder it's alittle pot of powder and then you liketwist the stick out let's go to spongeyou've all seen them before this is whatyou're talking about from the early2000s yes and the nineties yeah these

Were popular in the 90s I don't know whybrands still making these yre cream topowder formula is an interesting we havehad these in cream to powder for usbefore I don't know if Maybelline Idon't ride them like I've seen the

Pigments in the pot yeah I never triedthe like powder cream to powder one yeahyeah I don't true bad is this game ofthings I do give you the pop of bluebecause that's the trendy thing to dobut otherwise this shades this is for

Your makeup casual yeah like your casualmakeup user yeah it's like I just wantto have just doneyeah there's done this is not for methis is not for beating you know unlessyou're really interested in yeah go

Aheadlook sometimes I could bring out withgood formulas of stuff like yeah yeahI'm gonna hit you with yeah absolutelyum it's just no this is not it does notinterest me this looks like something

That I would buy for like a 12 year oldyeah basically anyway available rightnow at 70 year old yeah yeah my nameyeah man you want to glitz up your eyeshere here you gomy ear is blue cream to powder I need

You glass shatters bleed off no you fineso these are verywell now at Amazon for $699 us allright we got another pride collectionthis is more fees so they're coming backwith their second I think it's a second

Pride collection yeah the one last yearwas way betterit was I'm just gonna put it out thereyeah right on the screen these housesRainey Road palette and shit the thebrush kit looks cool these one not as

Good it's not sort of looks like it'scomplementary to the last palette maybeyeah I don't think it's that great thebrushes are shit oh yeahthey're so shit compared to last year'sbrushes yeah last use brushes looked way

Better yeah and this is like an oldglitter palette I know so essentiallywhat we've got is the 10g glisten upartistry palette $18 it looks like everyshade is shimmery or glittery mm it is acolorful palette it does look like

There's a maybe a holographic glitter inthere maybe yeah and also I got I havemulticolored glitter in there and yeahso again this is not a sort ofstand-alone palette this is morecomplementary palette their last year's

Palette was more of a comprehensiverainbow palette hmm they also have abetter world six piece brush collection26 US dollars $51 value so they're alleye brushes and they are white handlewith ombre colorful Ferrell's there's a

Lip gloss in speak out which is aholographic rainbow sparkle it's nine USdollars I don't think this is aholographic at all no it looks like it'san iridescent white mm-hmm so get yourterms correct you're in the makeup

Industry come on it's not that hardyes and then we have a pride continuoussitting mist which is a limited editioncentered Oh missed I don't know what thescent is don't know but I didn't tell uswhy don't tell us easier saying US

Dollars and if you like it fucking jobmy job to do my job but it's not out yetso we can't look it up but now you havethe power a little bit up if you'reinterested in what the 70 is yes it haslaunched from the 28th of May sorry that

Is pretty much today now yeahyeah so they are actually donating andthis is good because normally we'll seelike one percentage of the person yeahyeah she's a hundred percent of netproceeds her dollar for free that was

The fucking shit yeah and you want toknow I'm surprised at how she that waslike this is let's compare what morphiadoing to what a more like a movie theylike to make you money more female liketo make them I mean I do like to make

Them rainy but that's compare this yeahso are 100% of net proceeds it's aminimum of fifty K will be donated to GLSen org yepso yeah minimum 50 K but if more peoplebuy it more like yeah more of it will go

To the organization yes and what'sreally good about when they donate allproceeds is that they're just coveringthe costs of making the product but theneverything that is profit goes to thedonation that is what you should be

Doing anything about capitalizing on apride month and if you want to actuallygive more because you want to be moregenerous even donate donate the wholepurchase the whole purchase price yeahit means that they're donating their

Time and money to making the product butvery Miriam I think brand should be 100absolutely I will just point out thedonation basis and amounts will varywhen purchase from other retailers so ifyou want the hundred percent of net

Proceeds for a minimum of 50 K husbandeven movies don't purchase it from themorphe website or from the store yeah sobe aware of that because you know peoplelike to know the fine print yes true allright we have a pride collection from

Mix here this is the pride Editionultimate shadow palette it's a 16 poundrainbow palette with matte satin andmetallic finishes it's 18 US dollars nowyou will be forgiven if you think thislooks familiar that's because it is it's

Been out before and not only has it beenout before but it's fucking permanentanyway all I've done is change the boxI like I can't they put in new packagingnew yes yeah and also when you'relooking at this the so you're seeing an

Image of a palette with black border anda palette that is a colorful boy yeahyeah yeah the colorful border is just abox yeah it's a box it's not actuallyprinted on the palette as far as we cansee yes but even if it is it's the same

Fucking product it's exactly differentpackaging like shit yeahyou see yeah this is not even justtrying to capitalize on Pride Month yeslazy so lazyit's so fucking lazy they like already

Got one might have to make another oneI want a kebab yeah hungry yeah then wehave the pride edition vivid brightseyeliners is a seven US dollars eachthey're six shades you've got yelloworange red purple blue teal and they're

Our pride Edition shout loud certainlipsticks eight dollars 58 six shadeswe've got a hot pink and orange red adeep pink a bright purple pink a purplepink and a teal and I'm just gonna say Idon't I need to confirm this but I don't

Think they're donating anything anywayit doesn't seem like they are whichagain is cheeky but also the Photoshopimages of these lipsticks are driving mebananas I hate him if you can't evenhave a legitimate photo like a photo of

The products I know what are you whycan't you put in the website like why ami buying your shit don't buy it don'twhy they're done by ocean all rightwe've got a new lip glaze from orange ororanges yep lip glaze from oranges

Origins they've launched the new bloominshine nourishing lip glaze so these areinfused with 12 nourishing flowers whoelse did that recently there's a brandyeah there's a lot of the flowers yeahanyway so it's a high shine

If glass that delivers non-sticky colorthat keeps lips smooth supple and petalsoft so it's a buildable high shinecolor locks in moisture too so let'slook plump and full this is twelveshades there's a variety of different

Nudes like mid-tone nudes light nudesReds Pink's moves berries so there is apretty good combination of selectionholidays yeah and they're now availableat origins and uLTA Beauty for twenty USdollars excellent we also have new lip

Balms from Revlon now these are Asianexclusive at the moment we got mostlyinformation all the photos from ourRevlon Japan mmm but I don't know ifthey're coming elsewhere a few peoplewere interested in them and sorry

They're just as your exclusive at themoment yeah but these are the new kissglobe bombs so these have been aroundactually for about a month or so in Asiabut hopefully like if you're interestedthere might be something that will be

Coming yes there mind me sorry much ofthe butter like butter yesbutter bombs butter gloss yeah butterglosses mint no that was Nick's thing ohyeah yeah no I know the ones you'retalking about ah differences may be very

Aware these aren't color and gel stain Iknow I know sorry look I hate them thething that's that's confusing aboutthese though because right now we don'thave a lot of information in English -yes yeah

But they are saying that's created witha formula that transforms into a one ofa kind of flush on your lips yeah sorryit gives the impression that they arecolor changing so all things to a pinkyeah

Which could be very popular in the Asianmarket yeah I think it actually is quitepopular yeah yeah but there's threeshades Lily Glory peony glory and dyeZiegler so ones red ones pink onesorange but yeah they really do give me

That butter what the fuck was it calledlip butter I think they were lip buttersweren't I lip butters they were therebutters shit they were really popularback in itmassive you or no one if you didn't ever

Live butteryou were you were dead to the internetyeah you were to their 80 communitycountry I remember all these we do havesome more lip products here these arefrom growin beauty and they're called

The kiss my liquid lip bus keeps myliquid no noso there are non sticky alternative to aclassic lip gloss it's a liquid lip balmthat suits the lips as nourishesregenerates and repairs formulated with

Mango and grapeseed oil to hydrate andprotect kiss my provides the high shineof a gloss with the nourishment of ablack balm it comes in three shadesglossy nude dusty rose and a deep berrythere 26 US dollars each and they're

Available now at Sephora I do think thenude and they're like the dusty roseyeah they look nice they do look nice Ihaven't tried this brand I don't thinkwe can get it here in Australia you knowunless it's sticky and gloopy like those

Goddamn color color pop what do youfirst use them you're like like as youwear them you're like and you put on thetiniest amount you get these likestrings it's look no they were the luxeyes gloss luxe lip glosses yeah Sigma

Have launched an iconic brush set so itincludes brushes yes I really can't befucked by but gold handles yeah goldFerrell's they do look nice they don'tcome with a bag all existing brushesyeah you got the flat kabuki the

Spotlight dust the high cheekbonehighlighter the diffused crease mediumsweeper and a bagyesso 5 brushes hey lazy and Allies anda bag yeah 89 us all expensive but theirbrushes are nice and they good

Did I do last a while yeah you know ifyou want to if you this was interestingto you you can get it you can get it ifyou mag for goldmm go for gold is available now yes yesprobably the biggest news of the week

Which I'm very loving name my godmm-hmm um every decay new naked palaceyepnames Ewok the The Naked ultravioletspalette 12 vivid neutrals with a purpleplot yeah yes okay so this is a mixture

People have mixed reactions thanks toyou major major mixed I have one of thebiggest things I've been seeing ispeople being like pounds is naked Ithink the naked range is just meant tosort of be like wearable yeah and also

Sort of like capsules within like yeah Ithink yeah I think it's it's gone beyondwhat it was originally yes to be whichwas these are nude palette it's a balleton naked yeah it is evolved they can'tjust keep repeating naked palettes like

Nude palos not every year sorry whatthey're doing is making sort of capsuleslike you said color capsules but they'remore wearable like it's not like a it'snot one they neon pellets it's not likeyeah the wearable color stays yeah and

Even though I think this is pushing itfurther than their past naked palettesso I'm thinking of like the smoky TheNaked hate the cherry the goldno cause a honey naked honey yes theyeven they were had their own sort of

Vibe going on but again you can sort ofinterpret them more as nerd rather thancolor hmm this is definitely morecolorful for the naked range but again Ithink it's transcended to more this iswearable yeah and what they have done

Here which I a lot of people don't likebut I actually do like is that they'vegot five nude shades and then they'vegot seven purpley shades now a lot ofpeople like just get rid of the newbut I think once again they can't

They're in the nerds yeah I couldpalette collection and also one thing Ireally like about purple eyeshadows isthey pair beautifully with nerds so Ithink this is a way that gives peoplewho a bit worried about Purple's but

Want to deep into purples and reallylike the Urban Decay formula a littleprompt to step out of their comfort zoneso I don't hate this I don't want thepurples neither do II think the Purple's I prefer you know

Like shitty looking ripples yeah I readevery pink what's gonna sell thispalette is people who are still sort ofexcited by the naked range from which islike that's not me these days I moved onfrom that a long time ago but I reckon

People who go in store and swatch theseand all there are people doing it trustmeVR lucid and euphoric yeah they all looklike the duochrome yeah yeah that'swhat's gonna like people are gonna be

Like yeah I think this is gonna be forpeople who aren't aware of Jerome's andmaybe aren't aware of purple palettesbecause once again I think you have tobe quite deep in the beauty community tobe aware of brands that are doing full

Color palettes or maybe doing purpleeyeshadows and jeweler creams a lotbetter than this I my hesitation withthis is that besides the fact that notreally my color story but my hesitationwith this is I think Urban Decay eye

Shadows were good for when they firstcame out I they haven't evolved mintproblem with purples is they'renotoriously hard to formulate I don'tthink these are gonna be great so Istill think that urban decay eyeshadow

Formula is just a basic yellow formulaand generally a little bit toooverpriced for what you're getting itwas good eight years ago yeah but we'vemoved on so decay heat was naked heatwas the last palette that I tried from

Urban decay that I can remember fromthis naked range and it was prettyaverage going back to the naked smoky Ifeel like that's where they paint thatbombed thoughI don't know why that was a great

Palette it's funny is it eirick is agreat palette in their repertoire yeahbut I think the problem with it is it'smore of advanced palace yeah like Idon't do smoky eyes often and a lot ofpeople don't because they're quite

Intimidating so I think there's a reallyperfect smoky eye palette yeah but mostpeople alike I don't know how I did yeahand even though which is it was that'slike a makeup artists palette though thecolor story that's in it

Yeah it's actually the best palette Iagree but it's also one that's beendiscontinuedyeah yeah right I agree with you I thinkwhat's gonna sell this is people whoagain aren't super aware of what else is

Available you're looking in going oh Ilove purple and then be like oh you werecrime lords this magic and that and theybuy it so look I think this is gonnasell fairly well and a lot of peoplelike this is my perfect palette and if

It's something that you love yellow foritif this doesn't tickle your purple sortof jellies ya can skip ityeah yeah it's coming soon this was sortof shown on the UK website and I think

It was accidentally put up you know whenthey put up pages yeah they don't linkit to the home page where people searchthings it pops up in Google yeah that'swhat happen with this with the UKwebsite so I think we see days prepping

For it to come out very soon yeah but wehaven't yet thought confirmation of whenit's coming in but if you want it you'llbe able to get it yes coming it's comingit's comingall right guys that's it we are back I

Mean we are going all right guys as youcan hear it is time for us to go butbefore we do we have to dedicate thisepisode to be a beauty news VIP and thisweek's VIP is Alexi usually were lazyfor supporting media news and thank you

To everyone who supports bt news inwhichever way you choose to do it giveus a thumbs up if you enjoyed it andchuck your favorite purple emojis yes inthe description regard Egyptianscomment comments the comments we're

Saving the rainbows for June we are intookay alright alright guys see you in thenext one but oh you have a puppy

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