BEAUTY NEWS – 10 April 2020 | The Melbourne Edition. Ep 258

published on July 13, 2020

Hello beauty news family welcome tobeauty news this is the 10th 10th ofapril edition we're gonna be talkingabout knee release beauty products andupdates of things that we have talkedabout in the past before we get into itthough we got some sponsors one just one

One things seem very bleak at the momentbut we can still have beautiful thingsor brighten someones day for an upcomingspecial occasion Noemi create finejewelry and have something to suit anystyle they use 18 karat gold and their

Diamonds are vast clarity which comewith an IgA certificate card detailingcolor clarity and appraisal value alljewelry comes with a lifetime warrantyand you can return any order for a fullrefund even if it's been customized they

Offer payment plans with no hidden feesor extra charges I've been taking a lookat their stud earrings lately and I lovethat they have some single earringoptions like the white diamond lightningbolts I love the look of a mismatched

Dainty earring but you often can't buysingle studs in a store and have tocommit to a pair instead now a me giveyou a few extra options in that regardif you're looking to surprise thatspecial someone or even yourself while

Still practicing safe and smart socialdistancing now is the time for no waitme since shipping is free both ways andthey deliver straight to your dooryou'll be able to avoid the crowdsbusiness quality fine jewelry made to

Last a lifetime from a luxury brand youcan trust they have thousands offive-star reviews online we suggest youread some and see why people are ravingabout this companydespite their already amazing value

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Week we were in space last week we're onholidays and wethought would be the naughtiest todaywe'll be going out in public with noreasonsorry not Hayley's not even exercising

She's just I'm just I'm just hanging outin Melbourne yep it's not even it'seating no she knows and we've got twoupdates from Mac what is a fairly bigone there are no a lot of people will beexcited for I think mm-hmm maybe sorry

It's the second round of the Selenacollection so they had a saline acollection of years ago they've got tostick around we sort of talked about ahighlighter that had a rose on it and alip gloss and now we've seen more

Information so this is actuallyavailable for pre-order on the 6th ofApril from the Makah website and it'sfully launching on the 21st of April soby the time you're watching this you cando a pre-order I'm gonna say that it's

Probably gonna sell out pretty fast thelast collection you need but alsoearlier this week they released like avault type product and that sold outthey said in a minute Wow so you know ifyou are interested in this collection I

Think you need to be on the pulse withit like the makeup bag I like it too Ilike it's on the packaging as wellalright so in the collection there is an8 pan eyeshadow palette there is theextra dimension skin finish this is in

The shade Sarina Larina so it is namedafter her we we were saying it looksquite similar to like my darling and theone that I carry put out but this is anew one there's four lipsticks they'renew shades from the looks of it then

There's also retro matte lipsticks inthree heads again they look like newshades they're lip glosses two of them Ithink anew and one is a Reaper mote fromthe last Selena collection and then wehave true lip pencils and a makeup

Now the makeup bag the palette and thehighlighter have this cool sort of I'mgonna say brassiere type line to it soit's black and it's got sequins on it orsequins sort of printed on it and thisis a very typical of what Selena wore at

The time so I thought this was a prettycool like it's it's it could beconsidered tacky but I think they'vealso done it in a pretty decent way andyeah is really true to like what shewore so I think this is actually a

Really I think the collection this timearound looks more collectible than thelast one did it might be I agree yeahthe next collection we have from Mac isthe bronzing 2020 collection so this haslaunched in the UK

It consists of five lipsticks for lipglosses five foiled shadows two radiantmatte bronzing powders for strobe faceglazes a fixed plus in bronze light thestrobe body lotion in bronze light andthe one for three SES medium face fan

Brush the rest it is a launching worldwar worldwide soon yeah but basicallyit's just a bronze collection yeah it'san interesting one so we saw a sneakpeak of this and we were talking abouthow it's got that sort of drip bronze

Packaging and that we were too sure itwas going to be in it it looked likethey were highlighters but thehighlighters were actually I shadow z'yeah they look yeah they look really bigand then there were two

Bronzer shades as well as a few otherthings the thing that confuses me aboutthis collection is there's a lot of likea warm face products going on but thenthere's like really I see my shadow isgoing on to me yeah doesn't make much

Sense if that make like I think I feellike some of these work or any of thoselipsticks really nude like actually noirthey look so sort of like yeah I thinkI've brought in I think I've brought insort of beachy skin whereas what this is

Going for is bronzy face red lipsfrosty eyes yummy it sort of doesn'tseem as cohesive as I would have likedit to it's just to be confusing a fewpeople don't get the bronze light fixplus a lot of people have

Misinterpreting it as being either abody oil or product that will sort ofbronze your face missile like what isthis but it's just like their pink lightor their gold light but in a bronzecolor so yeah we're sorry pink it's more

Designed for darker skin you're gonnaput on like my skin tone and blend it inand get some bronzing unknown homeworkit's just for deeper skin so like thatdoesn't bother me too much it's just thecollection as a whole I think is a

Little bit strange I think this one'sbetter though so we did see a sneak peakof the NARS upcoming summer collectionand this again is a very bronzycollection I feel like they've done thisa bit better so this is yet Lagoona

Collection for summer of course they'rebanging on about their Laguna but at thesame time look it's got better it'sbetter than a bloody orgasm collectionwas on Laguna bronzer is a betterproduct I agree yeah so well we've got

In the collection and this is availablenow at Sephora us and also the nozzlewebsite so it instead of rolling outthey've got a jumbo sized paradisebronzer so this is pretty much Laguna ina jumbo size does have an overspray so

You can see that the bottom of it has abit of a gold sort of shimmer to it it'snot anything that it's gonna affect thebronzer is just there for aesthetics italso has a scent so the originaloriginal one isn't centered if you don't

Like scent of things avoid this but thescent is FrenchAsian monoi de Tahiti oil so that's likea floral scent I would find thisinfuriating if I was applying thiseveryday white florals just give me a

Headache so warning for people that aresimilar to me that want to avoid thatbut there's also the matte bronzerpowder there's four shades a lot ofthese are just read promoted shades Ithink in different packaging so instead

Of having that black or white packagingit's got like black and bronze packagingbut you know their shades we've seenbeforethen there's the bronzer powders so youmight be saying what's the difference

One is matte one is more luminous so thebronzer powders again has four shades alot of them we've seen beforeis the oil infused lip tint in Lagunaand reef there's afterglow lip balm inLaguna so this is a product that they

Bring out a lot but they just bring outnew shades and there's the power chromeloose eye payments this says that it'snot exclusive so I'm assuming it will beon the Naz website but not like Sephoramaybe and we've got four shades of those

There is essentially a translucent whitewith an orange pearlsounds pretty there's a shimmeryturquoise a shimmering pale rose and ashimmering brown bronze and there's alsothe mini Laguna bronzer and lip oil duo

Set so that's everything it does give avery sort of bronzy vibe and you know ifyou really like Laguna in every singleform you've got ityes assented for yeah look I don't hatethe collection um I love Laguna but it's

Just a lot it's a lot like it's a lotit's a lot but it's also what seems likea lot of the same thing that they had inthe past just sort of packaged with anice little bronze bar oh they're goingyes different you like is it is it I

Think I would have liked to have seenthem have this collection and likehaving a lot of bronzer veilis great because we don't all have thesame skin tone we all know things frombronzers but I would have liked to have

Seen them pair it with like maybeblushes that complement bronzers or youknow maybe an eyeshadow quad that'sreally bronzy and that will complementyou know like something I would like tosee them do more than just lip glosses

Lip aisles and bronzers yeah yeah I feellike they they could have added to thata little bita Laguna inspired eyeshadow palettewould be good like a brown nude paletteeven if they went with three of their

Bronzer tones like I know look you knowsort of like the mid-tone and Casino thedeeper one if I had like three bronzertones and then made like really coolquads like the illuminating bronzer thatthey've got the matte bronzer and then

Create some new like actual nude skincolored highlighters and put them intrios or c8 different yeah this justkind of feels like they're justregurgitating the same old same old andnot actually innovating any of it don't

Get me wrong like I love Laguna Itotally be down for buying more Lagunainspired stuff but it's just not reallyhitting the mark yeah and I think whatthey've done in the past recentlythey've had some really nice sort of

Face and eye palettes and sort of faithpalette or eye palette and I feel likewhat they've done here again is justrepackaging their can products thatthey've had in their line for a longtime so yeah you know I really think

That if they're going to release acollection that entices people to partwith their money that they didn't partwith for regular Laguna it's got to besomething a little bit different and Idon't I agree hit the mark with it so

But the idea of it I really like Ireally loved the bronze you sort oftheme clearly it's cold at the momentin my life you're looking way more tanthan I am am i miss lane well none hereokay the next collection that we're

Updating on we saw this there was likean influencer lunch thing with Sigma wesaw there so infinity quent lipsticksbeing shown as well as the core DeRosaeyeshadow palette and lip products nowwe have all the information which is

Fantastic so we can discuss it this isactually a funny one because they'repromoting it a bit on their Instagramaccount and they're saying that it'sofficially launching on the 14th ofApril but a lot of people pointed out to

Me that if you search Roza on theirwebsite it's already available so it'snot if you're going to like theeyeshadow palettes it's not listed therebut if you haven't leaked oh we likesearch for it it will pop up the lip

Products will pop up and you can buy itand then currently well over the weekendI think they had a sale so like you canget my set off so people were orderingand I don't like the palette yeah that'sa nice palette so when we first saw we

Were thinking ok this looks reallyorange toned and quarter rosa is like apinky sort of well I think it's supposedto be like inspired by roses and yeahtherefore is more pink but the more yousort of see photos overt the more you

Realize okay there are orange turns init and there are ready turns in it butthere are also equally as many sort ofpink turns so I do think this is quitethere's a bit of a nude a bit of Rose abit of orange a bit of red but it's full

Sort of it looks quite rosy turn so Iget it yeah so they're saying that thisis actually inspired by theirbest-selling or a powder blush color sothat's how they sort of started thiscollection so they've got the palette

Which is a 14 pan eyeshadow palette witha double-ended brush there's three newshades of lip glosses that a new sothere's the quarter Rosathere's lilac wine and secret gardenthese are twenty us dollars each we

Can buy the trio for 48 youdollars and these are all very sort ofsparkly shimmery glosses and thenthey've turned they've turned the shadequarter rosa into a liquid lipstick aswell so that's 20 US dollars and again

It's sort of officially launching of the14th but if you're sneaky you can findit now but but yeah there's sort of Ifeel like that there's listing cornerRosa as being more of a peachy peachyman because that's what the liquid

Lipstick is that's pretty much what thelip gloss is so a lot of people arestill saying this is not really hittingthe they shouldn't have caught called itquarter Rosa but I think the collectionis quite nice

I love ya picking it yeah I feel likeevery time we talk about these all Ihear is like people are annoyed thatit's cold cold erisa and I'm like I'vegot bigger fish to fryI think it's pretty pallid don't give a

Fuck what it's calledmore than a piece it's still pretty butthe thing is also like you can getpeople that say things like thechocolate bar palette doesn't have liketrue chocolate shades it's like an

Inspiration it's yeah I mean even moreof an inspiration and I think the vibeis sort of a floral spring vibe and Iget it um we don't have one other thingfrom Sigma which I think we'll justquickly talk about now cuz it's quite

Small and you know it's simple to getthrough we have an essential trio brushset in two brand-new colors so itincludes a travel e 25 blending brush atravel a 55 ice shading brush a travelf40 large angled contour brush and they

Come in a like travel team they'reavailable in black and pink and they're29 US dollars each at Sigma Beauty notthat anyone can travel right now nodon't buy travel brushes for travelingyou need to stay at home alright I'm to

New stuff we're also gonna do somethinga little bit different this week we'reat the end we're going to run throughsome quickfire stuff becausewe're very cautious about these episodesthe longer they get the more glitchy

They sort of become and it makes itharder to get it so things that aren'tsuper interesting we're just gonna chuckright at the end so if you wereinterested in knowing about them butwe're not going to discuss them in

Detail we're just like do it you knowfasting but let's start with dominateCosmetics they are adding three newshades of skin gloss into their rangebut they're actually releasing four sothey had a spin loss in their Prizm

Aglow highlight palette so essentiallythey had a palette which had one creamhighlighter and three powderhighlighters they've turned that into asingle and they've added three shades sothey've got golden jus copper light

Glossed peach and sunset glow now Idon't know one who was in the palette Ithink it was Elijah's one in thesephotos but I don't know what name thatis whatever these are going to be 25 USdollars each or you can buy them all in

A bundle of $80 and they're alreadyavailable now dominate cosmetics calmfrom vesali we're seeing more skincareproducts and they're moving away fromtheir face juice drops so we've gotquench it's a moisture replenishing

Serum it's supposed to help hydrate andreplenish moisture using a uniquecomplex of low and high molecular weighthyaluronic acid it also contains Provitamin b5 this one is coming soon tofast Sally oh shit it's still a dropper

Bottle okay look that's the thing that'sconfusing those because they've gotthese dropped up products that they it'slike what are they they're like yeah I'ma face base yeah they're like a hybridoh just put this on your face but yeah

Yeah they're actually saying yeah yeahaudio skincare routine so yeah we have apretty cute ornate little collectionhere fromflower nose and pretty Rock baby soflower nose is a Chinese indie brand and

Pretty rock baby is a Lolita clothingbrand this is the unicorn collection itconsists of 4quint eyeshadow palettes 6 blushes 6 lipglosses and a loose powder so these areall available April 17 on the is it

Taobao store but this is super ornateit's designed around like unicorns theblushes are fucking gorgeous yeah and II'm not even gonna lie I don't hate thepalettes either they sort of admired meof what was that one in Sephora pretty

Vulgar yes pretty vulgar but actuallylike cool yeah done betterit's like because really this is reallythere's a certain vibe like this is notmy vibe I don't like the yeah theunicorns and the very ornate and the

Very sort of whimsical almost fantasykids but expensive like that's not mypersonal vibe but I also think this isdone really well this is sort of watersugar not sure the pill lime crimewanted to do with all of the unicorn

Stuff didn't quite hit the mark yeahthis is what pretty vulgar sort ofwanted to do with their like bird kgdesign things but never really I feellike this is taking it to a reallyextreme level but they haven't now gone

To a point where it's horribly revealingthey know yeah really lent into the sortof theme a lot and if you love thistheme you'll be like crazy all over itI gotta say I love the shades of most ofthese blushes they look gorgeous

But anyway they don't that's that onealright really quickly our glossre-releasing the ambient metallicdestroyed lightingPellatt so this is actually a holidayrelease from 2017 but they're saying

Similar to Anasazi Beverly Hillsbringing back the Nicole Guerreropalette they say this was very popularpeople wanted to come back so it's backfor a limited time and you can get it atthe hourglass website for sixty four US

Dollars so if you did want thathighlight of color it's just a trio likea sort of pinky tone a more like goldiechampagne tone and a nerd like bronzetone it is back for a limited timeinnisfree have hooked up with Mentos

They'll be launching six variants oftheir no-sebum mineral powder incenseinspired by Mentos flavors so theseconds are mint cherry grape lemonmelon and Paigeand is also going to be a candy powder

Puff set that has three puffsapplicators people thought this was anApril Fool's joke they do educate me andI thought that in as well but it's notit's legit they're actually releasingthis say it's funny though because I

Think this is so polarizing so well likethis is trash it must be a jokewhat the fuck and then they are eatgoing Oh face it grapes it I know I likethere's a lot of sense here that I wouldwant to try but I actually hate this

Powder do you know what the funny thingabout it is I was decluttering that my Iwas trying to organize my makeups – alast week and I came across one of thesepowders and I've put it in my drawer forthings I must try because I'm really

Curious about it because if these docome to Australia and I really like thecherry sand – the peach scent and I likethe pad like that the product I'm likeI'm gonna buy itI actually think this is really cute

Because it does look like a littleMentos the one on it's really strange isthe meat yeah your face I don't I'm notsure about thatI at the same time like I totallyunderstand why people thought this was a

Joke but this is sort of like I thinkthis is how I like sort of food stuffincorporate powder for me I can gothrough so quickly oh yeah you try itwhen you had dry skin or oily skin Itried it when I had oily skin and dry

Skin and I hated on both so it's got alot of silica in it and I personallyfind the way it sits on the skin andsort of mixes with most foundations justlooks yuck yeah I hate those I also findthat when you set your under eye with

The middle if it makes you under eyeconcealer go darker yes yes exactlyyeah it's not it's not my dream I'mgonna try it if I don't like it I'mgonna get rid of it if I love dad I willyeah like I I do want these but I don't

Like the powder sorry Shane we have anew release from milk makeup it is themelatonin overnight serum plus melatoninovernight lip mask so the melatoninserum is 36 us dollars it's anovernight solid serum stick that

Rejuvenates hydrates and calms thebouncier looking smoother skin the lipmask is 22 US dollars it's an overnightlip mask that replenishes hydrates andcons for softer smoother plump lookinglips so these contain topical melatonin

And a berry blend of goji acai blueberryand Blackberry for antioxidant benefitsit's got persian silk tree extract tohelp balance skins topical melatoninlevels hyaluronic acid to hydrate andlavender and chamomile to come and

Provide a subtle relaxing scent it's allavailable now and milk makeup andSephora so this seems to be a skincarerange that is designedfor night time but it hmm so melatoninis something that you usually take to

Assist with difficulty sleeping and Irhomboid I understand it doesn't haveany topical benefits that's what a lotof people are saying is that no or verylittle evidence to suggest that topicalmelatonin does anything but all we

Continue talking about this I just wantto make it very clear to people who arepotentially confused about thisingredient melatonin is not melanin okaymelatonin is your non eye drug or youknow like something that your body

Produces to help you sleep and melaninis the thing that you find in skin yeahit's a pigment in skin we didn't get alot of comments of people thinkingoriginally thinking this was potentiallyracist or distasteful because they I

Think they interpreted that this waslike you put it on and then it likepranaam darker torrents but it's notit's about it's purely the sleepchemical manic sleep regulating chemicalso the point of this I guess is you use

It at night and its first help you relaxor sleep but again there's no evidencethat topical melatonin does that alsowhat's interesting is that an claim thatthat's what it does no I'm just sayingthat it rejuvenates hydrates calms for

Smoother looking replenished skin so itseems like again they're chucking in aningredient for the buzzword and not forany beneficial results because I thinkthat probably legally they can't saythat it helps you fight because no proof

So again you're paying your money formarketing bullshit the thing that reallyfrustrates me about this and this is myinternal struggle is that I loveanything with black blackberry and thosekind of scent in it so I

I want to smear this on my face but Idon't want to take your bullshit yeahyeah that's my that's my strugglebecause I'm a very fanatic yeah yeahthis is yeah a lot of peoplemisinterpreted what this is now you

Could be enraged by its release but doit for the right reason yeah I agreeum I think this is very milkesque though because I feel like lookingback at almost all of their releasesthey're all gimmicky

They've all got these like oh yeahexactlyit's it's quite when you actually lookat the core of what they're saying abouttheir productsit's like bullshit yeah but also the

Funny thing about it is that that whatthey claim from their product this iswhere I think they're fairly smart isthey're like this is buzzwords for it'sa moisturizeryes exactly we're going to say it also

Has business business so it sounds likeit's scientific and a lot more differentfrom what other moisturizers havebecause you know Arden vegan Arden milkinstead of other moisturizers that haveargan oil and oil like yeah already yeah

It's very typical milk but yeah peopleare getting sort of their knickers in aknot about it over weird something thatit's notyes alright the next thing is morphethey've launched to 5-piece and get

Ready with morphe sets so theseessentially just little makeup bags andthey've got sort of mini products inthem so the super sleigh so these are 25US dollars each or if you're inAustralia there's 38 Australian dollars

The super sleigh has the five the basicfold artistry palette it's also got doyou are of a blush and highlighter it'sgot a couple of brushes and a lip crayonso the second kit is similar to thefirst one it's got the five piece mini

Palette it's gotthe blush and highlighted you are butit's got a brow sitting gel and pulsar alip gloss instead of the troop rushesare slightly different but same timelook I want to say two things about this

And this is take one quite boring whogives a fuck but secondly I actuallylike this concept I think brands shouldbring out like comprehensive mini packsfor peer trial if they are unfamiliarwith the brand or unfamiliar with what

Colors work together like I would loveto see more brands kind of going here'syour little makeup bag you could takethis away on the weekend or if you'revisiting your boyfriend take this it'sgot everything you sort of need you can

Play with all the products it's gotstuff that will sell our brand fairlywell if you like the products so yeah Ithink I like this concept as a whole butyou know I would like to see otherbrands sort of bring out like a

Comprehensive little mini bag ofproducts that like is a full face cuz Ithink that's really cool and you knowthey've got they're playing when theyget ready with me thing which is youknow a YouTube thing and Instagram thing

Like you know and I could imagine peoplegoing okay this is a fun little gift togive someone or treat myself and I cansit down and I can actually use it alsoeven though I like I don't really lovethe things they put in there too much

Because it's also because it's more Vyeah I like the concept yeah I like thelittle quick pellets I think they'retotally wearable yeah but I'm not likeyou know chomping at the bit to buy thisparticular like give me no meat with our

Collections no you're right nor you cansee our collections but we're out sounfortunately no I'm sorry can't showyou busy in the city all right let'stalk about Ray Morris so the the brandhas upgraded the entire makeup brush

Collection with new patented syntheticbristles so these are micro crystalfibers and they're a unique crystallizedstructure the perfectly mimics thecuticle structure of natural fibersit has an antibacterial rating of 999%

And they are vegan so previously therange of rain most brushes were made ofnatural animal hairs so I can see a lotof people now being excited about thisbut what I think is quite interestingabout this is one Ramos is typically

Considered a professional makeup brandher brushes are extremely expensivebecause as well when when we yeah Iremember these I think the first time Iwent to hire max was going on ten yearsago and that was when I first saw the

Brushes so they they are really targetedto makeup artists but yet yeah like ohnot that you can really see it butthey're like professional expensivereally high-end and they're good qualitybrushes what's interesting now is that

The new synthetic brushes are usuallythey're actually more expensive they'remore expensive than her original brushesanyway between five and ten dollars Inoticed and I just like is is somebodyreally going to buy a synthetic

Foundation brush that looks like thisfor like a hundred and thirty dollars asynthetic brush look like I don'thappening I'm not gonna look I thinkthis is this is an interesting debatethough because I understand the benefit

Of especially with you know cruelty freeand yeah people are wanting to go intomore synthetic product yeah but I doagree with you the reason why brusheshave such a high price tag is becausetheir sauce

From and they're like it's a very highlytreated animal head would you say likehandmade Russia yes so all the suddenyou've gone to synthetics so she shoulddrop the price but the thing I findstrange about this as well is I don't

Actually I don't feel like and this isjust an assumptionso take it's just my assumption becauseRay Morris had her and I really respectrumors I think she's a fantastic makeupartist she's she's lovely she's so nice

And she's so like she's so great atteaching people technique yeah and she'svery generous with her her knowledgeyeah she's great so I really love RayMorris but um from what I've seen it'snot when she made her makeup range or

Her brush range he was for makeupartists and she used the best materialsfor makeup artists I think that it wouldhave been smarter for her to bring out aparallel range for that that's syntheticso if you still wanted the animal hair

Ones because you that's what you like towork with and that's your medium youlike to work with you still have that asan optionI feel like converting completely tovegan seems like it is pandering to

Consumers because most people that I'msure there's a lot of makeup artiststhat are very conscious about crueltyfree but I also know that a lot of themwill just see that these are tools ofthe trade and they last a long time

They're a great investment they workthat's sort of what you did to buy but Ifeel like it since she came into nikkastores or online at Mecca I feel like alot of brands and now starting to gowell makeup artists aren't buying as

Much as they used to you makeup artiststhat are coming around more consumerusing more consumer brands so we arechanged to pander to a new market and Isort of feel like that's what I don'tlike about it because either I

Personally do prefer syntheticpersonally I wouldn't still spend $130 afancy synthetic brush it's justridiculous in my opinion but it makesmore sense like Wayne Goss to have bothyeah if you are makeup artist at once

Cruelty Freight you've got the veganones if your makeup artist and you wantanimal care once you've got them bothbut because she's switching completelyI think it's pandering to a new audienceand that's what I feel like as part of

It it goes right just stick to your gunsand do what you think is sort offrustrates me because she's been doingthis for so long doing a bit of a 180 Ikind of go why why now that's why Idon't love about it yeah yeah that was

My issue as well because I know herbrushes are good I've got a lot of themI think they're worth their price tagbut I wouldn't I wouldn't spend thosesorts of dollars on 730 brushes becauseI know you can get synthetic brushes

From plenty of brands that areabsolutely top-notch and are so muchmore affordable I I don't I don'tunderstand the price tags it's I feellike she she is going to like priceherself out of the industry with those

Price tags on synthetic brushes becauseno sane person is going to spend thatsort of moneyalright a couple of body products so thenewest member of their shaped ape familyjust dropped on top calm and it's the

New shape tape waterproof body makeup sothis is a vegan waterproof you know bodymakeup product a lot of people wheneverwe talk about body products or wheneverwe share them on Instagram or in ourFacebook group or whatever it happens to

Be this always gets some really weirdsort of responses but look we'll talkabout that in a second so essentiallythis is a match no shima creamy andwhipped waterproof formula so it'ssupposed to even out skin

On your legs arms chests the great thingabout it is it's like fudge proof andwaterproof so it won't transfer intoclothesit does have skin nourishing products inthere so maracuja and antioxidants

They've got eight shades thirty-nineus dollars each and it is a fullcoverage sort of product a vegan crueltyfree along with that they've alsolaunched the shape tape tone tools sothis is a new brush it's supposed to

Have 140,000 super soft dense bristlesto deliver a full-coverage flawlessfinish it's just like a big sort of bodykabuki type brush they can buff in theproduct and that's available now for $28as well you can also buy this in a mini

But I'm not sure the price I couldn'treally find it when I was looking butimmediate travel size should beavailable or available soon now I thinka lot of people sort of look at theseproducts and they say Oh what now people

Are telling me I need to put body makeupon my body like isn't enough thatsociety's making me put on my face but Ithink the people are think that waynobody losses you thank you yeah thepeople that think that way I think they

Are sort of perpetuating that sort ofmyth that I'm currently wearing makeupbecause I'm doing you impress society orsomething it's not yeah I want to do itI also happen to be the kind of person Idon't wear body makeup but if I'm going

Out somewhere really nice and I don'twant to fake tan cuz I fucking hate faketurning I actually think body makeup isbeautiful as a way to sort of airbrushyour legs and give you a bit of colorand you watch it so even though I don't

Tend to use it often it is actually areally nice product to have just to makeyou feel a little bit better there's alot of people that have issues withveins or scarring or rosacea and likepatchy skin and stuff and if they want

To feel good this is the kind of productfor them so it's yeah for everyonesociety's tart and society's not tellingyou that every day you need to put yoursunscreen on and thinkyour body in fucking makeup but there

Are a lot of people that will benefitfrom this so I think this is a good moveI think their shape tape concealer rangeis pretty budge proof and nice nicelypigmented so they can turn that into anice body product that you sort of just

Buff in this will give a lot of peoplewith scarring and like back kneescarring and all this kind of stuff abit of confidence to wear what they wantto wear so I think it's not a bad movelet them let them buy it and use it if

They want to and if you don't want todon't do it don't buy itall right from Tom Ford we have thissummer soleil 20/20 collection this isavailable at you–you'll ish now itconsists of a lip blush which is fifty

Five US dollarsit's a gold-flecked lip balm basicallyit transforms into a soul berry pinkblack ah there is also a face and bodyskin illuminator this is 70 US dollarsit's 30 mils and it comes in three

Shades rose gold bronze glow and giltglow then we have the glow tintedmoisturizer it's SPF 15 70 US dollarsfor 50 mils it's color correcting tintedmoisturizer in ten shades and then thereis the ultra shine lip color which is

Fifty five US dollars it's a lightweightintensely pigmented lip color that lookslike a lip gloss in eight shades alrightthe last thing we're going to talk aboutin depth is why ourselves the newcollection that's coming out in May so

It's a little bit premature but it iswhat it isthis is the milk tea shop collection sothis collection is inspired by milk teaand it's in the themes lot a nude candynude and spicy nerd so essentially it is

Shade extensions of four their lipproducts so we've got the ridge of alocked shine so the new shades beatabmilky mode creamy latte colorokay cool spicy child with depth surethey're all limited edition then we have

The Rouge pur Couture lipsticks there'sa new and permanent shade calledcinnamon brown limited edition shadecalled latte nude a new new andpermanent shade called spicy cinnamonthen we have the vinyl cream lip stains

The limited edition shades a creamybeige milktea coral and pumpkin nude andthe newer permanent is cinnamon orangethen we have the tattoo wash Couture lipmatte liquid matte lip stain in two newand permanent shades Coco beige and

Orange chai now this collection I thinka lot of people from the feedback I sawwere really confused firstly they werelike wire sales selling milkwhat and then a lot of people like thisis not tea colored but I wanted to just

Say that if you get a tea latte that'squite a strong tea latte these are thecolours tea lattes are very sort oforangey brown all that can be reallysort of like pinky colored so I thinkthis is an addition to the range and I

Think it's a sort of funlook you can clearly tell these brandsthese days are trying to get into themore Asian markets because that's wheretea light popular yeah but I think thisdoes in my opinion I've had a lot of tea

Lattes I love them this does reallyrepresent tea lattes I love the shadeeditions because these are nudes thatI've been looking for for a long time somany of these ranges are stuck in thepinky nude zone so it's really nice to

See them bringing out brownie nudesorangie nudes sort of more money nerdsso I really like this some people werejust like this what the fuck is thepoint of these other people like yes Icould expand my wire sell lipstick range

Cuz these colors are cool so people arefalling away on like different parts ofthe spectrum I think this is smart Ilike it I don't hate it I'm not gonnabuy it but I don't hate it yeah I'mgonna be not gonna buy it because why

Are selling products aren't my favoritebut I would want to swatch these ifthese had callsas well like tea or like yawns it'll belike I'd be a bit more came then yeahI'd be like look I want a caramel tea

Scented lipstick yeah oh yeah yeah Ithink this is cute I like I like seeingthese more warmer nudes and brownienudes kind of come into these brandsthat traditionally ignored them yeah andI like that they've sort of steamed it

Around something that oh no I think it'ssomething that I really enjoy and Ithink they've done a good job of it buta lot of people disagree but each toeach their ownyes all right let's run through some

Things quickly that we don't really wantto talk a whole lot about becausethey're just releases first up we havethe Catrice spring 2020 collection thisis glow in bloom is launching soon inApril and it consists of the glowing

Blue monochromatic blush and glow in twoduo shades for forty nine euros eachglowing bloom highlighter brush forninety nine glowing bloom highlightershimmering powders in four differentshades for 49 and the glowing bloom

Glow drops liquid highlighter drops intwo shades for forty nine it all looksvery wearable and glowy so the Japanesebrand Korea Beauty they've had a SailorMoon collection under the name miracleromance for a long time we've fetched

Them on our channel and they're addingin new things so they're adding in thecuticle oil set a lip balm a lipstickand perfume yesall right Florence by mills areexpanding their Tintin team brow gel

Range with a cliched 14 US dollarsavailable now at Florence by Mills andcoming suit alta all right we have afragrance release this is one that wearen't talking about in the main sectionanymore because we don't really talk

About fragrances too much so it doesn'treally make sense but k'kaw fragrancewas just announceda collaboration between kkw fragranceand Kris Jenner so it is launching onthe 15th of April at 12 pm exclusively

At k'kaw fragrance calm 40 US dollarsthe same 20% of all proceeds from theirwebsite earned from the 15th of April tothe 5th of May my birthday we made it toblessings in a backpack so it's anorganization that provides food on the

Weekends for children who go acrossAmerica who go hungry otherwise sothat's good if you actually want to buyit it's probably the time window or thetime frame to buy it but yet it's just anew it's a new fragrance from revolution

Skincare we have that face face boostsmoisture cream and gels so recently wetalked about some new eye creams andgels that they released and these arebasically the face versions of them Idon't even know I don't know I don't

Know riddle me this b1 fucking idiotsand here we are talking about this shitagainI sound like a broken record so there'sa hydration Bruce gel a splash boostcream the brightening boost cream toning

Boost cream calming boost cream they're10 pounds 1199 euros14 US dollars each they're 50ml veganand cruelty freewhatevs from Paula's Choice we have anew probiotic nutrient moisturizer with

Pre and post biotics to help support ahealthy microbiome biome or youthfulskin it's 42 US dollarsI don't even know what this is what thefuck is itit's a moisturizer that's meant to

Strengthen and protect skin surfaceagainst sensitivity and damage yeah it'slike a water again a lot of buzzwords bydoing a say man instance I remembertalking on if it was easy garlic wouldhave been like four or five years ago I

Think I was talking to a skincare expertand they weresaying that the next inventions thatwill sort of take over from your basicserums and stuff will be good bacteriathat will help fight the bad things so

All right so that so this is I thinkthey're leaning towards that and it'sfunny though I remember hearing thatprobably like five years ago and haven'treally seen it eventuate but that theywere like this is the cutting edge of

Stuff that will come out and change sortof the industry but it's pretty muchyeah things that will like prebioticsall that kind of stuff that will helphelp strengthen your skin rather thancovering it with stuff yeah your is to

See how that's received and if it worksbecause yeah I think that's somethingthat we'll probably see the next fewyears popping up a lot all right so noFriday's have launched their lip butterbomb it's a silky vegan lip mask that

Hydrates and soothes parched lips whilesealing in moisture for russia then lifelips on demand day or night there was nocomma or and there's one comma inthere annoying that's a long sentence soit's supposed to be a silky formula that

Melts into dry cracked lips for instanthydration while creating a flexiblebarrier to seal in moisture while yousnooze hmm yes so it's got a naturalvanilla flavor which does sounddelicious and they're saying that it is

Also on the go natural shine perfect forlipstick ready canvas so I think thatthat's implying a lip primer but it'snow available twenty two US dollars atsummer fridays and sephora yeah it lookslike a very breezy lip balm yes that the

Time has come to dedicate this episodeto a beauty news VIP in this week's VIPs karina thank you for supporting beautynews and thank you to everyone whosupports reading news in whichever wayyou choose to do it cat what is our

Emoji well if you made it to the endleaving a comment thereshow us that you made it's the end my TVbecause we're at a coffee JasonMelbourne obviously absolutely I'm on myway to meet up with Kat make sure you

Practice social distancing we'll washyour hands guys and we will see you soonin the next one bye yeah

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