BASIC EDITING FOR BEGINNERS – Adobe Premiere Pro [Full, Step, by Step, Easy Tutorial] – Make Videos!

by birtanpublished on August 29, 2020

Hey everybody welcome back to the channel in this video I want to show you how I edit videos in Adobe Premiere Pro this is a video that a lot of people have been requesting for quite some time now and I figured I'm actually just going to make this whole video I'll show

You like real time how I edit a video I'll have an actual video that I'm editing and I'll show you guys the hotkeys I use the settings I use how I save things how I organize everything and overall just the general flow of how

I edit a video so that hopefully you can learn from this and it'll make your editing more efficient or maybe it'll just show you how to edit in the first place if you're brand new to Premiere Pro so starting off right off the bat

There are a lot of different ways you can edit videos Premiere Pro is definitely not the only one it's the one that I prefer for a couple reasons and I'll get into those but there are a whole lot of free ones out there some of

The free ones don't they're a little bit limited sometimes but there are quite a few that work really well and I actually made an entire video comparing I think three to three or five different free ones that I've used in the past that

Work when you're starting off now once your channel gets big enough you might want to consider buying one so either like Final Cut or Adobe Premiere Pro Final Cut the reason I don't use that one is because I don't have an Apple

Laptop I don't have a macbook so what I use on Windows is Adobe Premiere Pro now I will say if you have a MacBook you may want to actually consider looking into Final Cut because it actually does render a lot faster but other than that

There are definitely some benefits to using Adobe Premiere Pro for me like I said the main reason is obviously because I'm using a Windows laptop now with that in mind let's jump over to my laptop and I'm going to edit a video and

Show you guys exactly what I do and when I'm editing video why I do what I do so let's go over right now okay so when I'm editing typically I will go and start off with the new project name the project something I'm just going to call

This one edit and then I go in and find the folder where all of my content is stored so we'll do that and I leave all these settings pretty much the same when I just start and we'll create a timeline once we have is up and running and so

Once this is up then I'll go over to assembly and the first thing I want to do is kind of organize my bins so we'll go and make a bin for I'll call this one Imports just like some kind of lower thirds and stuff like that I'll make it

Bin for b-roll b-roll and then the rest we'll just kind of have right here so I hit control I and it pops up the window when I want to import things and find the folder with all of my content in it and so starting

Off just the audio track and the video are the first two things I really want here and those two I'll just import them now I do record my audio and my video separately I know some people use like a shotgun mic or they recorded together

But because I do it separately something that I recommend is so let's just go and copy drag this down here so you drag it down into your timeline sequence and then we'll go and drag the audio clip down to the bottom half there but what I

Was going to say is what I recommend since they're separate is I actually clap like early on so you have a little spike in the audio right there you could see down at the bottom and it's generating the peak file right now so

Once there we go so you'll see right right around here it should be pretty easy to line it up if we go down we'll see the clap and we can kind of slide this over until these Peaks so if you can see the peak right

There with the mouse the peak right there and the peak right there we want them to line up as close as possible so we're zoomed into like the single frame offset here so okay so now let's test it out see how that sounds okay so it

Sounds like the clap was pretty much lined up pretty well there so the next thing you want to do is click the little lock icon right here and see if we can see I can even see that on the camera yeah so if you click the lock icon right

There then it'll lock the video portion of it press the letter V so you're selecting right here and select the audio portion of the video so because Canon cameras record the video with the audio it's grouped together as one thing

So we will delete the audio so we don't have that weird echo in the video now we only have the audio track and the video track and they're the ones that we actually want so then I hit C and that brings me to the little cut tool right

Here so I can cut things up pretty well and if you hit ctrl you hold ctrl down and you click right there it should or sorry you hold shift and you click right there it'll cut both the audio and the video at the same spot so then press V

And what I'm going to do is click and highlight a little square and just delete these old clips so if we zoom out the bottom bar right here is essentially your slider you can look through the I'm line with this slide back and forth

You can also zoom in and out by clicking and dragging this so if we zoom in you'll see right there there's an empty gap before the beginning of this video so the next thing I want to do is click in that space right there

Highlight it white and just hit delete and so that'll take me to if I press home it'll take me to the beginning of this video so then when you find the spot where you actually want to start you can press the letter Q to delete

Everything to the left of that and then letter W will delete everything to the right so Q will just bring us as the new star right there and then another trick that I use is when you're editing during your timeline you can hit the letter L

On your keyboard once it's playing so go from here and it'll go to double speed and it keeps increasing the speed if you press L twice or three times and it's a good way to just edit a lot faster so you can really zoom through your editing

Just by doing that so let's go back and see what we have here so typically when I'm editing videos I don't do a lot of color grading on the original just the studio footage like that I'll usually leave the settings you know a whatever I

Set on the camera I make sure that it looks pretty good and then it usually looks good in the post Braque here but what I might do some color grading on is if I have some b-roll I put in here then the way you'd want to do that is you

Click on the clip and you go up across the top we have editing right there we have color so colors were you gonna do your color grading and so you'll highlight your clip and you can go down and change quite a bit about your clip

There's also these little things right here you'll see that these are actually a way that you can have like keyframes right there see it says do you want to delete it so yeah it won't delete that keyframe so if I wanted this video to

Start off right here and say I want to zoom in I can drop a keyframe by clicking a little stopwatch icon right there on scale and then I'll you know hit the right arrow to go forward a few frames and then I can drop another

Keyframe right here by clicking a little dot and at this keyframe maybe I want to be zoomed into like there right so what you can do then is it starts here and it'll zoom in so it's just a good way that if you're trying to so let's give

Her to a keyframe we don't want that but that's a good way that you can easily zoom and move things around when you're editing sometimes I find that need to do that if I'm like tracking an object you'll drop a whole bunch of key

Frames and it's a good way you know if you're doing like typically b-roll so I don't obviously use keyframes as much in my standard studio stuff sometimes I'll just cut and zoom in because sometimes that makes it a little more interesting

To zoom in a little bit whenever you're emphasizing something but continuing on with this edit so the other thing I recommend is at the bottom if you know there's a long a long time of you talking and it was all pretty good then

I might look at the bottom until I see a little gap in the audio so you see right there there is a small gap so I can go check that out and I can just go and and really just focus on the parts that I know I need to cut so right there was

Like a pretty long silence so what I might do is hits the letter C right at the edge of the audio starting right there so I think right there's a good spot go back to frames so then hold shift and click and that'll cut both

Both the audio and the video like we talked about before and then if I go back here I could tell where I stopped talking and then I'll hit the letter W and it'll cut out everything to the right of that as we talked about the cue

Is to the left W is to the right and it kind of cuts it's like a ripple delete really is what it is and so the way I typically edit my personal flow is that I like to go in and edit all of the studio just this first so I want to look

At me talking and and and the audio with that line that up edit the whole thing through and then I'll add b-roll later once the main track is already solidified and ready to go now something else I like to do is if you hit the

Letter V and let's just say I want to change the audio of this one so the first track sometimes what I like to do is I'll go into audio and if you hit the presets there's some seven you know several different presets you might want

To look into podcast voice can be good for some microphones other microphones like this lapel mic I usually just go with a balanced male voice and sometimes I like to get rid of dynamics I think dynamic sounds a little bit weird when

They add the extra clarity in there but overall I would say that once you do that it takes a few seconds to analyze it but I think the audio then sounds a lot better now if you want to use the same attributes from this audio clip on

Another one what you want to do is go over and right-click on the audio and I do the same thing with color grading a good way to do that is just to so like the clip go up there and say copy and then go over to the next audio right

Here this audio clip right click and say paste attributes and you'll see right there it's going to copulate the volume the loudness and all the stuff that I did to the first clip so now these two clips should be identical in how they're

Actually edited and the same thing again you can do with the these clips up here the actual video portion of it if I color grade it or if I add any kind of like resizing to this I can copy it and I can paste it on another clip and

That's a great way to kind of make your editing quicker and more consistent so you don't have to go in and click on all the settings for each individual clip so if you do it for one you can also highlight like a dozen other clips and

Just paste it for all of those paste the attributes and make sure that they are all the same so other than that I actually want to go through the top and to show you guys a little bit about what I use each tab for so starting with

Assembly assembly is where I do most of my importing and I kind of drag the clips over I think it's a good way to just simplify the window so you just have the clips right there you have your bins right there and then you have your

Timeline right here so really easy to drag things where they belong really easy to organize the clips into the respective bins and I do all of that from the little project thing right up at the top you can also go across and

There's a lot of other things that I don't really use that much so you can go into like your media browser you can see markers and stuff like that but for my purposes I just stay with the project tab within the assembly tab at first

Then most of my editing is actually done in editing which makes sense I can find the clips I want drag them in as I need to and then I can also add some different effects so if I want to somehow like merge a song in here so if

I add music I can go into effects here and I can go to like audio transitions there crossfade and I can have a constant gain at the beginning and at the end of a song so if this right here was a song and I wanted to kind of fade

In what I would do is I would take constant gain and I would drag it over to the beginning of this clip so you see right there it plops in it's kind of hard to see so let's zoom in and see what that looks like so as you zoom in

You'll start to see that there's a constant gain transition between these two Clips so let's make that a little bigger as well and you'll see that what you could do then is you can click on it and you can

Expand it you can shrink it so a great there you can expand or shrink the transition period so you can make that even longer or shorter as you find necessary and then if you decide you don't want it you just click on it and

You hit delete and that will get rid of it so continuing across the top like I said color is where you do most you color grading or anytime you want to change basically just the color or the brightness or the white balance of any

Any clip individually that's where you do that if you go into effects that's where you can kind of manage like I said if you resize things you can do that from the editing tab you can also do that from here if you add like if you

Want to crop something or something like that then typically what I'll do is from the editing tab I'll go over to effects click the little search bar and I'll type in crop so if I go to crop right there then you click crop and you drag

It on to the clip so if I want to crop this clip right here which again I usually only do that for b-roll type stuff you can go in and crop it or maybe if you're like trying to blur out another you're trying to blur out a

Frame it's a good way to like make a blurry frame on top of a clear frame and then crop the blurry one so it only blurs one specific area that's the way I typically do it there might be better ways to do that as well but that's just

An easy way that I usually do that and so then once you have that you can go over to effects you'll see the same kind of window here and effects can really control quite a bit of course you have the basic color correction as well and

There's a little bit of a redundancy between some different tabs but it depends on what you're trying to do it's kind of more convenient to have different combinations of tools on a single tab so audio like I said is just

Basically all I do is I add the presets and I'll maybe change like the loudness of it the clip volume and I'll change the EQ of it other than that I try to keep the audio as consistent as possible and and just really change it as little

As possible I try to just keep all the echo out in the studio and just use a decent microphone and I don't need to make too many changes to the audio clip here then lastly graphics graphics is a good way to so if I just go and say I

Want to add a title somewhere in here so if I'm editing let's hit the letter T on the keyboard and you'll see them in this little text tool right here so if I click I can type like whatever texts I want so text text right there

And then you can click on the little little selection tool there and you can click and drag this around wherever you want you can go on the right and you can change the color of it you can change the size of it and a lot of different

Attributes with the font and of course over here you can change the position and the scale of the text frame itself so this is a good way to have some different key frames make your text move in if it needs to or like slide into

Wherever you want it to be on your frame and so you'll see that on here it also shows up in the next layer so you can also move your text around throughout the different parts of your timeline now the next thing I want to show you guys

Which is really helpful for me are the alt and the ctrl keys so if you're trying to drag a clip so if I have like if I want to put a second one of this clip somewhere so right here I have the word text if I want to put that over

Here I can hold down the Alt key and then click and drag this text over here and it'll show up again over there so now I have a duplicate of it and it's going to be absolutely identical to what it is like over here and then on the

Flip side if I have another clip and I want to add it in between the two so if I want to say you know what actually this little combination right there needs to be back here a little bit more you can hold down control and then click

And drag it and what it does is it pastes it in there and slide it shifts everything to the right of that so right there you'll see it drops it in and the clip that used to be there is now over on the right of that clip so let's undo

That you'll see that it was here if you click it hold control drag it over it shifts everything over to the right of where it belongs so that's just a really convenient way to move things around again when I'm editing I do that quite a

Bit but for the most part I think that's most of the tools I use while I'm editing I pretty much never go over to the libraries tab but something I do recommend from graphics is sometimes going through browse there are some

Pretty nice little free ones in here so there's different templates if you have Adobe stock free or premium you can go through and see again quite a bit quite a few different kind of lower thirds they have and just a lot of different

Stuff so we'll go to free right here see what they have so they do have some big title things that pop up they also have let's see if we keep going through you'll see there's like little titles that slide across

They have little lower thirds they have little action things to say like follow or subscribe or whatever you're trying to do and so sometimes I'll just click and drag those in and it can change the text on them and do everything as much

As I need to now again if I want to go back and edit this text and I'm in the graphics tab I can very easily just click on this right here and then I can go up into the text and double click on it and I can change whatever I want

About that text and again like I showed you before the selection tool is a great way to click it and move it around wherever you want so once I'm done with that and I'm definitely not done with this video

But what I recommend doing is actually going to export and I showed you export settings in another video but I'll just summarize it really quickly here the best way that I do it is ctrl M and ctrl M should bring you up this window right

Here then you have settings on the right side so h.264 is usually what I use for YouTube and for my camera just everything works out best that way for presets I go down to YouTube 4k Ultra HD because this camera is recording in 4k

Then I'll go down and I'll change the output name and the folder it's in so I'll change the folder to whatever I'm using right now so whatever will use this folder for now and you can change the title of the file right there I

Suppose they cancel and leave it with whatever it was then as you go down you'll see that you have this little kind of sliding window right here so I scroll down until you see VBR one-pass make that vbr 2 pass then go down and

Use maximum render quality and then click export and you are ready to go that's pretty much everything I have to show you when you're editing a video it should be enough to get you going if you have other questions of course there's a

Lot more you can do with transitions and keyframes and moving things around I recommend just kind of messing around it a little bit and going to some different forums and learning more so you know tailor to what specifically you are

Working on but for the most part if you're making video similar to mine that should be like the extent of the introductory information you need when you're editing with Adobe Premiere Pro so I know this interface is very

Intimidating I hope this guy I hope this helped you to better understand what's going on here I hope this helped you to also just have a better idea of how to be more efficient when you're editing and just a general flow of how to just

Edit your videos and make things work as well as possible so guys as always thank you all for watching I'll see you next time

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