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published on July 17, 2020

hey and welcome back to cultural duties to the keeper kitchen here in London now a couple of days ago we posted a video with our vanilla cupcake baking kit and loads of you have ordered it from the cupcakes Gemma website and you've been

Baking a lot and you've even posting photos on Instagram and it is amazing and we've got a few other ones up on the website as well including this one which is the chocolate mix so I thought we faked this one together today so you can

Bake along with me and if you've got the kit if you haven't got the kit then if you you know just looking you have it find the ingredients and after this video then head over to cupcake Gemma at home and you can find the chocolate the

Vanilla we've got a red velvet and a gluten-free as well so in your kit let's have a look we have got recipe and all the things that we've got included in the box as well as the things that you're going to have to buy like the

Fresh ingredients we've got a little packet of chocolate chips which will come to you later we've got some decorations and little Smarties and cupcake cases obviously pretty important we've got a little bit

Of a bottle sorry hit of oil can we've got the icing sugar so we'll put that to one side for a bit later and we've got the cake mix so in here it's all the dry ingredients that you're gonna need you've got the flour sugar cocoa raising

Agent everything is in this pack so you know we've pretty much done it for you guys so all we need to do now is get some kind of wet ingredients ready but before we start I'm gonna put on my gloves because you know it's advised

These days and they look kind of cool so we're gonna start with the wet ingredients and in my mug I'm a little cupcake Jen look and I have got 125 mils of coffee so I brewed it earlier I've let it cool down so I'm gonna pop that

Into my bowl if you don't like coffee or you don't have coffee you can just use water with this but you know if you don't like coffee you're not gonna get this coffee flavor through don't worry it's just gonna add second intensity and

A richness to your cupcake so I'd recommend you try it and then in this filled jar I've got some buttermilk which you might find that you can find in your superstore even at the best times but that's okay because I will put

A link in the description box below to a recipe we made with Nikki the lovely Nikki and she showed you guys how to make your own buttermilk it's really really easy you just need some normal kind of whole milk and a little bit of

Acid so some lemon juice or something so we've got another 125 mils that we're going to pop into our coffee along with two large eggs so we'll crack both of those straight in and then finally we need to add our vegetable oil which we

Have in the little bottle that we've provided for you if you haven't got the kit then it's a hundred and five mils of vegetable oil or sunflower oil will do perfectly as well so going to put all of that in and I will put all there and

Quantities in the description box below as well so don't worry you don't need to buy this kit this is just like a really amazing chocolate cupcake recipe it's really Wow it's definitely the best job go cupcake you'll ever eat this is

Exactly how we do it here at crumbs so now all our workgroup ingredients is in we just need to give them a good stir together so they're completely combined so it doesn't take long you don't need to kind of whip it up or anything

Because I mean quite frankly it won't you just need to combine the ingredients and now all we need to do is add our dry mix and if you've got the kit fantastic all we need to do is open it up I've popped a sieve on my bowl because it's

Always good to sieve everything you have so all dry ingredients we're going to pop all our into our sieve and get it into the mix and once you've sister doll the ingredients you'll realize that you've got lots of little chocolate

Chunks inside that's absolute you find that as it should be we have perch on it chips in there because it's nice to get those kind of oozy bits of chocolate in your cupcakes so they're all going in as well and we just need to mix them

Together with the whisk so again it doesn't take long at all this is the easiest cake batter you could ever make so now we just need to divide it into our cupcake cases so grab your pan and grab your cases just pop

All of those in and we've given you more than 12 because you know you might want to bake more cupcakes and we don't want to deprive you of cupcake cases so I'm going to do this using a jug because it's a very liquid batter it's more like

A kind of muffin mixture Essbase and it's just very wet quite difficult to do this neatly trust me I know I've been there and done it so I'm putting it in the jug I'm just going to use a spoon to kind of edge it out gently we're going

To go for about two-thirds to three-quarters full so go nice and slowly and scoop it up and once you finish just make sure that they look nice and even because you want

Them to look professional right say that's looking pretty good to me and I'm gonna pop them in the oven I've already preheated my oven and thank you always should whenever you're baking or cooking and I've got a 160 degrees C it's a bit

Lower than our vanilla cupcake recipe because it is a different recipe you know we can't just stick to the same kind of temperatures and stuff for everything because ingredients are different so we're going to pop those

Into 20 minutes and as usual when they're done I'm going to press them on the top hopefully they're going to spring back if don't if they don't I'm going to leave them in for another one to two minutes until they do spring back

so what's my cupcakes in the oven I'm just gonna have a little tidy up give my hands a wash as well and then we'll come back and make our buttercream frosting

Okay so we're gonna start making the chocolate buttercream now but you can make whatever kind of Buster cream you want to go on top of these in the pack we've provided some chocolate chips so you just need to melt them down first

Either in the microwave or over a ban Murray and we're just going to let them kind of cool down because you don't want to put like piping hot chocolate into buttercream because it will just completely melt it and now we can

Actually start making the buttercream so I've got 200 grams of really soft unsalted butter here again always make sure it's tough so that it whips up if it's too stiff you're just never gonna get it nice and light and fluffy and I'm

Going to use my hand whisk like you've got a stand mixer then go ahead and use that because it means you don't have to stand here and you know get a sore arm if you don't have either of these appliances don't worry just you know

Find a little bit of strength inside you and grab a wooden spoon and just beat it up as much as you can so I'm gonna whip this for about five minutes until it's really nice and white in color

Okay so about kind of four or five minutes later we've got really lovely white soft silky butter that we can start adding our icing sugar to so again we're going to sift the icing sugar and it's 320 grams if you don't have to pack

But remember I have put all the quantities in the description box below and I'm just gonna tip half of this in give it a good sift and then we'll beat it back up again with the mixture

Okay so it's looking nice and white and kind of creamy and fluffy so we can start adding the rest of our icing sugar so again put it all through the sieve and sometimes when you buy icing sugar we gotta ask this a lot about kind of

It's quite kind of lumpy that's totally fine that's like you just me as we need to kind of sieve it so that's why we always tell everyone to sieve it because you don't want to put this big chunky icing sugar and into your buttercream so

Once that's all through we can get whipping again and now I'm using the hand mixer for this because it's such a small quantity that you don't always need to use like a a big stand mixer and this is perfect for if you're just

Baking here and there but if you are thinking of getting a bit more serious or you're doing a bit more baking and you want to kind of treat yourself to a lovely stand mixer like you know like this kind of thing is what I mean by

Stomach so if you're not quite sure what I mean and there are so many different one out ones out there and they ranged from you know quite expensive like 500 pounds all the way down to like 80 pounds so you

Know it's quite hard to know which one you should buy and then if you saw last Thursday's video Gemma Dane and I did our very first kind of unboxing video which was fun we're new to it so just bear with us basically

We've bought ourselves three brand new mixes like kind of ranging from the different prices and styles and and this week we've been testing them out and on Thursday you'll get our review of it so we tested them all different types of

Recipes and we'll give you those results on Thursday so you'll have a better idea of what kind of mixer you want to go for so I'm gonna get whipping this and we're gonna go for another about five minutes and before we add our chocolate

okay so before we add our chocolate I'm just gonna loosen this up a little bit with some milk so I've got three tablespoons of whole milk here but if you've only got semi skimmed or skimmed

Or oat or almond or whatever milk it is just go ahead and add that we just want to loosen this mixture up before we add the chocolate I always like adding the chocolate right at the end kind of keep it nice and rich and decadent I don't

Want to whip it too much and make it light in color and so we're going to mix this up before adding in our delicious chocolate okay so this has got to the consistency that I want and now I can add the chocolate and we're using 70%

Chocolate and which I know isn't everyone's kind of ideal strength chocolate to eat but remember it's going into the buttercream so with the butter and all the sugar so I actually think a darker chocolate in your buttercream is

Exactly what you want because otherwise it's just not quite chocolaty enough and make sure you scrape all of it out you know I don't want to miss any chocolate and then we're just gonna fold that through and keep it on the lowest speed

Until it's all combined and that is it so keeping it on the lowest speak so I just want to combine it like I said I don't want to keep whipping this up and it's ready it

Smells amazing chocolate buttercream is kind of the ultimate buttercream I'd say so my cupcakes have just come out of the oven but they're obviously still hot so I need to let them cool down for about 15 to 20 minutes till they're completely

Cool and so I'm gonna have a little bit of a tidy up and then we'll come back and get decorating okay so the cupcakes are completely cooled down they're really squishy which means they're going to be

So moist which I can't wait to eat them I've popped my buttercream into a piping bag and I've gone for a nice kind of classic star nozzle here it's one of the ones that you can get in our set our big nozzle piping set and I'll just quickly

Run you through it so in here you get a piping bag which you can wash your knees again we've got five different nozzles and Gemma and I have done a video about all the different designs you can make with these nozzles and there's a coupler

As well which means that you can switch between muscles as you go so I'm going to go with a classic star nozzle and a classic swirl and that's done pretty much except we

Gave you a little photo sprinkles in here which I don't know what you call them in the rest of the world we call these Smarties basically they kind of sugar coated chocolate buttons I suppose so I'm just going to sprinkle few on top

Of each cupcake there you go a classic cupcake recipe for chocolate cupcakes I better give this a little try see there's such an amazing cupcake recipe

And it's so simple like anyone can make this so maybe you're a beginner to this and so chocolate cupcakes and the vanilla ones that we gave you last week or exactly where you need to begin and so hopefully you'll find this really

Useful and it's a fun thing to do maybe you're like using your kind of time in self-isolation to you know start baking and learn some new skills or maybe you're already a baker and you want to perfect your skills your cake decorating

Skills so head over to cupcake Gemma comm and we've got everything you need to get to kind of pro levels so we've got this amazing cake makers bundle and in there we've got all the stuff that we use here at cran so we've got a little

Crank pallet knife we've got the large pallet knife two different types of scraper to get your sides of your cake nice and smooth and sharp along with a cake leveler for trimming your cake and this awesome cut and turn table because

10k will take up such a lot of room like I actually have one of these at home because it's perfect as my kitchens kind of small and I just don't have the space you know and it does exactly as all the other turntables do so please head over

There and have a look at this and check out all our other things like the nozzles and merchandise I've got aprons and stuff the support that you guys have been showing us so far is like I mean every day is incredible and we're just

So grateful for that and keep posting your videos on Instagram and your photos because we love seeing them and it's just so wonderful to see that you guys are kind of creating this baking community during this kind of weird time

That we're living in at the moment so keep it up let us know if you want to see any other recipes and just put stuff in the comments box below and chat to each other let's make this like one huge cake loving community so happy baking


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