Bad Education – Movie Review

published on July 2, 2020

a weekend with new movies that I can

actually talk about and watch this is

extremely exciting to me for some reason

the notion of watching a new film even

though we can't go to our glorious

church of the theater right now it's

amazing to be able to actually watch

some new movies bad education was

directed by Cory Finley and stars Hugh

Jackman Ray Romano and Alison Janie and

it's a true story of a beloved

superintendent of New York's Rosalind

School District his friends and

relatives and staff become the prime

suspects in the unfolding of the single

largest public school embezzlement

scandal in American history this film

premiered on HBO this Saturday and I got

a chance to watch it because I still

have my leftover HBO GO account from my

Game of Thrones binging that ended so

wonderfully by the way and having

enjoyed Korey Finley's last films

thoroughbreds I was excited to watch

this movie and I think this is a major

step up from even that film bad

education is a brilliant movie with

extremely excellent writing from mike


who actually was a student at the high

school that this movie depicts so he has

a first-hand account of some of these

events and understands the fallout hugh

jackman as Frank test zone plays a

superintendent that everyone loves

everybody is inspired by this person he

remembers all of the students names very

easily he knows what all of the kids

want to do he will make time for anyone

he will sit down with any student and

make sure that they feel like they are

loved and that they feel like they're

protected he even runs into older

students he hasn't seen in years and

remembers exactly what they wanted to do

with their life by all accounts he's

excellent at his job he is perfect at

his job except for one very specific and

very illegal thing and when a young

student who works for the school's paper

starts to investigate where the school's

funds are going she starts to uncover

some very concerning things I found this

movie absolutely riveting Hugh Jackman

is an incredible actor I've loved him in

mini movies prisoners being one of the

first times where I truly didn't see

Hugh Jackman he just became another

person on the screen he's such a gifted

actor and bad education might just be

competition for his best work there's

one particular scene in this movie that

is so so striking of a performance

there's a scene in this film where he

just fucking rocks every minute that he

is on screen and it is so enthralling to

watch this actor deserves a lot of

fuckin praise for this performance I

could easily see this being nominated

for Best Actor next year especially

since right now there's really not a lot

of competition for that

unless you count Jim Carrey but not to

be overlooked as Alison Janie who again

is just fuckin phenomenal these two

performers are operating on another

level they just disappear you don't see

him they're so so good in this film and

it's a story that is is very relevant

especially with the recent college

admissions scandal that happened this

story takes place in 2002 and it's one

of those stories that you would really

have a hard time believing unless it was

true when people are so loved and so

liked by their town and by the residents

there and every kid at the school loves

these teachers and the administrative

people it's really easy for them just go

well you know that's a little weird but

I'm just gonna overlook it because this

guy just is so nice to my kid and that's

where this reporter comes in which

apparently is a slightly invented

character a sort of amalgamation of

various different people it is true that

the school paper originally started to

look into the things that other papers

picked up on and the story really broke

but that's a bit of an invention of a

character but I can see why because it

adds a lot of suspense and tension to

the movie as she's investigating these

things and it also assists the audience

because we're able to kind of sift

through these things through her eyes

and it helps us as viewers make sense of

everything Ray Romano is also great in

this movie I'm so glad that he's like

apparently back after welcome to

Mooseport I was like are we never gonna

see Ray Romano again but after the

irishman and this I mean he's really

delivering a lot of good performances

right now as for issues the first 20

minutes of the movie can feel a bit like

where is this going there are times

where you're not entirely sure what the

film is about you're used to getting

that big opening scene or that

moment in the first 10 to 15 minutes

that jump starts the story but in this

case there's a lot of setup you have to

understand what all of these characters

are doing for the community to feel the

weight and the impact of the betrayal

that happens later in the movie as soon

as is that sort of jump starts the movie

gets really interesting and I was

invested immediately in fact I watched

this movie before bed last night and I

was like oh I'll watch like half of it

and then I'll go to bed and I'll watch

the rest tomorrow about 30 40 minutes

into the movie I was like god damn I'm

gonna be up too late

because I was just totally hooked and

the other thing is that at one point in

the movie there's sort of like an

imaginative dream sequence that a

character envisions and it felt so

against the grain of what the rest of

the movie was like the entire film feels

very realistic and grounded and then

there's sort of like this imagined

fantasy and I was sort of detached all

of a sudden besides that I think this is

some of the best acting maybe the best

acting of Hugh Jackman's career Alison

Janie is incredible in the movie the

writing is really good and so is the

directing I'm gonna give bad education

and a – like I said it's on HBO right

now if you have access to HBO I would

highly suggest watching it it's

definitely one of the better films I've

seen so far this year guys thank you so

much as always for watching and if you

like this you can click right here and

get stuck mine eyes


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