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published on July 2, 2020
































































































hello and welcome to what excuse me

hello and welcome to watch from home

theater here at IGN and set a fix to

watch movies together even while we're

apart and screw up the intro as often as

possible today we are celebrating the

25th anniversary of bad boys Michael

Bay's first films so fire up your

Netflix get the original Michael Bay

masterpiece queued up over there and

join us for this watch along and of

course by us I mean myself quick age in

IGN's max Scoville and Michael Swain

guys how you doing hi Clint hey happy to

be celebrating with you from the my home

thank you for lowering the expectation

bar right from the top I love that right

that's good for me

I wanted to make sure you guys we're

comfortable just right out of the gate

so no pressure whatsoever no I feel good

about this you know this is good I'm

also I'm incredibly proud of bad boys

for surviving for 25 whole years bad

boys the movie is now old enough to rent

a car yep which it would probably crash

so like you know happy birthday Fat Boys

in spectacular fashion now sure they can

rent the car that they're hauling the

boat with that's that's you know on a

chain on the freeways swinging into the

helicopter yeah huh yeah it's all nice

and legit now

so like I said we're obviously we're

still working from home

here and I and of course stuck in a

corner of my garage which as a father of

two is literally the only place on earth

that I can call my own at the moment

where are you guys coming from let's go

from best to worst max are you coming


max I see Boba Fett behind you that's

sort of a spare room I guess it's kind

of my little office study dungeon I got

a bunch of like weird stuff on the walls

yeah this was this was sort of a guest

room slash sometimes office type place

and then suddenly it was like oh no this

really needs to be an office and so I

proceeded to start decorating it with

you know action figures and nonsense and

I really did feel like a 16 year old

which was I think that's the first time

I've stapled a Boba Fett to my walls

since I lived with my mothers whereas I

moved from LA to San Francisco in the

midst of the quarantine with masks and

gloves but as you can imagine like

assistance was limited so we had the

ditch like 30 percent of our furniture

on the side of the row and that we we

responsibly gave it away for free on

Craigslist to wait it but point is I'm

in a giant empty room because that's all

I have right now

oh my rooms look like that there's my

creepy articulated hands we got the same

crappy lamp we got those too look at


I got one right there nice actually my

girlfriend uses it to do her amazing

nail art this is some kind of UV thing I

don't know my wife is one of those too

that's all this set up that's it it's

way too good really hazardous fumes just

inside your house and also look at a

thing that will give you eye cancer

because it's got the UV rays coming oh

yeah oh yeah it's it's heavy with fume

in here and I think that will really

enhance my viewing experience so I'm

ready to rock I got my cold bananas that

I'm waiting to warm up enough to eat

sure we'll be sure a Snickers boys bad

boys what more could you ask for we'll

be sure to check in on an update from

you throughout the year at the screening

it's all I had check in on on Swain's

nanners throughout the entire runtime of

bad boys so yeah like I said up top we

will be streaming in

we're gonna be watching us on Netflix oh

you have to go to Netflix and get it

queued up it's there for free I believe

it's also on Apple TV plus whichever

place you want to go and watch it

odds are you own the movie as well so

just get a queued up from the beginning

and give you just a couple of seconds to

do that to get it queued up and in the

meantime I've got the other in other

announcement news we've got we can

officially announce we've got Gary

Whitta and Chris Weitz joining us next

week to watch rogue one so that'll be

cool so in terms of setting bars low

bars to clear we thought they would just

get the three of us together to watch

bad boys this week and get them in next

week to watch rogue one and for people

who are just like finding their way in

to work from home theater you had so far

we've done the Invisible Man with can

you go yeah yeah yeah we did the

Invisible Man with Leigh Whannell the

first week and we had we watched Night

of the Living Dead with Greg Nicotero

last week which those are still up and

out you can watch those on VOD there

they're fun little fun fun audio

commentaries – I'm sorry it's just us

this time I'm okay with the – I should

also mention that wherever you are

watching at home if you're on we're on

IGN and Santa fix on YouTube you can

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let us know and wherever you're watching

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comments section so if you have any

questions about bad boys that we can

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arts today in discord has a comment

clintus mustache makes me feel bad for

not keeping my facial hair in check

during quarantine I can't

I think stalking I think that's a bad

thing for my mustache

see making fun of my mustache or is

English II haven't I think he's saying

you got like a you've got that thing

under your under control you're doing I

don't you taking taken care of it and it

I recently over trimmed and now I have

the creepy too much space on the lathe

must get too much lip there

I got a yeah alright well let's uh

everybody's probably got the movie cued

up by now so let's get into it shall we

mm-hmm all right so everybody just get

ready to hit play in three two one play

thank you for the point if you couldn't

hear me counting you can you don't blame

visual impulse tied to sound the name of

the game let's start with the basics of

film grammar all right you've got your

match shot the master shot is what yeah

I was just gonna say 25 years ago puts

us in 1995 did you guys sneak into the

theater to see bad boy because I

remember sneaking into to the r-rated

screening of bad boys as a not quite old

enough to see an r-rated movie guy I saw

this on HBO I believe the following

summer at my friend Devon Gilroy's house

while his mother was working and we were

allowed to watch all sorts of body films

on that fine premium cable platform

I have not seen bad boys oh boy oh we

should have led with that well I'm I do

love the genre and I've seen bad boys

too as like a noted masterpiece action

and bad boys is up there with like

Godfather 2 on my list of like I'm

ashamed that I haven't watched them yet

but I haven't watched godfather 2 either

just the first one I don't appreciate

your bad boys and Godfather parts in the

same sentence this early in life and

beyond yeah I mean bad boys too really

is one of those rare sequels that is

just like just head and shoulders above

like the predecessor like this one is

this is Michael Bay's first movie it's

kind of a kind of baby steps and it's I

think the rock is really like that's one

of my favorite movies ever I watch that

way too often but yes this is an odd one

yeah it's it's strange too and it'll be

interesting Mike for you to wash it this

way because

I am there's something weird about bad

boys because I think it gets a lot of

credit for being this incredible like

sort of nexus moment of action movies

and and it's a I don't think it quite is

a manic ultimately gave us bad boys too

which was great and it started Michael

Bay doing his thing but it is very much

Michael Bay's first movie it's an 80s

movie they made in the 90s yeah

titty titty steady steady I love lines

like that cuz imagining the guy sitting

typing it ya know that apparently

Michael Bay famously said that he called

the script a piece of shit and it was

only given he was only given $10,000 for

rewrites and so he had Martin Lawrence

and Will Smith ad-libbing as much as

they possibly could

that's probably ended up being a key to

the success of the franchise because

both of them can do that all day long

and be very charming and engaging yeah I

also like to imagine people in loop

groups to talk more about inside

baseball production thank you like the

the group of people they get together in

a room accord like all of the background

dialogue and all the lines that are

taking place kind of off screen so like

if somebody in that group came up with

titty titty strut east ready mmm like

that just as an improv thing that that

makes it I guess funnier to me that's

true his mouth I don't think was on

frame yeah yeah so the eating junk food

thing was started in the very first

sequence it's just nice how Martin

Lawrence really committed to in real

life playing that bit out in the

fullness of time as far as he could play

it I don't it I mean you've got

Godfather to I don't know that I've seen

passenger 57 die hard on a plane yeah

it's in that genre of movie that was die

hard in a blank I'm surprised and I'm

surprised I haven't seen a ton of

Twitter gifts that aren't you

give me a motherfucking handi wipe that

was very applicable to today's situation

let's get it going it's not too late I

was looking through all the bad boys

Twitter gifts and most of them are from

bad boys too because people really love

bad boys too you know

yeah well I have a buddy who writes for

Collider you probably know Tom Ryman

Clint but uh maybe not okay they just

put together their updated list of best

action movies and in a very

controversial move he flipped the

standard like pantheon and put bad boys

too then die hard one MMN other things

bad boys sweetie greatest action movie

of all that's the greatest action movie

of all time it is the king of the four

acts structure that that fourth act

where they the superfluous trip to Cuba

is really sets it apart just for one

more shootout yeah I mean why not it's

like hey we won wait nope he's got my

sister and they went to Cuba that's

absolutely boilers for bad boys too by

the way I'm sorry I did know what I'm

due for a rewatch of that I haven't seen

that and I'm cool minute but I want to

say it's three hours long but I don't

think that's true what are you guys

doing directly after this which is roll

straight into bed boys my Netflix so I

was reading up on what this movie almost

was and this was Jerry Bruckheimer and

Don Simpson and they basically wanted to

do over with their really Hills Cop they

were like let's do that again let's make

an action comedy and originally I think

the script was supposed to be for Dana

Carvey and Jon Lovitz and how yeah and

Don Simpson took them to Vegas and was

like let's party boys let's get on let's

get going and proceeded to scare off

Dana Carvey who just pulled out cuz he

was like he's like I can't I can't be

with this I'm scared of Don Simpson yeah

if you're gonna quit a movie I suppose

that's that's as good a reason as any

those like movies that almost were four

stories are because it's like Beverly

Hills Cop was supposed to be Stallone

for for a little while and say like

thinking about what these movies would

have been with those alternate casting

is always fascinating but if you're just

joining us there is

a timer and you if you want to catch up

there is a timer on screen that's where

we're at in the movie that's that's

counting this down so if you want to go

ahead and fast-forward to catch up to us

check out that that's handy and it's

handy I thought much like a set of

incredibly long night-vision goggles

that gotta hurt your neck something

Spears I do love that the I think that

exact same shot is in the rock-like

night-vision goggle like camera I mean

it's it's you know seeing Michael Bay

the origin of some of Michael Bay's

favorite shots in this movie is is

actually really interesting the only

thing it's missing is that helicopter in

the Setting Sun shot I think but pretty

sure there we had the helicopter left to

right with a mirrored building behind it

which honestly took me back to spec ops

the lines opening right that's very

beige I'm a big pain & gain fan I feel

like he's refined is it what he does

about that was that was a weird one cuz

I remember he was he would he made that

movie to blow off steam between

Transformers movies sure I need to make

a smaller film which is like that the

fact that a body building crime movie is

Michael Bay's idea of a small film is

just that's such a Michael Bay ism right

there is this high C so now we're

watching the the crew the bad guy crew

here mmm break into the police station

and this is one of those amazing 90s

heists that like structurally there's no

way this is this is a building that

exists right like with all of these

tubes and well I also enjoy that our

introductory shot of the security guard

is literally him waking up from dead

sleep we're not in good hands here

that truth of the old security guys this

is also super reminiscent of the other

thing that Michael Bay was famous for in

the 90s which was that that ehrenberg

got milk commercial oh yeah that really

launched his career at least as far as

Hindi his industry connections right I

mean that was like a big deal in his

life as my understanding out this really

the beginning of the meatloaf music

video that was was it paradise by the

dashboard light he did I would do

anything for oh I think he did a handful

of Bat Out of Hell or pieces but but

this thing this cart this little like

fun little speed cart weight that goes

through the Ducks is incredible

did they drill a tunnel and install that

the thieves or does this building have

no no that's that's like a like some

sort of tunnel that's in the building

that's like the ventilation duct or

something all right it's much like the

the minecarts that he inserted into

Alcatraz for some reason well that was

for laundry though but man look at how

cool it would be to ride this thing yeah

like duck your head left and right for

the do you ever play sewer shark for the

Sega CD

I do not okay great

you're already getting the bay like it's

either blue or it's Los Angeles sunset

amber all the time almost exclusively

which there's been a lot of articles

written about its kind of passing now

but had its heyday in this era and I

think Bay is one of the big directors to

really popularize it like look how good

these two colors look against each other

every movie poster should be this for at

least 11 years nothing but orange and

blue hey exaggerated the thing that like

Tony Scott was doing yeah is there yeah

even Blade Runner plays with that talent

a bit yeah Bo Gianni oh boy so it's the

one running theme is this is this Martin

Lawrence in here and the whole thing is

he's married whereas Mike Lowrey Will

Smith's character is a sexy bachelor who

does all sorts of kissing and things

mm-hmm and things and thanks etc but

that's the deal right he's the married

one and he never gets to have sex and

then Will Smith mar'ied Mike Lowrey he's

the Playboy you know just put them

together and that's comedy

yeah it's like lethal weapon but that's

what it is they were both funny instead

of one of them was Mel Gibson you know

right that is the interesting thing too

about like cuz Lethal Weapon gets a lot

of credit for being a buddy cop comedy

and it wasn't a comedy until the second

one like the first Lethal Weapon had a

couple of fun moments in it but it

wasn't to leave the weapon to that

they're like oh you know what this is

just straight-up a comedy because the

first one was about a suicidal cop which

is you know right at least this one is

like especially when it starts to be a

farce here in a second but just the old

the good old reliable action comedy this

might be the best it's Mia for it yeah

and even die hard

it has moments where you're like ah

triumph kick-ass but it's it's amusing

in the funny moments or like Riley like

haha that guy they deserve to get shot

in that way this has jokes and reducing

myths it's unique in a way I mean rush

hour certainly or Shanghai noon but I

think you're right that there's not full

overlap between minutes and you know

other movies of this era the way you

would just assume they were they would

all sort of blend together they don't

really they're he's playing in their own

area we also we take Will Smith as an

granted but this is really the first

time he did in the action this was

before Independence Day or men in black

he was he was literally still The Fresh

Prince of bel-air at this point and he

was for another year the little last

tota Fresh Prince was like a year after

it was I think summer of 96 and this

came out I'll fully prior to that so I

mean the phone hang up he just did had

Fresh Prince energy he's definitely you

can tell yeah he's bringing that vibe so

is there a in the viral video that's The

Fresh Prince of bel-air theme remade but

about bad boys cuz that would kill we

should know I think between between that

and give me a handy white meat and sweet

we got again let's start a running list

stuff it we gotta get going after this

Jesus the most hair I've ever seen on

Joey pants right nope let's talk about

Joe Pantoliano cuz his role in this

movie is

so perfect well I don't know exactly

what it is yet so max oh so much good

stuff yeah he's there he's there boss

he's there uncool boss who's kind of

he's actually literally a narc they're

all actually harmed but he's an extra

narc because he's the boss and a narc no

he's a narc boss

I like him I like how Martin Lawrence

looks like he's in the freakin Warriors

here yeah yeah the fashion in Miami mid

90s Miami fashion in this movie like the

the vests with the tank top underneath

it is something that I I would not be

able to pull off but would be willing to

try I think it looks like a decently

accessible look but I first took to Joey

pants in memento well yeah he's all over

the place and he's always excellent he's

always been my favorite for telly

brother yep liked his Guido the killer

pimp and risky business his bit part in

Sopranos is savage and terrifying you

get I again I can't go with you they're

in the Goonies thing robert davi is is I

think just as good for telly brother I

just have to stick up for him yeah

that's fit robert davi is pretty good

hand from it well so I mean he's you

know he's he's he's such a good like

eighties character actor I feel like Joe

and Joe Pancholi pants didn't really

kick it off until like the nineties like

he was in a lot of stuff in the 80s but

it was really here you have this scene

where we get to meet the other team and

like this became a whole movie right

like the the other guy is they literally

made a whole movie about Will Ferrell

and and Mark Wahlberg as that other pair

of detectives next to this star team of

detectives but like these guys in this

this is another example of like a trope

action movie trope that I can't say for

sure that it was the first time they did

that this man is it a perfect example of

it it was like

Voyles today they had to have done that

on Miami Vice at some point in so in bad

boys to aren't the other guys isn't that

like Henry Rollins in somebody or Henry

Rollins their boss I can t remember he's

in that right yeah Henry Rollins is in

it he's for sure in it I think he's like

he's one of those like SWAT guys that's

just like hey we'll help I don't think

that like the running Foyle sets of

detectives but I think he's in the SWAT

team that invades Cuba at the end for

sure seems like something Rollins would

do yeah okay look at here we get another

Sopranos okay it's Chris yeah that's

right Michael okay yeah okay I was just

about to ask I know him what from sure

you know y'all ties that's gotta mean

something Uniroyal tires if I know

anything about Michael Bay it's these

subtle meticulous clothes that build a

cohesive message this is just like I can

wait for the the room 2:47 style

documentary about about bad boys these

days you know boys – was Megan Fox's

first movie was it yeah she she's a

she's an extra in one of the nightclub

scenes I just want to talk about bad

boys – well they're sort of set a gun

but she's in one of the nightclub scenes

and she was 15 when they filmed that and

she's just like you know random

background girl in a bikini and because

she was 15 it was filmed in a nightclub

they couldn't have her standing at the

bar because of like you know drinking

laws or whatever and so Michael Bay's

solution was let's put her under the

waterfall yeah yeah that's that's

Michael Bay yeah

that sure is Michael Bay it works for

the quiet place aliens it will work for

Megan Fox uh-huh

I actually just recently organically

discovered like spotted and frozen went

back one of Michael Shannon's very first

roles is a tiny tiny part of Groundhog

Day you ever noticed Michael Shannon and

Groundhog Day

no he's in the diner into when Bill

Murray is like this couple knows this

about each other and they're gonna get

married and they get married the dude is

Michael Shannon's one of those my

changes everything

yeah nice that's worth me watching

Groundhog Day afore I could get it out I

do I do really like the the workout

clothes that we're on display there in

that scene so this is scary here hold on

hold on so you know before yeah she's in

one of the first scenes in true romance

which was another Bruckheimer movie yeah

that was a Tony Scott one yeah yeah

actually the the guy that cut this movie

Christian Wagner is the editor on this

film he did a bunch of Tony Scott I'm


he did true romance actually and the fan

and he went on do he actually did face

off also so like mmm this is a busy busy

editor in so many ways on account of all

the cuts in the music video style yeah

yeah yeah well and you got a really

catching but in the action sequences

there there are just like like those

quick pans that are cut in for like nine

frames that aren't connected to anything

it's just like they move the camera real

fast and then I mean it's literally

eight frames of like like dizziness is

all it is yeah and yet there's still a

difference between the deployment of

something like that where I feel like

Michael Bay in a fight sequence does

come from a classical school where you

can follow the geography of a space yeah

and I like that I like that he pushed it

to the edge what bothers me is when he

gets like Bourne Supremacy and every

shot is so handheld I literally don't

have a clear understanding of what if

they were action figures I don't know


it's just depends who's standing where

yeah I will that there is something

about like you know Bay him right like

Michael Bay style I think he gets a he

gets a kind of fairly bad rap I it's

it's sort of changing there for a while

what during the Transformers run I think

he was he was getting a lot of heat for

it but like looking back on his earlier

stuff like there are a lot of people

that did Michael Bay impressions and did

them poorly and and so like there's

there's some actual genius

honestly with with Michael Bay like he

does real specific stuff really well and

he knows what he's doing and why so I

think Duncan or feel like you can look

down on something that is easy to

identify a style over substance and I do

think it's true that like Michael Bay's

directorial choices are more about five

and style but so us Guy Ritchie and and

Wes Anderson and in many regards so it's

like so style is a thing if so was you

can be very stylish yeah Haley Kubrick

like you know he was sure it's obvious

so here we are they're fine in the first

dead body of the movie here that's a lot

first right this is right right so there

they tracked a I believe the CPA or an

architect that sold the plans it's the

first clue I do love the just the the

forma of like every I mean leads to like

they're one step behind for the first

half of the movie and they just show up

and find dead bodies that's like most of

the actual action if you broke it down

well it's great because yeah cuz Martin

Lawrence is just like he hates he's

grossed out by them and he's very scared

that's just yeah which is just weird cuz

it's like you're like you're a cop you

know like you isn't that don't you

haven't you've been doing this yeah yeah

there are some a couple of great sort of

legitimately great character building

moments earlier in early in the movie

like we've got you know Will Smith

coming in to Martin Lawrence's home and

being around the family and that dynamic

and then you've got Martin Lawrence

tagging along to the gym and you know

goofing off while Will's

doing the work and and then Martin

Lawrence can't keep from throwing up

when he sees that's all you need to know

we can move on now and then here's this

conversation about how rich Mike Lowrey

is this would have been so fun to have

worked at like because you know this day

was literally than just being towed on a

picture truck going back and forth

improvising funny shit all day long just

knew she just chatting so entertaining

Lee clearly taking umbrage to the

insinuation that he's just playing cop

yeah I was gonna say it doesn't seem

like he's going for super funny right

now I misinterpreted the scene this is a

foot well I mean this is actually a

funny scene because this is here in a

second we we get to them breaking into

song for the first time which there's a

moment here where there it's just like

soon is that somebody says the phrase

bad boys mm-hmm like there was a tension

while they were waiting for one of them

to say it and then it's an involuntary

thing that they have to start singing as

soon as they say bad boys yep I mean one

of us has to say it right is one of us

gonna say when is the conversation gonna

organically get to the point where I get

to say bad boys they start singing and

everything's fine and we're out to the

next scene you can feel that they know

that that was the mechanism by which to

wipe the improv scene when it's wrapping

up you say bad boys and then we

yeah so if we can go to there's a

question on Cinna fix suits page from

Alex mmm no waffles no aqus sorry if I

butchered that is this Michael Bay's

best film no no swim your your kind of

pigs a third of the way into it so yeah

is this Michael Bay's best first third

of a movie no I mean I'm making sure I

don't have a big blind spot I really

like pain and game but I would say bad

boys is more important to the medium ah

the rock the rock together yeah I'm with

I'm with you guys on the rock I

definitely don't think it's his best

movie I would say bad boys two is

surpassed it also in terms of the how

like its place in the canon of action

movies is sort of more significant but

because Michael Bay was still feeling

out what it means to be Michael Bay in

this movie like right Rock I think is

like is perfect Michael Bay mm-hmm Jerry

Bruckheimer kind of telling him to pump

the brakes a little bit I think that

that's a lot like who the producer is

plays it because it goes a long way with

these like the first Transformers I

maintain is like it really is a really

fun movie and rewatching it especially

after sort of you know knowing what

Michael Bay's certain tendencies are

with the later Transformers movies you

can see Spielberg's fingerprints all

over it because he was EP on that yeah

notes are not a bad thing ener bay is a

prolific producer and i think you'll

notice a lot of movies produces on have

some bey hem to them so it's like

clearly he sort of brought that bag of

tricks so you know wish max I know you

saw Clint I assume you saw or like it's

interesting to me having just seen uncut

gems recently how people keep in many

different ways to ratchet tension and I

think they has a bunch of great ones and

I found myself thinking about that

during some uncut gem scenes where they

did a thing where they layer so many

minor plot arcs simultaneously that

becomes very stressful like 19 things

they're having someone calls and you're

like doing that and that and now and I

think that it's sort of in the same like

lineage I ever found myself thinking of

the feeling I get in some Bay movies

watching some parts on camps in every

other regard very different I know that

Tony Scott's whole approach to shooting

was he would just have like five cameras

rolling at once and he would just be

like we'll just we'll cut it together

after the fact but it was you know very

much kind of fly by the senior pants you

know and I think that's one of the

reasons last Boy Scout fell apart I

think there was something about how that

was just there was it was just all over

the place and then as that is not what

Bay does cuz that doesn't feel like well

Mike Michael Bay apparently he I'm not

sure if he was doing it during bad boys

but later in his career he he wouldn't

he would kind of figure out what he was

doing on the day like they would they

would get show up and block it and shoot

it kind of on the day um

because a lot of the storyboarding and a

lot of the movement of the scene and

everything was just in his head hmm

that's just so interesting and alien

compared to how I thought you got to the

point where you're making movies like

alright movie like transformers where

you think about like the crazy amount of

previous that has to go into that like

yeah I've got friends who work it at

Lucasfilm and I hear that he's

incredibly hands-on whenever he's

overseeing stuff at ILM and he's just

like very like it's always very tense

when he's like coming to check up on

stuff because he's you know he sees it

in his head he knows what it wants it to

be but yeah you know he just gives him a

bunch of footage of like cars exploding

he's like I put the robots in there

figure it out and that's a you know here

we have Chucky Kyra which by the way

we've known that talionis care Julie who

is obviously important throughout the

rest of this can this

the the amenities thugs here the mid-90s

henchmen backwards Kangol hat alright

yeah are just and just like kind of a

schlubby old italian dude who'd and then

it's a guy with the mustache of course

everybody's got to have a mustache like

a bad guy this is like but we also

missed that that really iconic

slow-motion falling through glass mmm

which is always welcome even this this

this racing across the rooftop it's yes

like it's cut with there's handheld

stuff like handheld close-ups of the

feet and then there's slow-mo stuff like

people's slow mowing up and over the

crest of the the rooftop and then

there's the very gunshots Oh a slow

dolly up to where she kind of kind of

stops like a movement with the tilts and

everything like the the combination of

styles that goes into just that little

scamper across the rooftop is kind of

insane and a willingness from a crew

perspective to just spend that much time

it's kind of amazing to me that in a

world where I mean obviously they're

different worlds but compared to let's

say a Judd Apatow production it's

incredible to imagine Michael Bay being

okay nope we're gonna I remind you the

Simpsons episode where Milhouse becomes

a Fall Out Boy it's like nope we have to

shoot it from angles and angles their

ankles their angles be a number of times

they had to physically move all the

equipment just to get this sequence

where she runs I know so many directors

who would think it's perfectly

artistically like acceptable and

beneficial to get a big wide shot of

that maybe one close dolly of her feet

let's get home like what are we doing

here it's amazing the it's not an

attention to detail because it's

scattershot in some way but his

willingness to put in the work and it's

interesting to hear what max said about

him being very hands on because I don't

get the impression of it he's meticulous

but he is there and he like has the

energy to go with it until it's what he

wants it to be even if that energy as

heavy as like chaotic I think he's

definitely got like kind of a broiler

James Cameron thing going on or he has

like his really high standards and you

know you see you see like bits of him

and he's like he's he gets hands-on what

he do when he's shooting like he gets

out there and he's you know he's not

just like sitting in a director's chair

like you know twiddling his thumbs like

he's pretty physical guy for me you can

tell I think it also speaks to to how

like how he really does know what he's

doing you know like I I mean to going

back to the point about like you know

Bay him kind of being a sort of

derogatory term like the way that that

sequence just scampering across the

rooftop was cobbled together with a

dozen different setups and three or four

different styles like it and it's this

was a fairly cheap movie also like this

was a 20 something million dollar movie

and so to get the mileage out of out of

that budget to make what is in

everybody's heads one of the biggest

action movies of the 90s right is pretty

remark yeah people think of it as very

very epic yeah so you got a lot of bang

for your buck but did you say 20 million

yeah 20 23 something like that that

ain't cheap

but it is especially the mid-90s like

that was that's a mid-range movie and

sharing IDs back when everyone was doing

the BART man 1995 oh that's right

indicators for this okay he started to

telephones at the same time what a

hectic job he must have what how

difficult it is for him to juggle family

and work lives this is what I would look

like if I were doing this show from

inside I'd have in my garage is be like

or if Max and I had said no sure your

two-hour bit it's just as a TV we're all

down here for me on the other me

I do establishing that that Marcus has

his foot in his mouth all the time

there's a lot of fun too because there's

a there's a weird fine line with

character that just can't like and he


Martin Lawrence does this throughout the

entire I Frank all three films like he

can't just be honest to start with like

he's always like trying to like the step

one is like make up a story that's gonna

cover my ass for them and then like it

fails and then step two is tell the

truth and the truth sounds insane

because he's already sounded and saying

with the made-up version it's a fine

line to walk being like a fresh trading

Clinton being to be around and also just

really funny yeah I mean so much credit

has to go to the casting if there's just

no way this what could you say Dana

Carvey I mean that's the person I want

to see more than anything in the world

that's to see it but I mean I made my

own critic box and distributed them at

school as a kid I'm a big Jon Lovitz

admirer but I just don't think this

movie or whole franchise and ongoing

like legacy would be anything what it's

it's built on the talent no no but if

this movie had like Dana Carvey and Jon

Lovitz in it we would never it would be

one of those movies that like you see it

on IMDb and you're like what the hell is

that you look at it yeah where why

doesn't this exist and you look to see

if you can get it anywhere and the only

way you can get it is like a used like

region 2 DVD on Amazon it's like $197

because it was like that unpopular and I

would assume I would assume Jon Lovitz

would have been the Martin Lawrence

which means dana carvey was gonna be the

super capable slick playboy cop that's

amazing yeah that sounds like a great

movie I don't know your type enough it

is is you hear about some directors who

you know they like who they you know

they cut their teeth doing commercials

and music videos and stuff

they kind of they want to choose the

right first movie it's kind of funny

that like Michael Bay was like alright

this will be my first movie bad boys

then he's like well I hate this script

mm-hmm okay and then it's just like he's

like well I'm just gonna like I don't

know if that was sort of just trying to

get his you just get his feet wet

somewhere and just figure it out but

yeah I imagine you don't you don't get

to be terribly picky and and also it's

it's it's a testament to how hard it is

to make a movie in general like the fact

that movie's gay it made all all is is

kind of a miracle and the fact that good

ones get made is even more so miraculous

so I imagine a guy that's coming off of

you know a decade's worth of music

videos and that that Aaron Berger

commercial like if he gets it if he gets

the rights to his script and like yeah

I'll do it great Oh yep I'm there he

moved a lot here we are 25 years later

celebrating and rightfully so it's worth

like this is such a such a fun movie

yeah I mean I didn't know a whole lot

when I was 9 or whatever it was when

this came out but if you went out to me

and like you showed me all of the movies

that were in the theaters in like 1995

and you're like which of these is gonna

turn into a trilogy by the year 2020 I'd

be like yeah we definitely wouldn't be

this one which of these is gonna – 25


much yeah I would have gone Shawshank

Redemption I want to see two more movies

where he gets away with a crime he goes

back to jail for enough 15 years

laborious Lea escapes

I mean Green Mile was sort of like the

same Shawshank universe I feel like it's

true okay if he does like a prison break

style like he goes back in for his

buddies going back to what we were

saying about like Lethal Weapon one

being serious and Lethal Weapon – just

being a comedy I kind of want to see

more of that like I think that may be

wrong with like alien 3 like maybe alien

3 should have been a comedy I just start

with horror and then you ramp it up to

action with like a good gratifying arc


you just everyone sound solved their

problems they found a bunch of

resolution and then they just have fun

they just have a fun time with limited

conflict I completely see what you're

seeing structurally I don't know if

alien it's like on it's like on a

treadmill when you're like you do the

set amount of time you're supposed to do

and then it's like oh it's your cooldown

you're like I didn't say I was gonna get

on here for 35 minutes and crazy machine

and you just yeah like that's that like

fine if that last 5 minutes is a comedy

about Xenomorphs and sure I'll stick

around for I'd watch that every living

hell out of that

what's the comedy beat of aliens that

would still be loyal to five concepts I

guess like weyland-yutani uh filing

paperwork and trying to get like oh boy

this mission we had really didn't go

with sort of an office space version oh

yeah what's happening with Paul Reiser

where's like a second with Reiser it's

it's midnight run but it's Ripley and

and Hicks and they've got a transport a

xenomorph what if she made that human a

hybrid pink alien thing but it imprinted

on her and so safe it did whatever she

wanted and they did like a tango in cash

roaming around collecting bounties that

I'd be great yeah you know I mean it's I

don't know bad bad boys this movie's not

this movie's not serious at all it's

silly as hell it's got some action yeah

has time and then and like the the good

thing is it's not it's not an action

movie with comedy in it and it's not a

comedy that tries to also do action like

which i think is a trap that a lot of

action comes fall into like this is just

as good at action as it is at the comedy

which is we stop doing that yeah what's

interesting is like it it really ramps

up the acts like the fact that it is a

lower budget like I'm not gonna compare

alien and aliens to bad boys and bad

boys too but like there's that

legislation where are you where you have

to like it's this one is this one is it

I would say this is not so much an

action movie it as it is like a buddy

cop movie if there's action in it but

it's more like it's two cops solving a

mystery whereas like bad boys – they

blow up Cuba

right yeah and all the hearts derived

from the underlying friendship that they

will occasionally reference and it's a

definite it's a you know a sub-genre

that I'd keep what's the earliest clear

buddy cop thriller drama anything you

can think of is it maybe Sherlock Holmes

and Watson okay but I do think I think

bad boys is at the like at the top of

the Pantheon as far as this template and

right after bad boys there are so many

movies in this template that just came

came out in this here we have so so now

at this point Martin Lawrence is having

to pretend to be Will Smith so that he

can get tally own made to agree to come

into custody and here comes the the

awesome mid-90s henchmen i'll and banter

between henchmen like this is something

that I dearly love and miss I just don't

I don't feel like I see it as much angle

I think everyone in modern day had got

enough screenplay writing classes and

read save the cat and story by Robert

McKee and stuff and they're like why

would you linger on the henchmen because

of occasionally amusing yeah I agree

always fun to stick with management

because they don't really exist

we have no connection to them you can't

go any deeper out and I love that there

it's interesting to see sociological II

when you need a generic henchmen who

could be any anyone who's gonna cause

trouble and could carry a gun when there

are definite trends and not to be too

grim by like obviously after 9/11 I

think culturally our fear of the Middle

East translated into a lot of movies and

then in the Cold War you saw the

Russians are the bad guy in every movie

through rocky and everything I like this

middle period so like the Italian or

Brooklyn style white American Mafia was

not in the news her a big force in


we were just in between a bunch of stuff

happening and we really just defaulted

back to the Mafia everything was just

the Mafia there was a surplus didn't

anything to worry about least speaking

nowadays it seems like such a buddy cop

comedy is thrived in this time where

you're like well what what is there to

fear let's have fun with fighting crime

it's a rob and even even the idea that

Ronnie trees firing indiscriminately is

not a thing that that is not a very

specific thing to be afraid of like the

the scene that we just saw where they

were running away from from the

apartment complex and there's like

there's that shot where they're stray

bullets flying into a nearby restaurant

that's like that in 1995 like yeah it

was like oh cool yeah plainclothes

police officers firing wildly straight

is fine in the universe of this movie

and I think that's what that makes it

work yeah I think that the buddy cop as

is genre the buddy cop movie as a genre

is like uniquely situated to sort of to

have fun doing that was Hot Fuzz the

last really good buddy cop comedy

probably and then that one's that one's

got a separate classification too

because that's kind of a that's kind of

a parody but well that's sort of it's a

parody but they also clearly love to

love the medium so much that they just

lean into it and make it what like it's

that's that's kind of what made I think

nineties I you know this applies to

really anything is the second you

satirize it Lampoon enough it stops

being a thing that anyone can take

seriously and so it goes away well I

think the the great favorite thirties

and spoofs are ones that would be good

versions of the thing that there's proof

which Hot Fuzz Shaun of the Dead as well

like those guys those guys knew knew how

to do it yeah you could just delete the

quotes around it and be like it's

actually also good yeah I was gonna

bring up nice guys I think

deserves to be mentioned and who are the

look the good guys in that it's it's the

rock and who else is it oh no you're

thinking of the other guys are the other

guys that was the rock oh they're nice

guys yeah yeah Samuel Jackson Russell

Crowe that's just that felt like Shane

black doing a force awakens of his

entire career a little bit but it's a

it's a decent excellent buddy Cottman

from recent memory and I deferred to

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang according to

Google's stupid counts but I didn't

actually see that yeah I think that's

one that falls into the category it was

a comedy first and then also had action

sort of trappings around I think like

the heat is another one that did that

with most McCarthy and Sandra Bullock

like comedy comedy firsts an action sort

of incidental well that's you're saying

it's impressive that the in

accommodating action well directed and I

think it's more impressive than other

way also like now looking back knowing

that Michael Bay was gonna be able to

bring the action it turns out that's

kind of what is special superpower is

the fact that the comedy worked so well

is highly impressive well in that point

you gotta you gotta talk about the

casting like because I mean clearly

there's a lot of improv in the movie and

and Bay I'm couraged

the be improvising just like just making

sure you got the two right people in

might spot and even like down to little

casting details like I forget his name

hopefully when he will but but this guy

is a sitcom veteran as well like he he's

gonna bring comedic timing the bellboy

to any scene you put him in his his the

vast majority of this work has been in

comedy and television County

specifically so it's it's like stocking

the pond of the scenes you want to be

comedic with people that are gonna bring

that energy yeah yes very well planned I

need to re-watch the Transformers movies

as comedies

because there's there's so much funny

stuff in there but it's like it's so I'm

always sort of watching it as like a

Transformers nerd and I'm like Grimlock

would never say that

it's definitely similar I mean Shia

LaBeouf has some that sort of manic

non-stop kind of energy that I mean

there's the second one has a whole scene

where he's like mom eat a pot brownie by

accident like there's just all these

like there's only slapstick like really

stupid moments like Optimus Prime hiding

from his mom and like that's very silly

like I don't know Turturro's in it it's

like he's he's a riot I came into it as

an even Stephens fan so I was very

unsatisfied frankly it was mostly laws

and here we have Marcus coming back and

getting in trouble sleeping on the couch


this will this will smith this is Mark

Mike Lauer you have to deal with any

fallout from this at all or is that what

is it like the Tea Leoni like finds him

attractive but thinks that he's married

so she doesn't bother there's there's

none of that really and in fact talionis

is her character is like there's a few

things there that are kind of of its

time and that don't really hold up you

know it's our sensibilities but for the

most part like she doesn't chidden throw

herself at anybody like I mean

considering what was happening in the

mid-90s in action movies like she's a

surprisingly well-rounded character I

feel like I feel like they were they

were just like they watched Lethal

Weapon – and they were like alright

but what if Danny Glover was really

funny and Mel Gibson was really funny

and Joe Pesci was a beautiful woman yeah

and wasn't funny and you're like oh go

for it use the pool too

let's just walk straight into the the

police basketball court every police

station has a basketball court where

it's where you're free to smoke a fat

cigar dribble with you it's amazing that

I mean in an odd genre I think that

realistic fallout that a police officer

would have to deal with is funneled into

just getting chewed out by one guy

that's so much nicer than it means you

have to go get your license Reata 'td

and fill out this paperwork and need

with the HR department I wish at work

when we messed up everyone would just

tell someone who came when I see guard

was just like you're a loose cannon

slain get your stuff together you know

what can you imagine if there was just

one person that had to deal with

literally everybody's problems like yes

they would want to yell like this it

would be the worst job of all time they

just exist in a basketball park a

basketball court and now they're just

smoking in a vest chugging Maalox

yelling at max is that too much to ask

for that's I don't think so

I just I'm imagining him being like

somebody boy what do you where do your

hobbies and he's like I'm really I'm a

cigar aficionado and I love basketball

and I know I got a the other yeah I work

a lot I'm gonna have a busy schedule so

I have to really just lump things

together and make foursome

that is that is probably a very small

diagram of cigar aficionados and

basketball enthusiasts I want like a Mac

you know like cigar aficionado baller

quarterly and the other thing we missed

about 1995 there are magazines right

I bet cigar aficionados still out there

don't you think people would for sure

probably still buy the magazine that's

specifically for cigar aficionados and

basketball enthusiasts it's just jelly

pants and dr Cox from scrubs that's it

right oh yeah the aficionado calm so

going strong it's sure there's yeah it's

structured very much like a an open

world quest game where you just return

to Joey pants and he goes look your

detectives go here shoot these guys no I

do that and go back he's got more and

more basketballs scattered all over the

court I think they put this in there

that's that's some like that's a you

know just set design to really support

the narrative like what kind of accord

is this this is a basketballs court you

can shoot a skate balls everywhere well

he's only shooting he only shoots a

basketball once and then gets rid so

that's what all those spare basketballs

are for I like that so many references

they like my commercials sure they make

a joke about Michael Jordan retiring and

I think didn't that happened between

that film that scene being shot in the

movie actually coming out so it was like

he quit baseball

oh but son by the time they between

filming that scene and releasing the

movie or retired from basketball you

know I think yeah cuz then he did the

other space Chandler same here so he's

saying that or is she at the scene or

that it was only relevant for a brief

window of time it was like I think it

was just if they he missed he most

seasons of basketball I remember that

because those were the only two

championship that my Houston rocket were

the two seasons that Michael Jordan was

trying to play baseball trying he was in

a ball which was even better than you

I'm sure door trying to play baseball

professional right

so we went on a day to see what exactly

they're writing about on account of

sports not really happening anymore and

the top two stories were like Michael

Jordan's baseball career a retrospective

and a story about a baseball player who

turned his barn into a batting cage so

so they've given huh I feel less bad

about doing a retro bad boys on its 25th

anniversary yeah that brings me to a

question in chat that I'm sure they

meant not sure they may have meant

neatly but I'm gonna take it at face


hey I June are you guys still happy with

the quality of content you're putting

out I'm going to assume they mean since

we've all had to transition to work from

home specifically and I wanted to take

it as an excuse to say that actually

it's been very difficult especially

because we're more relying on our

diverse internet situations than ever

before but I'm pretty proud of how

everyone's kept things rolling and over

at least at the SF video site we have

two five new shows that we plan to

launch even though we're and so I think

everyone's really hustling and I'm

pretty proud of the team if that answers

your question yeah I got to resurrect up

at noon live we're doing that now it's

not at noon it's at 5:00 now which is

like it's the dumbest name for a show

ever like a banana flag up at noon it's

at 5:00 pm Pacific time it's noon

o'clock somewhere it's in Fiji we looked

it up it's the number one daytime comedy

variety show made in California for Fiji

foreign Ephesian on it this is another

one of Marcus Burnett's great so you

just trying to convince Julian he's

actually Mike Lowrey and making up this

whole thing about these pictures are

here for every time my partner has saved

my life

I hope they had three or four cameras

roll because like I don't know how the

the weird tangents that they go on with

these improv have to be ha arguing and

yet there will be shots that involve a

rack focus or dolly landing to the DES

point that I it makes me wonder I want

to see more of like Bay's shot lists and

stuff or just more behind-the-scenes

footage I'm directing because he does

have this amazing amalgam of feels like

coverage mixed with what feels like

shots you would have to pre-plan I

wonder if you watch an improv and then

goes I like that improv lock that line

in but shoot it this way now I don't

know ya know it's got to be something I

mean a combination of that and then Mike

you know just telling them you have a

face to work in because that's where I

think it was a nighttime Club event type

thing and there was it was weird you


we'll hang on from the ceiling upside

down and cocoons

there were we're in in terms of bath tub

bath that's a bathroom fight scenes

where does this rank for you guys I I do

like a good fight scene in a filthy yeah

I got that was very good I like that

to ones that come to mind immediately

what the one in upgrade was super good

recently and the one and at World's End

since we've mentioned Hot Fuzz yeah

where do you see their Blue Blood for

the first time the mannequin people so

what breaks this for me is that this

like cool last night club with I mean

it's it's way too staged like if you're

gonna have a grimy bar bathroom the

mirror will have already been broken you


the the head slam into the disgusting

urinal gets me every time


the other cool thing about that vantage

point that the entire drug stealing gang

is is in is that they you can pick pick

out people individually in the crowd

super easy because they're two for two



are we


hey thank you for sticking with us sorry

about that

having some some internet issues but

let's sync back up real quick we are at

an hour and nine minutes

they are just running out of the hell

Club towards this icecream truck so go

ahead and get get to an hour nine

minutes and we will play it in three two

one go make ice cream truck ice cream

truck oh now literally on the subtitle

on the frame we were paused on let's go

there ya go there also this the lighting

and the setting remind me of collateral

which had a great club scene I can't

remember if he ends up in the bathroom

at any point but good shootout in a club

I I mean any good club scene also has a

good bathroom fight scene generally I

think mainly because most line you get

to make all the sounds all tinny and

echoey in the bathroom and I will say

the for a cop who is as capable as Mike

Lowrey has proven himself to be

throughout this entire time for him to

choose this truck to get away in is

baffling did they need to haul something

large was that hard enough you're

running out of the club and they say get

in the truck that's the only this is the

only part of the the movie where the

scenes show a little bit in terms of

just like I've got an idea for a set

piece and we need to get the story there

so it's an ice cream truck that's full

of ether it's yeah the the drug drug

dealers were it's the ether that they're

gonna use to cut the heroin mm-hmm but

they were just parking it out in front

of the club to like deliver it to the

people that needed it to the chemists I

guess but here come yeah here they come

running out of the club and they say get

in the truck this is also these these

car chases are there's actually a better

example later in the movie it's kind of

a car and foot chase that does this

great thing like that there's out of the

18-wheeler just like casually driving


they cut in with the rest of the car

chase that sets up like the next

obstacle that's coming up that is

actually a really cool go bake on a

hallmark he did it in the rock in a

really cool way – so the ether is

suspended in like Nets mats there is it

like ethers I didn't know that's

nitroglycerin that you need to keep like

suspend very carefully so we'll Nets of

ether did they just wear this this is

Miami and they were like we got a lot of

hammocks we can put ether in it I guess

like yeah how do you point your either

just on the ground or in a hip huh

try to look up how ether is transported

well you're on a list now but I'm only

finding out about like in medieval times

when everyone was addicted to ether have

to get it from town to town barrels

brother Cider House Rules yeah but

apparently it is volatile enough that

they would ship it in like beds of straw

and really medieval times so I guess

that is unfortunate learn by doing kind

of thing back back in those days

I googled for 45 seconds let's not

consider it vetted wells

I showed my hand I clearly don't do

whatever so Julie at this point in the

movie there there here comes the news

Shepherd the arguing and the flaming

bodies of henchmen in a car nearby

Julie Julie at this point she knows

right she knows that Marcus is Mike and

Mike is Marcus she has – what are you

doing Tricia different logic to this

film like shoot well no no I'm not

bloody I'm just it's it's this is going

back to me saying that Julie was

actually pretty good character well like

she / plays like Oh like she never plays

dumb or she never seems to be completely

fooled by the ruse right which which is

a good choice and an interesting one for

an action movie in 1990

especially an action-movie that's

modeling a lot of its plot beats after

sitcom tropes and then having action so

it's it's very interesting from a

formula perspective because it's like

the arcs like the classic I'm married

and now we don't have sex anymore every

time something have almost we have to

swap identities and then yeah stuff is

serendipitously unfortunate these are

like frasier episode are exciting right

the sitcom force is strong in the

writing and the build of the thing and

yet you could also say that the linking

together like a necklace of pearls of

good action set-pieces is equally strong

and they just kind of alternate where

they take up stage space I this is

giving me a new appreciation for just

what a strong formula action-comedy is

that it's hard it's just a great it's

real peanut butter chocolate situation

it's a perfect match I want to see more

action comedy horror all at the same

time comedy horror I think is the other

genre that's super like perfect blend

innocence but I want action horror cop I

want all three that's what that's rare

that you get that and a butter and

chocolate in pizza like I want hahaha

yeah I can't think of a great example of

one honestly mother bit is such a such

an unusual turn of phrase it's pretty

great so this is another one where I

this is another scene where the improv

was sort of famously added apparently

the the button of this scene which is

one of the funniest jokes in the entire

movie and frankly before yeah yeah it's

one of the most well remembered jokes in

the entire movie was apparently Smith's

Will Smith's idea on deck like it was a

it was a an improv joke in the moment

which is great which is also interesting

because it's just as such a a like

carefully plotted beat like the timing

of it is so right that I wonder if it

was just if it was the idea and they

like had to nail that timing a couple

times or

I mean either way it's just it's the end

of this you know I think the funniest

part of the movie swears the pace of

that job is perfect it's great yeah we

have a question for you yeah mr Swain

Oh frankly Amish Anil hi Franklin yeah

hi um this is a question for mr Swaim

how are you enjoying this first viewing

and how are your bananas doing oh we

haven't done a manner check which yeah I

completely in a midst of all the

technical difficulties I completely

forgot about the Nana check this one is

warming up nicely and will be edible

much sooner so this is the Mike Lowrey

banana and this one's a little soft and

pudgy this is like your schlubby Martin

Lawrence banana I'm gonna keep them

together spooning as they want to do but

aren't allowed to by the vagaries of

film production I'm liking it

I've seen I will say I've seen half of

bad boys one with people talking over it

for a different stream another time like

two and a half years ago and now I will

have seen all of the 20 now I will have

seen all the bad boys one with people

talking over it I still feel like I

haven't seen bad boys I will probably

one day actually like watch it watch it

you need to really spend some time with

it yeah you have to you have seen bad

boys – – and bad boys for life we were

able to keep up with what was going on

in the movies after listening to a handy

i GN review slash recap of the events of

bad boy bad boys and five

I think they should do a prequel with

just one of them and call it bad boy

sure well apparently I mean bad boys for

life the bass – there was a time where

it was just one of them we could do that

we can make that happen

oh yeah who would have so it was my

cologne at first or well it was alone

technically the other ones – I guess now

yeah I did there this is kind of a fun

little subversion of the like gotta have

sex right after an action sequence thing

was kind of like chatting about it and

if we go with your theory that Tay Leone

already knows then she's kind of

gaslighting animus yeah I think she's

really screwing with him because here

she here she's talking to him about like

how Oh

a guy like yeah a guy like Marcus woman

couldn't couldn't possibly say no to him

which is one of the things that I like

about talionis character is she's like

really actively screwing with these guys

yeah is she been working lately I feel

like yeah wasn't she like she had like a

CBS show or something from her last name

is her last full name is also Panta

Leone I didn't know that what Leonie is

sure for Panther Leone shut up your

parent birth name is Elizabeth – a

panther Leone we got double pants don't

fit oh yeah Tower Heist you're serious

Oh madam secretary yeah – that's right

that's right you guys remember the naked

truth it was on right about this time of

ninety in the mid 90s where she was a

tabloid photographer

I think she was like a like fallen on

hard times proper photographer that then

all I have to work for it's a void and

now hilarity and soul-searching ensues

watch that uh two guys the girl in a

pizza parlor and just shoot me I was a

good man good temper sick that's a good

Thursday night yeah and here again let

me swim to your point about like the

sitcom type trapping like setups of of

this movie like here's a guy trying to

sneak into his own house be thanks his

best friend

like he just overheard something out of

context that sounded like sex and so now

he's got to break into his own home

oh yeah the actual plot things that

propel the plot are like threes

companies scenarios yeah that really is

perfect to just have but also there's

bad guys you know cuz I'm really bad

guys and sitcoms but to have like guys

who want to straight-up kill the person

who's like in you know undergoing this

just boilerplate extreme all scenario

I'm dating two sisters at the same time

tonight and they're gonna kill me oh

yeah I've got this job interview at this

same room and I mrs Doubtfire

I don't know how this is gonna work

berry the HBO show balances those

elements super well and in a similar way

they like the sitcom side of my action

uh and I will step in the later parts of

the movie they actually find ways to

have both layers going on at once and

step back and forth whenever they want

you know what I mean like it's so clever

they'd hear we're literally having an

action scene that itself is kind of

funny cuz they're arguing while they

fight I think usually you pull back to

the car and they're doing straight-up

what we're doing they're doing like

mst3k commentary on the scene I like

that that's smart

yeah I did spend some time with the


minions billion-dollar Empire I believe

you know the whole section of that theme

park now just for the menu it could have

been the they could have been these guys

from the card bad boys whose minions are

turning 10 this year or is it growing

off those little bananas and we're gonna

have to sell it yeah the you you brought

it's a prong celebration if 10-year

anniversary of minions that we need to

bring your nanners to they love bananas

don't they yeah that's the thing okay

yeah it's one of the few words that they

actually say all right that's the

closest to a minion is that's what I

knew Dominion it's fresh out of the bath

now in wild wild west if you freeze

frame in the opening sequence you can

see Will Smith's testicles yeah yeah you

can't is that gonna happen here I don't

think so cuz okay well then I'll let

that go now you know all right and I'm

frankly like I don't want to test it by

freeze framing this we already tried

that once there is actually there is a

single frame and later on there's a

chase and everyone's fully clothed but

just there's a single frame of Will

Smith testicles they just insert

randomly it's really like boys yeah

here's another thing about cast Marc the

scene between marg Helgenberger and Joe

Pantoliano is perfect because these two

character actors the best shorthand for

their roles like you just like looking

at Joe Pantoliano as stuffy captain and

marg Helgenberger as the


like I'm gonna bust your ass lady like

you don't need dialogue to present that

like that the casting of those two

people is just so spot-on

it was interesting doing AI actually did

a double feature the other night of I

watched bad boys for life then I

rewatched bad boys and watching it in

reverse order with bad boys for life

where the talk is all like you know they

go to a we're too old for this shit

place and Martin Lawrence wants to

retire and like and then it was this in

action where Martin Lawrence comes

running after Jojo that I was like oh

he's come a long way like what what a

journey for Marcus burn net so from like

joyfully chasing down a informant to

know what percent finish to the movie do

you think is in a super wide angle lens

it's probably 50/50 with super long

lenses right like I feel like there's no

lens that just kind of looks like the

human eye it's either like an 18

millimeter or super wide or like a

telephoto lens other than these medium

closes where people are just saying

their lines everything else has some

kind of you talked about moving the set

up but I think people who haven't been

on film sets underestimate the Boreas it

is to change the lenses out on all the

cameras yeah Oh Michael Bay is not

afraid to like hang out on set for a

long time I bet that's another Tony

Scott thing too like that and the more

we talk about this movie and the more we

talked about like Tony Scott and Michael

Bay being super similar like all of

those and and even in just Michael Bay's

next movie like the rock is is the year

after this one in 96 mm-hmm I think

everything every tendency that we're

seeing in bad boy is like taken to the

next step in the road which is like the

it everything's either just wide angle

or like super tight

someone in Chad claims that Pedro Pascal

is on the on chat but I don't believe


Bennett saying I look like Pedro Pascal

again oh that's it Patton comments a lot

there's like Pedro Tesco's on stream

that's like really I wish he'd be fun to

do a commentary with oh yeah prospects

with Pedro Pascal Cameron that'd be

great True Lies has a similar ratio of

comedy to action

truly yeah and True Lies was made and

this and also structured in a way where

the comedy stuff like the actual plot of

the movie like terrorists stealing a

nuclear warhead is secondary to a lot of

the comedy setups it's live in the heart

remember like the issue the people are

having amongst themselves is topic yeah

the whole the whole middle section of

True Lies is which is one of the

greatest action comedies of the 90s I

would say the whole middle section is

Arnold Schwarzenegger following around

Bill Paxton like trying to get a bit

trying to actually use a car salesman on

movie god I love that movie

remember club hell no slip my mind

what is this way I want to see this

women and Ducks is is that like a police

officer that's trained as a frogman do

you no idea no idea I mean in police and


in my head it's it's like people in

those like floating Swan paddle boats

that you can get just like on a fun

afternoon watching on yeah yeah does he

mean like sitting ducks but swimming no

Hebrew he was requesting swimming ducks

which I suppose do a SWAT team kind of

oh lingo or something like a Navy SEAL

but it is swimming swimming stuff so can

anyone identify what they're watching

the Stan Miller show it is kind of nice

I do appreciate a good payoff like a

throwaway shot about something else at

the end of an action sequence comes back

to actually mean something just a

cabinet of guns I guess they're in there

Mike Lowery's place he doesn't need to

lock that up I don't know that dog looks

and depressed you got a

see this is the the pinnacle of this

movies Marcus trying to cover his ass

bit coming up here when his wife shows

up now I gotta ask at the risk of

breaking the facade we've maintained

well throughout is your guys's playing

it like 67 percent speed line so uh

it'll just stop periodically and then

catch up really fast and catch up okay I

have I'm like there's no way the people

watching on Netflix are still in sync

isn't it I don't know let's see if we

can get I think we should start

reenacting the subtitles in real time so

people yeah so guy actually I'm glad you

brought that up to swim because we are

talking with Artie you know we are

having some more dreamy shoes


oh shit here

all right Lee mom third time's a charm

are you uh is it like darker in LA like

what's up with that you're like the

he's in his cave


I want to go out so I thought you just

turned into Martin Lawrence

Nik next

we're still we're actually still on

apparently listen we're still on thank

you thank you

oh did they hear you everybody who who

is stuck around anybody's out there is

still sticking this out we are gonna

give it one more one more good college

try to to finish this movie we got two

minutes left

do I need to have gone to college – no

you just need to have heard that phrase

before oh I did just now Nick we're good

to go yeah well what's our time code so

we can we can sync these people back up

where we at

milliseconds wow that's specific so one

hour 32 minutes okay great if you can

sneak the milk okay and that's fine but

our 32 mmm we've got Martin Lawrence

taking a deep calming breath perhaps you

should be doing this

yeah great perfect okay so now link so

now if we're there let's play in three

two one go

I agree with Adams lake in chat who says

we should probably just start over from

the top try the whole thing again I

don't know that we'd be able to make the

same points in exactly the same places

before it would be a very different

situation a lot of people don't know

this but streaming bad boys is actually

a roguelike and you must you must start

fresh from the beginning everything yes

right procedurally generated numerous

different endings they're never in it

never ends the same way for the same

bork Grauman chat says does anyone have

any jokes oh no no no not so ever I want

earlier it's gone so here we're sneaking

up on another really cool foot chase

which I I do love a good foot chase

mm-hmm Marie run all the run has a good

good foot chase yeah

these close-ups of eyes are so good

slow motion your guns and this in this

little shootout here in the lobby like

the geography of where these bullets are

landing I think is on all four walls of

the room like I did regardless the civil

people are aiming every wall is getting

shot up well wouldn't they be I guess I

don't know but there's there's that

sequence there that it's cut cut from

like one side of the room and a guy gets

shot over there and then like Jed's

getting shot at and then like it just

seemed like it seems a little more

willing which I mean look it all works

like the feeling that you're left with

after watching this is like bullets are


oh really he really loves that trope of

like the public servant like cautiously

emerging from like a gunfight that's

gonna say there's your BAE ISM is the

normal person going like that was crazy

all I want to know about is do you like

your haircut

yeah I remember Boston Common um oh yeah

this this is the sequence oh sorry

this has so many great like just setups

of people minding their own business

like that guy hanging out by his bike

and then like Oh God car chase yeah what

the car chase in the rock does it was

the same thing with that is just like

that's also so much better if you know

San Francisco because it like it follows

a pretty pretty cohesive loop and then

it just randomly cuts to the other side

of the city and something explodes and

then it cuts back to like believable car

chase just detour for the explosion that

was the the worst part about living in

LA and watching 24 was the like this is

when they were in LA it was always like

they got out to like Pomona in in a

commercial break and it's like no no no

no that's impossible so here's another

mic like of course this chase runs

through a bikini model shoot amazing oh

peak Bay and just just white just a

total total white room

here's some more beer as well standing

by it's it's great it's one and it's

honestly it's a trope that borrows from

from the Bond movies quite a bit like

they in it yeah

John John Glenn's Bond movies which he

did a couple of the Connery ones and

most the Roger Moore ones if I'm

remembering right in any way his I mean

you think about like

Moonraker and Octopussy in these movies

where it's just like a boat chase

through Venice and it's like people just

like hanging out and then all of a

sudden there's a there's a car chase

going past them but what makes it bay is

the idea that you would cut to the guys

in the wheelchairs coming back from the

basketball court before the characters

you're interested in see them or know

they exist right like hey audience I'm

throwing this shit at me in like movie

rules you're supposed to see what the

characters see and know what they know

but I love that he's like he's the kind

of guy who'll cut to two dudes moving a

plate-glass window across the street

you're like here which is great because

like it's another thing where he is so

actively building this movie for us the

audience like is there's nothing there's

no pretense about like what he's doing

he's like I'm making something that you

will be excited why it's like an okay

girl video yes invented the Avengers

shot which is so iconic now yeah and

this is the other thing too and watching

like there's nothing happening in the


in that shot which in later Michael Bay

movies there'll be a helicopter fly

hanging like opposite direction of the

camera movement and lay all of the

things the layers and and by the time

you get to Pearl Harbor there are you

know a guy's like run out and we're

circling around him and you see like

fighter bomber jets flying behind him

and like the amount of stuff that

happens it just keeps layering on top of

his technique as his career goes on is

is really kind of fun to track

and yet he's still up is up to the same

old tricks like in six underground he

does the exact same thing to driving a

car and then suddenly you cut to a dog

walker walking three uh puppies and

you're like well I assume we're gonna

narrowly miss it's fun though like it's

such it's such a fun take how is how is

six underground is it like good good Bey

like is it it's not too much filler for

me honestly yeah this but the set pieces

themselves they'll bring it said yeah

the set pieces themselves were all

really good there was like I there was

such an effort to tell a story from set

piece to set pieces I think that I

almost wish that they just skip that

part but they seem like the premise to

get across and it wasn't like this is

happening and you're like that's how it

plays right it's like this is happening

and I'm sitting there going like yeah

great no it's totally happening you're

absolutely right

and then there are these middle parts

that I'm just like this scene right here

I this resonates with me because I love

the sort of weird trope of just a

gigantic nerd who's not he's like not

really threatening but sort of is but

you're not like what are you what's the

relationship man beetle on YouTube

Washington IGN is just asked are those

long lenses in the action shots very

Tony Scott you're absolutely right it is


somebody else picking up on the Tony

Scott and aspect them any any time

there's a really tight and he they

always does it through the windshield of

a car in a car chase right like directly

over the hood through the car chase

super tight shot on the protagonist in

the car on a real long lens and it's

bouncing all over the place and you

can't see their mouths at all so they

can say whatever they want they'll do it

in post it'll be great whatever quip

they want about like whichever is if

it's the the wheelchair guys or the guys

carrying the plate glass window that

they narrowly miss like whatever they

have to comment on they can do it later

which is

the fruit vendor with one day till

retirement uh-huh

I just had one more pineapple to sell if

I just unloaded these gloves they could

pay for your college but no I want to

see like the movie dude the long con

version of that word like the person

who's gonna move the plate-glass window

like wake up in the like amidst all the

action heroes like the grand finale is

the plate-glass window getting shattered

and the fallout from but it's like you

see two cops getting waking up and doing

their daily things and then there's the

plate-glass window mover who wakes up

and it's it follows all of them and then

they just you see him like laborious ly

polished the glass and so it's like you

always treat the project so personally

you know it's just blowing glass and

he's like yes but it reminds me of my

daughter who I've lost touch with this

piece of wood I was like a plate-glass

window shattering it handles it the way

that mind hunter handles the BTK killer

yep like give me that long setup and

then also also speaking of costumes I

have the shirt Martin Lawrence is

wearing it makes me feel cool I am

assured from 1995 do you think that was

held over from the Wardrobe that they

were gonna use when Jon Lovitz was gonna

play that character I would have loved

seeing Jon Lovitz wearing Dana Carvey

school that was another beep did I just

say these these guys these other

detectives that that they've been rivals

with the whole movie it's like the great

buddy cop action movie trope of little

like we're gonna go face down almost

certain death you guys in there like

yeah bitch and just like super casual

but like oh yeah I'm totally was there

ever a time where maps like street maps

on computers were bright green like da

style readouts like we just saw totally

accessing that seems like hard to read

map yeah for the police station to you

that's oh I do love high tech computers

in the 80s and 90s on in da

ever existed but they look like like all

the monitor there's anything in the

original alien stuff like that yes like

the sort of vector graphic kind of I'm

actually sad that it seems like as we

reach technological singularity we're

getting better at that

like the Minority Report system if you

use VR headsets now it kind of is basic

good that is what it feels like you grab

your menu and do that I miss the days

where they were like in the future

you'll wear a helmet with a crank on it


I do I do appreciate looking at like

what the past thought the present would

look like a future you just like what

you're we in town like what movie took

place in 2020 and like how long were

they I think I think this is the DOS

computer stuff is honestly like just

it's surely aesthetic like in the same

way that the night-vision goggles are

just way too green mm-hmm that stuff

does it's not that neon you know it's

just it's he wanted something want a

little color in there yeah I mean you

want especially with the way the films

are cut and with the the thinking behind

the Edit style in these movies being

like you know all super super flashy

make it interesting and dynamic and then

just like to have something that reads

is map on a computer screen in half a

second well there's there's like

meanwhile a garbage truck driver

there's your budget yeah

you cannot kill me I am Jon Lovitz damn

they use two scripts for that the

connected line that was good yeah

squidding is an art we're losing yeah we

actually talked with with Leigh Whannell

about that when we were watching the in

man cuz there's a great shot in the

Invisible Man where a guy gets guy gets

shot in the knee II and it's just the

most fabulous goopy like throwback

Pulver Hooven squid you know but yeah I

mean did the digital stuff like you can

tell you can tell and it's no good

yeah beef I'm not like a purist or snob

I'll be fine when you can't tell the

difference I don't have a romantic

attachment but you can tell still even

in the like John wick second yeah I mean

like most it's weirdly a nostalgia thing

right cuz like I you know grew up in the

80s and 90s watching all of these movies

that were all practical action effects

whenever please the supe sank when you

needed one and why are you taking cover

behind it no no Trevelyan I'll tell you

the palpable tension that the stream

will dissolve at any of adding so much

to the area

there's your ticking clock how much time

do we have before the internet craps out

here yeah

it's not tonight that ff7 remake is

available right that's tomorrow night

let's tie it everything else yeah

and this is gonna be a part of the show

where we we sort of quietly watched this

really but really well conceived and

executed action sequence that's shot

there you know what else I like is I

like that you forgot your boarding pass

yeah cuz like that doesn't that's like a

no ticket but like I don't know maybe

that was improvised that off but also I

mean that's a thing that it only exists

in in these in the worlds of these

movies movies like the action movie

you've got to say what's up right before

you shoot that guy I don't know yeah

yeah I could be wrong you might have to

do there's gotta be somebody like there

was that one insane cop who like Dirty

Harry was based on there's gotta be

somebody out there who's actually that

much of a psychopath that they were like

I'm gonna crack a joke before I murders

yeah you think so imagine you're really

worried for your life and about to take

a human life and your brain stops to

think what should I say though what

should I say if you can't laugh at it

you know you're really in trouble yeah

although I will say like in that regard

in the one liners in action movies fabok

last action hero was I think so far

ahead of its time like it was me it was

making fun of the movies that we were

still into and so it's like

Schwarzenegger walking up and saying

like are you a farm oh here's a couple

of acres and then kicks a guy in the

nuts like so perfect and it's good for

what it is and yeah but it's also like

that's the thing that shouldn't exist

ever it should only exist in these weird

in these weird movies but like but it's

it's part of the part of the deal it's

part of the thing that we accept with

like these bonkers action movies Shh

everything's blowing up sorry no no no

there is 10 of the 20 million yeah

apparently this is a factoid that has

been thrown a meet a Leone got it was

accidental playing now by Martin

Lawrence's stunt double at some point

was what knocked out yeah she got

knocked unconscious by Martin Lawrence's

stunt double I don't know if it was

during that that scene it was the ak7 a

que 47 under the jaw that got her I

don't know if we've gotten there yet

oh yeah that happened that woman you

think we talked about in our nine facts

and a lie about Terminator 2

Arnold Knox John Connor out on the

motorcycle in the LA freeway spinning

the shotgun over and over you clipping

him in the head and then the other one I

know is Princess Bride Christopher

guest's the man was six fingers when he

max Cary Elwes out with the hilt of his

sword he really knocked carry over the

time in the shot that's used in the cut

you're watching baby always get knocked

out yeah that's that's the thing like

when whenever doing doing something

stupid like thats when you're from

sketch you know what it's like but the

thing that you say right before you do

something stupid is like look if if

something happens you better use this

shot yeah oh my knees are ruined

because of a couple sketch like i

remember what i did that ruined them Oh

get out of this one oh they don't that's

addressed well yeah no I was like how

will the spinning car but it doesn't it

slams that was a cool car yeah that was

that back I just wrecked that's all fake

that's all currently wrecked that's a

really economical way to like have a to

have a big budget explosion scene and a

big budget chase scene without like they

just did it in an airport airport like

it's just on tarmac shots

I really have to shut anything down yeah

two cars just driving real fast next to

each other

that man would be fluid at this point

yeah he's a sturdy bad guy oh is it the

Fargo anything gonna shoot him in the


spoilers for farming well its tail eonni

like whispering bloodthirsty thoughts

into his ear at this point he is worth

killing kill the shit out man wait till

he's right on the middle of the ax fence

shooter metal look the best man if you

just cut in to this sequence with this

score you would think that this poor man

who got shot in the knee is like there

we've finally got our helicopter flying

at sundown shot you think like one guy

couldn't find the keys to his car and

he's like it's screw it I'll just take

the helicopter with the rest these guys

right what was amazing earlier that they

had that bridge scene where one of the

issues was though a news cameras here in

a helicopter and thinking about budget

Conservancy on shoots like this today

that would have been an extra pulls out

their cell phone I love that in this day

and age they're like how can we

believably have them get caught on

camera a fucking whole helicopter cone

that's a good point

it's we talk about how cellphones break

a lot of cinematic stuff but no daddy

they also allow a lot of like weird

leeway like that like plot device oh

yeah people holding up their cell phone

camera is now embedded in filmic grammar

yeah and will be for a bit

ooh the halo do you see that the Jesus

effect around Wilson is yet and here

comes a barrel Derek now who's laughing

I remember this shot really well

probably because they show it 18 times

huh huh

just a just a reflection playing across

his buddy's face turn and shoot he's

good at job

tailee unnie adjusts an earring and he

said whoa Oh close I love that

good-natured laugh that you share when

you've killed many people bad and that's

multiple buddy cop movies is everyone

dies and you fade – wow man wow what a

day and in this case it's literally

what's next like what are we doing now

game night

no I love that I mean again it's it's an

action comedy like heightened reality

like it's like yeah no we're fine

everything's fine we survivor like so

many people didn't that's that's being

married guys Madeleine I'm getting a

another another factoid thrown at me

here according to Michael Bay on the DVD

commentary he actually had a fight with

Will Smith over the ending and before

they shot the ending we'll finally

agreed that he would say I love you –

Martin Lawrence but then the day of the

shooting he changed his mind didn't want

to say it and they fought about it for a

couple of hours about why they should

say it and by the end of the fight

Michael Bay told will that he didn't

care anymore because he only had about

15 minutes to shoot the ending by at

that time anyway or they didn't even

have an ending

and then he said it and then he said it

yeah I'm serious I will says I love you

and that's the bestest shot up here so

but they fought about whether or not

they were gonna say I love you so much

that they lost the light and that was

the only the only one they got

I guess just our fascinating well time

has changed rapidly I don't think that

would be an issue for many actors

anymore you want me to say I love you to

the other guy I mean I guess it was a

character thing he's like no Mike Lowrey

doesn't say I love you to really anybody

even his best friend who's you know bad

argument I could see if he's dug in I

mean that happy oh yeah

well Swayne what do you think man is

your first first time seeing it kind of

kind of a little bit I actually saw even

less than you thought because there were

parts where I just got audio and then

occasional still frame so I think there

might be something about these bad boys

yeah yeah I have four movies at least I

see why it stands as a seminal classic

in the genre and it was very interesting

to unpack the the very specific nuances

of what separates this from other action

comedies and how it really is

a leader in its field in its field as

far as the comedy side goes yeah I

enjoyed it a lot I'll watch it for real

for sure

soon so if that's living sign I want to

know yet I mean I I've always sort of

enjoyed that movie I think the second

one is you know undeniably like much

more impressive but it's still like this

it's interesting it's weird watching

Michael Bay without a gigantic ginormous

budget in total like carte blanche to do

whatever the hell he will it's also

weird to be like this was Will Smith's

first action movie and when he's in

embrace and everything now you know he's

that's what we think of him poor yeah

yeah I am just trying to imagine a time

where it was the Fresh Prince of bel-air

and doing bad boys and then like I'm

sure I don't know what the equivalent of

that would be today I mean I guess maybe

it'd be like one of the kids from

stranger things all of a sudden is

in a giant r-rated action movie

I suppose could happen but I don't know

it's strange it's like it's it's a hard

movie to watch in the context of when it

came out I think because Will Smith it

is who isn't Michael Bay is who he is at

this point that like it's an interesting

wash hmm I'm glad we watched it I'm glad

we watched it well thank you for

watching it with us HAP 25th birthday

bad boys

swank got you some bananas but thanks

for joining us guys and also everybody

that joined us and it is still around

and it's stuck with us through our

technical difficulties we really

appreciate it thank you very much and

come back next week we've got so we're

gonna be watching rogue one with Gary

Whitta and Chris Weitz so that'll be

super fast

great and in the meantime go watch bad

boys again you aren't Lawrence bananas

dressed as Will Smith banana he's it all

works out you think it's a kind of a

Silence of the Lambs place yeah alright

we'll see you next time guys thank you

very much




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