Back to the Future – Movie Review

published on July 2, 2020

Back to the Future was directed by

Robert Zemeckis and produced by Steven

Spielberg and starred Michael J Fox and

Christopher Lloyd and somehow I've never

reviewed this movie I don't know why I

don't know how it's it's Back to the

Future but I'm about to change that the

first time I saw Back to the Future I

must have been about 6 years old because

there was a promotional tie-in with

McDonald's at the time if you bought a

Big Mac or something you could get a VHS

for really cheap I think it was like

Land Before Time Field of Dreams Fievel

goes west and back to the future and I

remember we brought home two Land Before

Time and back to the future and I

watched this because it was rated PG

despite a lot of language it was

definitely heavier on the language side

and my family was a little iffy about it

for a minute but the PG rating saved my

life back in the day there were so many

movies from the 70s and 80s that just

would never be PG today that I got to

watch when I was a kid jaws being a big

one and this was also a film that today

would probably be pg-13 just for

language and like sexual references just

there's a lot of awkward stuff in this

movie we'll get into as a six-year-old

this was really important to my

development for loving movies and for

appreciating film as an art form it was

such an entertaining movie and even when

I didn't understand the nuances of

everything they talked about some of the

dialogue can get a little adult at times

I was always entertained by it

watching it all these years later I

still remember what I thought certain

sentences meant that you know I didn't

understand what they were really

referring to and I still remember what I

used to think some innocent naive thing

and now all these years later I still am

able to remember that but it's

interesting how even when you don't

fully understand something you're

watching if it's great you're gonna be

entertained by it as a child and I was

and be honest if you saw this movie as a

kid you probably wanted to get on a

skateboard and tried to get on the back

of someone's car it seemed like the best

method of transportation ever next to a

bicycle when I was a kid I could never

get away with it though the movie does

an excellent job of setting up his

family life in the beginning because

just about everything you learn about

them in these few scenes is going to

come back into play when he goes into

the past

uncle Joey didn't make parole he's still

in jail his parents are completely

estranged and his sibling relationship

isn't that great either and of course

there's Biff what are you looking at

Butthead Crispin Glover as George McFly

is really good in this movie as older

George and younger George

he has distanced himself considerably

from these films it seems like he just

doesn't want to talk about them and

that's of course his business but he's

really good in this movie what the rain

what but the heart of this movie is

absolutely in the relationship between

Marty played excellently by Michael J

Fox and Christopher Lloyd's Doc Brown

these two work so well together it's

such a strange relationship to the film

never really makes much of an attempt to

explain why they know each other and

marty is 17 and Doc Brown is obviously

like older and so it's just a weird sort

of like who is this guy

later he jokingly refers to him as his

uncle as a way to get young Lorraine off

his back but they never really go into

the relationship and it's honestly kind

of fine as a mystery I like that he's

just this weird eccentric old guy that

Marty just so happens to know and this

is the type of casting that can

absolutely change the way a character is

on the page there are so many things

that Lloyd brings to doc Brown that you

just can't write like this scene for

instance oh this is my doc guy uncle Doc

Brown Marty this may seem a little

forward like I haven't read this script

so I don't know if that sequence was

written but if it did it might say

something like Doc Brown looks at Marty

nervously does nothing for you but you

get Christopher Lloyd as this character

and he just changes everything his comic

timing is on point in this film and a

lot of this is due to excellent

direction from Robert Zemeckis this is a

beautifully shot movie Dean Cundy lends

the film and the movie looks incredible

it's also edited pristinely there isn't

a single sequence that feels as if it

hasn't been immaculately time

the movie doesn't get enough credit for

that it's a really fun movie and it's an

exciting movie and it has the music and

Huey Lewis and the news and all that

stuff that you know and love but this is

a really damn well-made film technically

it's essentially a perfectly edited

movie and Michael J Fox as Marty is just

the most likeable everyman you could

have you immediately relate to this kid

he wants to be in a band he can't get

into the contest they don't like him

he's just too darn loud by the way

that's Huey Lewis in a cameo and you

just feel for him his life is kind of

falling apart his parents don't like

each other anymore he can't really get

along with his brother and sister the

family car got totaled and Biff is a

fucking asshole so you immediately feel

for him so after a thrilling chase

sequence at a mall parking lot he gets

thrown back into the past and has to fix

his family and if you've never seen Back

to the Future I'm going to get into some

spoilers here so that's your warning I

know that it's strange to think that

someone hasn't seen this movie but

people are born everyday and those

people maybe haven't seen Back to the

Future yet when Marty saves his young

father from being hit by a car and Marty

gets hit he accidentally takes the place

of his father and suddenly his mother

has an affection for him and what

proceeds are some of the most awkward

and embarrassing scenes in cinema


seeing Marty's mom fawn all over him and

try to get him to sleep in her room and

she thinks his name is Calvin Klein this

is all really funny stuff but it's super

embarrassing but this is where the movie

just really picks up all the things they

throw at Marty the obstacles in his way

having to get his parents together at

the enchantment under the sea dance

having to get his father to stand up to

Biff having to get out of this awkward

crush that his mom has on him this is

brilliant writing it's the type of

writing that I get jealous when I think

about it it's such such great ideas

constantly throughout the whole film

something else I had to talk about is

Alan Silvestri's score an oscar-winning

score by the way clearly I mean it's one

of the most iconic film themes of all

time I'm sorry what's that

didn't win the Oscar it wasn't even

nominated oh it's hard to imagine that

such a brilliant score wouldn't even be

nominated especially since the film was

nominated for other Oscars and actually

won one I loved sylvestris music I have

ever since back to the future and

predator Forrest Gump castaway the

Avengers like this guy is a fucking

genius and even though he gets tons of

work and obviously isn't really

underrated from an award standpoint I

think he is but getting back to the film

this movie single-handedly made me want

to learn how to play the guitar when I

was a kid and I actually did try for a

while and I wasn't good at it at all I

just didn't have a passion for it I

tried for like a month and it I learned

a few chords and things and it just it

was never really it wasn't gonna go


there were certain things I picked up as

a kid that I thought like yep this is

gonna be something I'm go nope not that

movies yeah movies that's where my

brains at that's for sure this is just

such a thrilling film from start to

finish there's not a single boring

moment there's no scene that drags every

scene has something funny about it

clever innovative the writing is so

tight and it's constantly exciting from

beginning to end it's easily one of my

favorite movies Back to the Future still

holds up it's never not going to I

recently rewatched jaws it was playing

at a drive-in jaws and Jurassic Park

back to back and jaws still holds up as


and at this point movies like Back to

the Future in Jaws they're just I think

they're cemented if it was ever going to

age it would have happened already I

love this film and of course I'm gonna

give it an A+ I do want to talk about

the plot hole the thing that people

often talk about which is why don't

Marty's parents recognize that their

child looks exactly like the person who

helped get them together in the 50s

there's been a lot of debate about this

filmmakers and actors and the writer of

one of the writers of the film Bob Gale

have have said you know there there

takes on it the simple fact of the

matter is I just don't care

the film is so good that it's able to

curve that plot hole for me you could

say that they wouldn't remember this guy

that they only spent about a week with

back in the day you could say that it's

hard to remember faces of people you

went to school with for many years and

all of that is true but the simple fact

remains they named their kid Marty which

means they named their baby after the

kid that brought them together and not

even their first son their second son

also there's this moment this what a

character so they definitely remember

that night he remembers knocking out


no yeah Biff is still in their life and

he's a constant presence and so it's

hard to forget somebody that's always

there so yeah it's kind of a thing for

me but I just don't care every once in a

while something is just so good that I

just I don't give a shit if there's

something wrong with fuck it man who

cares its Back to the Future it's

amazing it's a phenomenal movie you know

there's this you can even call movies

perfect I don't like to do that there's

only a handful of movies I would even

remotely call perfect but that doesn't

mean that the movie doesn't feel perfect

it just feels fucking perfect I love

Back to the Future so much so this is my

first in a series that I'm gonna be

doing all throughout the summer I don't

have a rigid schedule for this but I

would like to from time to time review

some older films that I've never

reviewed or perhaps that I have talked

about in the past but I would love to do

an updated video for them for instance I

would really like to at some point

review all four Indiana Jones movies in

separate videos I've talked about them

many years ago like in compilation

videos where I kind of breezed through

them really quickly I did some stuff

with some other YouTube channels that

was a long fucking time ago and I would

really like to make updated reviews for

all those movies and there's some more

I'd like to talk about so throughout

this summer I'm just gonna every once in

a while review a movie I love just feel

like it I think it'd be fun

you guys enjoy that thank you guys so

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