Back to School Tech (That’ll Actually Make Your Life Easier)

by birtanpublished on October 1, 2020

school season is upon us and I'm here at
Best Buy to show you some of the best
tech to make going back to school less

first up let's talk about probably the
most important tech in your
back-to-school arsenal the laptop
personally I'm a big fan of Razer
laptops and there are a few I think it
would make a killer student laptops to
first this is the razor blade 15
advanced model mercury white Edition now
you can get it up to a 1080p 240 yards
display in Nvidia r-tx 2070 max-q GPU in
that color a model exclusive to Best Buy
by the way or you can grab it in a 1080p
240 Hertz or 4k OLED display with an up
to RTX 2080 GPU in the normal black
color and with that it can handle
anything that any class could throw at
it and it will also handle any game you
might want to throw at it after class if
that's a bit too overkill for you though
the Razer Blade 15 base model which only
comes in black though is probably the
best power for the money with an Nvidia
2060 max-q GPU still an a 1080p 144
heard screen extra storage and a 600 all
our savings over the advanced model that
I just mentioned it'll still handle
whatever you got and not break the bank
now lastly for the Razer laptops that I
recommend we also have the blade stealth
it's the size of an ultrabook so it's
super portable
it has great battery life but the NVIDIA
MX 150 that has four gigs of video
memory in it will handle most games at
1080p and you know class things too of
course personally the stealth is one of
my favorite laptops period if you said
any of these though head to the links
below for the best price that I could
find on each also Best Buy happened to
be giving away $100 off on any of these
laptops first students to next you need
something that can make it easier for
you to watch your favorite streaming
shows like you know Netflix Hulu or I
don't know YouTube now of course you can
do this on your phone or that laptop for
example but if you want an inexpensive
way of getting it on to your TV may I
recommend a really inexpensive Roku
stick the thing I like about Roku is
just how easy it is to use and yet it'll
still give you access to all of your
favorite streaming services as well as
music streaming to you just plug it into
your TV
login with your services that you have
and you're good to go this model here
even comes with a remote that can
control your TV's volume and turn it on
and off so that you don't need to always
have two remotes with you all the time
side note if you don't have a TV
yet TCL actually makes some great ones
like this series three that have Roku
built in and they're under 150 bucks
thanks the miracle of modern science
cheap easy fast food does not have to
necessarily mean just instant noodles
instead it may introduce you to this a
pressure cooker you might be familiar
with the instant pot one that has gained
a ton of popularity recently and if you
want you can check that out below but
here's another one that does the same
thing and is even less expensive this is
the ninja instant cooker and I found it
for under 70 bucks the concept is that
these little guys allow you to put in a
bunch of ingredients lock them turn it
on and very little time thanks to the
fact that they are pressurized which
enables food to cook a lot faster you
can have real food that you left cooking
while you were in class trust me it's
the easiest way to cook simple meals for
yourself and your roommates too if
you're feeling generous next up this
little guy is the Lenovo smart clock I
have on this list because not only can
you use it as an alarm clock to make
sure you get to class on time but it
also has Google assistant built-in so
it's basically a better looking tiny
Google home with a display you can just
talk to it to remember your class
schedules to-do lists set alarms and
reminders etc and you can also connect
it to Spotify Pandora or play music and
just use it as a speaker or even watch
YouTube videos on it also you can pair
with one of these lifx mini smart bulbs
and these are the ones I recommend
because they are the cheapest come in
colors and don't require the extra cost
of a hub to use once you set them up you
can use the smart clock to turn them on
or off change their color etc speaking
of getting to class on time that's darn
near impossible without coffee in my
opinion now I'm gonna rush you might be
interested in those pod based ones which
are fast but frankly the coffee isn't
the best and the pods to refill them
sometimes can be expensive so the one I
would recommend for a good coffee that
is still convenient is this guy this
under $40 coffee maker does use pods but
it does come with its own refillable pod
that allows you to use your own coffee
grinds as well so make sure buy some
decent coffee beans and then you can use
this guy also inexpensive to grind those
beans right before brewing the coffee
and trust me you'll be way happier on
your way to that inevitable
8:00 a.m. class that you had to book
this semester there guys some of the
best tech for back-to-school I'll leave
links below to everything that I
mentioned in this video let me know in
the comments below though anything else
you guys think is really cool for
back-to-school we'd love to hear from
you guys if you like to do though please
thumbs up it or share it it's greatly
appreciated also chair the rest a
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please subscribe and ink the bed next or
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new videos as always though regardless
thanks for watching

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