Bachelor in Paradise’s Chris Bukowski Talks Bitcoin, Katie Morton Before Split Up

by birtanpublished on August 28, 2020

My guest today is the bachelor franchise veteran Chris Bukovsky who also happens to be very much involved in the cryptocurrency and Bitcoin community Chris started his bachelor career back in 2012 he retired in 2015 and came back in 2019 to the bachelor in paradise and

Ended up getting engaged to Kati Morton but believe it or not there is more into Chris than just a record-breaking bachelor franchise returnee I know many of you guys are dying to know about the status of Chris's relationship with

Katie why they're not posting Instagram pictures together as often whether or not the breakup rumors are true and whether we'll see Chris back on The Bachelor franchise again my name is Kiana Danielle I'm the founder of the

Ambassador movement and the author of a bunch of books in the field of investing and wealth and growing your money and as a bachelorís top fan I'm dying to know the answers to all these – but I'm gonna pull a Chris Harrison here Chris

Bukowski and I are first going to talk about his foray into entrepreneurship I'm gonna dig in the real reason why who went on The Bachelor back in 2012 how he got involved in Bitcoin and where he sees the community going and then we'll

Get to the most dramatic episode of Deva on the blog with all the hot juicy bachelor stuff I'll be grilling Chris to get the truth about him and Katie out if you like this video don't forget to give it a thumbs up comment and share it with

Your friends also make sure to subscribe to my channel and turn on that Bell notification button all right so you guys are you cool with all this so let's go say hi to Chris and let's rock

I'm Veva on the block and I know everyone who's just watching is dying to know everything about the bachelor your retirement your wait man you came back your you've you had recurring appearance for five times right and everybody's

Dying to know what's your relation so status where are you where you stand with Katie and don't get me wrong I'm dying to know it too I'm like one of the biggest bachelor fans ever and my husband hates it so this is kind of my

Way to go I'm into it but we're gonna get into other things first and I'm gonna pull it Chris Harrison we're gonna hook you so that you stay until the end and find out all about the show but there's a lot more into you than the

Bachelor like you're an actual a full-on entrepreneur yeah and you're now invested in cryptocurrencies so it was just really emergent this is super fascinating so can you tell us Chris first of all thank you so much for your

Time for being on the show and tell us where did it all start from a crypto spider there's a business side in general let's um let's go from the business side because it looks like they they were kind of parallel your bachelor

Appear appearance and your business so we can empower each other so how did it happen I was um I was go for hospitality and all that stuff and I've always been interested in a hospitality space and I went on the show for the first time in

2012 and I've always wanted my own restaurant so before I actually got casted for the show I was in the process of opening up my first record Arlington Virginia and just worked out perfectly that I'll start Dells publicity from you

Know the show airing and the restaurant opening so it all kind of meshed together and was able to get some I mean the place was packed you know of course the show is airing and the doors are open and is that the reason why a lot of

The contest and actually go on the show no it was way different back then I mean this was in 2012 Oh for me I was I was you know I was 25 at that point so it's now it's like there's

The whole social media aspect or you know people are making money from social media which way easier than actually starting a real business so so for me I was always ambitious and want to open my own restaurant I just kind of obviously

Had helped a lot from a marketing side and getting bodies in the door to have the publicity from the show so yeah I would say I would say intentions were a lot more true that day because money wasn't as easy to make you know from

Your time on the show as it is now so I think you had a lot of people coming up show out just for you know the gram following and to monetize their you know right I mean I was telling my husband had I not been married when I started

Watching the show I would have gone on the back so it would have been great for my business Oh a hundred percent I mean hunger is that I mean it's just the funnel people you know to drive to different you know

Streams you know there's a podcast or any kind of business that you know right absolutely so then you went and you did 2012 you did season three then they did season 8 and but in the meantime you were also getting into different

Businesses right yeah so you know I opened up from the first restaurant we opened up two more and the DC airports so that was my main focus and you know we're that time I do my consulting work for a lot of startups invested a little

Bit here and there and then 2016 is when I got into Bitcoin and it was my luck but you know sometimes gotta be lucky to get into things and actually invest in 2016 before it started going up yeah so I had you know I got in when it was at

About $450 so I got pretty pretty early and luckily enough I didn't know what I was doing at the I you know swing Bitcoin so I couldn't figure out I remember I had on bit panda which was a wallet and I couldn't really figure out

How to get it off I was trying to cash it all out because you know someone paid me in Bitcoin I have no idea what this is so they kind of got obsessed I learned you know about everything and I left it all within

There would be it would be worth a lot more but no it's you know it was kind of just the start of me you know getting extremely interested in Bitcoin and then you know I kind of pour over 2000 is when I got into Bitcoin as well which is

Weird cuz you're like oh my god you wrote a book about Bitcoin and you just got into 2016 and it's true because in 2011 I heard about Bitcoin but I was like oh no this is way too risky for me I don't want to hear anything about it

Then I started so this company actually paid me to do research and analysis about Bitcoin and I was like oh wait oh this is cool so that is – any sticks you and I started getting into it so what was somebody paid you in Bitcoin and you

Learn more about it what was the obsession what was the trigger well so I of course I knew about Bitcoin but of course it had kind of a you know a reputation of it being you know used for black market stuff you know all it never

Really had anything wait did you buy a black market thing with Bitcoin I haven't done that but no I see how some was like can I tell you a Bitcoin I'm like sure why not so you know I sit there and you know

Just learning about how to you know get a digital wallet and how did you know take it off a wallet how to turn it into you know cash which you know I didn't do half of it but I just kind of got so interested in it and then you know went

Down this black hole of just research and you know learning about it and then you know talk to my friends about it and you know asking questions about it and I've been kind of obsessed with it ever since

So you know I've definitely been involved in the space and um I'm involved a little little things here and there and you know invest mostly mostly just strictly in Bitcoin and you know some other projects but yeah I love the

Community it's it's very different it's different and it's a lot different than most of the stuff that I've been involved in so it's kind of interesting for me so is it only Bitcoin or are you also in

And other kind of cryptocurrencies as well yes oh no of course during 2017 bull market you know I started getting its all coins and you know everyone made a ton of money there I you know it's kind of hard to know I almost felt like

I was moving the market and I was like oh you're announcing that you're buying no I wouldn't never I wouldn't do that I didn't do that I just it just felt like it was so easy because you would put you know thousand dollars in something and

Then you know it's all and you know that I wasn't really researching much about the project cuz you know everything was awesome in theory back then with always crazy market cast evaluations which was out of control

But there were some projects I was interested and I you know I wrote I see X ship all the way to the top I'm sure you're familiar with icon there Korean projects and wrote it all the way down to what they're doing over there track

So holding on though still holding on suits you that one so I have my whole entire Bitcoin IP X and the new Voyager coin which used the ethos so I use a lot of I use their exchange for any purchasing right now for Bitcoin and

They just repented to vgx switches which is now traded as VGX so right now you actually have a start you you're on board of advisors for Empire hotels that actually accept crypto is that correct yep yes yeah how did that happen and is

It again only Bitcoin are you doing some other cryptocurrencies as well yes so you know with with all these like how does my eyes on you know a lot of these people reached out to me because I have a bit of a following and I'm interested

Obviously in crypto so and I have the hospitality background and Empire was you know it's a hotel app you know built on the blockchain and except you know crypto so yeah I know it accepts more more

Outside of just Bitcoin so yeah you know I think that's so that's the goal is to is to find a use case for all these coins you know especially the boring because I think that's what that's what actually drives the price

Off is if people are using it it seems like everyone just holds on to it oh yeah so bitcoin is the granddaddy everybody loves it but tell me a little bit more about empire because I'm kind of curious so what hotels are included

In this I can any hotel actually get involved in the apart app yeah no absolutely a lot of this is most of us international right now but yeah anyone its kind of just to help the the check-in process and and just to kind of

Streamline from checking in to checking outs and kind of getting rewards for for using day-out all right okay so yes a Bitcoin as you were saying is the one that everybody loves and everybody's holding so what do

You think and I know like you are mainly on the side of actually investing and using cryptocurrencies so for you use case it should be super important so why not – why not other payment cryptocurrencies what why aren't

Interesting in those I think I'll get more interested when you know some of these projects you know establish a use for a lot of these coins I think there's like a lot of projects out there we learned the hard way you know in the

Bear market after 2017 is that a lot of these projects that have raised so much money no one's really been doing anything I think a lot of crypto projects struggle when it comes to branding and to marketing properly I

Think a lot of these products are built strongly on the back end but the front end looks like something you wouldn't put a penny into so there's some crypto advocates behind like for example we got Charles Hoskinson advocating for Cardano

Then we got Roger over both of whom actually we're my guests and Eva Eva on the block so Roger over in specific and I wanted to ask you I'm not sure if it's a Bitcoin cash so he is like okay Bitcoin cache works Bitcoin doesn't and

He he tries his best to do the sales and the push in the marketing and I mean he actually gave me some becoming cash live as I oh look how easy it was all yeah it is kind of easy so anything like the major main thing when it comes to

Cryptocurrencies acceptance is the leadership and the marketing as opposed to the actual use usability and low costs comes the trust – it's like you know I'm sure a lot of these coins and these projects have use cases but

It's like do you trust it you know you know there's all these dollars being put into things but if it doesn't look friendly and it's not user friendly it's a lot of people aren't gonna use it I know I won't I'm buddy and like you know

There could be projects that look great on the front end there's nothing around the back end so obviously I know I think 98% of the things are really where they need to be I think they're trying but I think we're still years away from a lot

Of these projects you know having extra co use right and the fact the matter of the fact is Bitcoin is the only one that like you can't print more of other the other projects are kind of like venture capitals trying to print their own money

Whereas Bitcoin can actually compete with US dollar because it's it's it's different it's completely different there's nobody know yeah yeah that's the way I see I mean I constantly add to Bitcoin even if every week if it's a

Couple hundred dollars there I look at it as more of a long-term investments so far so good and so I just keep adding I have to put a disclaimer here none of the things viewers at home that we're suggesting here our investing advice

These are just opinion we are only expressing our opinion about the Marquez and I'm at the same boat with you and back in 2017 mm when I was writing the book I became very interested and some projects like ripple and ethereum and

They were interesting and I was I had a very diversified portfolio that I'm still holding on to but after that in the past year it's been like you know what marketing it's like the US dollar so why do people trust the US dollar

It's because of the marketing behind it otherwise the paper does not have any value other than the research that is conveying and I feel like the same goes with Bitcoin because people may not have heard of cryptocurrency but they have

Heard of Bitcoin so that is how valuable the brand name of Bitcoin is and that is the reason why I believe even if it's not really there technologically according to a lot of the people in the field at least it has

The branding so what is next for you so you are involved in so many different things and Bitcoin is kind of the center of it but you also have a dating app you're a have a dating app or you an advice yes the dating app is sold sold

Overseas the catch I was about with that a few years ago right now outside of my restaurants on stuff I have digital agency that we we focus a lot on what designed app design and development search engine marketing all that stuff

Based out of Monica too so that's probably my main focus right now which was you know kind of started as a hobby and kind of turned into a business which is pretty cool and so yeah all right so I'm gonna now draw the line and get back

To the bachelor is the reason why you and Katie don't post that many photos together is because they're super busy or something else is going on and then we gotta in the vaccine like to keep things kind of private obviously it's

Weird to say that since we met on such a public platform but you know it's there's a lot of stuff that can deter you even if you try to ignore some of the noise you know well public notoriety so you know we just trying to kind of

Focus in on our relationship rather than you know throwing it every every one brief thing out there you know if I want to have an opinion about so you know that was kind of actually it's really helpful for us to kind of focus in on

Ourselves you know there's a relationship as well the thing is I can only imagine like I go to Thanksgiving dinner with my family and they say if they say something with like we get to know like your husband said this that

Way and that triggers me and wigan we get into a huge fight afterwards just for one sentence or someone I can only imagine like how social media can just like you know you can get you can get triggered oh look who said this about

You and it's brutal it's I mean people are people are they're mean before they're not you know unfortunately especially easy it's super easy and I mean I can't cuz I'm starting to taste to get a taste of

It like people like going pretending to be me or saying bad things about me and I'm like how do people in reality we do it like I I can't understand you guys do it because it's just well I wouldn't be able to cope well I mean I think at one

Point you just like start blocking you start to yeah like I've done it for so long so it's easier for me exactly so you know for Katy you notice her kind of first time around with all those publicity and stuff so stuff you take

Even you know you'll never meet these people but any negativity about yourself I mean it hurts to read stuff like that or you know about yourself your family or you know your friend it's just tough to be regardless if you never if

Someone's not saying it to your face you know right and the fact is I feel like people who watch TV sometimes they forget that you are real people and it's you are a real person and here you are like you're real you're here in your

Real feelings so ok you and Katie are fine can we is it safe to say that though because yeah we're good we're good we're is e and we have you know total different career so and I travel a lot

She's out in LA and like currently I'm in Chicago so I'm all over the place alright oh my god so a long distance to it and that will make things even more complicated and and will we see you again in any of Never Say Never you know

Yeah no it's you know there's always something kind of pulls me back you know because there there's a lot of good that comes from it a lot of experiences unbelievable and obviously there's a lot of bad that comes from it too but it

Just kind of became part my life I literally good at the whole this whole decade you know from 2012 till 2019 it's a whole decade of TV and you know it's fun I wouldn't change it I wouldn't change it at all but it's I think it's

Time to you know be done with are there any other bachelor franchise members who are into crypto or like finance at all yeah definitely guys in finance some item decrypt it was funny

Because you know when we're filming Paradise we don't have our phones or news or TV or any of that so I think when I love for Paradise in early June Bitcoin was around I think 6k and while I was while I was gone the whole Libre

Theme came out and Bitcoin kind of pumped up to 12 grand so I was asking you know one of the handlers who had the phone every morning for Bitcoin press and it was going up like every day I was like holy crap this is great you know

I'm filming the show making money bitcoins gonna things are awesome yeah so maybe I should go back in the show so we can get big coin back up – I know no but twelve thousand no no no we want a lot higher a lot higher I think and the

Next year will be will be much higher so what is your anticipation when it comes to Bitcoin you know I think we're gonna I think it's definitely gonna you know as you said supply you know we have happening coming next year I think

Leading up to it I think we'll see you definitely a price rise I don't think we'll ever see this alt market we saw in 2017 but you know I'm Pacific coin going up that's for all the values that and so I'm not gonna make any predictions but I

Could see you know a 3/4 X from from here right okay so that's that is some heartwarming forecasts from Chris Bukowski right over here not official just a regular guy with hopes and dreams

Or a regular guy with power though because when you say this people are gonna be watching like right now you're accessing a whole different audience with crypto like we have people who are bachelor nation fans and are also like

Oh let me see what's Chris talking about what is this Bitcoin so you might actually be able to create a whole movement around Bitcoin so definitely know I talk about much as I can I'm in this group I just joined a few my

Buddies started it's called stim stocked and we just talk crypto and and stocks and everything just all day it's it's a great community and we're adding more and more people to it every day and I'm I talk about Bitcoin like I love this

Like I'd rather do this than might do an interview with you know Us Weekly or you know about reality TV yeah this is amazing I can write I mean so and that's the reason why I created this show anyway because like you can get the

Problem with anything serious like finance or crypto is that people who talk about it they try to talk about it in a very non fun way and that was a turn-off for me when I got a gun onto Wall Street that's the reason why I

Started investing was because I was like okay this needs to be fine this needs to be everyday talk cuz money is just this is your everyday life anyway and that's why we created this show leave on the blog just chat with people and see what

They think and who are these people who are talking about bit coin and crypto so yeah I'm really hopeful for this interview to gain a lot of energy of a lot of people who are watching bachelor and bachelorette eyes I'm like hey Chris

Isn't decrypting maybe I should go find out about it so that should be cool again thank you so much Chris for joining us and people at home I really really hope that you enjoyed this interview if you liked it give it a

Thumbs up and subscribe to my channel follow Chris on social media we have his Twitter up on his head I believe too handle and Instagram and I believe you're all over the place I think people know how do you find how to find Joe

Anyway thank you but again you thank you so much for joining and I'll see you again to the next episode of the Avaya black thank you I asked my guests to make a silly face so we can use for the amazing do it do

It so which to my silly I don't even know my silly face is all right I'll do it Freddie oh that's the best little face that that's a nice sign silly face hey hold on Rick way the correct way to

Pronounce your last name is Bukovsky that's how you say it in Polish that's actually really good yeah it's Bukowski you are polish yeah III went to : nice I had one of my ex-boyfriends with Polish these people

Well I understand it pretty well I'm first-generation so most of my family speaks to it but I'm like kind of where I'm calling as a couponer Oh sod in Poland so I went to miss hua Vistula which is southern point as well is that

Like close where you are yeah close yeah oh wow very cool all right so and I actually know one of the hardest words to pronounce in Polish it's the whole Shh what does that mean it means cockroach or something but it's

Apparently one of the hardest it's a good one to know ina is very important

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