Child Camels on Board? | The Unbelievable Dr. Pol

published on July 3, 2020

something big is arriving in Weidman

Michigan from a land far far away they

can pecky are bringin that two camels

out because you want to know if you are

pregnant so you way down by the Indiana

border we are in Hillsdale Michigan for

close to Indiana we travelled two and a

half almost three hours come up to dr

pol hi sweet hoping for good news no I

know you're nervous already huh I know

they're gonna be a little bit nervous a

little bit slightly stressed out it's

okay girl but they have travel so

hopefully it won't go too bad she's real

good yeah I know but they don't like

anything that I do I'm sure that's what

I mean hold still camels are ruminants

like cows but they don't act like ours

that's okay now no you don't like this

they have their own yeah temperament you

could call it yes that's what I mean

okay bring her out this way away from

the cars they kick like a donkey and so

you lift up a hind leg so they cannot

kick with the other one cause then you

would lose the balance hi it's me okay

good girl that's okay hold still huh

you're fine okay now just a second she

is smart huh

it's okay I click stool samples from her

right right from her back right from the

factory there she doesn't seem to really

get too worked up about it I'm willing

to try I make a kick butt that's all


it's okay good girl good girl

I gotta get a little bit deeper she is

pregnant that are but instead just like

a cow okay okay good all right yeah I'm

so happy you have no idea because that

means we're gonna have a little one girl

kicking and beating the crap out of us

but we're gonna love every minute of it

a positive result for Ana she's a pretty

one mm-hmm Khalil is up next

come in it's me come on say hello yeah

so hey I guess in general when

somebody's putting their hand up where

it's not supposed to be really then that

kind of gets a little upset at first so

okay you want to tie it to the tree

because she is not standing very still

mm-hmm oh come on I know you can't swing

your head and hit me now relax mom yeah


can't feel anything here nothing

hang on it was she was with the bull

last November this one I don't feel

anything yeah I know what's in far

enough all right back to the ball yeah

see what happens okay I was hoping for

both of them to be pregnant but one's

better than none we'll just put her back

with the ball and he'll he'll take care

of her when mother nature says to



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