Automatic Mario is the weirdest way to play Queen songs

by birtanpublished on July 2, 2020

regular Mario isn't cool you know it is

cool automatic Mario Performing Queens

don't stop me now I first heard about

automatic Mario from you so thank you

for letting me know that you're all

psychos and this is what you spend your

time watching on YouTube automatic Mario

is a very literal name using Super Mario

World ROM editors time rich Nintendo

lovers have built levels that allow

Mario to get from start to finish with

little to no player input it's not

especially dazzling on its own but this

early Auto Mario video from 2007 has

half a million views the future is so

thrilling in 2008 some enterprising

users realized that making Mario finish

a level all by his lonesome is not the

most exciting use of technology and so

perhaps inspired by the popularity of

Mario Paint composer they paired

automatic Mario with whatever insane

music they were listening to at that


I have trouble understanding or

accepting the amount of time that it

must take to complete one of these

another doubt the most impressive and

time destroying automatic Mario creation

is this beast this beautiful

rock-and-roll operatic insane beast

so our enterprising creator has not only

built one level that allows Mario to

mimic the rhythm and pitch of a

notoriously complicated song with

multiple movements they've made for to

recreate the vocals bass drums and

guitar I mentioned earlier that it's

possible the reason for all this the

evolution from benign automatic Mario to

multi-part homages to Queen is due in

part to Mario Paint composer and I am

now prepared to double down on that

assessment that is why we got this

even though Mario Paint was released in

1992 it was the freeware Mario sequence

report released in Japan in 2006 that

brought a wave of Michael Jackson fans

back into the fold and so this nostalgic

Nintendo ripple brings us from the

initially rudimentary to the

terrifyingly complex

neither automatic Mario or Mario Paint

composer stopped evolving in 2008 there

are literally new videos being uploaded

daily and with the release of Super

Mario maker for the Wii U in 2015 it's

now easier than ever for you to build a

level because you really want to hear a

low-budget version of darude sandstorm

the future rules what do you think is

automatic Mario an offshoot of general

nostalgia what song would you love to

see a video of if I'm a todos Africa

please someone do this for me now if you

watched this entire video I have

something that I think may be relevant

to your interest which is a screening in

Toronto of Nintendo quest on January

20th at the Royal cinema I'm Co

presenting it and if you're familiar

this was a documentary that was crowd

funded via Kickstarter involving one man

trying to buy every single Nintendo game

ever released over the course of a month

in person so not just using eBay it

looks really exciting and I'll be

hanging out we'll be doing a pre-show

and I think you might like it if you're

again still watching a video all about

Nintendo so subscribe for new episodes

every week and be excellent to each

other and check out a link for that in

the description


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