ASUS ZenFone 6 Impressions: Top 5 features!

by birtanpublished on October 1, 2020

Asus has just taken the wraps off the
zenfone 6 at an event here in Valencia
Spain so before we get to our full
review let's dive into the top 5 things
you need to know about this very
different kind of Asus phone I'm Alex
Aman toys central and this is one the
most interesting the portable flagships
of 2019 let's jump in

this flip camera is the main thing
setting the zenfone 6 apart from pretty
much every other phone out there instead
of using one or more lower quality
sensors for selfies the zenfone simply
reverses its rear cameras thanks to this
motorized module the engineering behind
this is actually pretty complex Asus is
used to new amorphous alloy for the
casing and created a new stepping motor
for smooth rotation that's because not
only can you take pictures on the front
or back but at any angle in between the
sensors themselves are a 48 megapixel
Sony AMX 586 for the main sensor like
the 1 plus 7 pro only without optical
image stabilization and with only an F
1.8 lens and the secondary is an ultra
wide-angle shooter at 13 megapixels the
quality of photos so far from the
zenfone 6 has been decent in my first
few days of use it's clear this isn't
anything to challenge $1000 flagship
camera but the camera is pretty
impressive and fun to use Asus has its
own dedicated night mode of course as
well as auto panorama using the motor of
the camera module to capture smooth
obviously the nature of these cameras
means you don't need a knotch
around the front and while the zenfone 6
does have a very slight chin down below
there are no unsightly screen cutouts to
get between you and the six point four
inch full HD IPS LCD it's a good-looking
screen though one with a slightly
different look to the OLED panels in
most flight ships these days
IPS LCD screens have a greater sub pixel
density than most o LEDs so you don't
really notice the lower resolution as
much as you would on say a samsung phone
plus of course sticking around 1080p
means there are power savings to be had
which leads us to if you're a power user
the five thousand million power battery
in this thing might just be the most
exciting feature of all it's the biggest
power pack we've seen thus far in a
major Android phone matching the
capacity of the much larger dinner plate
side huawei mate 20x that battery gives
you longevity every bit as epic as you'd
expect I've only been using this phone
for a couple of days now but I'm already
seeing well a protein around 48 hours of
battery life on a single charge with a
proprietary non time to boot other specs
you've got a Snapdragon 855 6 to 8 gigs
of ram 64 to 256 gigs of storage and of
course that big six point four inch
screen so plenty of power and storage to
go around plus asus has one of the very
few companies letting you use a micro SD
and dual SIM at the same time with this
triple slot and hey look at that there's
a real actual headphone jack down there
as well
zenfone 6 still runs Nui but this isn't
like any Zen UI you might have seen in
the past for all intents and purposes
this is stock Android with the same Asus
features as before just presented in a
much better way the overall aesthetic is
light and bright it's not quite Android
one but it's close enough that most
people won't be able to tell the
difference it's not quite a pixel for
pixel recreation of Google's Android UI
but it is extremely close and where Asia
assistants own thing the UI now matches
Google's material theme with blues and
whites dominating with color palettes
since this is a fairly hefty phone
one-handed usability has also been a
major software focus Asus has its own
one-handed mode activated with a double
tap of a home key and subtle changes to
the Asus launcher dialer and other apps
have relocated the controls down to the
bottom portion of the screen for easy
usability and what's more the zenfone 6
is a part of the Android beta program
with asus promising to be among the
first to ship android q later in the
year prices for the zenfone 6 are among
the most competitive we've seen for a
snapdragon 855 device in europe the 6 +
64 gig version starts at 599 euros the
US pricing hasn't been confirmed yet but
is rumored to start around the 499 mark
there as well so pretty much the same
once you've factored in tax at that
price you're really competing more with
a regular 1 + 7 as opposed to 1 + 7 pro
and considering the specs and the unique
features of the zenfone 6 it could be a
great buy at this price point so that's
it for now the SEM phone 6 stay tuned to
subscribe so you don't miss off for
review coming soon thanks for watching
and I'll see you next time

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