Asus ROG Phone 3 review: The Gaming Superphone

by birtanpublished on August 5, 2020

Hey guys it's press and it's been months since I've had guests I wrote a song about that anyway this is the ROG form 3d 20/20 gaming smartphone by ASIS I'll get to you later let's check out what the orangey 4:3 is about so in terms of design it has the same shape

Size and dimensions as the allergy foam – this time around we have a glass back now it doesn't feature while it's charging but the glass certainly makes it stick to the hand more the ROG – was big heavy and the matte finish made it

Slippery so here I appreciate the upgrade the glass back also reveals the cool heatsink underneath and of course we have the RG billet ROG logo on the back look I know it's cheesy but I would be lying if I said that I did not enjoy

Playing with that you can set the light to be strobing breathing flowing for colors or just have one solid block over here on the side we have this proprietary connector which allows the ROG phone free to connect to its

Accessories most of them sold separately in the box we get this fan the arrow active cooler three which will keep your phone cool as you're running it in full throttle in fact you can't activate the full power of the ROG phone 3 unless you

Have a fan on the arrow active cooler 3 comes with an integrated kickstand and it has its own RGB lighting which even lets you mix two different colors together cool on to the nitty-gritty let's talk about the display of the ROG

Phone three and it's kind of a disappointment it's a big six point six OLED panel with a get this 144 Hertz refresh wait it has a 270 Hertz touch sampling rate and Asus says a 25 milliseconds touch delay these are some

Record-breaking numbers there for sure and I really really feel like this phone is super responsive as they use it it's just a pleasure to tap and swipe to your heart's content now let's just take a moment to appreciate this technological

Feat because I'm about to say some bad things the imagery of this all the panelled it's not the best first of all it doesn't really go bright enough to be comfortably used on a summer day but worse yet it doesn't go nearly dim

Enough to be comfortable to use in complete darkness opreis you're nitpicking okay yeah these could be spot complaints but this screen does have a pretty bad black crush issue basically if you lower the brightness below 50%

You'll notice that the blacks become these weird dark green blotches and anything that's supposed to be a smooth transition into darkness becomes clear-cut now this doesn't appear to be a problem in games and it doesn't really

Show throughout the interface but it did kind of detract from my Netflix binging sessions I mean it's an OLED panel which was HDR ten plus one would think wow that's probably some amazing contrast with lots of shades weaving in and out

Note it was post shadow the issue is least apparent when you set the display to 60 Hertz then progressively gets worse as you go 90 on 20 and then on 24 Hertz okay other than that here's the displace

Extremely responsive and colors are okay our unit in particular has a teal ish tint covering it but it's fine there are a bunch of color profiles to pick from so you can better customize your experience not flagship grade but an

Above-average screen onto hardware what makes this a gamer smartphone there is no such thing of the gamer smartphone shut up the asus rog phone 3 is the first handset with a snapdragon 865 plus that we can get our hands on our unit

Here has 16 gigs of ram and 512 gigabytes of storage it's fast it's blazing fast it's overkill fast there's nothing I could throw at it that would slow it down connectivity over Wi-Fi and 4G was also stable

Anywhere I went if you're paying for performance you're definitely getting performance here the batteries are gonna gantt one six thousand milliamp hour cell which keeps the lights on Kenneth keeps the lights on for quite a while

Now of course it will last longer if you disable the always-on display in the RGB light on the back but I like those features and even with heavy usage in gaming the average phone tree still last meal day if you're running low on juice

You know the included fast charger and you get from zero to 50 percent thirty minutes the speakers have also been upgraded not only do the drivers have more magnets than before asus partnered with audio optimizer direct to create a

Bigger junior sound the rog phone 3 employs a number of algorithms to add false overtones to create the illusion of more pace and also dabbles in spacial cumulation the phone speakers sound bigger and busier than you would assume

Much more phone still can't quite escape that smart phone sound but they do sound fantastic for games and pretty good for youtube and netflix portion that the big deal here is the shoulder bugs they are these ultrasonic as that can

Get extremely sensitive you can set them up to taste and it will split each one of them and get a total of four fake buttons these make FPS gaming a breeze as you can actually use them to aim and shoot

Sort of emulating a controller experience yeah you can get something similar with these game or clip bones that you can buy on Amazon but nothing beats having them integrated into the form triangle Bluetooth controllers with

The ROG phone 3 was not not a great experience the DualShock 4 legs terribly and this Travis – well it worked fine when it's a gamble whether your game of choice recognize it or not but that's not entirely Asus fault Android is still

Pretty funky with Bluetooth controllers despite the fact that it claims that it supports all of them when it comes to stop – we've got this very very light Android 10 risk in there are a few gamer theme packs you can just choose classic

Mode and your phone will look like a vanilla Android device you just have these couple of add-ons by asus like this battery manager which will report on battery here you're charging habits and allow you to really control and slow

Down the depreciation of your battery over time there's also the armor plate and the game genie which will turn your phone into a small Android powered console you have all your games here on this list your overclocking controls are

Over there and you can even set it up to record the last 30 seconds of your gameplay so you can save that dragon clip with just a tap let's talk about these cameras shall we the LG phone 3 has a 64 megapixel main camera which is

Said to take 16 megapixel photos by default when in this mode these sensors pixels are built together in groups of four making 4 pixel size 16 microns to put it simply that's a pretty big pixel by smartphone camera standards a bigger

Pixel means more light which means less noise which means better details I didn't expect much from the ROG point for this camera I mean it's a gaming smartphone who cares about right well it's actually pretty good not

As good as your iPhone's galaxies or pixels but pretty pretty good the ROG phone three handles dynamics great you can have a Sun blaring into a shot with some shadows cast on the ground any two to pull details out of

Every area of the shot nice and balanced its colors are close to reality a bit vivid a bit oversaturated but the pictures do come out looking good and ready for social medium its contrast is a bit flat so sometimes you will miss

Fine details and gradients but otherwise not a bad shooter at all at night eight low exposure night mode kicks in which manages to pull more details from the shadows and make a sharper image overall it's a hit or miss sometimes the long

Exposure gets some objects or lines to be blurry but the sensor performs pretty good if you disable night mode and take a normal quick snap instead here's another big deal feature the energy phone three can record 8k video at 30fps

Now that's definitely insane not many people out there have the hardware to watch an 8k clip my 2017 MacBook Pro certainly didn't have a good time with it then further than the options you have 4k video at 60fps and if you go

Down to 4k at 30fps for any other option below that you can enable HDR video recording so a lot of high quality options here videos turn them detailed and colorful as follows again some colors are a bit unnatural but overall

The clips are impressive I especially like the stabilization which completely got rid of the shake in my hands then you have a 13 megapixel ultra-wide lens camera for these big shots it actually gives us a more

Dramatic contrast and it manages to team colors better I liked it and next to it is a 5 megapixel macro camera I still don't understand why from factions are trying to make

Micro-cameras a thing maybe just so they can have a triple camera in any case the macro camera isn't okay some chromatic aberration appears details they're sharp in the center the background gets plenty of bouquet but sometimes you may get

Some luminance noise to the small sensor it is what it is on the front we have a 24 megapixel selfie camera and it's certain that it takes good selfies sharp and detailed whether you find that flattering or not and it also handles

High dynamics quite well it would capture my face even if I point it towards my Inlet window so do you need a gimmick smartphone there's a whole new generation growing up with mobile games first there are twitch streams of mobile

Games going on right now there are eSports tournaments for mobile games but people get paid to play on tablets and phones the most popular game in the world for better or worse that's fortnight is available on smartphones

And tablets and of course game streaming which is it's not great right now but a good option could be coming right behind the corner yes you can game on pretty much every top-tier smartphone but if you like the aggressive tech aesthetics

And the RGB lights just have a little power to you the ROG phone 3 costs roughly as much as a galaxy s 20 depending on which variant to get but it offers the cream of the crop Android processor which is even

Overclocked it gives you a lot of storage and a lot of RAM for that priced here it has a very responsive display and through the adequate cameras yes I'm not impressed with the quality of the screen I do believe that it's this

Phone's major drawback should just keep you from buying it probably not now if stream and camera are your top priorities yeah consider another device if you liked what I said about the performance and responsiveness did

Boomba speak huge battery these gaming triggers if you want a device that looks kind of different than your Samsung's and LG's in one places if you just can't take your eyes off of this RGB light then

Maybe the ROG phone 3 is for you what do you think that is know in the comments down below if you like this review of the RPG foam 3 just subscribe to our channel to watch more of us I'll see you next

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