ASUS ROG Phone 3 – Let’s Talk…

by birtanpublished on August 4, 2020

Hey how's it going dave2d here so we are looking at the world's most powerful most feature-rich fully loaded smartphone this is the asus rog phone three it's the third generation or third iteration of it and the hardware on this thing is just

On another level every component of it is just maxed out literally the fastest best stuff you can get it's loaded with a snapdragon 865 plus so instead of the regular

Snapdragon 865 you see on all the other flagships out there this is the overclocked version that pushes out some extra performance 16 gigs of ram i'm gonna let that sink in for a little bit because that is so

Much memory like that is probably more ram than most people have in their gaming desktops this is crazy it's got very fast storage ufs 31 there's 512 gigs of it and the screen is

Also of course the fastest in the market right now 144 hertz one millisecond response time and then juicing this whole system is a 6 000 milliamp hour battery

It's huge it's the same size as last year's model but they've made some tweaks to make the whole battery system so much better than the previous versions of it now all the components i've talked about

So far the individual parts are very impressive right it's like the best of the best so to achieve the best possible performance with this crazy powerful hardware they had to have an upgraded thermal system compared to last

Year's model right so it's the same size and shape as the rg phone 2 like it's the same weight and everything but because this is rocking a more powerful chip a hotter chip and it's rocking 5g

Antennas 5g modems there's just more stuff to do inside this thing so the thermal system has to be a little bit more efficient and they've built a phone that they say can get rid of its heat very effectively

Now if you look at the back of the rg phone 3 the vent on the back is actually a little bit smaller visually than last year's model which i thought was a little bit strange because i

Imagine this would be a harder chip to cool than last year's snapdragon 855 plus but clearly they've made enough changes on the inside to compensate for it now the rest of the

Exterior has also changed quite a bit this looks a little more technical to me like you can see through the glass and see the inner design that they've placed on the side here but i don't know if i like it more like

I think the rog phone 2 looked really nice it just had that right touch of like copper accent to you know flex a little bit of gamer but not really this

I don't think this is a super game or anything but it just looks less unique i also don't like the smooth glass on this thing i definitely prefer the textured glass and the red power button not on my watch

So it still has the accessory port on the side where you can connect the bundled fan to cool the system down a little bit better when you're playing games also still has air triggers on the other

Side and you have your usbc port on the bottom you have your sim tray which holds two sims but no expandable storage and you also have your rog logo that lights up to your heart's content it's

Very customizable and it's actually reasonably bright even in daylight the emission this year however headphone jack there is no headphone jack and we gotta

Have a talk about this i am someone who is comfortable with certain companies removing headphone jacks from their phones but when it comes to a gaming phone it

Just makes absolutely no sense it it boggled my mind when i first saw this like when i first used it i first got this in i didn't even notice it i didn't read the

Instruction manual just like using it and went to plug in my my just air pods uh or earpods and i was like what what how could they remove this now they included dongle in the package but it

Just doesn't make sense now as for the reasoning i didn't reach out to asus about this i'm assuming it's for like a 5g antenna or or something right there's got to be a reason they removed

It they didn't just do this to piss people off on purpose but the omission of a headphone jack on this particular phone is going to upset the audience that was interested in this phone in the first

Place like real simple example when you're playing games you're often depending on sound cues to do things like you're often using your ears to coordinate what you're doing and if you're dependent on

Some kind of wireless bluetooth solution for the audio there's gonna be latency or lag it just takes away from the gaming experience so i'm normally not vocal about the

Removable headphone jacks at least not like this but on a gaming phone of this caliber you know the the compromise free phone from the past is now compromised okay let's move on to the screen

144 hertz one millisecond super fast and it's been improved over last year's model the colors are better it's more accurate and the screen gets brighter at peak so it's a improved screen and

Games look awesome on it now if i'm being honest i cannot tell the difference in terms of refresh rate between the 144 hertz and the 120 hertz from last year

Like i tried on basically every game that i could test this on my eye can't tell the difference it's only a 24 frame difference like 24 frames per second but i was hoping to be able to differentiate

Between the two different refresh rates i just can't though the speakers have also been improved this year these are excellent speakers i actually think these are the best smartphone speakers on the

Planet like i've i've personally never heard anything better they're loud and very clear rg phone 2 already had great speakers these are even better the one thing though like the stereo separation

On these speakers are so good like you when you have it in landscape mode your left and right sound so separated like it's weird that this is coming from a phone but when you're holding it vertically

Let's say you're watching like i don't know a vertical video of some sort the separation is also so significant that it sounds strange like you're hearing sound that

Goes above your head and below your head and you can really hear the difference between those two sound sources it's hard to describe but it is a little bit weird and i gotta be honest i don't

Love it but in landscape mode it's on point all right let's talk about the air triggers if you've never seen these before there are these touch sensitive regions on the trim

Of the phone that simulate like the trigger buttons on a console controller the very first time i saw these on the rog phone one i found them to be a little bit gimmicky two generations later like this is the

Third one i still don't love them i feel like there's like there's something inherently weird about pressing something that doesn't have tactile feedback like when you press it

You kind of want some physical feedback for it to feel proper now i will say that if you're playing a game and you want to use it as like a button you press it and you hold down like a racing game you want to use that as your

Gas button it can work it's just that for games where you want to shoot with it or where you want to tap it it doesn't feel right but it is just an additional feature

To the phone okay the battery is huge 6 000 milliamp hours but they've also included two software features this year that greatly improve the overall power system of this phone

So the first thing is that you can limit the charging rate so the charger they include in the package is a 30 watt fast charger which is great when you want to juice it up real

Quickly but in terms of the the longevity of a device like the lifespan of a device if you're charging it at 30 watts every day it's just going to reduce the lifespan of your

Your phone's battery you can limit it down to 10 watts so it's not like a super slow charge but it's slow enough so that you plug it up at night it'll take a lot longer to fill it up but

It keeps the battery in a healthier state and if you do it over the course of many years you're going to have a longer lasting battery than if you didn't and the second thing they've added is

You can limit the maximum charge your battery will hold so you can reduce it down to like 80 90 and the purpose of doing it is again to extend the life of your battery it's something

That a lot of phone companies don't really care about and here's the thing as tech reviewers we usually don't care too much about features like this right because we are encouraged we're almost required

To switch phones all the time to be able to to test stuff for you guys right but if you're a consumer this type of software feature is awesome like this will

Guarantee to extend the life of your battery versus a phone that doesn't have it like as long as you're using it it'll just make your phone last longer electric cars do it and it's cool that

Asus is doing it on their phones it's definitely like an enthusiast feature like you're not gonna have like your your grandmother's not gonna be doing this on her phone but it's it's for the people that would

Buy this phone in the first place so cool that they have it the camera system has three cameras this year it's got your regular wide angle your ultra wide and they've added a five megapixel macro lens now

The shots i've taken with that macro aren't particularly impressive but the other two are good i'm not gonna go in depth on it but i don't see like a major issue with these cameras truth is if

You're buying the rog phone three you're probably not purchasing it for its camera system anyways but here's the thing the gaming on this phone is super enjoyable

I connected it up to like the microsoft xbox controller and it's just it's just a lot of fun super smooth portable gaming so a few years ago when i did my very first gaming phone review

I felt like the industry was not in a great spot like the hardware was kind of getting there but the software like games were just not good nowadays they're better i still wouldn't consider them

On the level of consoles let alone pc gaming but i can see where this industry is heading now that being said these gaming phones are becoming like they're they're starting to get

Crossover like if you look like a oneplus phone oneplus 8 pro or like a samsung phone those have high refresh screens that used to be the distinguishing feature that separated

A gaming phone from a non-gaming phone but now because regular consumer level phones have high refresh screens and they're packing some very good hardware these things don't really stick

Out as readily like they're not as they're not as unique as they used to be so even if you did want a gaming phone now it's not as obvious of a choice right so here's my take on it i feel like if i was a younger kid and i was

Like 15 and i was drawn to rgb lights on my phone and i wanted the crazy stuff that comes with gaming phones these are still really cool i just don't feel like they're as compelling of a purchase

As as a regular phone i feel like most people should be getting just high performance regular phones instead of gaming phones even if you are for whatever reason a hardcore mobile gamer

Okay hope you guys enjoyed this video thumbs if you liked it subs if you loved it i'll see you guys next time

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