Asus ROG Phone 2 UNBOXING – Fastest smartphone on Earth.

by birtanpublished on October 1, 2020

welcome to a small film that is about to
smash a whole load of records this is
the successor to the ASIS rock phone
which when it came out last year was
labeled as ridiculous and crazy and yet
they have just completely topped it all
right sue it actually took me a good
minute to figure out which way this
thing opens up and once we're inside it
is equally elaborate you get the
company's second gen arrow active cooler
which calls not just the phone but also
your fingers while playing and get this
it gives you a second headphone jack
there's a pretty different looking
plastic case here and also a 30 watt
adapter with the USB c2 USBC cable what
is nice is they've also given
replacement covers for your USB C port
as well as a little add-on that turns
your cooler into a phone at stand as
well okay so the phone itself has five
pillars five key areas and which is
really doing something completely new
but just before we get to that you might
be thinking that phone looks chunky it
seems like pretty much the entire
strategy of this device could be
embodied with the word extreme and that
also applies to the dimensions we're
talking nine point seven eight
millimeters thick with a mass of 240
grams I don't think I've ever tested a
phone that's heavier aside from those
crazy devices with 10,000 milliamp hour
batteries inside I would say this the
weight itself is not a complete
deal-breaker for me and I did find that
the phone is still grip of all thanks to
a curved side trim but also that the
center of gravity here is just a little
high up so you've always just got to
make sure you hold it properly the
design is just as nuts as last year it
pretty much looks like the company
started with the original rock phone and
thought how can we make this more so
this phone is not just much larger but
adds a second LED a better ultra wide
camera and the rear finger in scan has
now been replaced for an in display one
on the front is what I think about it
the rock phone to looks spectacular when
light hits the back it forms streaks
that run down the device and creates a
rainbow effect when it hits any of these
accents but it does lose a lot of their
magic when you're not in favorable
lighting and the finish does absolutely
nothing to mask fingerprints massive
shout out to the case though the finish
contrasts well with the smooth glass and
although it does look a little bit like
your phone is wearing a helmet
it does manage to reduce the fingerprint
problem without obstructing the view of
the design now you might have guessed
the first pillar here is performance
this is pretty much the fastest phone in
the world we've got the brand new
Snapdragon 855 plus chip which compared
to the already powerful 855 adds a
pretty negligible 4% CPU overclock but
more importantly a large 15 percent GPU
overclock it then pairs that with 12
gigs of ram and 500 gigs of superfast UF
s3 storage I said it before and I'll say
it again if a company is going to pitch
a phone as a high-end gaming device and
they're gonna charge a premium for it
then the top priority needs to be that
actually performs better for gaming and
so thankfully that is not an issue here
I won't show any benchmark scores yet as
this thing's on beta software but you
can probably imagine what they'd be has
also got an upgraded heat dissipation
system which you kind of need when
you're using an overclocked chip like
this okay so the second pillar is
battery and this actually goes quite a
way towards explaining how this thing
ended up being of this much of a unit
the rock phone 2-packs a 6000 milliamp
hour battery which is completely unheard
of and if you're conservative with it
we're talking the kind of battery that
can get you into your third day of usage
but also bear in mind that this phone in
particular has the ability to drain
battery quickly you've got a 120 Hertz
display an overclocked chip and
potentially this extra caller as well
all of which need to be powered you also
get pretty fast 25 watt charging it's
actually a 30 watt charger in the box
but five of those wallets are reserved
for charging the phone's peripherals
which are coming soon so do subscribe if
you want to see some of that action
there's one thing I've got to say I
agree with Asus on when it comes to this
phone and that is prioritizing a higher
capacity battery as opposed to one with
a higher charging wattage you might know
that when you charge your phone at the
rate of charging Falls as the battery
starts to get full and so if you have a
higher capacity battery let's say the
six thousand milliamp hour one in this
phone then even though it might take
longer to fully charge the phone you can
still get to four thousand milliamp
hours faster than an equivalent device
that had a four thousand milliamp hour
battery because that would slow down
towards the end the third pillar is
display it is very good but I should
start by mentioning to
these caveats it still got some
noticeable bezel around it and it maxes
out at 1080p but these things are kind
of subjective some people actually like
larger bezels it gives you something to
grip on and can result in better front
firing speakers which by the way is
definitely something you can see
happening here you've actually got a
dual front firing speakers system and
this is some of the best audio you can
get on a smartphone no doubt and then as
for it being a 1080p panel I'm all for
it's still crisp and compared to a quad
HD panel it's still going to preserve
battery when gaming and keep frame rates
higher but if you are intent on finding
the sharpest display out there then this
isn't going to be it with that out the
way though Wow you're looking at world's
first 120 Hertz AMOLED HD our smart
phone display it's got a record-breaking
one millisecond response time and while
that's pretty hard to test in practice I
can say that this is easily one of the
most fluid tactile and instantaneous
experiences albear it's not quite as
bright and contrast not as high as
Samsung's best but color accuracy is
bang-on number four is software straight
out of the box you can feel the
refinement in fact this might just be
the only time ever where I felt the need
to show you guys the phone's setup
screen you get this super polished
gaming portal that lets you see your
phone status at a glance you can launch
your favorite games and fine-tune LED
behavior it's all really impressive
stuff it even lets you block certain
areas of your screen from responding to
touches and gives you fine control of
your CPU speeds the rock phone – also
sees the return of something called ex
mode which as a fun little touch makes
your wallpaper and logo start to glow
but is really about upping the frequency
of your CPU and blocking ram eating
applications okay so this software is
Zen UI 6 and it is pretty bloatware free
and while I'm still not a fan of the
general gamer aesthetic Asus is also
going to be giving you the option to use
that cleaner skin that we saw on the
zenfone 6 ok number 5 it's not a secret
that the rock phone 2 is a gaming first
phone and so it's nice to see some
actually useful gaming features the
phone has clearly been designed with
landscape use in mind with this second
side mounted USB C port for charging
while playing and these completely
you capacitive air triggers that now
support not just the tap functionality
but also the ability to slide and
perform a completely different action oh
yeah and the phone also responds to just
being squeezed so you could configure a
single squeeze to do one thing and then
a long squeeze to open up X mode and to
add to all of this
the haptics on the phone are amazing
which of course aids in gaming too AB
tactility but also just generally in
typing you get a really satisfying
physical response to touches so those
are my five pillars the five potential
reasons why I think people might
consider this phone but there's a couple
more things I need to mention you've got
those cameras and whilst I wouldn't
class them as a selling point exactly
this is a solid mid-range setup you
pretty much getting the same cameras as
you did on the super well received a
zenfone 6 although just without that
rotating module there's a main
wide-angle there's an ultra wide and
there's also a software based to time
zoom which works well enough in broad
the hdr+ enhanced mode is an improvement
but dynamic range still doesn't match up
to the best phone cameras out there the
shots are comparable in most conditions
but you'll be able to tell the
difference when you try something more
demanding the phone even has a decent
night mode it can shoot 4k video at 60
frames per second and it does slow
motion this is a capable camera setup
especially for a gaming phone so there
you have it and let me tell you I came
this close to switching from the galaxy
s 10 5g to the rock phone 2 as my main
daily device I love the idea of a six
thousand milliamp hour battery of having
the most powerful and fluid phone out
there but for me a big part of it is
cameras the rock phone 2 is an insane
and gaming smartphone with pretty good
cameras and so because photography is
such a priority for me I couldn't quite
justify it but the fact that it was such
a close call is a testament to how
compelling this firmly is if you enjoyed
this video I'm gonna drop a link to a
whole bunch of interesting smartphone
and box things like this one and with
that being said my name is Aaron this is
mr. user boss and I'll catch you
in the next one


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