Asus ROG Phone 2 – the REVIEWER’S KIT unboxing

by birtanpublished on September 30, 2020

hey what's up guys will here for GSM
marina last year's asus rog phone was a
luxury high-end gaming phone they really
set the bar for the competition and now
it's time for a successor the ROG phone
2 is just arrived so let's check it out

forget last year's model now it's all
about our og number two just remember
that most if not all of these
accessories will have to be purchased
separately from the phone let's start
off with this box which holds the phone
itself is pretty unique it reminds me of
the shaving cream from Jurassic Park
remember that let's take the phone out
no it's a little stuck never mind that
for now here we have a plastic case with
some holes in it
it's the ROG Aero case and it should
allow for some better cooling some
paperwork and a sim ejector tool there's
a 30 watt USB C charger that comes in
the box which should be quite fast and
here's that USBC cable next we have some
little plastic nibs I think they're for
protecting the phone's ports okay okay
back to the phone let's get this thing
out there's a pull tab here but it seems
to be on the wrong side frustrating
oh well we have something else here that
came out it's the Aero active cooling
fan that should fight thermal throttling

this should do the trick
looking at the phone it's really quite
similar to last year's design though it
is larger nice put that off to the side
and now on to the next package it holds
a snazzy looking plastic case that says
Republic of gamers on it alright next we
have the first of the dock accessories
this one is the mobile desktop dock
which has ports that allow you to hook
the phone up to a monitor mouse and
keyboard there are a bunch of ports on
here this USB C LAN some others it's all
pretty impressive
the next dock we have is the W gig
display dock through this you can
connect the phone wirelessly to a
monitor using 60 Hertz Wi-Fi and play on
the big screen already on to the last
dock it's the twin view dock – huh it
comes in his own nice case this is
interesting with this clamshell shape
the twin view allows you to have a
second screen for your phone almost like
a Nintendo DS now we've gone to the
accessory most people may want to get
the kunai gamepad with this you can say
goodbye to touch controls for your games
first up we have the joysticks and the
controller hub which you can attach them
to use like this it's basically a
console controller but underneath we
have the gamepad shell which the
joysticks can also snap onto just pop in
the phone and it all resembles a
Nintendo switch a much more mobile setup
and finally we have a Republic of gamers
bag to hold your peripherals a handy
option if you don't want to worry about
the luggage so there you have it guys
the asus rog phone – i'm really excited
about this one it sets the bar higher
yet again it's got more power than last
year with a new snapdragon a 55 plus
chip set and there's a bigger 6000
million power battery
plus the AMOLED screen is bigger and
it's gone from a 90 Hertz refresh rate
to 120
you also get stereo speakers and you've
got to love these glowing LEDs what do
you guys think let us know down in the
comments and we'll have a full review
coming soon but first some personal
testing see ya

has anybody seen will


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