Astronauts invite educators and younger Canadians to take part in Junior Astronauts

published on July 2, 2020

Oh, I was on the Moon!

That’s all right! You’re in the right place…

and you’re right on time!

That’s right!

The Canadian Space Agency

is actually looking for junior astronauts

for future missions to the Moon!

That’s right!

As part of the Junior Astronauts campaign,

young Canadians from grades 6 to 9

can test their skills and knowledge in areas like:

science and technology,

fitness and nutrition,

and communications and teamwork

They will discover what it takes

to be a “real” astronaut

Your educators or youth group leaders

can also enter a contest to win

a visit from an astronaut or other space expert!

Just like you!

That’s right!

And we will visit every province and territory in Canada

And that’s not all!

Young people from all over the country

will be chosen for a week of space training

at the CSA headquarters where they will join



and astronauts!

All of the details are on our website

Go check it out!

We’re counting on you Register now!

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