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published on July 3, 2020

so we are testing today we have people

saying hi

it's very we have 3,300 yeah that's

dedicated followers that's all because

right now we could celebrate 19 when

you're on YouTube with free shots of

this person normally we have like stocks

so it

share pictures and you know I put some

stuff up yes we already have it we

already have 25 million lights and they

recently YouTube sorry Facebook decided

to cancel some of the benefits change

the algorithm right so I can actually

communicate with you guys from that page

right so that's why I need to go to the

group right yes you know anyone figuring

out how to secure from questions yes we

speak we are I think if you haven't yet

come on join it's amazing every morning

we'll make a new video just livestream

today I brought a cactus from the living

room and I had to move it from the

living room here to the office because

she just turned nine months today

she's amazing crazy but she will get

hurt on that axis go get it now because

I think

I don't know from its from search I was

just thinking about some people asked we

have another place they can go to France

then you can check out where to find the

local dealer if you are not interested

in buying the liquor shop it is what's

this all about

we have hand-picked here products we're

not selling anything that we don't use a

variety of different very good products

from home routes to the big master towns

in the industry so go and check it out

and also if you people asking if we do

ship from India recently and recently we

actually gathered warehouse in in there

right now we only start by cleaning

products in that warehouse but we are

working on something a solution where we

can put up a bigger assortment so we can

supply many different brands from there


so again kind of and that's one of the

reasons why we yes

yeah hey guys

the community here Milind breakfast

we're just here to say that we are live

on YouTube so all right so we have iced

coffee I think I have free shots of

espresso it's very good

good coffee anyway if you guys from the

ice cream when you two haven't yet go

check it out here on Facebook

Slager office slick slick community

doing some Q&A

all right community see you guys meaning

that we celebrating 10 years 2019 and a

lot of nice people we are just grateful

for all the night cream we have had

around us for the 10 years and among

them we have a lot of people asking for

toner she was the first hairdresser we

worked with and we're still having a

good relationship with her to just move

to another home and then also we have

cats arena as well

a lot of people asking for and she says

he decided to study in law so we are

still lucky to have her in the salon

she's there twice every week so it's but

now she is using her talent also have

seen us yeah

yes is working and if this he has a

chair in another salon and releases same

as well is from cocaine so we need to

thanks for tuning in on this live stream

my name is milk I'm Russell and you're

watching us click here at cbiit line

from slicker office what are we doing

here to the offices a lot of people ask

we just playing computer games it's not

quite right it's just but I mean we're

doing a lot of hard work making sure

that slicker TV is up-to-date that we

get back in the grip fighting the

YouTube's algorithms get back that's the

biggest hairstyle channel on YouTube and

also we are taking care of everyone of

you who elders from slicker calm yes

it's a worldwide page where you can get

orders yeah say 220 countries that's

what we met last 330 days of the grind

here and the others it's basically the

slicker so long will I need to be able

to franchise




and freezers working full-time

you guys can sit down to a very limited

amount of follows let's say answer let's

say answer some questions yeah I have

some questions about if you can use the

blow in thick hair don't think you don't



it's ceiling with the styling formula

and just boost an insane amount of code

it's the finished product it's like so


well more smugly so so the fans rushed

from Salonga





there's a lot of questions about tinker

other people want to know how to


and this one is





it's for you

in the first place because in this way

you don't have any it just made this

code ready you did all the people are

watching this is free shipping and a

free gold digger travel size


sorry just reading the question it's

because it's like I asked if you can do

you know DiCaprio in Titanic



next question five minutes for four more

questions only questions beard yes or no

and why next question how are you 500


what pomade or products of yours do you

recommend for thicker regions from Spain


are you guys married you are so so so

castor oil or argan oil


are you guys

European what have you pulled some

pranks as twins when you work so it's

like I asking that he's currently using

silver fox can something happen to his

hair I want to see like the lay over


the couple who how to what it's better

Lamborghini or porch


I have a good question here it's kind of

deep it's not but why are you selling

other brands that compete against your

own brand and we have out there I see


it's competing we know we have strong

brain we work on getting our products


you know so I have a sponsor question so

I must read the name and scum are here

make a donation so he wants to he is

from India and he so of course we named

we say his name and Kumar so so he wants

to know how to make your hair stand bro

and maintain the hold so I think that he

means volume




show your face bro

the bro behind you there's people asking

why is that dude doing what are you




anyway next question yes someone was

asking if it is it possible to get our

products in good with the talking about

certain recipe it's infused with a lot

of organic ingredients in products

contains natural ingredients also means

that we want to sterilize the product as

much a little variation but the process

of creating the perfect organic product

we needed and we needed to run with the

product from the

mass production system and we had a few

issues because the you know we're going

to go through with the choose it needs

to run smooth and we have some issues

with that and that's because they're

organic ingredients book acts a little

bit different

anyway right now the formula is going

through the three months testing phase

before its launch and we expected

expected products to launch in September

and four minutes a medium what does it

do it's very nice but the serum wax wax

it has 52

and oils so it's the beeswax and it's

also a beginning and that's some of the

main ingredients that next this question

it's a trap people who want to know is

it bad to wash your hair everyday with

shampoo and conditioner if you take care

of them afterwards what you do when you

ask then the hairs was will be reached

from all natural oils and what you do


this is this this one it's cleaning the

totally open to hair weights or pretty

styling spray and so if you go out of

the shower then before you go out then

add a conditioner so you put in some

natural oils and that's going to help

the hair stores in the right direction

when you're starting there if you are

not using a conditioner then add some

pre styling spray I prefer using the

psychic zero I think for me


okay say bye

also Leo DiCaprio promo codes one more


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