Ask Me Anything #4 – ANSWERS! | Cupcake Jemma

by birtanpublished on September 3, 2020

two nights after Christmas and all through the house which is so many questions the needed answers hello everyone and happy Christmas I hope you all had a fantastic holiday if you guys had fun lots of food loads of food too

Much cake and as you guys know a couple of weeks ago I set you and ask me anything tasks but this time it was ask us anything because obviously I have part of my wonderful crumbs and doilies team here we've got Sally over here

Nicky Jane and hopefully you're familiar with all of these guys but it would not get familiar again there wasn't but we have time for questions so let's get cracking so we have a question from Jack Spears

Who says to the whole from Musgrave what is Gemma really like as a boss and Gemma is stupid energetic and like just so much fun to work with yeah she's another friend of the boss isn't she absolutely yeah you just know when she's come into

The room she gives like so much energy yeah they just that bad yeah brilliant I mean she's so calm and don't you say you did and Lyons says what are your baking horror stories anything could ever go terribly wrong I've got a really good

One do you remember when Sam delivered that to our princess pink to our cake it was like three years ago was that mean two years two years ago and it was just it was like the hottest day of the year yes and there was a three-tier cake it

Was like Princess Pea I think it was for like a second or third birthday and it was it had a tiara on the top and it was gorgeous and Sam who is the other half of he went to Clemson Daugherty's and he went to

Deliver it in the van and it was just so hot and he a but he arrived and he looked at it from the front and he liked the other six pretty good arrived at the desk for the venue and said all can you sign for this please and they they were

Seeing it from the other side and they were like no you know that on the other side of the cake to him basically whole thing it just like melted and collapse broken off and it was basically a mess so he had to call

Us back at HQ and everyone was like basically like not knowing what to expect just that there was an emergency cake coming into the emergency cake room I'm like preparing the colors again the buttercream and like not really knowing

What they had to get ready I think you guys made it another two yeah we had it already weren't sure exactly what the state the cake was yeah so we just like had our tours and as soon as he got there it was

Like we got it back in town and they were happy so happy ending to it happy I mean there's always gonna be some horror stories but like a mate when you've got an amazing team that will just kind of go to any lengths to get stuff done yeah

Yeah nothing is too difficult but that teamwork makes the dream work yeah celina KH music says dear German team which cake is the hardest stroke most complicated cake you made and why well

This has got to be that they may say okay yeah so what was that like six years ago or something it was for a Japanese TV show they wanted to film us make a mosaic out of 10,000 cupcakes and it was and I'm like basically they took

Over the entire kitchen and it was crazy it was crazy when it was so fun it was really when Japanese TV yeah but it was so difficult like we got we got given so I got given like the mosaic plan and numbers for each color

And we had to match that color perfectly with the buttercream so but I had to work out I literally had to count like tiny little squares to work out how many cakes would have that color icing and then how much I think to make oh my gosh

I went home in my crocks almost every night just delirious patate you remember where we went to set the car look to me and I knew I knew you guys are coming because I think I saw an Instagram and then I was like I'm I'm not doing

Anything I have to go into town the shopping center and I just was like waiting now on my phone and I was like hashtagging and like seeing my post so funny because you guys went upstairs to see it and then I was downstairs and you

Just tried because he Jane's been a mega fan of crimson – it's like a fun time every young thing that makes you cool yeah and he'd kind of followed our story for quite a long time and he'd like ordered sort of sprinkles from us when

We were selling sprinkles and so we'd had a little bit of a relationship going since you're like 17 yeah yeah yeah my living room we're about to eat mince pies together and not any use a member of the promised enjoy team it can happen

Yeah anyways yeah but that's a bit of a sideswipe from the nice difficult Cobra guys okay we have live which was the ten thousand cupcake my back Oh a cherry Dawson yeah it was awesome it was great right let's have a Secret

Santa break I wanna see what people are gonna pay all right he's going oh good its way to you actually good no because I didn't do you got to use your man

Christmas yeah text on my phone it's a stepless dimming I've known what that means this is a book you know a guide I am to see your new selfies with all the beautiful lights it that's hot way oh my god you've been told oh you're

Gonna be stuck Jane takes picture it's pretty iconic by Sonny Hughes a book about beauty and everything that changed the world thanks I'm feel like this sister because the new wave of Dame Pemberton selfies

And you know makeup and skincare exciting cuz I never read Burke's but I want to start getting interviewed this is a really cool book yeah thanks Zach Robinson says what cake took you the longest time to get right so we spend a

Lot of time developing and researching and developing our cakes and when we're sometimes we go back to them after a couple years and sort of check in and say are we okay with this – is this as good as it could be and sometimes we

Completely overhaul whole recipes and like you know because we're like well you know what you know maybe this is was good enough a couple years ago but we've come a long way since then so maybe we need to just like work on it again I

Think the one with the most work that it was done and it was red velvet yeah just cause right when I first started baking I knew that red velvet was a flavor that was gonna be popular just because cupcakes are quite a new thing and

Everyone was kind of jumping on the bandwagon and I kept coming across a lot of red velvet cakes and just thinking what was all the fuss about you know I try different red velvet cakes I'd be like I don't understand like why is

Everyone going nuts for this flavor and then trying different recipes and thinking this just feels like it could be so much better so back in the day like when I first started I really rinsed that recipe and in the end I just

Kind of discarded anything I knew already and just basically built it from scratch but it's been through a couple of like expenses yeah definitely and when we started doing like big cakes we got a completely new recipe for that

Because the cupcake one didn't you know I can't translate that into the big cake so yeah we spent quite a lot yeah and you can see that as well oh yeah oh yeah you can actually see I based the cupcake and the big cake version of red velvet

On my channel bird keeper s says I'm assuming some kind of bigger key purpose hi Jenna question what are the three most important items in your shops kitchen by which I mean utensils and appliances

Cetera oh okay I've got one so I'm at the shop quite a lot and to cut the trabe except the brownies you see that we bake and we have on the counter they need to be all exactly the same size so we've got like a pastry roller and it

Kind of folds out doesn't it into like four things little roller blade things and you roll it across the whatever you're doing and it just makes marks and then you can cut

It and it's so even and pretty good all the time and you can extend it and yes yonce an extent yes it looks scary isn't it it looks like tiny pizza cutter yeah Oh mine is a decent mixing bowl actually multiple mixing bowls and rubber

Spatulas which I have yay you can't actually underestimate how important these are in getting icing out I'm scraping all your bowls you need that

Line would have to be my trusty cranked little pallet knife because it's good for decorating cakes or cupcakes or brownies that you like it's it is the best thing ever closely followed by the cake smoother

Which Sally's famous cake if you have these two things you are like yes made it all makes yeah you can even ice cupcakes with the palette knife yeah yeah yeah and you can pass your test well I think for everyone

Surely by now mine is and it's these it's a set of electronic scales guys guys how many times I tell you life will be so so different for you as a baker when you get yourself when you get yourself a set of electronic scales this

Particular pair by Salter literally cost me 20 quid on like it doesn't have to cost the earth scales measure like the weight the weight of things not the volume of things but the volume of something is

Completely different weight and you know a cup of walnuts is the very different thing to a cup of sugar like yeah you really can't underestimate them yeah the scope for error but when you're just using cups as a measurement sometimes it

Works but if you're you if you're doing recipes for example like macarons you absolutely can't yeah so precise yeah these boys I believe I'm setting you again January sales raker Robbie says hello demo can you share some tips on

How to bake large batches of cupcakes when baking from home yes mm-hmm get prepared yeah be very prepared don't leave your batter laying leg around bake in small batches bake in small batches I would say is the most

Like even though crumbs and doilies is now quite big when we churn out the cupcakes we still bring everything in small batches yes because the quality of your cake is so much better than like a factory sized amount of batter you know

Yes so basically small batches is not a bad thing it does take a bit longer but you can make life easy for yourself by getting more prepared like so and so you can once you've got some cupcakes of cake baking in the oven you can get your

Next batter on the go and yes you've got more cupcake tins and you can get them all like piped out or whatever waiting list and then yeah you just turn it turn it turn it and you know you might have to like buy extra cupcake tins and some

But honestly it'll make your life so much yeah so we're to easier and guaranteed you'll have like nice cupcakes every time rather than like making like a vat yeah a batter and then just you know around

Yeah and you can also wear out your dry ingredients beforehand as well yeah so much easier yeah yeah another thing that I used to do when I first started in my domestic oven which only had two shelves as I bought myself an extra two shelves

Because there's usually least three shelf holes in the oven and I used to put one the three in those three of them in those rungs and then one on the very bottom like just on the floor of the oven so that I could make

My two shelf oven into a full shelf of it yeah sometimes you might need to work out like whether you need to swap some around halfway through but whatever you do don't ever put anything on the bottom of your other yeah Oh Sarah dawn horas

Doe Nora Oh Donald Donald she wants to know how much butter does crumbs and doilies use in a week and who does the washing up everybody we do not have a pot wash it mean it's even when we have interns it's not like oh we great we've

Gone into never got a washer Rocky yeah everyone still does the washing up yeah because you're washed up there you go then you're not you left with no solution up to do ya although there are certain things that

Need to be washed out which nobody wants to do like their cupcake tins yeah and packs of butter we just work this out we go through approximately 800 packets about a week 150 grand block size it's 250 grams times 800 so 250 times 8 200

Times four is one thousand six two thousand so it's two thousand plus two extra zeroes on the end right Nikita oh my god whoa two hundred thousand gram that's that Suzanne hundred so two hundred kilograms

we're in a Christmas food coma need more quick method a pressure we doin oh that's fine Gemma's dude use on the side it's got a card with nothing in it Oh mystery but there's got a cupcake on

The front that's means so little to eat did you know that it's Annie recently got broken into and all our Christmas presents got stolen

Oh my god why did this a lot be ready are you ready if a rainbow and I can't get it off the thing it's a rainbow neon light it's a random

You ready if it works imagine okay Kimmy lbc says oh that says this is a really good one I know you guys are gonna get quite passionate about it

Could you please explain to us why it is that whenever I bathe cake in a deep pan oh it never cooks right in the middle but always starts to burn on the top I've left too long and how to solve this please and that's root cake like a

Christmas cake that's been it's gonna take quite a long time you'll bake that even with a Christmas cake you have to wrap it in what you wrap it in like newspaper just stop the side from burning but that's the real risk when

You're baking something with a massive volume yeah definitely the heat takes ages to get to the middle yeah yeah so what do we do instead so we bake it in four layers or however many layers you're gonna cut your cake

Into like all of gem escape was use we are smooth yeah intersects how much turns that using down there about three inches about two inches yeah turn to say I think they could get it yeah even if you can't you know splash out on loads

Of sandwich tins that you've got these deep tins just use them but just don't feel the don't know yeah because you're gonna need to bake it for a lot longer and I'm talking a lot like some of those deep tins you need to bake for like 45

Minutes to an hour where is the smaller tins like all my recipes are between 20 and 30 minutes depending on the size yes yeah you're never gonna get a consistent sponge know if it's that you know deep because the outsides gonna cook first

And then it's the insides roar so by the time the inside scoop that out they're gonna be dry and overcooked and it's just not worth it Rachel Thompson wants to ask the whole team I am currently trying to decide

Whether or not to go to culinary school college or teach myself baking opportu serene I'm interested to hear how you guys got into the industry and any educational routes you took well I think there's any one of us that took the

Educational yeah okay so I did like free technology at school was really passionate about that and then when I left after my a-levels I went to and I did a culinary diploma that was kind of like the pastry side and like

Savory food which is lada and then after that I went on to do a pastry course which was just a year long and we did Lyon kind of like Danish pastries and that kind of side of things but I think I learned more just teaching

Myself from bugs and online and shows and you just pick up a lot more anything you do I mean us three didn't none of us professionally made ourselves that way and I think for me like I don't think there's either I didn't is one way right

Way of doing it I think I'd love to go to culinary school I'd love to go to do a pastry that I'd love to learn more because there's definitely heaps of stuff that I don't know how to do and left to my own devices are probably

Someone forced me to try to make things but and I don't feel like I'm any less knowledgeable or pretend or have the potential to learn because I didn't go to school and pastry school or in culinary school yeah I do you guys feel

The same yeah yeah definitely life is the best teacher and practice yeah you know like I think just practice practice practice if you don't do something right the first time try it again just try and figure out what where you went wrong

Like the worst that's gonna happen is you have a whole load of rejects that you need to give to your neighbors and friends you know where we're all you know sorry you've been working for proms and dudes for like eight yes cash lease

For like nearly 13 you guys have been with us for ages and like apart from Dane like none of us have professional qualifications or a certificate that says that we rule it more pastry or anything like we just all make us

I think if you're passionate about something you're working yeah and then you'll get there I think that's a good point you make as well about learning if you want the best out of something I think get work experience in the kitchen

You never know doing like the most worst jobs watch people in the kitchen you learn so much from watching and I've learnt things from watching you guys yeah it's just the best thing yeah yeah treati should we have another present

I think it's spongebob huh yeah all of it and the other one okay okay I use active nigga they started it David that's an BAE

yes because I ever since it's gone but Sally had a mexican-themed Christmas this year best secrets I'm just going on

we got shaken up you know but that's it Sally loves the chicken nugget who

Doesn't who doesn't by the word this is a mine whoever gets me is their Secret Santa but enough of excess to the whole crew what is the most hilarious accident you've done in the kitchen oh it's been a few I mean dropping stuff

Right yeah yeah I know it's what everyone everyone who's worked the continuities has at some point dropped a box of sprinkles which is I just ping everywhere when you trying to sweep them up they just go peeling to me and

Dropping eggs it's like my hardest thing to clean up I never drop to Cape Bay no no yeah I mean I drop good cake that they would be amusing in the sled

Remember when Sophie dropped a massive like 5 or maybe later that's have a bottom oh yeah she picked up an adjustment like boom so she kind of smell like this is by night air but a lot of other people ask

This question every time Dane appears they say how does they get such amazing posture now is this good for your ballet cha well no I think I just always I always just latch at school like sitting on the desk odorous touch like this but

I think just standing up but I have a long neck as well so he's very someone doing it just is me lifts me here yeah you guys make the rest of us look quite slow nobody ever mentions at my Harriet O'Neil oh this is

A good one what causes the cupcake liners to pull away from the cupcake after its cooled we have done stuff like yeah it can be a few things yes it can obviously be the paper if it's not good quality paper cases then sometimes that

Happens so the first thing I would do is shop around mm-hmm for a better quality paper yeah but it quite often is something I mean under mixing your batter if you've got and also quite hard butter yeah or even too soft

Yeah you really need to get a spot on so we've done make so many tests Amanda perfect consistency but you don't want it too soft you don't want to new highs you can have it too hard it's not gonna whip up properly

Yeah under mixing not over mixing your batter and this yeah there's so many but I think we'd probably say it's down to the method yeah so it's just best to like test it yeah right what you did down and then

Try it differently next time Olivia Bennett says what are your top tips for baking ahead for events I'm baking mega cupcakes for my best friend's wedding but I'm also a bridesmaid so I need to work out the

Logistics of buttercream fresh buns and being a bridesmaid that is going to be difficult alone that stress yeah but doesn't I would make I would definitely make my buttercream a couple of days in advance

Yes because that will be fine much more fine than sponge will if you make it to you for in advance they get that done yeah just keep it at a nice room temperature keeps for like a good five days yeah and you know if it gets too

Cold to use just whack in the microwave for a couple of seconds just to get it to a more usable consistency and the sponge I would try and do that as close to the wedding day as possible so that they're nice and soft and fresh yeah day

Before would be fine in yes put them in Tupperware or you know just make sure that they're airtight yeah and then if you're able to ice it on the day that's an if not just the night before and just make sure they're at night if you don't

Have like lots and lots of Tupperware containers what you can do is put them in cardboard boxes you can pick them up relatively cheaply and once you put them in the copper boxes wrap men cling film yeah that will help good luck

You're gonna write you a fantastic bridesmaid straight Baker that's right I think we should give Nikki very poorly about to ever do oh my god rating sheet masks lovely and luxurious me and Dane will literally if

We're working together which isn't that often but when it is it's like mayhem we will literally quote friends all day long if you watch friends you all know

So I love macarons and obviously Dane is macaron Dane there's also another one in there that's called brown cheese yes I have to actually I heard you like her huh grunting brown cheese caramel yeah Lisa Carey LCC this has got to be view

Because when I make macarons they look good but when I bite into them they're hollow I tap the cookie sheet on the counter prior to baking where did I go wrong oh okay so color shows sometimes it can

Be if you over beat the meringue so sometimes people will get the egg whites whipping and they'll whip it to this a stiff meringue you kind of want to whip it until it's like foamy and kind of like white frothy yeah and then start

Adding the syrup because if you whisk it well their egg whites are kind of stiff they're kind of broken in the mine gets dry and it's over being in it stiff yes or baking at different temperature try baking it at a higher temperature for a

Short amount of time or a low temperature for a long amount of time so one of our best friends on Instagram Wibbly pig who you can see got Instagram he wants the nicest very important question guys orange or mint matchmakers

May mint yeah it's got to be men oh yeah oh man I think masking men yeah I do like an orange as well though yeah but I leave them with the minerals I would take I would take one mint over three oranges yeah that's a bold stone plan

And we also got asked a lot of questions about how to freeze cakes don't Briscoe no no that's literally be right yeah just be dry and I'll have that like freezer flavor right we also got lots of questions about like revealing what are

Our worst customers have been never talk about your worst customers if you're trying to start a business or you're in business totally bad skills guys don't ever talk about your worst customers to anyone but your close friends and family

We do get asked a lot of questions like I get asked a lot of questions about how to start a business I mean there's a million ways of starting business my way was just one and if you want to know how I did it then you can check out the link

To one of my ask me anything videos I will put it in they're down there around and because I actually go into that quite some depth that's I'm just again but there's a million different ways and no way is the

Right way or wrong way this trying is the first step just try oh thank you all so much for all your amazing questions there were so many more that we just didn't have time to answer I'm afraid really sorry if we

Missed your question but I'll do another one of these soon and maybe even with these guys thank you for presents thanks for being part of the fans enjoy his team I'm so super grateful for you all of you I hope you guys have enjoyed this

Ask me anything around please tune in next week there'll be a recipe for you and in the meantime Happy New Year have a good time

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