Ask GN 113: Liquid Metal Pads? GPU Transplant? Side Intake Fans? Ft. Bearded Hardware

by birtanpublished on September 30, 2020

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below so this is I think episode 113
we've done a lot of these now spending
years at this point and we've got a lot
of really good questions for this one
the first questions we've got one about
liquid metal thermal pads that I would
love to talk about because we've done
some testing on those in the past
overclocking video card mods will
feature bearded hardware or Joe Stefan Z
he's gonna answer that question and he's
supposed to be filming one unless he
slacks as he often does and sending that
in so he'll be in this video by passing
on a video voltage limits transplanting
GPUs between boards solder mod
follow-ups and a couple of other things
so for the first question this one is
from Benjamin Chun who posted on YouTube
and asked have you looked into indium
Sheets perforated micro sprains or
otherwise as an alternative to liquid
metal as a Tim they claimed to provide
better watt per meter Kelvin figures
compared to liquid metal while avoiding
having any gallium so yes actually I
haven't looked into a whole lot of them
but a couple actually many years ago we
did some testing under NDA for a company
that was supposed to bring some liquid
they're all pads they called them to
market and it was a liquid metal sheet
it was I mean it was kind of like a
graphite or an icy diamond pad except
liquid metal and it had good
conductivity but anyway we did some
testing for them I can't give precise
details on exactly what was tested what
the numbers were but I it's been long
enough now that I can give you the most
important information so as part of the
testing we evaluated the performance of
liquid metals as well traditional ones
like cool labs what is a liquid pro I
think that's what it's called
cool ABS liquid pro conduct a not a
couple other as a product that never
launched was in there as well and the
performance between the liquid metals
ignoring the sheet part of the question
was plus or minus one degree Celsius on
average they were all about the same
really and that was for under IHS
testing and over IHS testing and we just
we never were able to really see any
difference between them that might be
different today if I tested it with our
new thermal testing setup but in a real
world environment I could not produce a
difference that was meaningful that
might change for things like the metal
response to the liquid metal
some of them might pick more than others
we didn't test for that but anyway
that's the the result was plus or minus
one C as for the liquid metal pads the
ones that we tested performed worse than
most thermal pastes so that doesn't mean
every liquid metal pad or every as you
called it just you were talking about
perforated micro strains indium sheets
I'm not sure about those specifically
but I mean I'm going to look into them
now that you've suggested it but
speaking to the liquid metal pad as it
was called us I don't know what it
actually what the material actually was
that performance was worse it was about
11 10 11 degrees worse than something
like a 4 watt per meter Kelvin thermal
paste on average so it was not
impressive the biggest problem we ran
into with that and I imagine this would
apply to the products you're referring
to as well was the thickness of the pad
where we did a few tests where the the
first results were so bad that I
remember stacking them I stacked like
two or three on top of each other
and the performance started improving
not because I mean
you should never stack multiple
interfaces it's not a good idea but the
reason it was improving was because just
one of them was too thin and this was a
some of the feedback we provided for
product development it was too thin to
the extent that if they're just to put
on the socket and the mounting hardware
and all that you'd either be really good
contact or you might be missing a few of
the microscopic imperfections of the
surface it's not not it's like too much
clearance it's not filling in the
surface so anyway yeah they were not the
ones we tested were not particularly
good I would have used thrown paste
instead at that point but I do want to
be very clear that it's possible that
there's better stuff out there we just
haven't tested it so the biggest
challenge was definitely into the
thickness if they were if it's too thick
then now you're just kind of you're
definitely gonna be worse than thrown
paste because the thicker the interface
you know the more medium there is to
transfer through from your most
efficient materials which is the copper
IHS and the copper cold plate and you're
anything you put in the middle is always
going to be worse but it's better than
air that's why you put it there but it
shouldn't be that thick so at the same
time though not being thick enough like
the first set of pads we tested meant
that the performance was really bad and
that's because you ended up with air
pockets because this wasn't filling the
role of Tim to fill all that the spots
anyway I have not looked into anything
since then it's been years and I'm not
sure like I said how they made that
product it was not discussed with us it
wasn't anything they wanted to reveal to
us they just wanted some help testing it
and I don't think it ever made it to
market as far as I'm aware but it's not
a not a company that you all would be
familiar with so anyway yeah if there's
interest in this topic we'll look into
it more I do have the icy diamond and
carbon hot I bought it Roman didn't send
it to me
I think his business partner probably
would have eventually sent it to me but
I don't want to keep bothering them so I
bought some we're gonna be testing those
on our dummy heaters pretty soon it's
just a matter of I'm trying to get some
some kinks worked out on it
next one overclocking video card mods
this one's going to feature bearded
hardware so the question is from yudice
have various sorry questions for extreme
overclockers when trying to go for crazy
high OCS on GPUs do you perform PCB
modifications often like replacing SM DS
caps or adding additional power stages
or do you just stick to GPUs like
kingpins or Hall of Fame cards also when
you do modify the GPUs what do you often
try to fix power limits weird stability
issues marks you mousey limits lastly
what's the coolest your craziest mod
you've done this is a perfect question
for Joe beard hardware he he used to do
a lot of zombie and epower mods on his
cards and we were just talking about how
he wants to do more of them for whenever
the next generation of GPUs comes out
because getting those OC cards like
kingpin and href cards it's not like
they're already at launch typically
anyway and so he can do the mods and
basically create one by hacking it
together it sounds pretty but it works
so I'm gonna throw it to him for this
what's up slackers we're in Dunedin
Florida at the slacker headquarters
Steve was nice enough to forward a
question over for his Q&A so well I'd
like to think that most of the real good
extreme overclockers do all the mods
themselves and go through but that's not
always the case because it can be quite
difficult especially when you got these
giant hands here but yeah usually I be
Ford Nvidia started really going through
and blocking a lot of stuff we used to
mod cards quite heavily so I have two
cards right in front of me this is a UH
NVIDIA 980 so this was a Maxwell
architecture so this is a full gigabyte
power card modded what it's doing is
it's basically taking over voltage
completely so basically the controller
is taking off from the card and this is
now in control of basically all the GPU
power going to the card it also has like
say a memory mod we you can do memory
controllers too but then you don't
really know
really need it because it's usually only
like a single phase or dual phase
nothing like going to the GPU where you
can have like eight phase so but yeah
this is the 980 next part is is you have
Titan X bus cows so this is this is a
card that basically has the GPU power
and also the memory power is on there
too so this was a Titan X Pascal I think
this is probably one of the best ones I
had it was a really really good card on
air and water but on liquid nitrogen it
had what's called a a memory issue so
basically what happened is it would
cause issues it would just basically
fail at the brown – sixty I should have
tested before I did all this crazy
modifications to it but I didn't and
basically I'm stuck with a card just
like this so well it still runs really
well I mean the card does over 2k for a
Titan X which is pretty awesome memory
works real good it's just you need two
power supplies to really run it but well
yeah this these are the type of things
we do I mean a lot of times on the newer
cards I was just talking about on my
stream how I wanted to do probably for
the next one to thirty atti or whatever
the newest GPU that comes out that I'm
probably into power cord and that on my
youtube channel so but yeah let's finish
the question but I think that pretty
much answered most of it but I want to
go in and let's see I mean it this will
still never end up going as fast to say
something like a Hopf and or a kingpin
there's just when you're starting to
introduce stuff like this with the
basically the copper you're basically
creating a lot of noise so even if you
do all this you're only gonna get so far
it's still better to go for the hoff
cards but i feel like if you want to
learn overclocking and go through i
don't really think there's anything
better than doing something like this so
that don't get me wrong I love the hoff
and the KP cards they make for the
all-around the best I mean they're gonna
be better than something like this but
you never know if you find a golden GPU
on this one and have a really crappy GPU
on a on a KP this is going to do better
than the KP so it still comes down to
the best GPU and so
lottery so um let's see what else I
think that's it
what other limits do we usually do I
think I went over but we basically go
over do OCB mods volt mods a lot of the
times because when the the die shrinks
they're not using as much power so a lot
of these mods might not be totally
necessary but it really depends on the
card and the architecture and stuff like
so uh but yeah usually I mean the mod
technical mods we usually do or volt
mods first and then a lot of the times
in the video blocks that stuff so you're
gonna do OCP mod also is like shunt mods
that Steve shown you with like high
cookie high cookie actually created this
gigabyte power card this thing's
probably about five years old now it's
uh pretty old but well yeah this is one
of the coolest and craziest uh
I think this this card alone basically
was modded probably about twenty five
times so when I when I was trying to
figure out and how what are you where's
the best way to get like ground for
instance like the this section is ground
and then you have power underneath so
like I don't know if you could see from
there but my big-ass fingers in the way
but well yeah this card was basically
modified like twenty times I had powers
on edgy powers on it I've had all sorts
of stuff so I guess I'm most proud of
that and then this Titan X Pascal
there's really nobody who's done Titan
Mex Pascal so or at least for a couple
years it took a while before the people
did so well yeah so uh I think that's
answers all the questions so I'll give
you back to Steve and if you want to
check out some cool a streaming
liquid-nitrogen stuff and subscribe to
my channel and check it out on bearded
hardware we're gonna be doing lots of
stuff even this this weekend we should
be doing a couple streams on the 3950 x
so alright slacker out so that was joe
check him out on youtube ever since all
the lockdown stuff one of the few
positives is that joe has had more time
to make videos so you should go check
out his channel will link it below it's
bearded hard where he does extreme
overclocking streams stuff like that he
gets really into the overclocking
details so you might have some fun over
there okay next question and thanks to
Joe for answering that one next question
bypassing and video voltage limits
this one is from our patreon discord and
it's from dicycle who says Steve is
there any way to adjust memory voltage
or raise the core limit core voltage
alone on our TX cards yet yes so we
showed something from Elmore labs and if
you search the channel for Elmore Labs
e.l mor you'll find the video we did I
think so it was from Computex 2019 if
memory serves correctly and Elmore's got
a controller that you can hook into
devices so you can control voltage on
supported voltage controllers that he's
got entered into his system and you can
bypass some of the limitations I have
one I need to get around to use you know
I tried using it ages ago and I don't
know which AMD card it was but at the
time it wasn't supported yet and so we
didn't finish the content but I do very
much want to try it out on the Titan
I remember correctly that once supported
I check with Ella more though but anyway
the answer is yes there's a way to do it
I'm sure there's multiple ways to do it
but if you check out our video from
Computex 2019 just search the channel
for maybe GP voltage control or Elmore
labs or Elmore's labs and you'll find
the content talking about it it's cool
stuff it's an external hardware
controller so there's not much that and
video should be able to do to block it
because you hook into it through a
third-party piece of hardware so that's
about the best way to get around to any
limitations next one transplanting a GPU
this one is from Vikram sreekumar who
says out of curiosity how difficult
would it be it's a harvest a GPU from a
graphic card PCB and put it onto another
PCB with better components and would it
work for example taking a higher bin 20
atti from a founders Edition card and
putting it on a kingpin PCB or something
similar on the AMD side excellent
question so the answer is yes you can do
it and the answer to how difficult is it
is yes it is difficult uh-huh so how
difficult is it yes
yes sir there's a couple things here
first of all I regret to inform you that
we almost had a video on this precise
topic and it really pains me to see a
question about it because it tells me
that we were hitting the nail on the
head with wanting to do the topic when
we were in Taipei one of the videos we
want to do is work with kingpin EB J's
overclocker and his in-house engineer
and then we were going to go over to
EVGA solder shop in-house at their HQ
work with his engineer of choice and
Transplant a GPU from one board to
another and so the reason he does this
is I guess you could if you're extremely
wealthy or something but he does it in
in a lab environment where they have
access to everything he does it because
his job is to set world records and what
he'll do is find a board that has
extremely good memory on it and a board
that has an extremely good GPU on it and
what do you do well you have your guy in
the lab down the hall
pull the GPU off of one and put it on
the other or vice versa I suppose but I
think it's easier to do the GPU swap so
people do do this and it's something
we're going to film but unfortunately
due to the human malware stuff we ended
up not being EVGA I was one of the few
companies we couldn't access so yeah as
for watching content anyway there is a
guy that I found I went and looked into
this topic to see if I could find anyone
doing this to help point you in the
direction of what it looks like there's
a channel I think called Eli tech or
Eli's Tech and he's got a video if you
search for a li Eli and then 780ti
you'll find the video it is it shows the
whole process so you have to manually
ball the GPU it looks like it takes ages
I haven't done that it looks painful and
and then you have to do a lot of work
with a heat gun moving solder balls
around lining everything up and being
very careful so he transplants at a
780ti I think onto a seven eighty board
and got the expected uplift from that
mod and it did work so I mean yeah I
really want to do that contact
but we need an expert to work with on it
and unfortunately we were able to do
that because of poor timing but we'll
get it next time we can visit their so
next one GPU solder mod follow-up
questions this is from the RIP J video
we did we've had that series Jade those
ripped GN videos we've done rip J videos
for a couple of years now and it took us
a long time to finally respond to them
but we did get to it and there were some
follow-up questions so the video that
they were posted on was the one about
soldering a shunt resistor on to another
shunt resistor to do a piggyback mod
there are better ways to do mods to lift
the power limits but this is one of the
most common ones it's not necessarily
something we recommend but it's a common
one so the first question on this topic
is from the political one who says does
the king pin additions of GPUs have
those safety precautions that's a very
good question
so this is referring to how shunt
resistors on the board are part of the
system and video uses to detect how much
power is being drawn and then to figure
out how to gate that power so if you're
drawing let's say the limit sets of 250
Watts the shunt resistors are part of
the system that detects how much power
if you piggyback more shunt resistors on
there like we did then you can trick the
card into think it's thinking it's
drawing less power and it'll allow more
to go through even though it's already
hitting the limit it doesn't know that
it is now there's again just to recap a
downside of this where you can't just
short it with a wire which would be the
easiest thing to do and that's because
you'll trick it and set it it to all you
won't trick it you'll it'll do what it's
supposed to do it will think it's
drawing way too much power and then
it'll go into 2d clocks mode to protect
itself so that's the safety precaution
being referenced here so kingpin cards
and similar cards the biggest thing they
have going for them is v bios and
external software that can tune things
like voltage V core we talked about this
in the earlier question you don't need a
third party hardware solution you can
get something like a 10 pin card and use
a the classified tool which is
technically not an EVGA solution it's
technically a an ex dev solution
for reasons relating to Nvidia and that
can control the voltage is the memory
voltage everything and the safety
precautions exist in the stock card but
once you put the XOC BIOS on it which is
not technically an EVGA BIOS it's
technically an ex devs BIOS ex devs by
the way is run by 10 who used to work at
a QVGA and made these cards but you put
the xoc BIOS on there and the power
limit is lifted tremendously sometimes
there is no parallel omit depends on the
card and so the answer is no they don't
really have the same safety precautions
they are explicitly removed part of the
reason that these cards and we talked
about this in our 20 atti KP review part
of the reason they're so expensive is
because they do all the board work for
you and because they remove those safety
limitations so you're paying for the
removal of the limitations Joe obviously
knows how to do a lot of this stuff
manually but depending on who you are
that might not be worth it you might not
be able to you might have more money
than you have time whatever so that's
part of what you're paying for with the
kingpin or HOF Galax cards and the other
thing you're paying for is that the vrm
is higher end so even though we lifted
the power limit on the Titan r-tx
that vrm and it is a pretty good V arm
it's getting toasted without extreme
cooling so that's the other part you're
paying for but mostly with these
high-end cards it's just the fact that
the board is built up to the point that
you don't have to do any mods on it
yourself it's ready to go so for some
people you know if you're builds IDE if
you're Joe you might kind of enjoy doing
all the mods yourself and Joe I know he
likes working with the kingpin cards
because you can just plug and play but
for a lot of people plug and play is
preferred to doing the mods either
because don't have the knowledge I don't
or don't have the time or don't have the
money to risk for something you're
modding but yeah that's that's the
answer for why those are expensive and
no they don't have safety limitations if
you want to learn more about that stuff
watch our kingpin 28 ETI review those
cards they're not worth buying in the
sense of using it just like to stock out
of the box I mean it's fine
it does well but it's really
worth spending money for that they are
meant to be overclocked you don't have
to the liquid Kulish pretty good you
don't have to go liquid nitrogen with it
it's more fun to do that but you can
still push the voltage up to like one
point the high one point to is maybe one
point three don't remember what tins
recommendation was check access for it
but you can push the voltage up even
with the liquid cooler and that's still
something you're paying for it's a
feature that's kind of nice to have you
like overclocking next one was from Rhys
oh I think says is this possible to do
this on other cards like AMD cards it's
still part of the the follow up
seems like a dumb question but we all
know there is no such thing only stupid
answers or is it more similar to the Reg
edits on the AMD cards so it is that
this is a good question
the this specific mod isn't something
you would do to my knowledge on AMD
there are a lot of hard mods you can do
to cards it's basically endless I'm not
an electrical engineer I'm not even
close to an electrical engineer builds
I'd would be much closer to that side of
the enthusiast world than I would be but
I know enough about it to give you an
idea so we did a video with 10 a year
ago and like I said 10 used to work for
EVGA he left recently so you can move to
the US but he did a video with us on
some really cool zombie mods and
basically DIY video cards how he build
the video and what you can see in there
is other types of mods these are Nvidia
cards that he did but it's the same idea
where this is other stuff you can do you
add on extra boards with a bigger VRM
you can even buy VR on boards from
gigabyte used to sell them EVGA I don't
know if they still sell them but they're
the only one I can think of recently
with did and you can buy an extra vrm
board and just add it into your existing
card so that's a type of mod you could
do to increase the power capabilities of
the voltage regulator if you have lifted
power limits for AMD the power plate
tables are the most common way to modify
the amount of power going into it I
really hate working with the power play
tables Igor and the
and helm I think the and whoever else is
involved in making them they do a really
good job
unfortunately AMD also does a really
good job of trying to lock all of it out
so reg edits work but they're a huge
pain in the ass to do as someone who's
had to do them on stream and if you can
do hard mods if you're skilled that'd be
the better approach and I would strongly
recommend watching someone build toy's
content for some ideas on what you can
do there but no this specific model
answer the question would not be one you
would do for AMD but there's still
plenty of other stuff you can do next
one last one from this section before we
move on blob Pogo says if the graphics
card goes into 2d mode is there a way to
reset it does it reset on its own if you
put the resistor back would placing two
wires parallel to the chunk resistor
onto a breadboard for easy swap shunt
resistors help or does the resistance of
the wires themselves become an issue I
love to this part of the question
because when I read it I kind of
realized like that's a brilliant idea I
hope it works so the reason I like the
idea is because if I understand you
correctly you can run two wires off this
shunt resistor just to a breadboard
and then do the changes there where you
have a lot more space to work no risk of
damaging the expensive card and then if
you don't know the resistance level at
which you go into 2d clocks you could
just play with switching shunts until
you find it and you're not doing it on a
live board so I sent this idea all
excited over to build Zoid and he
answered me to answer your question I
asked about the wires and breadboard
solution he said quote wires have enough
resistance to screw up the shunt mod so
unfortunately it would not work
but great question on the last as for
the rest of the question you can remove
liquid metal if you do liquid metal to
short the shunts
that's liquid metal is not necessary
it's we've never really recommended it
but in terms of shunt resistors it's
great for cooling a CPU died directly
through IHS though that is the perfect
use case for but for a shunt resistor it
works okay if you're trying to do some
competitive overclock and you're chasing
point stuff like that
I've never liked it for long term 24/7
use in a gaming system but for
overclocking competitive
it's a great way to kind of get into it
without going all the way to shunt
resistor mods and all the way is not
really that big of a jump it's just that
if you don't have any experience with
that stuff you might want to start with
something easier so you can remove
liquid metal you can remove the second
shunt resistor to for that matter I did
it earlier when I was practicing on
these but either of those things
removing the shunt resistor if he did
let's say it's hated 5 milli ohms
instead of 8 and it is milli by the way
so I was trying to say it's mega it's
not smelly ohms but if you removed the 5
milli ohm resistor because you're stuck
in 2 D clocks it will go back to 3d
clocks it will unlock itself it resets
itself it's not something that writes to
memory yet and video might get there
it's just something that's when the
cards on it checks and either 2 D clocks
or not and so you can always revert and
fix it and I think that answers all
those questions yes okay next one why
don't chase is have sight in take a
Monas asked this why did case
manufacturers stop making maths for a
fan on the side of the case what a fan
help in a meaningful way with
side-mounted GPUs well it help with any
GPS we have tests on the 1/2 X and even
the Zonda o which is the worst computer
case I have ever intentionally purchased
or received at all for that matter we
have a review of it on the channel but
the one thing it did really pretty damn
well was GPU cooling and that's because
I had a side intake right out the GPU
which is horizontal but it's still write
up a GPU so yeah I mean sidon takes
great for cooling video cards or I guess
CPU if you point out the CPU instead but
typically there at the video card
they're extremely good for that there's
a few problems with them but the biggest
one is figuring out how to install it
into a tempered glass sheet as soon as
that became the trend everyone stopped
because you pretty easily do a fan in
acrylic or a fan in metal but a fan in
tempered glass for a while was just not
possible in this in the computer
hardware industry and eventually as the
tooling started coming out yes
manufacturers started figuring out we
cut a big hole in the glass but no one's
using it for that the yields go down
tremendously the structural integrity of
the glass goes down they're shipping
problems so no one also the biggest
thing it doesn't look good so which is
actually kind of valid in this case but
yeah that's the main reason glass is the
answer to a question would it help yes
they're not common anymore another
reason they stopped is because it is
kind of a pain you've got a wire that's
going into the board it looks ugly Kayla
management's gotten really big now so
people care about that it can cause bent
fan headers when you pull the side panel
off because you forget the the fans
plugged in stretching the cable what I'd
like to see is on cases that maybe do a
steel side panel or something is if they
do pins two pads kind of like the front
panels do where it's just LEDs on the
front is pinned a pad instead of a cable
you could do that on the side panel and
power a fan that way and then you
wouldn't need the cable but that still
doesn't fix the glass problem so yeah
that's that's why Jen Cortez says do you
Steve answereth ESPN questions by
yourself or do you sit down with the
team to make sure you have the whole
team's opinion on the questions this
reminds me of Linus is April Fool's
video or it's like it's all a fraud and
he just pays people to do everything for
him so no I actually do these completely
on my own the few things with this I
consult a team for a few things I think
we've had Andrew on four ask GM's a
couple times for 3d graphics questions
he's a 3d artist he works in Unreal
he works in blender he knows a lot about
game graphics if you ever have questions
about them leave them in the comment
section below and I'll get Andrew on to
answer some of them but he specializes
mostly in blender and 3d and in an
Unreal Engine if you wanted to target
the questions but yeah so I've had him
for those and for video scripting like
for the normal videos Patrick writes a
good amount of them I read a good amount
of them and we split the work there
Patrick writes the build sections for
the case reviews he often writes the
thermal sections sometimes I'll write
them or at least add extra analysis to
it but we split the work and pretty much
every other type of video except to ask
the end
supid CPS expense has TN ash Deana was
started because I had one editor at the
time it was Keegan and was it yeah oh
yeah it was Keegan and Andrew were kind
of trading off so it was Keegan to start
and then later on Andrew came in and
took over while Keegan started school
but anyway whenever we started asked GaN
whomever whichever the the two original
editors I was working with for that
specific day when we decided to start
the goal was we needed to create content
that is easy for both of us it needs to
be something I can pull questions and
answer them without thinking too hard
about them and if it requires a lot of
thought let me make a separate video on
it and you the editor can basically drop
it into the timeline cut out any cuts
and then that's it so that was the whole
point we didn't want it to be
complicated we've kept that format for
this one let's do these last two Vince
says I'll be in Taiwan next month
anything worth visiting and Taipei from
the IT perspective there's I love type a
type a is my favorite place in the world
to go to so for a lot of reasons I mean
I paused to think like well do I prefer
the downhill bike parks over Taipei but
the thing is that Taipei is like
integrated with mountains and forests so
you have pretty much everything there
but as far as IT stuff Guan hua digital
Plaza is a lot of fun especially the
first time you go I highly recommend
that the cab might take you to sign
trend it's a big building with like an
oval on it it's 12 stories and it's got
like a Gundam store in it that's those
your landmarks that's not where you want
to be I maybe it is but for different
reasons what you want to be in is the
older grungy er building and the street
level and the underground level there's
a set of stairs that goes underground
under this old the shopping center
there's like wires everywhere it's all
all hacked together it's an older part
of the city and Groundhog digital Plaza
has a ton of cool electronics strongly
recommended you may be able to set up a
visit with some of the companies there
there are a lot of them if you are in
the IT industry and you have some
relevant reason to be there other stuff
I mean there's like there's audio
technica stores just randomly on the
street the one we visited had a white
noise chamber where it just dumps noise
into the room like an airplane and then
you put on the headphones and try it out
it's kind of cool but yes there's a ton
of stuff I would strongly recommend Quan
ha Digital Plaza I think for the main
tech visit sign trend is a lot of fun as
well it's expensive though it's not like
the other ones so that's my IT answer
but yeah i Taiwan is great strongly
recommended right now probably not the
best time Taiwan still save in terms of
human malware but it's the matter of
getting there and then can you get out
of the country can even get in the
country can you return home but for the
future you know it's a good place to
visit is this the last one yes last one
her cute Herculean phone toss Jacob
Finley says was that phone broken before
he threw it the phone and the rake on
ahead is abused and at this point it's a
prop Keegan dropped that was his phone
he dropped it down a flight of stairs in
Austin for at the NVIDIA GTX I think 980
out of 10 it was the 10th series launch
he dropped it down probably about 15
feet upstairs
I watched it bounce head over heels down
the stairs and it survived and he used
it for many more years and now it's been
retired and it's our our prop phone for
the office so no we're not hurting the
good phone that's it for this one thanks
for watching subscribe for more go to
store documents access that directly or slash gamers access to get
access to the bonus episode and I'm
gonna record that one next so check that
out on the patreon discord if you have
access to it we'll see you all next time

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