Ask GN 112: How Can AMD Stay Competitive? GPU Price Inflation vs. Graphics?

by birtanpublished on October 3, 2020

Everyone welcome back to another episode of ask GN sorry I'm not doing the intro with snowflake for this one we're flying to Taiwan and we need to get this done immediately this is the series where we take viewer questions and try to answer them to the best of our abilities you can leave your questions in the comment section below but I have a specific request for the types of questions for this one we'll talk about that in a second and as a separate note if you do want to see your dose of snowflake the cap for this week you can check out our cute pet yes tin case review for that so this is

Episode I think 112 we've got some really good ones here like for example what does it and II need to do to compete effectively or continue to compete effectively and a couple of others about well just general topics but andis a hot topic for this one we had Intel as a hot topic for the last one so figured we'd balance it out a bit before that this video is brought to you by Thermal Grizzlies conduct a not liquid metal conductor not as what we've used in all of our liquid metal and deal it thermal tests capable of dropping TP thermals significantly and replacing the

Stock thermal interface lower CPU thermals don't just allow better overclocks but also lower noise levels because the transfer efficiency is increased the mix of gallium and indium makes for a thermal conductivity of 73 watts per meter Kelvin outclassing traditional pastes significantly learn more at the link in the description below alright so before starting this one the types of questions we'd like to see from you we have a lot of opportunities to talk to some extremely knowledgeable people in the industry while we're in Taiwan for the next

Couple of weeks we're going to publish this right around when our trip start and what we'd like from you is a few different things we want to film a special ask GN episode in Taiwan and not sure the exact format yet depends the questions but one option B ask an overclocker we're going to be speaking with kingpin from EVGA he's basically one of the world's top overclockers his name is on the kingdom PCBs so you've got a lot of really good opportunities to ask really good questions of him that I can't answer so think about it think pretty hard about what you want to know

And leave your questions below please if you if you don't have a question just do me a favor read them and upvote the best ones because that'll help us filter when we're when we're traveling and then separately we're all talking with high cookies so he's another overclocker we might get a chance to talk to some others but definitely kingpin and hi cookie extremely good overclockers very knowledgeable if you have more advanced questions about the overclocking process please leave them below we'll pass them on another opportunity for you all this

Is very much a viewer engagement segment so we'd like to put them out and you know the options in front of you another opportunity is we're going to be visiting a lot of markets and market vendors if you have questions about just computer hardware prices availability used market stuff as it pertains to Taiwan or Asia in general if you're maybe in the US and you're just wondering about how if if it's different there how things work whatever leave those questions below as well and then we can gather information about that stuff and lots of like I said anything

You can think of relating to speaking with experts in the industry at the source of manufacturing which would be mostly Taiwan and China for manufacturing sources this is a good opportunity to ask those questions so leave them below and we'll do a special ask yet and Taiwan I get some of those people on camera but in the very least I can ask them off-camera and then present the answers step one last note – we were going to have so we've got the patreon page access has a bonus ask jian episode on it that's only available to patreon backers it's just

An extra thanks for supporting us it helps us fund things like our trip which looks like now but if run the numbers it's gonna cost us around 20 grand or so maybe a bit under but somewhere in that range so you can go to can access get the bonus ask TM there and then finally on the GM Steve secondary channel we're going to have a bonus public public bonus episode just to address the questions about the bike frames on my wall and the previous one okay enough of all the intro for that we've had timestamps up so you could

Have skipped a few wanted I guess but let's talk about the first one YouTube comments from their Bower from the last one said hahaha that GTR burn and old video usage not bad Steve not bad well I'd just like to point out that Roman for once said not bad as opposed to what he normally says which is not even bad and one time I said to Roman you know not even bad kind of implies that you expect it to be bad but that it's not even that and he said I know he's a mysterious man all right next one this is the big one for us so

I've inserted this question on my own but I think it's an interesting one if I do say so myself the reason we inserted this which is what does Andy need to do to continue to compete effectively is because in the last ass yen episode we did or one of the last two people asked about what does Intel need to do to come back and we really talked about that for a long time so I want to look at the opposite of and these kind of here now so it's not what do they need to do to compete but what do they need to do to keep competing and not lose their their grasp

That they've renamed so let's talk about that Andy has obviously extremely good engineering foundations at this point they're very stable with Xen they're in a good spot they've lost some engineers to other companies over the past couple of years so some of the original Xen one architects or engineers have moved on to other companies is a normal part of the process and a lot of these people I mean it's it's a really really narrow field in terms of your experts who are available and so it's common for them to kind of move around between companies as projects start and end especially for

The people who are more focused on the challenge of it than anything else and so that will affect things but in the very least and these in a good enough spot now and they have enough cash flow now which wasn't always the case that it can find the right people hopefully to continue things on the engineering front so engineering is in a good spot the biggest potential for a blunder at this point would be in marketing and the it's at this point it's not about as much not as much about gaining recognition or or gaining respect or gaining trust which was a big one where people with I was

That one launch and all the motherboards and other issues they had with those for a long time after that even once the issue started getting resolved you'd see comments of well I'd recommend Rison for my friend they're not tactical and I just Intel's more stable or Intel's more reliable or Intel's not gonna have BIOS issues or whatever so Andy's worked really hard to try and gain some trust there and that's the that's the most difficult thing that had to do was get community trust that yes the performance is good but is this platform going to screw me over somehow

In a way I don't know kind of like what was happening with the navi cards for a while and might still be we haven't looked into the newest drivers but so the biggest way they can stab themselves in the back at this point is marketing because that engineering is good Andy needs to dial back its marketing claims in some ways in our opinion it got railed over PBO and auto aussi for claiming numbers like four point seven five gigahertz which were effectively impossible to achieve with the means that were presented and marketed and the in the past has gotten a lot of underdog

Allowances like an underdog card it could pull over the past years but as it begins and continues to surpass Intel and the spotlight that underdog card it's not always going to work you won't always be there people aren't going to be as willing to overlook miss marketed at numbers as AMD takes the spotlight this for a few reasons but one of them is that you're giving people fewer things to look at and focus on and when people can focus on you know in general in the news or the reviews world what you kind of learn as on our side of things is that the community really only

Has the capacity as a mob as a unit collectively to sort of narrow in on a couple of points and while individuals might be able to look at the greater picture as a community as a mob mentality really only a couple things at a time can exist at once and then it'll sort of subside and some new item will come in and take its place and with AMD when it was getting back into this it's always just the story was primarily focused first and foremost on look at this actually really competitive part good price doesn't overclock as well but you know who cares it's it's good pretty

Good out of the box that was the story and although there were things that were miss marketed and they were covered – like we did talk about for example PPO we did a whole big thing on it it wasn't the primary part of coverage especially not ours we were so focused on the positive side of the story which is the parts are good that the negative side of the story although it got covered Janet got a lot of views it doesn't get anywhere near the amount of traction no matter how much we care as the positive side does and that's because it's overwhelmingly

Positive but as I am these begins to or continues to roll forward and benefits from being in a position where people aren't as easily excited about its gains anymore or its launches anymore because perhaps at some point the the novelty wears off or at least the we need competition wears off and it's like okay this is just this is just how it is now they're just better if that the the benefit of being able to beat down the competition wears off and suddenly and these only competing against itself which was sort of true for his m3 but it still had enough excitement behind it

Then Andy's going to be in a spot where people will begin looking for things to pick apart and those things would be marketing and it means that there's less of a positive story or less of this new exciting competitive angle of things to bring up in surface in conversation and comment sections and wherever and there's there's more space or more airtime for people to talk about what might have gone poorly or been miss marketed or whatever so we think that Andy at this point it's in a good spot but it needs to be really careful about its marketing it needs to focus on to

Quote a contact of ours in the industry it needs to focus on just winning just win and you don't need to win by a lot you don't need to lie to win just get there just stay ahead so that's what I am Dean needs to do focus on the hardware make sure the hardware is good tell the story about the hardware as it is factually accurate and and easily proven and you know if there's something that you think is true but you're not quite sure or maybe tech marketing didn't really understand what engineering was saying they miss marketed it just to stop just let it let

It rest don't push it forward and if it turns out that this feature you thought was going to be amazing but you guys weren't sure about speaking to Andy then let the press or the community discover it and let that be the positive story rather than the inverse which is market something that might end up not being true and then you have a huge negative story so that's what we think AMD needs to do to continue to compete effectively is be careful of its marketing that's the biggest way and the

Have stabs itself in the back in the past it's hardware is good so keep pushing with the hardware now another thing on the market side of things Andy has told us that it needs to get into the hands of more OEMs or more system integrators and they've done a really good job at that this year they're still pretty they're lacking representation overall in the sort of the pre-built market especially as marketed to non enthusiasts people who don't know who we are might not even know who Linus is to give you an idea of who I'm talking about

So that's the audience and the that it has told us by there this isn't my speculation that Andy needs to go for next they need to work with OEMs and kind of push past marketing Development Fund that Intel has allocated by the way Andy does that too but until it's a whole lot more money and that's where they need to start pushing outside of the marketing is is focusing on more OEM spread and they've done a good job of starting that but there's still a lot to be desired in OAM availability and that's really a lot of that same with retail education you'd call it education

Of Best Buy employees for example who don't you go into a Best Buy store and ask about computers and a lot of them still don't really know anything about AMD that's not really necessarily the employees fault because it comes down to what have they been trained on and Andy's training it's just it's not quite as good for retail as Intel's has been and that's because again and tell us a lot of money they can spend money on this they can fly people out to seminars and host events and do on hand or on site hands-on training and Andy will struggle to compete as well there

Because it's a money problem but it's getting a spot where you can start doing it so at this point it's not just engineering it's it's not just marketing even and it's about maintaining goodwill and it's about how the fastest way to lose goodwill is to misrepresent the product so Andy really needs someone knowing people at the company and you really need someone to sit between engineers and marketing and technical marketing and properly push back and say wait a minute marketing is that true prove it and that's that's where we think they need to be another point too

I'll bring up is that we'd like to see I don't know if this is a and AMD needs to do this to compete but it will certainly help if Andy can continue to bring its older products down in price as they age like it's been doing that's been Intel's weakest point over the years is that it lets the old product stagnate at the same price whereas AMD in a more desperate position originally and even still relatively moneda to bring down its pricing and the upside of that is even though their margin goes down on older stuff like 1600 the sales volume goes up and so people who don't have a

Lot of money and who are looking at an option of I can buy a used Intel CPU or even a new one for insane markup or I could basically build an AMD system at half the original cost because the Zen one stuff is so cheap now so Andy needs to keep sort of flooding the market at the low end with its older architectures that people aren't as excited about anymore because they're still good and they're still competitive and because of Andy's chiclet approach it can afford to cut its margins and still make money on a cheap $85 1,600 am that's a great way to flood the low end and start building

That trust that we talked about originally that those users don't have because they've used Intel for a decade and they when they built a computer last they knew that Intel had something good and AMD he had FX or AMD you had blue screens or whatever am do you had we're a class-action lawsuit so flooding the lower-end market is a really good strategy on am these part we'd like to see that continue but who knows how that will play out as Intel starts to lose its position in am that you might need to not need to do that anymore although to gain market share rather than just

Sales volume per month Andy will need to do that because Intel still has insane market share even though Andy has insane sales volume per month right now two enthusiasts all right that's a really one question next why that's on video whatever next one Jack Taylor this one is from I think YouTube and it says both oh yeah both Amazon and scan have the 3950 ax in stock and currently on disc discount yeah so like half the comments last time we're in response to the question of was the 39 50 X 3 970 X

1090 DX II was that a paper launch and I said yes they were paper launches for the most part just as a reminder the words launch means when it came out not five months later so the people who are like it's in stock now you've got really selective memory when it comes to AMD because when those products launched and we've got sales data to prove it where people were paying $1,000 for 39 50 X because they were getting gouged because there were no there was no stock when it first launched it was pretty limited in inventory yes there in stock now the word launch

Though it doesn't mean every time stock arrives it means the one time it comes out anyway that one was super annoying to weed through Rudy from YouTube says do for C and D continuing production on previous generation parts on the respective manufacturing processes a process that has already gone down in price and continued selling those at discounted prices specifically Zen 2 after Zen 3 is released much like what happens m+ because the ultra busy all the Intel out with no discounts at all on previous gens because production has stopped this is sort of what I talked

About I'll briefly touch this one again but it's already happening main reason and he made the 1600 af to address the first part of the question is because it wanted to continue for some reason that I don't know the production of the r5 1600 and name and the wafer supply for the r5 1600 was no longer available and he made everything I had that that process for and it ran out of the wafers so in order to continue making that part which where most companies would discontinued AMD continued it for reasons that we don't fully know but they're probably business related as in

Business to business related instead polled the r5 1600 forward to use on + architecture and made it effectively an r5 2600 for crazy value but with a different name than an r5 2600 in fact an older name we think it should have been called something like a 35 50 or whatever they could have gotten away with it but that's fine too so we'd speculate that this is maybe for some sort of contractual reason maybe with some big OEM or si they needed an r5 1600 we're really not sure either way though the answer to the question of production is yes they did continue it's

Just that it's sort of in a weird way and that they made it better for cheaper so it's not really continued but because it all works on the same platform it basically is there's not many deployments where it would actually matter that you can't buy the old 1600 anymore which is objectively worse than the 1600 af which is objectively better and cheaper there's I don't not many of those that I can think of other than maybe like some IT world's reasoning where you're like you're your boss is like no we need the 1600 because all these machines have sixteen hundred's in

Them and we need to keep using that can't really think of another reason so anyway as for whether that'll keep going it's hard to say we'd imagine AMD would eventually fall into the potential for an Intel trap of stagnation as you'd expect of a market leader once if it gets there it's it's got a ways to go it's possible right now it's looking good for AMD but intel has stuff coming out too but let's just say and he gets to a market leadership position by which we mean the majority of not just sales but market share too then there's a chance it could sort of stagnate so

It'll really depend on Intel that point how hard does Intel push Andy because Andy is going to be the one that needs competition to be motivated to keep pushing and spending as hard as it has been once it's at the top if it doesn't need to spend as hard anymore and Intel's really far behind at some point you might see a bit of stagnation but this is obviously that's just I mean just kind of talk in general terms of how the market works and it's not really it's not real points of speculation anyway though Andy isn't out of the woods yet still needs motivation to

Compete the company isn't so big that it can just sit on old supply and it has motivation today to move old units rather than let them sit permanently in the channel and so you're gonna see those price reductions in Tom's been able to ignore this in the past and just let old supplies sit and decay at their last official pricing because they didn't care next one is from YouTube this is drama Steven Gibson who said will GP performance out scale performance demanded in games I like this question by so much that we eventually see X X 50

X X 60 series on video cards able to run Triple A games at Mac specs or will we artificially see well we artificially increased performance demands of GPUs to play games via high resolution displays well that's always a thing right you're talking about maxing graphics you sort of can do that these days at 1080p with cards that are at least a name if not in price lower than they their predecessors but yeah it's a good question this is essentially an arms race and we think that developers will again this is this is sort of informed opinions from us it's called Sdn so our opinion of this

At the team is we think that developers will either scale their games to meet the capabilities of the new cards which is typically what we've seen thus perpetually keeping the pricing stack and hierarchy relatively undisturbed or developers will begin to cut corners on optimization and let Hardware do more brute forcing because you can I mean you call it laziness if you want but it's also just not spending as much money which is good for them too so either way it doesn't seem like they'd continue have the optimization practices while also allowing graphics quality to stay

Where it is today and stagnate they probably wouldn't be good for the industry frankly if everything stagnated the games industry not even just hardware we're talking games here so they have plenty of motivation to keep pushing graphics either through gimmicks or through actual improvements and one interesting third party to the table here is that of game engines this is I've got a book over there somewhere I think it's called game engine architecture or something like that and it's really interesting but game engines are really becoming more the center of

Things these days than they ever were it's always been important but as game engines have consolidated it's really just a couple of key ones like Unreal Engine to some extent you still have Crytek it's really Unreal Engine and then the in-house engines for games that have the annual releases as they consolidate like that we're seeing engine developers pick up the roll of some of the optimization where this is important because there are people who've spent decades only optimizing things like shader execution on hardware and those people are mostly

Spread between a few companies Nvidia Unreal Engine or epic games I should say and to a lesser extent AMD and Crytek with AMD probably being the third one in there so or what's left of Crytek anyway – so those people are there it's a narrow skill set as well it's an important one and as engines are able to pick up a lot of that slack game developers don't really have to do as much of it so it'll just become a question of the arms race between pushing graphics and pushing hardware and we would imagine that they would pretty much keep going because

Everyone's got a vested interest and you spending more money that's how it works right so the video card companies want you to spend more money they don't want you to sit on their same product for five years spoke to logitech about this years and years ago and one of their representatives who I won't name for obvious reasons in a second I said that they had problems with the Logitech G five mouths being too good and not braking enough where their sales suffered because of it so same thing with video cards no one at these video

Card companies wants to you to sit on their card from five years ago and the game developers don't want you playing there last year's game because the graphics stagnated and you know the gameplay is not much different anyway so everyone's got a vested interest in it which is why I would answer your question with yes we will see performance demands in Greece on the GPU side to keep taxing them in a way that they do today cata walks this is on YouTube it says will you ever bring back the GM copper cups I didn't convince myself I needed them

Until they weren't available anymore sorry I'm not sure I'd like to I definitely like to a few things with that we've tied up a lot of our money for product development stuff and other stuff that's going on right now check our don't panic or what I call it video for more information on sort of how that side of things has been delayed by human malware but between mod Matt's new toolkit runs new mouse pads we have coming out that our desk lengths and really awesome and a couple of other things I can't mention yet we are I mean I'm fully invested I can't I can't spend

More on stuff so I really like the compromise I want to bring them back another thing as we need to find a new supplier because the one we were working with isn't making it anymore like they you know we we source up the supply we make demands of it and then you just kind of hope that they keep making the thing so we could potentially do it but I define another supplier I could easily do a stainless steel cup with a copper plating that's trivial but what we were doing was a full copper cup with a nickel plating on the inside and that's difficult so I don't know maybe

I'll do a stainless steel one with copper plating and do something clever but I've got some ideas but I don't know it wouldn't be as it wouldn't be like the same copper centric approach which was the coolest thing about it still be pretty cool though I've got ideas on funk on youtube says question for the next to ask GN why does l3 cache keep increasing but l2 has been stuck at 512 procore since forever this is a good question and one that I should reach out to some experts in the industry on and will try to do when we're in Taiwan but I'm gonna keep the

Short to the best of my understanding right now today without seeking out some expert insight on this this is because the cost of l2 and in both the SRAM cost and the physical space cost getting sitting close to the cores and also because latency is a concern and a point of consideration for that as well where you've got you start making sacrifices on latency but I'm gonna have to leave my answer kind of vaguely there I apologize for not having more depth on that one but we'll have to talk to some people about that next one discord from the GM patreon discord grandis bolas

Says are the GM toolkits permanently out of stock or is the new batch coming no they're not permanently out of stock we made a couple of cool changes to the mold and I'm really excited about it but I can't talk about it yet I'll give you a brief bit of info though one of the things that I wanted to improve was that we had some single-use plastic bags on the tool handles to try to protect them during transit so we made some changes to the packaging and of the tools and then up to the the production of the handles to the mold to eliminate that

Plastic bag so we're able to eliminate ten single-use plastic bags one for each tool for kit hopefully that's it looks like it's gonna work so yeah that's why that's been in that on such a hold is because engineering a solution around you know it's I just I don't want a bunch of disposable one-use plastic in the product it feels kind of bad and so we dropped something like eight grand on molds and worked with the factory doing tooling and tests and how do we make this thing so that it doesn't get damaged in transit because that's the downside right we could have not used

The bags to begin with but then you end up with a bunch of products or IV on and maybe you have a slightly higher defect rate and now you have to throw the entire thing away instead of just the bag away so it's never an easy solution but anyway that's why they were on on delay while I was trying to figure out the the solution to something that I mean frankly we could have just kept selling it like that and no one would have really complained but I didn't like it so I felt it was wasteful so we're trying to fix that and yeah they I have actually as of day of filming within the

Next hour I'm going to be seeing the new sample and then it's just gonna be a matter of working with the factory to finalize it that'll take a couple months to get everything done and in let's see next one vernacular youtube comment well Jen ever do content about small form-factor cases and components again it may not be possible to standardize but it still very fun interesting content it goes on to say it's nice to see that larger channels like healthy tea do something with SFF Elvia rarely but Jen gave up on it altogether I somewhat understand why

But I'm disappointed well okay so first of all our policy of things I don't have more than 30 employees like Linus and so what we do we I don't ever want to grow to that size either so what we do is we focus doing a few things really well and if I can't do it really well if I can't make some of the best content about that particular product category then I don't do it and I know that I fully understand why you would like to see that and I agree that it would be nice to provide but we're stretched so thin with what we do right now

And we've also you have to remember we have a video upload allowance we're more than one video per day it's not really sustainable because youtube doesn't really reward you for it you end up splitting your audience so there's a lot of logistical challenges there where if we're kind of at the max already or very close to it then something else has to go and in this instance we've just added cooler testing back in finally I don't know if the videos are up yet when this goes up but they're done so we've got cooler testing and we have cooler reviews back and that took six months of

Refinement over three years of data that we had we refined it for six months and you know that's it's not easy so if I can't do it and provide one of the best sources for that component I don't and sorry but that's just that's the way it is let's see I'm gonna take this one more last one walking per Moi's I know you guys aren't planning to be as big as something like alum G but ideally how many employees would be ideal for you love the videos keep it up thank you really interesting question I should probably do this in more depth on the secondary channel or something but I'll

Do a bit here I don't want to become a big Empire in the way that Linus has done it I really like what Linus has done I respect it I'm regularly in all of their work at the studio how big it's become and it's it's amazing however I don't want to be in his position and I am glad that he's willing to do it because I don't want to so this is not about you know a comment about Linus is coming about what do I want to do so that was a question so even though I think what he's done is amazing I would you know I've spoken with Linus personally in a lot of detail

Just off-camera about the process of I think I asked him most recently when I visited him I said at what point does it get easier I said to Linus you know I was wrong I thought that hiring people all these years I thought hiring people would make it easier but I'm working more hours than ever I'm working harder than ever I'm trying to I have to work harder because now I've got people who need to get paid and if they if I don't have work for them they need to find it somewhere else so and you don't want to lose good talent just because you don't have enough work so the challenge that

I've run into over the last year especially is one of trying to figure out how do I produce more content and Patrick has been involved in this deeply too so really it's at this point is how do we Patrick and I produce enough content to saturate the video production schedule so that everyone's got enough hours for the week and that alone is such an enormous amount of stress and just I mean it's constantly shuffling schedules and moving stuff around cutting corners sometimes when you don't want to it's hard I don't want to scale that problem up right now I've got I

Figured it out I've got a pretty good handle on it as long as I can work the hours I'm doing then we're good at some point I'd probably would want to bring on another content production side someone who could do some of the writing but not yet so the question of how do you scale the other thing that's kind of challenging for me too is I've always been a min/max er with RTS is what I grew up on strategy games I was really competitive in them it was top-ranked time a couple of them for a while and that follows through with my business approach where it's weird cuz like I

Could hire another person to help and take some of that workload the content production workload from me but then there's two things it's immediately you start thinking about okay I'm gonna have an extra let's say eight hours free per week or whatever because I won't have to do this thing so what does that it what can I do with that eight hours instead of like oh I can stop I can relax it's what can I do instead so it's kind of hard to willingly you know take a cut out of your profit to reduce your own workload when you're used to working the hours that I've done so I

Don't anyway to answer the question of how big I think I'd probably go for I like where we are now I'd like some more consistent hours for the team on the video side we're working towards that Patrick and I have basically in lieu of getting another person and we've decided we're just gonna automate the hell out of everything and so I'd like to even out the hours there and then I'd like to add someone on the ad management and sales side we have Ryan Greenberg you've seen his name on some things in the past he's done some of our Market Analysis stuff he handles a lot of the ad

Reporting for me actually all of it these days so he interacts with the advertisers he sends them reports and deals with that for me but I'm still involved in some of that stuff like negotiations in sales and I'd like to stop wanted to have an editorial barrier and to because I don't want to do that it's not interesting to me I'd rather spend the time doing testing and every time I get back to testing in the testing room right there in the lab it feels so good to work in that room surrounded with like all the white noise of computers and all the challenges and

Cool problems you have to solve but I don't get to do it as much as I'd like because I'm I'm stuck in the other end during production like writing and making sure I can manage the tasks so that I can get on camera in time to make sure Keegan can do this part of the video and Josh can do that part of the video and Andrew can let's do this part of the video so what I'd like to do is add I think someone on like get Ryan doing more of the ad stuff for me sitting as a barrier between me and the advertisers and then maybe one person on content

Production and I've got someone in mind but we're not there yet so – I think that's what I'm what I'm looking at so what that put us up to two three four five that'd be about seven people plus the contract side of things so we've got Eric Hamilton who is an excellent news writer he does our news rant roundups and yes we'd be at seven eight plus contractor basically I don't want a scale beyond that and rather than having to hire Linus his answer to my question doesn't get easier was yes ten employees that's when it gets easier I don't want to get there

So instead of doing that what we're trying to do is Patrick and I work really hard at just automating the hell out of every single thing to the extent that people haven't really to our knowledge done before in the space and we're just trying to replace the need for more people with that because it's hard enough to manage the company as is and I don't want to sacrifice quality so if we keep it about this size plus let's say max not even – just plus potentially three then that I think I'm gonna call it there if I can unless we start expanding into more channels at which

Point maybe I'd hire out for that like hosting but that'd be different content so my goal is to keep the content as it is today I can feel some days my grasp slipping on my ability to hone the technical side of it and so right now I have the ability to contact everyone say hey guys sorry let me push back three hours sorry to do it to you but we just gotta film later today so I can get it done properly and I worry that if we hired too many then it would go from that to being well screw it we just got a film and I don't want to be there so I'm really happy with where we are now

But we could use maybe a couple more that's it for this one thanks for watching subscribe for more go to the GN Steve side channel for a bonus public episode or go to gamers nexus tops out there as well I'll see you all next time

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Everyone welcome back to another hardware news recap for the week we are in Taipei right now working on a factory tour series and we actually have a point for y...
Hey how's it going guys Jack and Matt here with the toaster bros and today we're gonna be doing our first 20 20 thousand dollar gaming PC but guess what...
Coursers a 500 has been an embarrassing show of performance for the company's first revisit to air cooler isn't a long time but the upside is that it ma...
When I received the thread Ripper 3990 X on loan from a yet unnamed youtuber we quickly threw together an extreme overclocking stream and got the CPU to about f...
Every one so we're in Taiwan right now we're doing our factory tour series and while we were out here we stopped by Lian Lee's offices and they want...
Hey what is up guys Jack and Matt here with the wait what do you do it on sex you back your desk back to your desk sorry about that okay hi Jack and Matt here w...
We thought we'd found the limits of viewer interest when he posted our tour of a screw factory last year as poor Freight it was more of a screw shop than a ...
Everyone welcome back to another hardware news recap for the week we're in Taiwan where we venture outside to film things that's always a nice change of...
Hey how's it going guys Jack and Matt here with the toasty rose and today we're gonna be doing a 350 dollar gaming PC build it's gonna be really awe...
out of all the factory tours we've done until today we'd never gotten an opportunity to see how water blocks and open-loop cooling components like fitti...
Paints is one of the chief processes to dial in for product manufacturing and today's tour will bring us to a taiwanese factory replete with a mix of automa...
hey what's up guys Jack I'm Matt here with the tasty bros and today we're gonna be showing you our 2020 CES recap live from our CES Airbnb but befor...
except you can't wipe your ass with it well I mean we're going to take a gamble on the YouTube D monetization system and talk about the impact of corona...
everyone we're closing out our trip in Taipei for our factory tourists we have a lot of factory footage live already and we have more coming to the the chan...
hey what's up guys Jack and Matt here with the Thai stereos and today we're gonna be finding out is a six hundred dollar laptop worth it in 2020 it'...