Asiatic Lions in Peril | Nat Geo Wild

published on July 3, 2020

NARRATOR: Though not found
as widely through India

as the tiger, the power and
courage of the Asiatic lion

should not be underestimated

They are, after all,
India's national emblem

These are the formidable
beasts that once roamed

across the lands in the Bible–

that fought Samson and devoured
Christians in Roman arenas

Asiatic lions once
numbered in the thousands

and thrived from India to the
shores of the Mediterranean

They now cling to existence
in this, their last refuge

The remaining
lions can mostly be

found surrounded
by barren desert

in these parched scrub forests

This pride consists of six–

three adult females,
two 8-month-old cubs,

and their
year-and-a-half-old sister

The oldest lioness rules

Asiatic lion prides
are far smaller

than their African
cousins, reflecting

the smaller prey they hunt

The cubs are thin and
constantly hungry

They try to suckle
from their mother,

the matriarch of the pride,
but her milk has dried up

With their best hunter
injured, the responsibility

to feed the pride
now falls on the less

experienced younger females

[ambient music]

Life in these deserts knows
nothing of gentleness or ease

The lionesses need to make a
kill or the babies will starve

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