Asian brief hair – mens coiffure – Jet Li – haircut for males

published on July 3, 2020

Hello guys! I'm Rasmus and you're watching Slikhaar TV

I'm here with Nicoline and Jimmy What are we going to cut today?

We're are going to make a Jet Li haircut, the famous Ninja actor

Yeah, so we're going to fade it on the sides

and we're going to make a lot of texture on the top, so it's going to be awesome!

Sounds great! So Jimmy, are you up for it?

I'm so excited, I can't wait!

Now the hairstyle is done,
so Jimmy what do you think about it?

I love it, I think it's so great!

So what did you do?
I faded

on the lower edges here,
and I faded from a 1

approximately like a 0

and up, and then I texturised it with the scissors

Yeah, and I styled it in the end,
so it's really good – Awesome!

And you've got some nice products with you

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So see you guys next time Bye!

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