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published on July 2, 2020

– Hi everyone My name is Christine

I am Taiwanese-American

and I've never cooked Taiwanese
beef noodle soup before

I do not cook often, and when I do,

I definitely don't do it alone

So let's learn this together

I washed my hands already,

and I've already
pre-chopped, and pre-measured

most of the ingredients
like the recipe asked

So I just need to fill this
pot up with some water,

so let me go do it

Okay, cool, so I filled this up with water

and we have to add the beef shank

(upbeat music)

Wash your hands

Five pieces of ginger

Half of the scallions

Added way too much water,

but you know, it's okay

I originally wanted to use my mom's recipe

but she's been in Taiwan
for the past few months

and she doesn't have it
written down anywhere

So this is a Tasty recipe,

but it is made by another Taiwanese mom

and Taiwanese moms know best,

so I'm pretty sure this is just as good

My mom, growing up,
didn't make it too often,

and maybe that's why I have
such fond memories of it

I'd walk into the kitchen and I'd be like,

and she'd be like,

and then I'd like run to
my sister and I'd be like,

"Mom's making"

and then she'd get excited

so it was a whole thing

It's been five minutes
since that has been boiling

so we can bring it over here

(laughing) Hot

This is filled with cold water,

and so we are going to pick it up

– [Man] Yeah

– And then we are going to slice the meat

Do not do this to your rice guys

This is bad luck


Okay, this is just about to heat it up,

so we'll start transferring the contents

from this pan into the pot

Now I'll try it

Let it sit for at least 2 hours


Okay, so I finished
chopping up the toppings

and they're on standby over there

So I'm going to cook the noodles now

Okay, and here is the final dish

The moment of truth guys


Thank you for cooking and
celebrating APAM with me

Feel free to try making this at home

And if you do, please
share your photos with us

Now please stay safe
and we'll see you soon


– What's up?

My name is Kanou,

and today I'm making
karaage fried chicken,

which is a Japanese dish

It's something I never
made before actually

and so for me, I'm super
stoked to try this out 'cause

it's my first Japanese dish

So fun fact I was adopted
and so I was born in Tokyo,

but I never got to learn anything

about Japanese culture and everything

So I found this cool karaage
fried chicken recipe on Tasty

So if you guys want to check it out,

you guys should go to Tasty,

you guys can find the recipe
on there, it's really easy

And we got all the
ingredients right over here

So I'm going to start my pound of chicken

So next step is we're gonna
get this chicken marinated

and get all the seasons on top of it

We got the chicken here

It's all marinated

Look how juicy that is

So next process is mixing

So let's get to mixing, right?

The next we're going to need guys is

you want to make sure
that you have your oil

on the heat as well during all this

You wanna make sure your oil
is at a 340 degree temperature

So make sure you test your oil

You guys have it set up right,

and then we're going to get
to frying here in a second

So you always want to be careful

whenever you're frying chicken

or frying anything for that matter

You don't want to just drop it in the oil

because the oil is hot

It'll definitely burn, one,

and two, you always want to
test your oil before hand

So we're gonna testa
piece of chicken here

And we got it in there, and
it looks like it's floating

So let's get a couple more pieces in

so we can get them frying

You want to leave these in here until

the outsides are golden brown
and you see them floating up

because then you know, it's
good to go, just like this one

Alright guys, so now,

we're at my favorite part of all of this

We finally get to try the chicken

All right

Lets go for it


That's insane!

This is so good

The chicken is so moist still

but outside so crunchy


And those flavors are so good

We gotta for two

It's such an easy recipe to make,

and like I said, you can find it on Tasty

Just go to the website

And I you guys make this recipe,

make sure you guys post it,

you guys tag us, at BuzzFeed Tasty

Thank you for celebrating

Asian Pacific American
heritage month with me

See you guys next time

– Hi, my name is Breana

I'm a half black and half Filipino,

and today we'll be cooking

which is a Filipino dessert

So let's get started

So you start off the caramel

You will bring this pan to a medium-low,

and from there, you will add in,

half a cup of sugar

I've lowered down the heat a bit,

and our caramel is now a beautiful,

like light brown color

We are going to turn off the heat

Now that you've made the caramel,

and put it inside of the
pan, we're gonna set it down,

to cool for about five minutes
while we make the custard

We're on the other side of my kitchen now

We are going to start on the custard,

and I have to separate the
yolks from the egg-whites

Let's do that now

This egg is boiled

We have now learned that
my mom boil some eggs

So now we will make the custard,

and hopefully not have boiled eggs

One for the chef

Our caramel is being a tad slippery

Love her

I'm gonna go grab the custard,

and pour her into the loaf pan

The reason why cooking this dish

and a lot of Filipino dishes in general

are really important to
me is because growing up,

I didn't speak

or my mom's side which is like,

and so my only form of
connection was through food

And that's also just like
half of me in general,

so their love is like through cooking

THe flan cooking almost came out the oven

You can finally check if she is set

I shake the pan

It didn't move which is good

She's set

Your small or my small?

Is this small?

– [Mother] That's good
– Okay

– [Mother] You're just gonna stare at me?

– I'm gonna stare at you

– [Woman] Oh, that's good

Oh its nice and firm
– Yeah

– If you do cook this dish at home,

please be sure to tag
Buzzfeed Tasty, on Instagram,

and hope you guys stay
safe, and see you soon

I'm gonna take the flan now

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