As Seen On TV Lint Rollers TESTED!

published on July 13, 2020

Not every as-seen-on-tv product is a waste of money in fact some are so good that they'll stick by your side through thick and thin rough and smooth even in sickness and in health I do so put your vacuum back in its dusty

Corner toss those cleaning wipes in the trash and join us as we check out the stickiest mops around today we'll be pitting four industry-leading sticky mops against one another mr sticky the sticky the magic stick

And of course the sticky buddy will throw these multi-purpose lint removers through the wringer find out who's the stickiest of them all riding down your block is mr sticky an extendable lint roller that never needs refill this

Versatile tool came delivered an easy to open cardboard package containing the sturdy metal extension in the red sticky roller it's also got itself a handy adamantium shield to make sure it stays clean when stored and that it's ready in

A snap just remove the thin layer of plastic that's covering the roller and screw that metal handle right into the base we've also got ourselves the crowd favorite the sticky this royal blue 3-piece set comes with a roller of a

Similar size and a plastic extension there's a travel-size lint roller for when you're feeling dusty on the go as well as a medium sized handheld version with a cover a quick peek at the literature details how to clean the unit

And a reminder not to ingest it not just smoke and mirrors it's the magic stick first out of the box is the 38 inch extendable arm things rigid metallic feel we've also got the bag containing the medium and mini

Rollers as well of course we can't forget the full-sized roller that's hiding in the bottom really getting in there we managed to pull up some instructions as well but we're sure they're probably similar to the other

Two last but certainly not least is your good friend the sticky buddy which was my nickname back in elementary school this blue and yellow 2-piece set boasts built-in rubber fingers to dig deep into carpeting or even pet your cat with this

Set fur goes the need for a larger roller as the sticky buddy claims to have the power of glue without the goop Before we jump into testing you should know that all these sticky mops are essentially made from

The same silicon material in fact the sticky and magic stick appear to be exactly the same product in every aspect except color obviously the extendable arms are differing in texture and width but it's clear to see that not only are

The smaller rollers of identical size but they share the same handles as well the larger ones although having dissimilar handles even share the same beautiful floral pattern on the sides this is pretty common with as seen on tv

Products as generally one company makes them in 50 other ones rebrand 'im alright let's test these things with all these products claiming to pick up dirt lint and various other items we decided to up the ante by seeing what kind of

Work it could do on a muddy shoe print the first step was to add a little dirt and water to a baking pan leaving us with a nice chocolaty consistency that you definitely don't want to eat I've placed my shoe directly into the pan and

Proceeded to make for muddy footprints next up was to dry the things so that they'd be nice and stuck to the floor starting with mr sticky we're giving each product three swipes forward and backward to feign some modicum of

Control as we work our way through you can see that each product performed pretty much the same you can really see that these things definitely sucked up quite a bit of mud from the prints and the sticky buddy requires you to get

Down on your knees to perform the task if there is one negative aspect to these sticky devices it's absolutely the cleaning although the commercials show the refuse running right off with just a bit of water that's truly not the case

Not only do you have to run the rollers under warm water even when you have a good amount of pressure like in a bathtub but you also have to manually wipe the gunk off the roller with your hands which is kind of gross not to

Mention you're putting a ton of dirt lint and other assorted collectibles down your drain which is a one-way trip to clog City just take a look at how much stuff is left at the bottom of the bathtub this is one instance where you'd

Be thrilled to simply peel off the outer layer of your lint roller and dispose of it in the trash that being said once they dry off the rollers back in mint condition ready to venture

Off to our next test obviously these sticky rollers are usually purchased as lint removal devices so let's get that one out of the way real quick deep in the recesses of my forgotten clothing dungeon I looted an old blazer that was

Packed to the brim with linty freshness vigorously rolling the sticky buddy back and forth made this look new again well at least in the section showing you on camera so this prime task alone makes these devices a worthy part of your

Cleaning arsenal it picked up quite a bit beauty of this is that you only need to do a quick rinse when it comes to wind if someone owes you money take it back with a sticky mop just wait for them to get distracted on their phone

And slowly extend the arm of the handle navigate it through your home directly to your target when the moment of opportunity strikes slide right in with this inconspicuous grabber and snag any loose bills they have sticking out of

Their pockets once you've secured your bounty slowly retract the device pocket the loop and ask him to leave your house look it's an easy way to get that money that you were out anyway it also makes

You the third sticky bandit let's face it you've all lost money to the couch before but how often do you get to collect on your investment using our all-powerful sticky allies you can slam your pocket full of lost change without

Any risk of sticky fingers you can use the larger rollers to easily slide underneath your couch and discover fortunes long forgotten the versatility of these products is limitless it even works well on the interior of the couch

All you got to do is tilt your cushions back and slide one of the smaller rollers right in utilizing the handheld's is easy enough although we noticed that the coins don't stick very well to the smaller surface or perhaps

Because there's so much junk between the cushions that being said may get lucky and snag a bonus Dorito while you're searching for change everyone knows that glitter can be an absolute nightmare to get out of your carpeting so we laid it

On the line and poured a big pile of it right into our heirloom rug after massaging it in a bit we put the magic stick into battle and it surprisingly made short work of the glitter picking up about 90% of it in a short

Not to be outdone the Shiki came through as the cleanup man made this test a mere memory so if you know any clumsy craft lovers these tacky solutions might be right up their alley in a car setting the mini rollers left into action

Tackling our debris coated dashboard with relative ease eliminating the need for pricey chemical filled wipes that leave a residue on everything just a few quick swipes with the sticky buddy yielded great results and was the ideal

Way to scrub our deck and make it so shiny when it comes to the sticky just flip it open like a Motorola RAZR when moms call it then give it a go honestly these guys were a perfect idea to pick up whatever we've been accumulating over

The last few months quickly cleaned the dashboard of dusty particles with the dash done decided to use the magic stick to take care of some carpet correct next to the door although it only seemed to pick up about half of the visible items

It's nothing you couldn't take care of if you invest the time rubber floor mats seem to be another thing entirely as the molded shape prevented anything from rolling over it easily even still we managed to recover an unhealthy amount

Of rubbish headed into the kitchen to restore him to their former glory the sticky buddy took a deep dive right into the warm water due to the dashboard having been covered and only light particulate cleaned off quite easily

With just a little rug unfortunately for us this is where the Masked Magician revealed his tricks while cleaning the magic stick using these same techniques we noticed that a large section of the roller started to feel back with

Curiosity peeking we peeled the remainder of it off mini magician did a presto change-o from useful travel brush to useless plastic spinner on a stick with the chores done in some profit made you're sure to work up an appetite with

Your adhesive pals but what do you do if you're all out of snacks it's simple really as your friendly aunts are known to leave clues around your home thankfully for us

Ours pointed directly to a delicious bountiful feast under the oven call in an associate to do the heavy tilting and roll your sticky helper right underneath look at that a delicious fish sticky feast for one complete with sight item

Mere moments later you've scavenged a instagram-worthy meal for your family to envy dinner is served all in all we're pretty happy with our purchases due to the myriad of surfaces you can clean whether

It's car interior couches or even the oven hood just a couple rolls is all it takes to quickly collect any dust or particulate you've got hanging out up there and if you do it right you'll even pass the coveted white glove inspection

Test all without worrying about any chemicals over spraying into your cooking surfaces based on the crisis durability and multiple pieces we've got to say that this week's clean King is the sticky not only does it come in

Around 15 bucks but it's got all the parts you need shows resilience and it has an absolutely obnoxious commercial we'd say that go ahead and skip the overpriced Magic Stick bundle as some of the pieces

Showed major wear in just one day and the sticky buddy just gets cluttered too quickly mister stickies gonna be the runner-up though based on its durability alone only succumbed to the sticky due to the fact that you pay a premium price

For a single piece just remember one thing as delicious as these things may look while on display they aren't edible so don't put them in your mouth thank you so much for tuning in if you enjoyed this video a playlist should be on your

Screen right now be sure to comment like subscribe ring the bell promise me your firstborn sign my petition to bring back family ties join our newsletter donate to our patreon follow us on MySpace and add me on xbox

Live see you next time

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