As Seen On TV Hygiene Products TESTED!

published on July 9, 2020

With hygiene and cleanliness a toppriority these days it's good to knowthat there's an As Seen on TV productfor just about any situation but when itcomes to keeping viruses and germs outof your happy homecan these as-seen-on-tv sanitation

Gadgets really get the job done let'sfind out who really knows what evillurks in the puddle of meth we don't butyou certainly don't want it all over agrandma's decorative rugbesides wiping your pets feet is tedious

Time-consuming and get your hands filthyluckily the clean pooch mat is anon-slip rug to instantly absorb waterdirt or mud from your pets feet and alsoyour feet stinky inside the box is a rugbut you already knew that the rug is

Soft to the touch and it's a littlesmaller than expected 18 by 28 inches tobe exact next to a few traditional bathmats the clean pooch is dwarfed bycomparison and if you take a closer lookthey have nearly identical textures and

Backing after making a little mud in themorning we headed outside to hose downthe dirt and make some that we canactually show you of course we invitedout a furry friend for a stroll as youcan see following a quick walk in the

Mud dog Oh is leaving some major tracksand we can't have that so let's see whatthis mat is really about some mud wastransferred into a baking sheet beforedipping our eager friend's paws rightinto the dirt normally they leave behind

A trail of prints just like these butwhen placed onto the mat just oncethey're markedly cleaner but not perfectusing a shoe in our tasty pan thesetracks are a sight to beholdbut after reapplying some mud stepping

Onto the mat it's apparent that itreally did absorb about 90% of the muckin the brown coloring really helps toconceal it not too shabbyto test water absorbency pricelesssheets of paper towels were placed under

Our bath mats and the clean foutch aswell one cup of water was poured overeach mat and left for about a minuteafter lifting them up to reveal theresults well they speak for themselvesthe clean pooch is bone dry whereas the

Bath mats leaked through substantiallywhich is surprising considering that'stheironly job so it works in a doorwaysetting but underneath pet balls is alsoa great spot to target preventing water

Droplets and drool from dripping on yourdeck or your kitchen floor if you getlucky its sheer aesthetics may bringanother friend to party if only for aminutethe only bad things we could find about

This mat we're in the reviews apparentlythis thing's a pet peeve magnet due toits absorbency and backing no amount ofwashes will get rid of that smellsomeone must have had that issue withthis particular mat before because as we

Were examining the non-slip backing wediscovered this one came pee-stainedright out of the box however it wassmell free so they just rolled it up andtook it back to the store before we gotit so check your product beforehand and

If your pets well-trained this thing isa winner with latex gloves in shortsupplyintroducing the gråvik claws allowingyou to snatch faraway objects withoutthe risk of contamination to yourself or

Others this particular model has aswiveling head and all sorts of bellsand whistles that you'd never attributeto a giant claw opening up the box youshould have some instructions in theGravatt unit itself unfold the arm and

Remove the protective covering anotherset of instructions are convenientlyattached to the handle these directionsare pretty straightforward but if youwant some real ratchet head action it'sgonna involve a couple more steps that

We'll cover in a second the full-sizedDirection page also shows how to use theflashlight as well as revealing wherethe jewelry hook and some magicalmagnets are located this button on thecenter of the arm locks it into place or

Allows it to be unfolded the switch nearyour thumb transitions to grab it fromnormal into ratchet mode this of courseallows a slower more deliberate grabthat locks into place until you say winover to the side of the handle another

Switch activates a small LED toilluminate your late-night claw sessionsand sneaky grabs turning off the lightsand activating that LED you can see thatthis thing is pumping out a staggeringhalf lumen that ignites a 4-inch circle

In the direction of your travels butthat's not exactly why you got thisthing is it you got it for everydaylocations like these cracking an eggbecomes a poultry task using the sheermight of the gravit the ratcheting grip

Is great for delicately lifting youreggs and in just a couple taps they'renearly ready for a scrambling peeling ahard-boiled egg you say melting a twoclaw tack snag your hard-boiled egg andbang it on the plate

Then use the other claw de easily peelaway the remaining shell win finallyshell free just add a little saltsprinkle on some pepper and enjoy theproteins of your labor all withoutputting your filthy hands on your food

Or face got to grab a cold one noproblem for the claw in your capablehands forget that ladder just get yourgrab it and reach out with the all-starwingspan of dhalsim yoga flame whatabout playing catch with your friends no

Sir even the Gravatt knows that's theopposite of social distancing help usout man look this thing is handy andtons of scenarios includingintentionally storing your toilet paperor paper towels out of reach from the

Guests you shouldn't have over in thefirst place honestly unless they broughttheir own cloth they're gonna bedripping dry like peasants if you knowsomeone who struggles to reach highplaces has a poor grip or just likes to

Get outside and pick up trash the grabit could be great but for most of usit'll just end up being another gimmickthat became a dog toy let's face ittrips to the laundromat are equally asdangerous as hanging out in groups

Larger than 20 and that's why the Wonderwasher is making a return appearancethis portable washing machine is greatfor apartments vehicles and evenpandemic bunkers because all you need issoap water electricity and a lot of

Patience inside the box is the base initself wrapped in a bag that is clearlynot a toy there's also some instructionsthat we'll take a look at in a secondhidden beneath the lid you'll find acouple pieces of styrofoam to keep as a

Permanent memento of your purchase ohthere's also this motorized base a lookinside the interior of the tub showsthese small fins also known as agitatorsthat'll circulate your clothing placethe tub on to the face for now and put

The lid on top to see how well thisthing can really manage a stainsome delectable Portland ketchup wasgenerously poured onto these shorts thatwe foundthen we blotted it in and let it set to

Ensure a really good bond and hold theshorts were added to the washer beforeheading over to the sink and filling itwith water to be lightly marked a linein the back of the tub carefully grabthis thing by the handles and tote it

Back to the table place the unit ontothe base and make sure it's on justright adding just a dab of detergentbecause we're only washing one garmenthere place the lid on top and twist ituntil the notches slide into the slot on

The basin now set your timer to 15minutes and turn the program knob tostandard that's it if it's plugged inthe washer will spin right up and thisis where it gets interestingif you overfilled your Basin like we did

Everything is in the splash zone thecirculating water leaks out all aroundthe block tin lid but that's a featurenot a bug it just lets you know to poursome water out of the holes in the lidonce that's done turn it back on but

Keep an eye out because this thing isgonna shake and it's pretty top-heavyas far as stain removal goes prettysolid results occurred in just the15-minute period that we had the shortsinside the tub you really can't complain

About that after loading up an entireoutfit consisting of some sockscurly Jefferson some underwear and somejeans we filled the tub back up droppedin some detergent and fired the machineback up

– our nearly immediate chagrin themotors transmission was stuck in neutraland the washer wasn't spinning at all ifyou listen closely you can hear thegrinding of the voter and the sweetmelodies backing up my smooth vocals

Figuring the weight of the wet jeans tobe the cause of this calamity they wereremoved before the unit was turned backoff once it started back up predictablythe water began to spill out again evenusing the detergent to weigh down the

Lid didn't work so the machine waspaused the excess water was againemptied and the clothes were left tofinish all in all the Wonder washer cansave you in a pinch more importantlyit'll keep you indoors at times like

These if you're holding out and placewithout a washer this definitely beatsgoing to your laundromat or doing it byhandthe bottle tops are a collection ofwashable snap-on caps that help keep

Your soda can fizzy but most importantlythey'll cover up the rim of your canpotentially saving your lips from thegrubby mitts that previously touched itthey even come in a variety of colorswhich will help you prevent accidental

Drink swapping with an undesirable whichis everyone at this moment carefullytear apart the packaging to display yourcaps and then gaze upon them fondly thebottle top is plug-and-play as they sayin the beverage industry and these are

Ready to go right out of the box pickinga closer peek the lid itself is of asnap closed variety and takes a littlemuscle to open it but that's a goodthing a tight fit should ensure nospills as well as keeps nasty aerosols

From landing inside your beverage usingthe bottle tops is as easy as one wouldexpect they're sized to fit most regularcans and snap-on with a hefty shutunfortunately this is not aone-size-fits-all product so smaller

Cylinders are out of luck as usual afterpopping the tops the lids were snappedback into place pretty easily so wethought this Red Bull can folded underthe pressure once it was open and it wasimpossible to lock into place so it's

Probably a better idea to keep thinnercans completely out of the equation butgood thing we made this extra TP down totwo usable vessels the drinks wereturned upside down to test those sealsand pour our precious tonics right onto

The tablealthough the bottle top doesn't leakfrom the can the snap-on lidsurprisingly didn't have the gusto toprevent a 12 ounce deluge in case ofaccidental bumping however the bottle

Top does a pretty good job of minimizingspills and keeping them to just a fewdroplets as opposed to losing half yourcontents to test the carbonation savingaspect of the lid two cans were openwith one getting the bottle top VIP

Treatment immediately after topping bothitems were placed into can quarantinefor 24 hours when time was up both canswere removed and then poured into a pintglass for your viewing pleasure that'sunexpected it appears that the can with

No lid had more bubbly action going onthan the one with thecap which doesn't make a whole lot ofsense but hey your mileage may varygiven it the old college tryboth of these are drinkable but the cap

Can was noticeably flatter all in allthe bottle caps worked in specificsituations and not very well that beingsaid if you want to keep airborneparticles out while keeping tabs onwhich drink is yours and having one of

These on hand will do exactly that foryou just not much elsenow most people already know about thesetwo but when it comes to kick and kovatcrud right off your counter tops scrubmommy and daddy are there to hold your

Hand and also lend wa these classicscrubbers excel at cleaning anythingworth discussing helping to eliminatelingering bacteria and they're supercheap to boot pullin the daddy out ofthe box he's got that familiar grin you

Know and love it's pliable yet resilientand fits well in your hand this scrubmommy is an identical shape but it alsoboasts an air of femininity as well as asponge and a scrubber one of the coolestthings about these two is that they

Change jobs with water temperaturethey're soft and warm water but firmright up in cold water to give you arougher scrub even the most gnarly testsdon't face scrub daddy and it's fullyequipped to take on even your most caked

On grime when backed by a little bit ofelbow grease everything from your toiletto your bathtubthese scrub daddy handles most taskspretty easily the scrub mommy is evenbetter this sink had a hard water stain

For years before this video gave usmotivation to not be gross just a brief10 minutes later combined with somewater and a solid workout and thisthing's good as new fantasticlook this video is getting long already

So we'll save a little for next timethere should be a playlist floating onyour screen you can click on that to seeour entire crazy library as as seen ontv reviews make sure to turn onnotifications you know it's that Bell

Thing that way you know when the nextvolume drops Seacrest out

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