As Seen On TV Garden Gadgets TESTED!

published on July 13, 2020

It's that magical time of year againwhen all your backyard gardening dreamscome true thanks to the forbiddensorcery of as seen on tv products but inthe cutthroat game of garden gadgetrywho sits on the throne and who getsthrown Kobe the Bionic trimmer is a

Lightweight cordless weed eater to keepyour backyard at bay without the needfor gas mixtures or screaming motorsclaiming to be a super powerful andeasy-to-use device we're interested tosee how this thing stacks up against an

Unruly lawn trimming the contents fromthe box there's a neatly packed aservant of partsyou've got the trimmer ADA free she acouple zip ties just to get us startedin the extension handle hoe as well as a

Power adapter also included is a bookletcontaining some directions for use yourdebris shield fits right on to thebottom of the trimmer in a quick snap-onfashion the power switch is convenientlylocated right on the back of the handle

Here for those of us who prefer yardwork from a standing position theextension installs by loosening the rearof the handle and then sliding it in andtightening it back down the arm is alsoadjustable allowing for humans of many

Sizes to use the device one of the moreinteresting features of this product isthat it utilizes traditional zip ties todo your trimming just slide them onthrough the holes in onto the bottom nowtighten them snugly to ensure a rigid

Secure fit we're ready to give thisthing a whirl and see just how powerfulit really is the zip ties seem to makelight work of the thinner overgrowthalthough you may find yourself goingback over the same portion a few times

To get a nice even cut it's definitelynot as powerful as a traditional gastrimmer but it does do the jobeventually between sections make sure toclean out the clippings that trapthemselves underneath the shield as to

Keep the power levels optimal and makesure nothing prevents the motor fromspinningyou can even flip the trimmer over anduse it as an edger safely as theclippings don't really launch from the

Device with any real velocity the zipties did a fine job of cutting a sharpline but a few were lost along the wayyou've just got a clip off the ties atthe base and install some new ones itonly takes a few seconds but the fact

That we've got to stop and replace themalready interrupts are cutting flow whentackling medium-sized stocks in a rockyportion of the landscape the Bionictrimmer did its thing it handled chunkyweeds pretty well even if you've got to

Slaughter them a couple times to getthrough back to the underbellyinspection you're probably not shockedto see that even with the little shielddown to keep the ties off the rocksanother zip tie managed to make it to

The big garden in the sky afterinstalling the fifth tie in 20 minutesit was time to attack this gigantic weedthat's been cultivated for an occasionsuch as this the Bionic trimmer reallydid nothing more than slap the stock

Around and barely took off any skin fromthe exterior even when cutting a lineacross this fence he still managed tolose another handful of times notably injust one hour of use gone through everyzip tie provided in the package final

Thought this thing definitely shredsunfortunately that shredding is mostlydone to the zip ties if used for alittle spot trimming or to perform yourfavorite Whitesnake song it's greatotherwise this Bionic Commando gets a

Dishonorable discharge you can't handlethe truth the zero-g proclaims to be alightweight durable hose that's alsokink free from its pliable inner corestrong exterior and more it can slidearound corners and even the floor thank

Youtaking a look at the box gives you afeeling of pride and accomplishment whenyou flip it over to reveal it it looksjust like a fire hose if you take a lookat the ends you'll also notice some

Aviation-grade cuff links to ensure aleak-free fitment that's guaranteed tolast and it even fits in a kitty litterbucket screwing the hose to the spigotgoes exactly as you'd expect and if youturn on the water immediately you'll

Notice that regardless of how coiled andbent this thing is it's alreadymaintaining a steady flow even whennearly doubled over the water flow stillseem to be extremely powerful not thecase in traditional rubber hoses that

Will trickle or burst in fact leaving itcoiled with the water on just gave the0g a mind ofit's own riving back and forth withreckless abandon a major benefit of thezero G's that due to its woven exterior

It'll also glide over surfaces like yourcar or your fresh new glossy grillewithout leaving any abrasions afterpulling the entire length of the hoseover this grille nary a scratch was leftbehind after just a little wipe down

Since we all know hose fittings arepretty much universal it goes withoutsaying that the zero g hooks up tobasically any attachment you can throwat it but we're really interested inseeing what we can do to slow down the

Flow when pinching the hose multipletimes as hard as possible the hose didslow down to about three-quarters ofmaximum yet it still put out a goodamount of water it seems like the onlyreal way to keep this thing down is to

Crimp the hose over on itself andcontinue to hold it preventing the hosefrom returning to its desired shape andmoving on what do we say to the waterbill not today because with the zeros 50foot length borrowing water from your

Neighbors has never been easier withpermission of coursejust wait until the cover of darkness soit's nice and cool and make a solidconnection to their spigot now justsneakily snake it back around up the

Stairs into the bathroom and into theshower with the proper attachment you'vegot a perfect shower head replacementand happily bathe in peace free ofcharge of course now a good way toprevent your neighbors from borrowing

Your water is to have a decent lightingsystem in your yard that's where thesolar disk lights come in these LEDpower discs come in a set of four anduse solar power to illuminate your wayor just make a little mood lighting

Inside the box are the discs themselvesas well as some attachable steaks andsome useless information the steaksassemble by sliding one onto the slot ofthe other then you can snap them intoplace easily since this product requires

Solar power to charge its innerbatteries you're gonna want to place itin the Sun for a few hours while we didthat we also gave it a light misting tomake sure that it's water resistantcapabilities are up to snuff

Well they certainly passed the squirttest now we'll scout a location andleave them in the Sun for a few morehours once you've chosen a spot you canput thetip of the steak into the ground and

Lightly stop it in I chose thisdelightful location to show off all theshrubs and weeds that are growing in thearea beautiful if you look closely youcan see that the light sensor isactually pretty sensitive and turned on

The LEDs the moment a shadow came acrossit with the lights arranged and placedsecurely into the ground all that's leftis to wait for darkness what a horriblenight to have a curse when placed near aplant or surface the light seems

Moderately bright and creates a niceambiance if using these to light awalkway however the light has nothing toreflect off of and seems much dimmer bycomparison but still it's a good way tooutline your sidewalk but don't expect

Any modicum of visibility in thisapplication if you're ever in a pinchyou could even use the disk lights as amakeshift flashlight plate them in thedirection of whatever you need lit onedoes good too does better and for who

Boy so as far as the disk lights gokeeping your expectations in check iskey to enjoyment for 20 bucks andsometimes even less these are prettysolid and an easy way to spruce up youryard without having to bury a long power

Course with the long night over warmermonths are upon usluckily the arctic Hat is the unofficialcooling cap of westeros promising toreflect 99% of UV rays and keep yourbody up to 20 degrees cooler by

Utilizing a unique evaporativetechnology similar to the one your bodyhas naturally at first glance the Arctichat looks very similar to your CrocodileDundee cosplay from the mid 80s but thereal secrets lie in its composition the

Top and brim of the Hat are covered inshiny reflective scales in the materialsmade to hold water and then let itslowly evaporate to continue to coolyour head to show how effective thereflective scales are we opted to go

With a dry test first using the ArcticCat verse a normal garden hat aftersliding sub gauges under the hats forabout half an hour in direct sunlight wereturned to find that the results werefairly similar the traditional garden

Hat was at about 91 degrees in theArctic hat was about 6 degrees cooler at85 but these results may be elevatedo the proximity of the box however withproof there may be something to it let'sup the ante by covering the traditional

Garden hat with aluminum foil whilelosing the breathable aspects of the Hatyou're getting the reflective coveringand making it an RFID blocking cap whileit keeps the aliens away back to thetesting the hats were put on some paper

Towel rolls to simulate being on top ofyour head and of course to ensure thatno heat was trapped between the caps andthe Cardinal 20 minutes later we had a72 degree reading underneath the Arctichat in a 67 degree reading underneath

The runway ready foil hat not yetconvinced the sunlight was chased into acorner of the yard and again the capswere placed on some paper towels for 45minutes this time while the temperatureof the shade being cast remained within

One degree of each other they were stillstaggering results the Arctic hat washolding strong around 78 degrees whilethe Dundee daddy was 10 degrees coolerat 68 it seems that in a dry scenarioyou could really just bust out your foil

Roll to stay cool outside while alsolooking edgy and futuristic to unlockthe Arctic hats full potential flip itover and add 16 ounces of tepid water tothe moisture collecting interior oncesoaked in the Hat was put back on the

Official testing set up with one gaugemeasuring the temperature in directsunlight and the other placed underneathin the shadow that it was casting as youcan see both gauges were registering atan ambient 85 degrees 10 minutes later

And there's already a 9 degreedifference under the Arctic hat and thefoil hat showed an 11 degree reductionafter an additional 10 minutes passedthey were checked again for comparativepurposes this time the Arctic hat came

In at 72 degrees Fahrenheit for a finalreduction of 13 degrees amazingly thefoil hat registered at 70 degrees 15below the starting value and solidifyingit as today's obvious winner if you'regonna be out in public

It may be worth snagging an Arctic hatto keep the top of your head moist butfor our thrifty viewers the foil hatremains to be the functional fashionstatement of the year just don't wear itin the rain or near power lines well

Look at that you made it to the end ofour exciting and informative video youjustEarvin award just click that subscribebutton and you'll be notified wheneverwe drop a new video and as far as

Rewards gothat's top-tier thanks for watching andwe'll see you next time

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