As Seen On TV Gadgets Remade At Home!

published on July 13, 2020

Some as seen on tv products are great at what they do but what if there was an easier solution today we'll test some gadgets and make a simpler version at home so a huge thanks to LastPass for sponsoring this episode and let's dive in if you're anything like us you can't

Be bothered with tedious tasks like peeling your potatoes never fear the rapid peeler is here to take your meal preparation to warp 99 make it so opening up the package you'll find a small box in the tip of the peeler

Popping out to say hello the top of the unit has a small arm with a small spike to secure your food in addition to an adjustable arm which lies just beneath and holds the cutter and travels vertically on the base of the

Device you'll find a spiky seat for your food as well as the power button that turns on when the button is popped out instead of in it's done that way so when the arm reaches the bottom it'll automatically shut the system down

Although the peeler did come with a plug our active peeling lifestyle demands portability so battery-powered it is for the first test let's give this potato a quick trip you start by pressing down firmly into the spiky and somewhat

Terrifying rotator disk after that it all gets secured in place by spiking down the top of the tater just like putting a needle on a record player you place the cutter at your favorite part of the potato and hit play as you can

See the cutter isn't fazed by the awkward shape of the potato and it adjusts itself automatically eventually it will hit the bottom and magically shut itself off by depressing the button amazing after removing the skin we're

Left with a peeled potato and an easy to clean pile of remnants just slide the top spike up and release your item now you're ready to boil up your hearty meal but is there a simpler way to do this without a fancy machine yep if you

Reverse the order of things you can save a ton of time get yourself a pot of water and set it to boil while the water heats up take all the potatoes that you plan on boil and mash it and stick it in a stew then carefully score them right

Across the middle quickly check in the water it seems that it's boiling go ahead and drop it down to a simmer and place your potato II goodness right inside because these are some big taters we'll keep them in for about 25 minutes

And you can use that time to handle the rest of your meal once time's up empty out that hot water and replace it with coal give those hot potatoes a minute to chill out and then simply twist and pull away the peels

With minimal effort if they get a little stubborn just keep pushing everything away until they're nice and bare once they're all filled just mash them seasoned them and serve them looking pretty good now back to the rapid

Peelers obviously a bit more versatile than a pot of water take this cucumber for example we accidentally discovered that if you run the same vegetable over and over again it'll serve double duty as a veggie pasta maker interesting but

Can it handle tougher things how about a Kawano melon you say sure we remove these spiny bits to give this guy a fighting chance after adjusting the cutter and pressing the power button the cut come on this was never gonna happen

So here it is the rapid peeler is a lifesaver for anyone with arthritis or a related disability and it can certainly handle a variety of items but as you saw from our alternative peeling method not every problem requires a complex

Solution in fact our sponsor LastPass has a simple solution to a problem that ails us all remembering your passwords how do you keep track of yours do you write them down and hide them all in a sock or perhaps keep them in a highly

Secured text file on your desktop no no no no use LastPass instead it automatically fills your username and password for you which will quickly log you into websites and apps that you may or may not have forgotten the password

For it works on iOS Android Windows Mac Linux whatever and password storage is unlimited if an account you have is breached they'll even let you know with password breach alerts and you can go and swap the password out for something

Impenetrable using the generator and if you want even more features like advanced multi-factor authentication options and urgency access upgrade to LastPass Premium so to get this going yourself head over to LastPass calm or

Click the link in the description and say goodbye to password resets and answering really weird security questions now let's talk about everyone's two favorite things chip bags and heat sealers oh they're

Not your thing okay this is the mini bag heat sealer it's a handheld solution designed to eliminate food waste woes by resealing bags and keeping food fresh longer faster and stronger inside we have the

Device with attached power cord and a small set of instructions reeled with smears and spelling errors while unwrapping the cord we noticed that our plug came with some pre-installed factory grime at no additional cost once

Plugged in just flick the switch in the center and the unit will power right up after enjoying a few cheesy snacks for science just pull the opening of your bag nice and stiff and then clamp the sealer over it for a few seconds it

Definitely works perfectly the first time but you may have to flip the bag and rhe clamp it for a longer opening considering how much this thing looks like a hair tool we're all familiar with we decided to test out one of these

Highfalutin gold flat irons to see if we can achieve similar results after the iron heated up we crimped it onto the bag for a few seconds in comparison the chip sealer definitely did its job in the flat iron outperformed it by both

Having a wider airtight seal and a much cleaner appearance just to make sure though we tested them both again to see if we could recreate a seal on a thicker bag like the ones used here the result we got using the bag sealer

Was almost identical to the factory seal although the heating element did pick up a little bit of the ink from the plastic so if you're a bag collector watch out for the flat iron comparison after clamping it closed on the chip bag we

Didn't get the speedy results we expected following the mini sealer so we went at it again but held it down for about 20 seconds success you can see the flat iron created a clean wide seal on the left whereas the mini crimps are

Crudely holding fast on the right all in all the mini sealer could be a handy helper if you're trying to keep your chips crisp but if you've got a flat iron handy well I think you already know the simpler solution all right next up

We've got the snap and strain an aptly named silicon strainer that you can attach to almost any pot or pan to eliminate your need for a colander after removing this gadget from the packaging you can tell if the 100% food safe

Silicone design makes it quite pliable for a variety of applications if you look closer you'll see that the clips are affixed with a bolstering hinge providing a tight clay and weekly rewards when it's time to

Shine the device clips in easily and clings to the outer rim of the path heading over to the sink for a pour test these snap and strain performed quite well while also preventing any pasta exodus that being said it doesn't seem

Like this product has any real ingenuity could we make a much simpler solution yes and we call it the dusty Draenor to test our idea we put a dust pan over the pot and used a sharpie to mark out where the drainage point should be next time

To drill these out and give it some breathing holes now to sand down the plastic a bit and give it a good wash make it look great boo looks like our pasta is ready to get out of the jacuzzi just head over to

That sink place the dust pan over the top and flip the pot over quickly the handle of the dust pan has to be higher than the waterline as to prevent any warm surprises but this works like a charm

Everything said and done the snap and strain does complete its tasks and could be quite useful to someone who's juggling multiple dishes in the kitchen the dusty Draenor seemed like a good idea but isn't quite ready for stores

Just yet slither in its way into a utility room near you is the lint lizard a vacuum attachment used to clean out the darkest depths of your lint tray inside the box we've got a vacuum attachment nozzle and a three and a half

Foot hose oh and some instructions on how to put this thing together assembly is actually quite simple just shove the wide end of the nozzle into the narrow end of the vacuum attachment the hose attaches in a similar fashion although

It requires a little twist to stay on tight when that's all done just feed your vacuum tube right to the lizard giving it an initial test with some exterior dryer vents you can clearly see this think and really get in there with

Relative ease but since you could just as easily use your regular vacuum hose to do the same thing this is pretty trivial now you may not realize it but a lot of crud actually does build up beneath your lint tray regardless of how

Often you empty it out take a look here we've got a time capsule worth of hair dust and dirt which can all be used to clone the entire family lizard in hand we shove the hose into the trap and fired up the vacuum all the

The end of the hose is pretty slim it still made short work in this little task and slurped up even the largest clumps however with the infrequency that you'd actually have to use this type of thing why not just make your own even

Simpler attachment yourself you'd have no problem fabricating your own with a paper towel roll or even a wrapping paper tube if you want just place it over your vacuum hose and put a wide piece of tape over the joint to keep it

Air tight and secure when you go to use it the cardboard can be bent as needed to slide it into the opening on your dryer other than that functions just as well for our more creative viewers we even made one with a turkey baster in an

Invention we like to call the link Turkey to pull this off and ruin your next turkey dinner snip off the end of the bulb with some scissors then fit the remaining piece over your vacuum hose our seems to fit pretty well but we slap

Some tape on there just to be sure when clucking into action the lint turkey gobble up all the competition by easily fitting into the dryer opening and pecking at the cornucopia of rubble below with our testing complete we've

Got to say that although the lint lizard does what it claims a far simpler method is to grab some household items and create your own solution you should also remember that when it comes to birthday shopping this year a delicious homemade

Lynn turkey is the perfect gift for any little pilgrim on your list thank you so much for tuning in and again a huge thanks to LastPass for sponsoring this video be sure to check the link in the description if you've got any crazy

Products you'd like to see us recreate ourselves let us know in the comments and beyond that we'll see you next time

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