As Seen On TV Automobile Gadgets Tested!

published on July 13, 2020

In the high-octane world of as seen ontv products the modern automobile is alarge moving target but rest assurewhether you're looking to pop dents orjust clean your vents we're here to helpyou figure out where your money shouldbe spent this episode of household

Hackers brought to you by open mouththumbnails your one-way ticket to thetrending page the nitesite polarized HDglasses aren't as seen on TV classicmarketed as an easy way to reduce glareand diffuse the brightness of oncoming

Headlights during your voyages thesesnazzy specs came tightly packed with asmall set of directions in apolarization tester show off thebenefits of the anti-reflective coatingthat they boast in fact when you take a

Gander through the yellow lenses amagical pattern will materialize rightbefore your very eyes another includedaccessory was the handy carrying casethat doubles as a lens cleaner for easystorage when they're not in use when

Tackling the mean streets these glasseswere moderately effective transformingultra white and blue lights to a muchwarmer tone which makes it easier tolook at for a longer period of timelet's be perfectly honest though these

Do not turn knife in today as they claimwhen you take a look at these streetlights you can see the glare reductionin action while they aren't staggeringresults you probably shouldn't bestaring directly into bright lights

While you're driving anyway inconclusion not only are they sporty-erthan most brand-name shades but theyalso serve as a fashionable flex toimpress your passengers not to mentionthey possess the ability to turn even

The dreariest rainy day into a beautifulgolden shower the turbo pump is alightweight battery-powered liquidtransfer device that gives you a cleanfilling with no spill it cracking theBox open you've got some instructions

And the unit itself the turbo pump comescompletely assembled out of the box sotoss those to the side and let's seewhat we can do with this thingwhen it comes to filling your lawnmowerthe turbo pump is a real convenience

The switch on the handle of adviceactivates the pump and the flow willstart immediately this is also a greatway to remove gas from a machine thatyou might be retiring for the winterif you leave gas sitting in a machine

Too long it might not ignite and itmight cause all kinds of engine problemswho knows just get that stuff out ofthere you can even use that leftover gasfrom your mower in your car if you're ina pinch before work just head out to

Your driveway with your gas cannon filler up like you normally wouldthe spouts of the turbo pump isperfectly sized to fit your vehicle andcould definitely be a lifesaver shouldyou need it

Siphoning liquid between buckets worksin the same manner you can even use theclamp to attach the hose for a largertransfer as you can see right here whenthis bucket finally gets full the pumpwill automatically power down

But if overflow isn't an issue the spoutcan be lifted away from the water lineand you can let the flow begin again italso does an excellent job of gettingmost of the liquid out of any containerthat it's sitting in now what do you do

With this bucket full of blue water wellthere's nothing quite as distinguishedas having a blue loop for this bonusheck just tote your bucket inside andonto the seat of your toilet aftershutting the water off and emptying the

Tank you can fill it up with your DIYtoilet tablet in just a few mere momentsof course you may need to hide yourbucket somewhere to refill it later butthere you have the first person to siton your throne will feel like they're at

A five-star spa never be the wiser withtemperatures on the rise there's nothinglike hopping into your car when it feelslike mother nature's Dutch oven nowthere's a ton of products like this onthe market but today these solar

Ventilation fans are on the Blockrocking an absolute powerhouse 15 wattsof solar power this bleeding-edge techhangs through the crack in your windowto suck out that hot air from theinterior and then vent that heat and

Musty smell onto the people walking byinside the package is the solar fanarray some instructions and a few feetof weather stripping a close-up glanceof thethe unit will show you a vent at the top

And the adjustable solar panel justhanging out the front of thismasterpiece displays a power button intolight and you've also got individualswitches for each fan though it makeszero sense as to why you would not run

All of them at all times to startinstallation cut a small piece ofweather stripping and place it onto theedge of your window then hang the solarfans directly next to it you obviouslywant to make sure that the unit is as

Flat as possible with that done applythe remainder of the stripping to therest of your window in most cases you'reprobably gonna have too much so get outthose scissors and clip it off after youreapply your trimmed stripping to the

Top of the window you might need to bendit in a bit to get it to fit into thegroove at the top but after you roll itup a few times it should fit right infor our fancy viewers that have sensorsin their windows you'll be doing without

That convenience for now as theadditional height will cause it to thinkthat something's blocking the windowwhich there is a giant piece of trashusing our state-of-the-art thermometerwe found the interior of the vehicle was

102 degrees so after quickly climbing inand activating the fans we set a timerfor 30 minutes when that time hadexpired we were shocked and mortified tofind that the temperature had onlydropped two degrees throwing all of our

Hopes and dreams right through thatlittle crack in the window we're noteven sure if the fans did the work or ifthat was the result of the hot airescaping when the car door was open toactivate the fans to begin with failures

Aside the one thing these solar fansexcel at is making sure that you neverlock your keys in your car again all youneed is the stereotypical wire hangersregardless of how tightly the weatherstripping is lined up to the device it

Glides right off with ease andfulfillment once you've got it off justsnake the hanger through the window likeyou used to do back in the 90s a littlepress on the unlock button will do thetrick and you've got yourself easy

Access to your baking valuables on theinside based on the lack of performancelack of security and appslack of aesthetics we're gonna give thisproduct a hard pass do yourself a favorand crack a window instead

Unfortunately the hacker mobile took abeating in the piggly-wiggly parking lotbut that's okay because the you he dentremover is here to save the day drivingin a designer zipper bag this satchel ofexotic mysteries has all things that are

Good a hot glue gun dent remover rubberscrapers texture tips of assorted sizesand hot dog even some multicolored gluesticks so cool now what about that dentwe'll try and fix it using an attachmentthat best covers the ding completely

Just heat up the glue gun and apply aliberal amount of goop to the center ofthe dent attachment then press it firmlyinto the target area next just slide thenotched end of the dent puller over thelip of the plastic and secure the braces

Flatly against the body of the carspinning the center of the dial of thedevice pulls the plunger stiff whilekeeping the braces flush to the vehicleonce that's done just give the handle afirm grip and don't pull the trigger

Squeeze yeah should have heard a smallpop if you got it right and after thatyou can safely detach it leaving anembossed glue stamp that bears yourhouse crest to get rid of the glue youhave to douse the area with some rubbing

Alcohol and wipe off any excess that'sleaking down your car now grab therubber scraper carefully sliding thislittle spatula under the edge of theglue will allow you to peel off theedges and reveal the results below

Although we're not at a hundred percentwe have definite progress here with thedent reduced to about 50% of its formersize so let's keep working we grabbed asmaller tip and repeat the exact sameprocess that we did before latching

Everything into place and then squeezingthe handle we didn't get an audible poplike we did the first time but you canstill feel it moving in the handle oncethe glue was sprayed scraped and removedthat results just kept getting better we

Continued working this a bit more with afew other attachments but as you can seethe ding is mostly gone thetouch up pain it would hardly even benoticeable so in conclusion we got thedent about eighty-seven point three to

Four eight six percent of the way outthat's pretty awesomethis thing's pretty awesome we give itour thumbs up approval the windshieldwizard is an all-in-one version of aproduct we've reviewed before called the

Windshield wonder except this one foldsup to be compact and has a sprayerbuilt-in difficultly wrapped in thestrongest plastic ever this magiciancomes preassembled with a microfiberbonnet attached at the end and one extra

Just in caseit's got instructions on how to fill anduse the device but it's prettystraightforward just twist off thereservoir tip and fill it till it dripswhile it's tank is limited once you pump

The water through the nozzle you'll findthat only sprays out a small amount ofmist anyway so this should last a whilegiving it an initial test on this hazyMir using the device is a breeze thepivoting head stays flush to the surface

And it's practical to be able to use thesprayer as needed the microfiber clothgives the mirror a streak free shineeven without the use of cleaningchemicals and it doesn't leave anyfibers behind it actually looks pretty

Good but what about testing its namesakeas you can see the inside of thiswindshield really needs a helping handor five not to worry the windshieldwizard casts mass dispel removing allharmful smudges from five friendly

Targets you might even say it's potentenough to remove grime that's normallyunda spell about the pivoting action in360 degree turning radius make gettinginto corners a simple task you can eventake it deep down into the crevices near

Your dash even you with a crisp cleanshine to be proud of cleaning thebonnets is also a cinch just place themunder some hot running water rub themtogether back-and-forth vigorously for afew minutes if you don't feel like

Cleaning flip it inside out and put iton backwards you know the same thing youdo with your dirty underwear if you needto get back to cleaning you can easilydry these off just place them over yourblow dryer shower cap style it should be

Good to go shortly after it flies offgetting to the hor crux of the matter aslong as you keep the bonnets clean inthe sprayer topyou're good to go for years to come ifyou enjoyed this video well you're in

Luck because there's a ton more wherethat came fromjust click one of the videos you see onyour screen right now to get startedthanks so much for stopping by and we'llsee you next time

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