Military Tuxedo Vs. Traditional Blazer what do you assume is one of the simplest ways to go well with up?

published on July 3, 2020

what's going on now we're gonna wait to

a photo shoot we have some flash baby

coming up hi guys thank you for tuning

in on this episode of slick air TV live

style where we at

yeah we're in the mutant yeah review

some clothes today so stay tuned and

it's great to see you again by the way

what are we up for word yeah we have a

new year coming up and really decided

that we will do more fashion and

lifestyle episodes today we are going to

review some nice clothes from Tiger

Sweden so we have some nice suits yeah

yesterday I bought a tuxedo with the

army print and will battle it with a

classic blazer and underneath the tuxedo

I'll wear a turtleneck because I think

it's really classic and I have a few

colors here a black one a greyish and

olive color and what it's all about it's

figuring out what Tunes you would mix so

it then speaks to each other

I think this army olive color is pretty

nice so I'll show you a look with this


I wear pants for it jeans will take too

much attention jump into it

we gotta keep so this is the look I'm

going for and restless now it's your

turn let me have the camera yes okay so

let me give it a try we have the custom

glazier here to make a fair comparison I

think I should also rare the turtleneck

you could wear without a t-shirt

underneath looks decent looks nice I

think we should go outside and check it

out here on the street I think you

should do something with the hair before

we jump into the photo shoot

let's do it I think it's all right now

though maybe add a little bit of the new

serous spray it's fashion sidekick Cyril

I have a little bit the left of my

sample at the restroom so and we'll show

you how to quick fix your hand with that

one and also have a little bit of the

new beeswax zero it's coming out as wax

zero so it's it's gonna be exciting

let's do it right for me I was the light

in here you need to adjust the camera it

doesn't contain any fragrance beside

that it's 72 percent organic so and

we're really excited about it and they

have to stay tuned because we are pre

launching it and also we have the wax

serum that's what's left the sample I'm

using it a lot that's just one same a

lot of many I'll use those essential

tools I use it every day this is the

skeleton brush and this is the giant

comb very easy to blow dry your hair

with this one and when you have

blow-dried it and added a little bit of

the products it's almost finger combing

because of the space between the teeth

I'll need a few pumps of this

gives it a little bit moist texture and

also heat protection and then I

reactivate the product that I already

have in it by applying a little bit of


and what's nice about the new psychic

zero we also added a new secret

ingredients that actually makes your

yeah aunty fresh so if you are

struggling with frizzy hair then add a

little bit of that serum psychic and now

to finish it off one natural healthy

look I had a little bit of this one as

well it's not much because already have

wax in the hair so I'll add a little bit

of the wax zero just to give it a little

bit of natural glow and a little bit of

hope control yes and you can probably

tell I need a haircut me to trim the

hair just around my ears and I need to

do my eyebrows as well they are pretty

heavy so the secret chip connects the

road and to release a little bit extra

of the hair product right Rasmus now

it's your turn to fix your hair sounds

great looking forward as you can see

it's already drove right into some sort

of position now I just need to apply

some wax I'll take the last scoop how do

I feel about that Emil I feel good

because we are making a big batch all of

you yes anyway it goes a long way the

greatest gift is to give so enjoy Rasmus

thanks enjoy the rest of the wax serum


we've got a lot of fun control I don't

have control over the sides and rowdy


and now we're going to test out the

clothes and see how it looks and how it

feels right now it's going pretty well

I'm feeling great and I took the army

tuxedo for spin and I brought my French

coat and I like this sand color and it's

a little bit too cold to wear here in

Denmark at these days we have minus

degrees I think it's just the look

really good Rasmus why don't you show us

what it looks like without a jacket I'm

freezing to this so we have to end this

episode of Rasmus -2° we almost done so

we have one thing to say yeah thank you

for watching and we have made a poll for

you used to pull up here and vote for

this one if you like that

serenity see you guys next year I don't

need a how Chuck

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